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December 16, 2007


Why is Callahan Gone?

ND back in NY with the improved GM from Hartford; let's hope it sparks the Rangers; let's hope they're plus players today and in games to come.

My guess is because the 3rd line is not scoring goals and this is the only way to really mix things up, being that I'm pretty sure Callahan and Dubinsky are the only forwards with 2 way contracts that are with the big club right now.

Great stuff from the Post: Not like we didn't know but... WOW!

Will they shoot the puck?

Through 31 games, Jagr - who came out of the Caps' game with what he said yesterday, while touching wood, was the first back pain of his career - has recorded 18 shots in 149:18 of power-play time, or one every 8:18. He's registered six power-play shots in the past 17 games over 71:33, or one every 11:56.

Prucha has been credited with eight shots in 58:56 of power-play time, one every 7:22. But the winger-who has two goals all season, including one on opening night - has taken one shot on the man advantage over 32:20 of ice time in the past 19 games.

Dubinsky, meanwhile, has recorded three shots in 59:27, one every 19:49, but the freshman has not been credited with a shot on the power play since Oct. 27, a span of 20 games and 43:32 of time.

Rozsival has recorded 15 shots in 130:37, one every 8:42 from one point, and Martin Straka has registered six shots in 59:17, one every 9:53, from the other.

Callahan is on a conditioning stint because he hasn't looked right since his knee injury as far as his net presense ... I think he can't only be down there a maximum of 2 weeks so unless Greg Moore goes nuts with the Rangers and puts up numbers that the team can't ignore I am sure he will go the other way when the time limit is up and Cally has to return ...

Anyhow ... I am just looking forward to them playing a full 60 minute effort like last Sunday and hopefully the call-ups will give us a spark ...

Go Rangers!

Lot of blame to go around with these statistics, but as I have pointed out numerous times: Rozsival has recorded 15 shots in 130:37, one every 8:42 from one point!

I think we'll win today - we'd better - and I look forward to seeing Daniel Carcillo. Should be interesting game to see what changes, if any, are visible since our last debacle.

In case you missed it, this is the video of Simon stepping on Ruutu's foot. I always considered Ruutu the dirtiest player in the league after he tried to end Jagr's career in the Olympics, but this is above and beyond. Last year he when he tried to decapitate Hollweg that was in the heat of battle. There was no heat of the battle here.


Too bad I always like Simon but I think he may not be long for this league.


Thanks for the link. Haven't seen it till now.
What a disgrace that Simon is to the game.

What will he blame it on this time?
Couldn't have been due to a small concussion like he claimed with Hollweg.
This guy is a repeat offender and should not get another chance, end of story.

I'm sure Nolan will find a way to defend his actions, if he already has not done so.
And Renney said that he always knew Simon to be a good guy, or something to that effect. HA!

Chris Simon is exactly what Ted Nolan accused Ryan Hollweg of being ... classless and unprofessional ... it is now TWO weapons and TWO seperate incidents ... He nearly takes Hollweg's head off with his stick ... then last night he takes his skate and stomps on Ruutu's leg ... Ruutu is annoying but what if he had caught him in an unprotected area and cut his leg? GRRRRRRRRR

The League already suspended him and has him under review

Some of the reporters on TSN up here in Canada are calling for the rest of the year if not life for Simon . He is hockey's most suspened player .

Simon's lost his head. How do you do that? He's a big boy and he should just drop his gloves if he's so mad at someone. He should be suspended for the year. Doesn't matter if he hit the skate. He attempted to hit someone with his skate blade. What if he caught Ruutu between the boot and the shin guard?

Re: the powerplay, fascintating stats from Brooks. Renney and company should show that to JJ's unit and start pulling people off that line if they don't improve their ability to put the puck in the net. Wonder how often they're looking for Prucha in the slot for that shot?

I'd like to see Renney make an all kid line with Dubinsky, Moore, and Dawes. Dawes and Moore have good chemistry from playing in Hartford. Dubi would go well as he's more of a dump and chase guy and anyone remember that dawes behind the back pass to Dubi for the goal. one of the prettiest plays all year. Also gets Drury with JJ and Straka. Put the kids in where they can succeed the most.

Well all those calls for Dawes have been answered so now it is up to Dawes himself. Dawes must make the most of whatever chance he is given.

IF Dawes produces he earns the right to stay. IF he does not produce right away then he MUST show that he has improved on the half boards, improved on his decision making and on his defense.

I believe Dawes can play at the NHL level but in my eyes now Dawes has to make the most of his chance here. Dawes has to force his way into the lineup just like Prucha did a couple of years ago and Callahan last year.

I hate both Ruutu and Simon; both are nasty dirty players. Ruutu's act with Jagr was both classless and dangerous and Simon's baseball routine with his stick with Hollweg's head are a couple of reasons I detest these two players. Interesting to see last night where these two thugs came together during the Pisles/Penguins game and how the league will respond to Simon's stomp on rotten Ruutu's foot. This is ugly for the league.


The power play shooting statistics that Larry cites do not actually tell you that those guys are not shooting -- they only tell you that their shots on not getting on net. In the past four games, Jagr's unit attempted ten shots in 12:53 of power play time -- one every minute and a quarter, not one every eight or eleven minutes. By comparison, Shanahan's unit attempted 13 shots in 10:22 -- once every 45 seconds or so. That's better for sure than Jagr's unit, especially since more of them are on net, but not on the ludicrous scale that Larry portrays. You can make the case that Jagr's style of looking for the perfect play is not generating enough quality chances, since they're missing the net so much, but you can't say they're not shooting at all.

How about a Power Play unit of Dawes, Gomez, Shanahan, Drury and say one of Girardi or Tyutin.

That may boost the shot total a bit.

Not only should Simon get an indefinite suspension if not a complete ban from the NHL, but Nolan also sould pay the price. A large fine and a 2 game suspension would suit me just fine. He makes excuses for his players, but never seems to provide any club discipline. It's time the league comes down hard on these kinds of players. We talk here about the NHL getting back with ESPN, but not with these kinds plays going unpunished, ESPN would not touch us.

Why is Cally gone and Prucha still here?


Because Prucha would be claimed on waivers and Cally won't.


Ted Nolan's comment...It was a bad time for a penalty!!!???!!! Sillinger says "Ruutu faked it a bit"!!!???!!! You have to wonder what these people really thing, if the mike's were off! I'd fine Sillinger for his remarks.

Nothing to do with waivers, neither player is subjct to waivers yet.

it still says a lot about getting quality shots on net and not always looking for the perfect pass. It's an indisputable problem.

powerplay stats are just that - "stats". its like the 2008 prez nominee stats, nobody believes them. however, with that said, powerplay success is super critical to a winning season, and to rise above and beyond the pack. watching the nhl lately it's become so fast and furious and the powerplay is a chance to slow the game down and focus on set plays and strength. unfortunately, rangers haven't been able to find a combo that works. as i've said, the missing element is a blueline qb. rangers need to pull the trigger and make the move! plus it will help staal, etc. learn from an experienced (steady hand) pro.

also, dawes has to be excited but what the heck can he expect?!? one good game and he's remains up? he's got to be a bit skeptical, eh? maybe it's a game for the nhl scouts? (just a wild thought.)

what's today's line combos, anyone know???

as for simon. one word: goon. ('nuff said.)

LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

My lines for tonight assuming changes

4th line doesnt matter

RG what are you talking about?

I have always been a fan of simon, I even have his autograph. I never thought we should have traded him in 04, but I saw the replay on NHL on the Fly and I think a long long suspension should be on the way. He has always played with an edge, but that was over the line by a mile!!!!!! On the cally send down, he was not playing how he should be, whether it was injury related or not. He and Hollweg should be filling the avery void(physical on the edge play) and neither has. I think he will be back, but he needs to play much better when he is. I hope hossa stays on the bench (not trying to kick him when he is sick).

Callahan and Prucha haven't played three years pro. They can go up and down as many times as need be(unless there's a different rule because Prucha played in Europe)

if you read Brooks article re next yrs numbers that Dubi linked it makes more sense to trade Prucha at the deadline for a rental d or forward whose contract expires. But I do think some of Shanny's bonus will hit this yr.


Unless I read the CBA wrong, if a player is 25 years old or older and has more than 1 year in the NHL and more than 60 games he is eligible under the waiver rule. This is Prucha's 3rd season, he has played over 60 games and is 25 years old. Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks to me like he is eligible for waivers.

"He and Hollweg should be filling the avery void(physical on the edge play) and neither has."

And now Hollweg is a healthy scratch, according to Blue Notes.

wow, hollweg a healthy scratch. Sounds like it is put up or shut up time!!!!

the game isnt on MSG today. can anyone help me find it. i live in the plattsburgh ny area

is it on the internet again?


Do you have my9? It's one of those games again.

no i dont. last time i had to go to yahoosports.com and watch it

why isn't the game on MSG? it has to be on somewhere in the State of N.Y.....

I live in Vermont now so thank god for the Center Ice Package!


not sure - try this.


Hmmm, it's not on yahoo or channelsurfing.net. I'm all out of ideas.

ill listen to it on the radio i appreciate all the help though

Nothing's going our way these days.

one of those games already...

Valiquette just saved Girardi's butt...

well that sucked, just finished watching it. Had to dvr it on center ice. This team so lacks physical play, it kills me. Gomer, dubi, girardi, and staal seemed to be the only physical guys. There just is no continuity with this team. Kind of reminds me of the 98-04 teams, except this one just doesn't play physical like those teams did.

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