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December 26, 2007


I guess they're still hoping for Santa to find his way to Phoenix...Z

I still think the solution to our problems is having a more offensive game.. create chances instead of waiting for mistakes.. because it's just going to be another open-net miss. We have Lundqvist in goal, so we should afford to take those risks. Gomez has been on fire lately, and I like him in blue more and more each game. Drury needs a spark on his line (Shanny and Avery creating rebounds for Captain Clutch to get those dirty goals).

The Cally - Dubi - Prucha line is going to disappoint because non of them are generating quality chances.. but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Betts is still a shot-blocking machine, and Hollweg/Orr have been good against 1st lines lately.

If the slump continues, then something will have to be done to shake up the organization... but here's my idea:

Instead of trading Prucha (since he had 52 goals coming into this year), PLAY HIM ON THE MF POWER PLAY! He had 16 PP goals his rookie year.. put him with Jagr, Straka, Roszival, Drury and Avery... then have Tyutin, Staal, Shanny, Gomez, Callahan on the second.. it will work, trust me ;)

make that "or" Avery.. I realize that looks like Prucha would be the 6th PP guy haha

All I can say is if the Rangers trade Prucha for a 36 year old player it would be the equivalent of when the Rangers traded Rick Middleton for Ken Hodge. This Ranger team has ZERO chance of winning the Cup with Foote minus Prucha. The Rangers need to change their style of play with the current roster. and shed themselves of Shanahan and Jagr and replace them with young goal scoring forwards.

Bad news from .CZ, as Cherepanov will not be playing for russia in the opening game of this years WJC. According to my IE translation, he is recovering from "rescheduled disease". Here is the source: http://translate.google.com/translate?sourceid=navclient&hl=en&u=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2efhr%2eru%2fnews%2f4164

"Jaromir Jagr, Michal Roszival, and Petr Prucha to the Phoenix Coyotes for Shane Doan and Ed Jovanovski."

That is the setup for a hilarious joke...

"The deal makes sense for both clubs."

...and that is a brilliant punchline!

Is the title of this post a reference to the 1996 Cure album?

Dubi made a tiny error, I did not preview the WJC, I predicted a that Team USA just might sneak in an win the gold because I do not agree with the supposed experts that this is a 2 team race for the gold

Cherepanov has broncitis/a chest cold.

According to an interview with the coach, Cherepanov has missed a couple of practices and will miss the first game against Finland because of bronchitis.


Any word on lineup changes tonight? I would hope Strudwick would sit ... and sit Prucha again... missing one game may not be enough for him to get going

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that, despite the result, the boys looked as determined as I've seen them all season on Sunday night. So I'm looking for a couple of bounces to go our way, a 4-1 win tonight, and a brighter outlook for the New Year!! It's only December folks, keep your chins up!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas :)

Looking forward to tonight's game ... yes I am ... I always tend to err in the side of positive optimism :)

"rescheduled disease"?? yikes.

I haven't read the Post article, but getting Klesla, a fierce, big, and mobile d-man and former 1st round pick won't come cheaply, but would be worth it for the right package.

Lets not make out Klesla out to be Dion Phaneuf.He was a former #1 pick eight years ago and hasn't come close to fulfilling the expectations placed upon him entering the NHL.Not giving up the ranch for him.Prucha is a nice piece going the other way if the deals does go down

We definitely need a big D man ala Beukeboom, but we can't give up too much to get one. We might have to sit tight till the right deal comes along otherwise we could wind up with another Ozolinsh...

John M

Rick MIddleton and Petr Prucha are to totally different players. Prucha has been invisible they have given him alot of chances he is not made for the Eastern Conf. He has also not been the same since he hurt his knee in his Rookie season. I say we trade him know before he turns into Jamie Lundmark, Thomas Klocheck,or Radak Davork. All great players or prospects that got knee injuries and were never the same. Sorry if The spelling of the names are wrong but I think you get my point. I'm not saying to trade him for nothing but this team need to improve and he might be the only real trade able player.

no, there's only one Phaneuf. Klesla (25 y.o.) is more like Brett Burns or maybe Brent Seabrook, and will bring something the ranger backline misses (not to diminish Strudwick's toughness). I've seen Klesla play earlier this season in Denver, and he definitely has an edge.

Hopefully a big game from Prucha tonight. Even more so, I hope Renney gives him the opportunity to redeem himself after his benching. Unfortunately for him, I think Dawes is slowly taking his spot on this team. Dawes just needs to work on his play away from the puck. Once he gets that, Prucha becomes replaceable.

The last time Dawes played away from the puck, he scored. We're fine defensively. We need more risk!

if rangers could get a big bad d-man to help qb the power play and also obtain a (czech?) center to play with jagr and straka then rangers could put together a good season. i've called for this before and still think these 2 pieces are exactly what the rangers need to get this train back on the tracks.

the jagr trade story was good for a laugh, lots of speculation indeed, and some complain about bad bloggers and their wild ideas! haha! thanks dubi for posting the link.

for tonight, rangers please hit the net and perty please score 3 (or more!) goals,


Pavel - Lol...yea.

The only problem is Renney does not believe in "more risk." I too think if they had a little more risk, they would not have the scoring issues. But IMO, Renney has been beating this defense into their brains all season because that's how he believes this team can win in the Playoffs.

The hard-forecheck is back tonight. We'll see if Renney has been paying attention the past few weeks and practiced a quick breakout to trap those fowards instead of dumping it behind our own net for them...

It's past time for some (any) Ranger to break out tonight with a big goal scoring game; I'm talking hat trick here and I'll be very unhappy if it's status quo for the forwards tonight; quick passes, quick shots and second effort for rebounds are the basics for any high scoring team; Rangers are no exception; they must do the basics for sixty minutes--not the 15 minutes we've seen too often this last stretch. Let's go Rangers!

per Josh of Sam's blog sitting tonight:


M & M on d together. Prucha replaces Dawes.

I think deadline ends after today or after tomorrow. it will be interesting to see if we make a trade with Columbus or whoever.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!! We definitely need an intimidator on the backline!! I do not think we need anymore offensive players added to the roster, we just need the ones we have to get going (unless it is vinny or AO, then yes, trade for them). I do like Doan though, but that trade rumor seems absolutely silly!!!

FYI Anisimov scored a goal in a 7-4 Russian victory over the Finns. I like that guy.

As I posted on Sam's website, I, the biggest Dawes' booster on the net capitulate at last; It's best for the Rangers to bench him, because as currently utilized by Renney, Dawes is of no use to the team. Last game he was on ice for 5 minutes total; as we know he hasn't seen a second of PP time since being recalled so ship him back to Hartford; it's a shame we called him up at all; by now he'd be leading the AHL in scoring. For the team's sake I hope Prucha makes good use of Nigel's 5 minutes of playing time.

I think 30 goals in a season is pretty good for a 21 year old in the trap happy NHL. You may be correct in your assumption.
my memory tells me that another aging moping superstar, Espo, wasn't producing. At the same time,Middleton, was underacheiving. The similarities do not end there. In 1979 a bunch of rookies, an average goalie, and a journeyman call up helped the Rangers get to the finals. The
reason for the Prucha Middleton comparison was that as Middleton thrived in a new coaching environment, I am certain Prucha would improve if he was asked to score first.

LOL Akayama

I am going to disagree with you on this one because I would have sat Callahan NOT Dawes because Dawes has earned his way back in the lineup while Cally has worked his way out.

It's kind of funny, Renney said all off-season Callahan and Girardi would have to earn their spots again, and Cally did in the pre-season, but he's kind of been given benefit of the doubt since. I don't think he's played bad, just hasn't scored(like Dubinsky, Prucha, Dawes, Drury, Shanahan, Jagr and about half the team lol.)

We need a win so badly tonight. Gotta get it.

Hollweg looks great since he was scratched against Phoenix, he's hitting a lot more, skating even better and harder on the forecheck.

It's disgusting to hear the fans booing so much - it's not like we're losing or being outplayed! Just wanted to throw that out there... Anyway Let's Go Rangers!

Lets go Rangers!!

another power play..must score!!

The Rangers out-shot Carolina in total shot attempts by 29-9! But only 13 were on net -- 11 were blocked. The Rangers were nearly two-thirds of all face-offs (10-6). But they lost the draw to start the third power play and lost half a minute as a result -- 0-for-3 against the worst penalty killers in the league, that spells trouble if they can't convert on the power play. Their 13 giveaways/takeaways vs. 4 for Carolina is in large part a result of the Rangers owning the puck for much of the period, but it's still way too many turnovers.

How can Renney justify giving the fourth line more minutes than Avery?

Rozy should be taken off of the powerplay,he is badly hurting it!

13 shots on goal very deceiving tonight.most of the shots from the sides and poor shooting angles.They only had 3 good scoring chances,two by grannyhan,one by dubinsky who was good in the first.Renney needs to give Callahan more ice time as well.Jagr again not doing much out there,as well as Drury who is now starting to piss me off.He looks half asleep out there.

Malik again the usual lazy penalty.

Overall they did play a more sprited period but cannot score a goal!Renney needs to step up and start giving out ice time based on players going to the net!You don't go to the net you don't play!!!

finally, we were in position to score off a rebound!!

Finally Jagr with a goal

and that's what i mean by going to the net!

unfortunate bounce past Toots,

some kind of season so far..

And that my friends is what you call a game changer.We don't score against the worst pk in the league AND give up a shortie!

that's right just look to pass the damn puck to Jagr,just incredible!!

Great save by Ward!

ahhh Straka, shoot please. If he made that pass, it would've been some pass.

if my grandma had nuts she'd be my grandpa! sam

no offense meant,just an old russian proverb.


I dont like seeing guys like cullen hurt, but Jesus 5min!?

kiss this game goodbye

keep giving Colton Orr more ice time.

PS- prucha gets hit like that no call everytime

must believee...lets go pk units!

wow i'm really posting big time tonight.All dubi's fault! I have delayed post syndrome and cannot stop my self!

Sorry I like Orr but in this case he deserves a game suspension but because he is a Ranger expect him to be sentenced to life in prison by Campbell

Good Job on the PK

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