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December 28, 2007



Sanguinetti on the power play from VanRiemsdyk!!

The NJ connection...

Is Doppelgänger a word used like Zeitgeist in the English language?
Greetz from Bavaria!

Reading that woman's comments about Avery in the Toronto Sun - wow! I know they are passionate up there but she takes it way too far! FYI: Her email address is right there on the article. Pathetic journalism. Hopefully, Avery scores the game winner.

I would also like to see Vally in net tomorrow and save Henrik for Sunday's game. The King has a bad track record against the Leafs - 8 or 9 goals there last year. If he's got to rest one game, that should be it on back-to-back nights.

Trade rumors - Yes! Unfortunately, none of which I like so far. Sather is definitely a recluse of a GM. Some juicy rumors please...

Goal and assist for Sanguinetti in US 4-2 win

Hagelin invisible in Sweden's 10-1 win over Denmark

Trade Rumors

Puluche to Coyotes fans for 25 dollar gift card at Macys

Rest Lundqvist? He's played one game in six days, and we need wins before a tough trip. He plays them both.

Hank plays both games i say. He plays better when he plays a lot & due to the schedule, he hasn't a heavy workload lately.

"Doppelgänger" has come to refer (as in German) to any double or look-alike of a person—most commonly an "evil twin". The literal translation of the German word is "doublewalker", meaning someone who is acting (e.g. walking) the same way as another person.

In this context, however, I am not quite sure whether it is better for Avery to be the original or the evil twin...bad is frequently good in hockey, after all.

my latest peeve is the frigin' on-ice advertisements!!!

watch the ice in some of these arenas (if you have center ice teevee package) and you will see HUGE company logos and names plastered onto the ice!! this is so disgraceful to me. it's bad enough the boards are covered with cheesy ads and fuggetabout those l.e.d. ad boards. are nhl revenues so bad and player salaries so high the teams have to sell ads on the very friggin' surface the game is played on??!! imagine if the nfl sold ads on the gridiron, or the mlb carved HUGE LOGOS into the green grass of the baseball diamond. yeah, that would go over big, and people would not raise a ruckus. grrrr....it makes the nhl seem so cheap, and it's mighty distracting. hopefully, someone, someday, someway, will see the error on this practice and put some dang limitations on the ad placement and clamp down on some of these rogue sales departments.

c'mon nhl! - have you no shame? - take the ads OFF THE ICE!!

sorry, had to get that off my chest - rant over.


That's nothing, ever see the European sweaters?? There isn't space for your name! They look like skating NASCAR races.

So long, Nigel and good luck in Hartford; your experience with the Rangers, 5 goals (nice ones I might add and each one a different kind in limited playing time over 20 games) will only help you down the road with some other organization craving an above average scorer. I predict there will be significant interest in you as a free agent when your contract with NY ends, assuming a trade is not forthcoming before.

Jess - Is that trade comment supposed to be a joke or something?

rangerbill - yeah, the european hockey and football (soccer) sweaters have been prime location for ads for some time. i think some ahl and minor league teams are putting ads on helmets! ad creep (i guess.) pretty sure the albany river rats have the "price chopper" (supermarket) name on their helmets. that's bad but it really bother me when the ice becomes real estate for the logos!!

Lol i feel bad for that Vanreimesdyke kid, (however you spell his crazy name)

He's a Ranger fan, who will play for the Flyers...ouch.

Even if your very prfoessional, and not like Ray Emery, i have a feeling i would still suck.


On this one the Rangers are sending down the wrong player. Dawes earned the right to remain up with his play while in my eyes Callahan should have been the one sent down.

I totally disagree with this move because it sends the wrong message about hard work. Cally I like as he is a good kid but his numbers did not show he deserved his spot in the lineup.

Dawes with Shanny and Drury were just beginning to gell.

Jess-sending callahan down is wrong as well.He looked good in the second half of the last game and deserves the same chance as that waste of space Hossa to play himself into shape.Callahan did more in his brief time last year than Hossa's done in almost three years!! Mark my words just like with the human pylon,they WILL NOT MISS HOSSA if he is no longer with the team!He should be placed on waivers,if someone picks him up,great.If not,send his ass down to hartford!

SW talks in his blog about how much of a difference straka has made with the gomez/jagr line resurrgence, and frankly i couldn't agree more. Here's to hoping they put up #s similar to jagr/straka/nylander of last year.

Not many people seem to be talking about Girardi's offensive explosion, especially when you compare it to his underwhelming career stats (tho he did have 8 goals in hartford in 05-06). It seems like he is our second best offensive defenseman (behind rozsival), especially on the power play.

Finally, i think a trade with prucha should only be considered after the 3 game west coast trip next week, just to see how the team responds to avery being in the lineup for a couple games. This of course only applies to prucha, whereas they couldn't trade Mara or Malik fast enough IMO.

It's a shame to see Mara so offensively inept (i.e. missing the net during every one of his shots) when you consider this guy is 28, a former top 10 pick, and only 2 years removed from a 15 goal, 32 assist season.


Are you able to watch any of the wjc games today? And if so,where?also,are there any games scheduled for tomorrow?

Forgot to mention, although it's disheartening to see dawes being sent down after playing a couple good games it is SO MUCH BETTER talking about a callahan vs. dawes debate (with two young 20 year olds with offensive upside) than watching sather/renney waste time on guys such as jason krog vs. bradley isbister, SUCH A RELIEF!!!


Why do you think PHO and BOS were willing to give him up? Heck, we got him for A. Ward! Mara NEVER lived up to his potential and never will. The reason we can't trade him is he is not worth $3MM. He'll go at the trade deadline, when the price is less. He will be a free agent next year, so we won't have him too much longer. Malik could be an easier trade at his price, but frankly, Malik is a better defenseman.

My goodness, what a difference a year makes! I recall the day I crankily posted that the Rangers had traded for Avery and now I find myself thinking that he's on his way to representing this town really nicely! Sure, he's got a mouth on him, but that's simply the standard gruff exterior! He's smart, good-looking, brash, fashionable, talented, successful at a tough job and not afraid to speak his mind. Sound like you, your significant other or a neighbor? I bet it does. Like most New Yorkers, the guy's misunderstood—and no doubt envied—away from home. He's one of us!

And that must REALLY annoy a nice little town like Toronto, she said brashly :-)

7pm tomorrow night cannot come soon enough!!!!!!!


You are talking about one half game compared to Dawes playing well since his recall. Cally as I have already said is not producing and has not been the same since his injury.

When Dawes was sent down it was to work on his game, he did that and I think the same should be done for Cally. The idea is to have one standard which is you earn your playing time by producing or take a seat on the bench.

Sending Dawes down now in my eyes is sending the wrong message to everyone. The kid did what he was supposed to do after his last demotion but what has Cally done this season?

I am sorry but this has nothing to do with Hossa so using him to defend any decision is not fair to any of those involved. Cally and Dawes are the future, Hossa is a bit player who will be replaced soon enough.

As for watching the games sorry I am like the rest of you held hostage by bad decisions made elsewhere. I listen to the audiocasts, rely on friends to send reports and others.

Cally's been fine. He's been hitting and shooting and driving to the net a lot, he's playing with two very young players and they're getting the least amount of ice time per game out of the four lines because the 4th is used as a shut down. He draws at least a penalty per game. It's a lot like the kid line of EDM's last Cup team with Murphy-Graves-Gelinas.


Really says something about the differences between male and female hockey fans that you mentioned Avery's looks and fashion sense. I just assumed he wore his uniform everywhere.

That woman's Avery column was not only ridiculous, it was barely coherent. It wandered around like Malik looking for someone to cover. Try an editor, lady.


Yeah i remember that, you kept going on and on and on, and you couldnt be convinced.

I was the biggest Avery supporter of them all !! That day was a dream come true for me. Ever since i seen him in his first game as a Wing, ive been a fan, but mostly since he went to LA. He needs to get re signed for 5 years !!!!!!

Avery might not be a Hall of Famer, but he's in my Hall of Fame any day of the week.

Please tell me all of you just seen Stan Fischler on the intermission report??

He was drunk out of his mind !!

Seriously, he kept rambling and cutting off Steve Cangilosi, and kept laughing non stop. Lol ive never seen Stan act like that.

He had weird things to say about Gomez, i couldnt tell if he was pissed he was off the Devils or happy.

He said he had a present for him, it was a phone book of girls Sean Avery can introduce him to, on the front it had old laides, and queens and crap like that, and on the other side was hot celeb chicks.

I was never concerned about Avery as far as what he did to the other team ... my concern, when we traded for him, was his attitude towards his own team ... I didn't like what had happened in L.A. and was weary that it would happen here ... looking back it just seems that he wasn't happy there and was trying his darn best to get kicked out lol ...

Andrea, he does have a great fashion sense, who would've thunk it? lol

And I totally glossed over the highly offensive comments he allegedly made over the course of his career in order to make my analogy. Clearly, we don't condone that type of chitchat.

But yeah, Marge! You haven't seen the coverage of him in the fashion rags and Page Six? He was wearing gorgeous shark-skin shiny Alexander McQueen shoes the night I saw him at the Fan Forum. (I know the designer only because I had the opportunity to ask him :-)

Glad you remembered my stubborn nature, Orrsy! Another glamorous NY trait :-) Tootoo, Cheechoo and Ruutu. There lies an NHL t-shirt waiting to be made!

Just turned on the Sabres game. Sorry I missed the Steve and Stan Show.....

Hi Matty!

It would be cool to have Cheechoo on NYR,

Jagr - Gomez - Cheechoo, or just Cheechoo - Drury - Shanahan..

Eh, i doubt Sharks would let him go.

It's not like Cheechoo is having a great season ...

4 - 5 - 9 and he's +1 with 29 games played ...


Hi :)

The Rangers OnDemand team has been putting the Fan Forum thingie with the players on their tv thingie ... they had the parts with Marc Staal and Ryan Hollweg so far ... I got a chuckle out of Staal saying that the person he'd like to hang out most in the city would be Avery if he were honest .. and Sean asked him how old he was and when Stalsie said 20 Sean goes "We can go to this video game place" lol

I talked to one of my girlfriends up in Canada and she said that they have been focusing on Sean Avery almost the entire day, she's gotten a kick out of it ... on Radio talkshows, and on tv lol

The game has the potential to be nasty specially since Toronto is in the mist of another losing streak and are bound to try to use him to take their frustrations out ... I wonder if they dress Belak, he of the stupid "Someone is going to kill him one day" comment ...

I think Vally should play, why not? Henrik can play on Sunday vs the speedy Habs ...

BTW in other hockey news .... THN Released their Top 100 most powerful people in hockey issue and only Brendan Shanahan is mentioned from us due to his influence in the competition committee ... Sidney Crosby is the #1 most powerful person in hockey ... they said that in games with the Pens on the broadcast that the meager U.S. ratings rise 37% and that he will be part of a national U.S. ad campaign that will start it's run during the Superbowl along with the NFL's Peyton Manning ... Also it seems that Ray Emery has gotten upset at not being the #1 guy by being late to practices, getting upset during practices and not showing up to optional skates which he was supposed to show up to ... he was supposedly sent home from one such skate for being "sick" but the media thinks it was because he was late and the team is punishing him ... oh well ... it's like Days of our Lives there ...

Yeah Matty, Days of Our First-Place Lives :-) And search Avery, he's on the On-Demand NYR Fan Forum thingee, too. But I haven't been able to see the whole six minutes yet. It seems like it's the Maloney interview part, not the fans asking shoe questions part :-)

No doubt Toronto will be cranky--Damien Cox just wrote them out of the playoffs in his Toronto Star Spin column and last week's print edition THN brought up the annual speculation: Mats Sundin won't SAY he'd like to go to a contender, but.....

My 14-year-old nephew and I agree that Ovechkin's is a more dynamic personality than Cindy's for the NHL to show US audiences. Sid is SO self-conscious that I don't see him having the charisma to hold the camera for 30 seconds at a time. But I hope I'm wrong, as the league could use some good TV ads. (Anyone remember Adam Oates responding to the lovely woman he's dining with when she protests "You're WAY offside!" And he purrs his response, "Wouldn't be the first time..." Now THAT was good advertising! Also, Mike Ricci scarfing down a RingDing was cool, too. Possibly FOX-era ads?)

Is it SEVEN O'CLOCK YET ! ? ! ? ! ? ? ! ? ! ?

Dawes produces just as much as Callahan without the same fire in my eyes. Callahan>Dawes.


Sidney is actually very fun and interesting when he isn't aware the cameras are on him ... from what I read a couple of years ago his handlers are the same people who taught Tiger Woods how to speak to the media so he is extremely careful with what he says on camera which stiffles his personality ... he's actually very sarcastic and funny ... Which is why I like him, but I only found out he was this way late last season, before that I couldn't stand him lol

Ovechkin is awesome, even in his broken English ... the Washington Post has this video of him and a few of his teammates going on segways and he was a speed demon and acting all crazy lol .. he's just so open and carefree with and without the cameras on him ... it's just awesome ...

Czech, thanks for bashing Hossa for nothing. Dawes didn't get sent down for Hossa, and if Dawes were on the bench instead of Hossa you'd be complaining that Dawes shouldn't be benched, so be a good fellow and tell me who that is scheduled to be on the ice tomorrow night ought to sit so that Dawes plays????



From what I read from Dellapina it seems that Dawes was sent down because he's a LW and Renney believes that he should only play on lines 1 or 2 and at this moment in time, with Avery back, there's no room for him on either of those lines ... not with Straka - Gomez - Jagr starting to click and Avery - Drury - Shanahan being line #2 ...

So I am in 100% agreement with you ... Hossa has nothing to do with it .. it has never been about Hossa as to why Dawes continues to be sent down ... Hossa is not the player whom Dawes would replace in the lineup .. heck Hossa isn't even playing and if/when he does get in the lineup again he will certainly not be in the top two lines

As long as we win I don't care who is in Hartford and who is up with the big club. Bet Dawes travels with the nyr on the western swing. Big tv day tomorrow...Penn State...N.Y.Giants...Rangers. The DVR will be busy...Z

Godot and the Meaniehead who does not give me presents (AKA Matty)

If Renney is using Dawes not being on the first or second line as his reasoning for sending Dawes down then I find the reason as bogus. He has 3 scoring lines so the logic behind sending Dawes down is seriously flawed.

To me when you look at the 2nd and 3rd lines I see 2 lines that are unbalanced and I have my doubts about their long term productivity.

Keeping the Jagr and Betts lines intact then I would have called these 2 as my 2nd and 3rd lines.

Drury/Shanny/Dawes instead of Drury/Shanny/Avery. Who is going to be the creator on this line? You have 3 guys who all like to attack the net but need someone else to get the puck to them in scoring position.

By keeping Dawes here you have protection for Dawes's size while giving Drury and Shanny someone who will generate the offense for them so they can attack the net.

Dubinsky/Avery/Prucha instead of Dubinsky/Prucha/Callahan. Putting Avery here gives both Dubi and Prucha a protector/pest/player in crease. It is no secret I am bias towards Dubinsky but I also his strengths and weaknesses.

Dubi has been attacking the net but this is not the WHL where his size allowed him to attack the net. Avery is perfect for these 2 because he will set up shop in the crease forcing 1 and maybe 2 people covering him as he drives everyone nuts.

Avery in the crease opens up the ice for the 2 smaller forwards while setting up screens for them. Avery being the pest will also show Dubinsky how it is done at the NHL level. Dubinsky is better off the rush not trying to attack the net. Same for Prucha as he needs the open spaces to generate his own offense.

If lines 2 and 3 do not produce points then Renney will only have himself to blame. He had a chance to create 2 more balanced lines to give him 3 very potent scoring lines.

Jess, I don't mind sending Callahan down and having Dawes up--my response was directed at Czech who went on (yet another) anti Hossa rampage re: Dawes, and Hossa has nothing to do with Dawes not being on the ice.


My rampage against Hossa was for comparison sake.All I said was that Callahan in his brief time with the team has show and done more for them than Hossa has in three years!!

The Bottom line that you just can't seem to grasp is that Marcel Hossa sucks!I am not intersted in hearing your response about his so called defensive prowess or his work along the boards al of wich can be done by a dime a dozen scrubs that ply their trade all throught the ahl and the fourth lines and press boxes along the nhl.I will continue to bash Hossa for as long as he remains and under achieving flop who takes the place of more deserving players like Dawes.I will also continue to bash a coach who continued up until recently,force feeding this bumb of a player despite the fact that he does nothing on the ice except take the puck into the corners away from a scoring chance!

Which is better: to have a young player play on the third or fourth line and get 6-8 minutes while learning and earning (sound like Walt Frazier) his way onto the big club OR send him back down and let him continue to torch AHL teams? Seems to me that Dawes is a proven scorer with a lot of potential and, with the team struggling so much for goals, he should be inserted into the lineup, even if it is for a limited amount of time.

In the spirit of free speech, I'll say this.

Rosie DiManno: You're a schmuck.

Only a couple of hours after securing a ticket to Sunday's game, I read the news that the Rangers yet again don't have any use for Nigel Dawes. I had high hopes that the last game was the start of a turnaround in philosophy toward doing whatever it takes to win, but now I'm not so sure and I have lost a little enthusiasm about attending the game.

Frankly, I don't get it. It take goals to win games. Dawes is ranked 3rd on the team in percentage of shots on goal that went in the net. Also if you consider the number of goals scored/games played, Dawes, who has 5 goals in 21 games is practically statistically even with Jagr, Gomez, Drury, and Rozsival who all have 9 goals in 37 games. When Dawes scored his goal in the game against the Wild to bring the team within one, it was almost like the team didn't know how to react to a goal like that because it wasn't scored in what the coach might call "the proper way". That's just the feeling I got at the time, but perhaps it is justified because the management appears to only want the team to score in a specific fashion or not score at all while doing "a lot of things right".

Can't stop laughing about the NHL telling us only four teams are under .500. It simly isn't true and only the NHL could distort reality in such a manner. NHL .500 isn't the same as real .500. It's more NHL lies.

Fact is, the following teams are ALL under .500 (winning less than half their games as of Saturday morning:

New York Rangers 18 wins in 37 games
Philadelphia 17-35
Boston 18-37
Toronto 15-38
Florida 18-38
Atlanta 18-38
Tampa Bay 15-38
Washington 14-38
Columbus 16-37
Nashville 17-36
Calgary 17-38
Edmonton 16-38
Phoenix 17-35
Los Angeles 12-38

That's 14 teams, almost half the league....

The NHL isn't about parity, it's about mediocrity, just like the NFL....


Dawes is simply part of a numbers game. He is NOT going to get 1st or 2nd line time, right? Somebody needs to go down on the 3rd line. That has to be Callahan. So what is the difference. Dawes or Callahan? The problem is Prucha. He can't be sent down without exposing him to waivers. Petr just isn't getting it done, so we either have to stick with him and hope he works himself out of his funk OR we trade him. Right now, I would prefer to move Dawes up and down simply because he has had all this explained to him and knows that his movement "down" should not and does not mean he is not NHL material. Stay the course Nigel, you'll be here next season, all season. The Rangers just need to sort out this log jam.

Ryder to the rangers? Montreal gazette is reporting that the rangers might be interested. Any thoughts?

I could see Ryder for Prucha, even. Ryder has been a minus player and seems to be having an off year. Sometimes teams will exchange these kinds of players, hoping the change in scenery will be good for both. Ryder is bigger, I think Prucha is faster.

I really like Prucha and am not in any hurry to trade him. Prucha represents the "new Rangers", that is, the team we all wanted many years ago; a team committed to youth. Petr worked hard in his first camp and earned a spot in the lineup. The "old Rangers" would have sent him to Hartford, but that didn't happen. Pru played great and put a lot of zip into the lineup. So he "represents" the change from the old ways to the new ones. That is the bond that Rangers fans have with him and the thing that makes him special. However, life does go on.

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