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December 21, 2007



Jordin Tootoo? Give me a break. Let's get Darcy Tucker.

i can't believe how bad the officiating was never in my life have i heard my fiance yell at TV like that, maybe a little more than i did, although what i was saying is probably illegal in some states. your right those non-calls and "debatable" calls stole the momentum from the Rangers and basically gift wrapped it for the Wild. Hopefully tonight goes much smoother.

Eklund is talking how The Rangers are going to trade Jagr to Edmonton or Pittsburgh....this guy can't be anymore wrong...hopefully.

By the way, I haven't really seen anyone calling out Straka for his defensive play last night. Watch the replays of the first 2 goals. He is literally just standing right next to the Wild player and just watching. Not even a stick in the midsection or anything. It's absolutely disgusting.

that guy who loves the rangers:

Why wouldn't you want to trade Jagr at this point? He is washed up. If he isn't scoring then what good is he? He doesn't play defense, he doesn't forecheck, he doesn't hit, etc. I'm really surprised that more people aren't calling for a trade. Jagr's been dogging it all season and he is a headcase. "I'm never going to score again..." Are you kidding me? Be a man. And this guy is the captain of our freakin' team. It makes me sick.

I have been a Jagr fan since day one of Pittsburgh. He is a great player and even on his worst days, which seem to be right now, he still puts up points. Who would you trade Jagr for? Lets debate that because if they were going to I know who I would trade him to and for who.

The officiating was terrible. But come on, why is it that Strudwick is the one who has to try and fight back? Where was Colton Orr? Why nobody throws an elbow into Gaborick's face or make him pay for standing around the net, except for Rosival in the third when the damage was already done? How can that hit on Prucha go unanswered?

After last night, I think it is fairly clear that this team has no b*lls. Avery where are you?

I don't want to even think about which slightly above-average goal scorer the Rangers are going to make into Gretzky tonight.

The Rangers need some new blood on the 3rd & 4th lines. I mention Tootoo, because the guy is a wrecking ball, and basically does everything a 3rd liner should do (and the current Rangers refuse to do) and that is to play physically. Another reason I mention players like Neil and Tootoo, is because in order to trade you have to have something worthwhile to send the other way. The Rangers don't have to much of that right now. That's about the best the Rangers can expect in trade. I would trade Prucha for either one of these guys in a second. . . . .if they would take Prucha in a deal.

That's a good question. I'm not really sure who would be willing to take him at this point. I know you really can't trust anything Eklund says, but he keeps on bringing up the Oilers and now he has brought up Pittsburgh. Eklund mentioned that people around the Rangers are wonding how far they must go to keep Jagr happy. Obviously, you've got to take that with a grain of salt considering the source. But I must say that I've wondered the same thing. At this point, I think the Rangers are afraid to trade Malik and Prucha because they are part of Jagr's posse.

If we're dealing with the Oilers then I'd wait until after Jan. 1., sign Hank to a long-term deal, and then try to make some blockbuster trade with Jagr, Montoya, and whoever else the Oilers would be willing to take off our hands - take your pick from Prucha, Malik, Hollweg, or Hossa. I don't know the Oilers prospects that well, but I would want at least Torres and Stoll in return. Shift Drury to the wing and let Stoll center the 2nd line.

If we're dealing with the Pens, then I wouldn't trade anyone other than Jagr and see if they'd be willing to do Jagr and a pick for Staal.

And why trade Jagr? Signing Drury and Gomez was a move for the future. No one is gonna give up much for Jagr, and his value (despite his cold streak) is much higher to the Rangers than it would be to any other team.

cwgatti: I think trading Jagr would be addition by subtraction. I know I'll probably get flamed up and down for that, but I feel that as long as Jagr is the face of the Rangers, our team will get run all over the ice and will never win anything.

zz -- Re: Straka, check out the post that you are commenting on.

i -- From the previous thread, "Shanahan is only saying what is pre-approved by Renney." Yeah, right -- after that game, in the five minutes before the press was allowed in, that's what the team talked about, what they should say to the press, all three of them that were there. If you really read Dellapina, which you advised us all to do, you would have seen Shanny trying to pre-empt a media assault on his teammates -- exactly why everyone thinks he should be captain for. Yet even this is Renney's fault?

all -- I'm not sure where all of this not standing up for teammates is coming from. It wasn't Burns who took the game away from the Rangers with his hit, it was the referee. Tyutin, Cally, and Dubinsky all came right in and jumped on Burns (Tyutin getting the worst of it). Beyond that, there was no physical play at all by either team -- why would the Rangers want to start running around hitting the Wild when they were outskating them all over the place? A little more hitting, sure, a lot more defense on Gaborik, absolutely, but they lost because of the latter and the officiating, not because they weren't hitting or standing up for each other in a cream-puff contest.

zz - and why would Edm or Pitt 2 small mkt teams want Jagr. Edm will prob not make playoffs and they are always building with youth. Pittsburgh also needs to go with youth due to $ (real and cap) considerations.

maybe we can trade JJ, Montoya, Malik and Hossa (and throw in Dawes, Prucha or Cally) for Gaborik. Do you think Minnestota would go for that one.

zz -- Eklund mentioning what "people around the Rangers" are thinking, whether on Jagr or on any issue, is pure fiction, since he is not in contact with anyone remotely related to the Rangers. The last time he brought up Jagr rumors, one Ranger reporter, despite his innate skepticism of the fraudster, asked him what he knew, just in case he (the reporter) was missing something. Eklund told him flat out that he wasn't missing anything, that it was a slow day so he just invented the rumor. That same day, a Garden exec -- higher even that the Rangers -- laughed when told of the rumors, saying that Jagr would never be traded as long he is under his current contract, which any rightminded observer can easily figure out for themselves.

matty that's the way it is here unless you say everything is beautiful, someone will take offense.


Gimme a break ... it goes BOTH ways ...

When people here are happy with what the team is doing and they aren't whining and complaining about this and that player/coach then someone has to jump on them for being "shills" and "defenders" and all that nonense ...

By the same token when people are doing nothing but whining and complaining about players/coaches on every post reguardless of if the team wins or loses then someone is getting on that person(s) for being overly negative all the time ...

The point *I* was trying to make is not that everyone should agree all the time, certainly that will never happen, BUT people should respect each other and their opinions and not talk down to people that they don't agree with or insult them which happens much too often here, specially after a loss ...

Matty - Funny, but it was you who said, "Well I don't see why people should caution against getting overly "excited" about this win." Now do you see why people like me did not give too much credit to the Penguins win? And I am one of the few who have been defending Renney and Jagr on here all season.

Chris QCT,

Either you are misunderstanding the meaning of what I wrote or you want to pick an argument with me ...

What I wrote was that people shouldn't criticize others for getting overly excited over a win, because most of the time these are the same exact people who get overly down/negative over a loss ... it's a long season and every single team, except maybe Detroit until playoff time, will have it's ups and downs ....

It goes both ways ... some people take it to the extreme in both situations ... thinking that a win means that all our troubles are behind us and we are now poised to cruise the rest of the way and win the Stanley Cup ... by the same token there are those that when we lose feel the Rangers Hockey world is crumbling before their very eyes and they want the team dismantled(trade that guy, waive that other guy, bench this guy, use this other guy ... fire the coach, hire this coach) ....

That was my point ... if people want to get overly excited? Let 'em, specially when the ones criticizing are mainly the ones who get overly negative so imo it's a wash between the two ...

I, like you, do not get overly happy or upset over any one loss and/or win until March and into the Playoffs ... I, like you, have supported Renney and the players throughout the season and continue to support them ... recent history has thought me that what happens in December sometimes means very little down the stretch and playoff drive ...

DUBI if you like I'll try to go back to last year when Shanahan said he usually talks to the coach before the media, but maybe you think I'm making that up. Or do you want to claim he never said that?


Just read your post, good lookin' out. I'm glad you mentioned it.

With respect to Eklund, I know the guy is a total loon and that Jagr isn't going to be traded. I'm just saying that I would pull the plug on him if I had my way. That's all.

LI Joe:
I think we need to move away from that one player or superstar mentality and go with some guys.

"go with some guts." that should read.

I don't think Shanny should be captain. The comparisons to Messier would be unfair to Shanny. Messier was so much tougher in his later years than Shanny is now. Whether it was dropping the gloves with Joel Otto in 97, or the time he walked up and punched Kasperaitus in the face, or the countless elbows he threw at people taking liberties with him and his teammates, Shanny would pale in comparison. Shanny is better off as the "A", just using his mouth with the press and the refs, and not having his timid play be the definition of his career with the Rangers.

** taught me .. not thought me =P

He doesn't talk to the coach about what to say to the media, he (and others) talk about what just happened in the game. Shanahan -- and Jagr and Renney -- have always been honest with us. Just because you don't like what they're saying doesn't make them liars or conspirators. Shanahan is just usually positive in his take, and this is not the first time he's thrown himself under the bus to deflect heat away from his teammates. Jagr can get pretty negative, and he takes heat for that from fans. If Renney was going to talk to anyone about what they were going to say to the press, it would be Avery -- and Avery says whatever he wants anyway. So your theory just doesn't hold water.

LI Joe yout kidding right? I would not trade anybody for Gaborik the guy is always injured with a groin injury. No thanks, the only reason he got 5 goals last night was bad officiating which led to his PP goals and bad coverage. He really isn't a top shelf player, he is good but not that good.

If I had to trade Jags, it would be a package deal with Malik to Columbus for either Foote or Klesla, and Zherdev

or to Edmonton for Pitkanen, Stoll, and Torres and i'll throw in Montoya after July 1st.

or to ottawa along with Malik and Prucha for Neil, Meszaros, and Volchenkov

****my mistake it would not be after July 1st it would be January 1st

gabba gabba hey!!

sorry, just had to do that. seriously, trade jagr???!!! haha. not happening, nor should it.

last night, rangers were out-coached. in my opinion, rangers weren't adjusting to the game, as it unfolded. and why oh why does the prucha hit go unmatched till strudwick decides to exchange a few swings??! and final point: c'mon micheletti please call the game with a rangers viewpoint for once. joe actually defended the prucha hit at first, and then continually heaped praises upon the wild. it's enough to make one turn down the sound, way way down.

ok, venting done. looking for a huge bounce back win tonight.



I've got to be honest, I'm pretty pissed off at the rangers right now. I'm a New Yorker living in Minneapolis, so it was a treat to get to see the Rangers out here (and not on the Center Ice package). I decided to head over to the Xcel center after the morning skate to see if I could meet a few of them, etc (In Minnesota, being the state of hockey, it's frequent for fans to hang outside after practice and meet the players as they walk one block through a park from the rink to their hotel after the morning skate). Typically, most players are cordial, give out autographs, and chat with fans. The Rangers, free from the observers in the New York media, I guess, decided that they could be jerks and, with the exception of Tyutin and one or two of the younger guys, they basically blew everyone off. Avery was a funny jerk, but a jerk nonetheless yelling out, "I'm Scrooge today," and then yelling obscenities at the 20-30 people hanging out there.

Jagr opted to take the bus the one block to the hotel, but you could see that he looked dreary and, I would guess, hungover. Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised later in the evening to see him lifeless and wholly ineffective during the game. When is the last time Jagr undressed someone in open ice?

I agree that the officiating was brutal at times, but it's hard to hear the rangers after a great win over pittsburgh preaching how their defensive style works and then see them decide not to pick up anyone in front of the net, which is clearly what cost them the game.

It's also tough to see these guys be the darling of the NY media, watch the local papers swoon over them as rock stars, and then see them show almost no class whatsoever in how they treat a few fans after a morning skate when nobody's looking. This isn't general disillusionment with stars or famous people. I'm just pissed off that when Larry Brooks or Page 6 is paying attention, the Rangers are great guys, and otherwise, the rangers are schmucks.

joeymole i couldn't have said it better myself, my fiance and i are always bad-mouthing joe for his stupid calls on the game, thats fine if you dont like the Rangers but at least dont call the games for them

DUBI it's not a theory, I heard Shanahan state that last season. So maybe you'd like to check that with him. I would think what he meant is he wouldn't say something the coach would not really like.


Are you kidding me?? I hope that was sarcasm. If you want Tucker then you mine as well tell Avery to ask for a trade, cause there's no way they would play together.

Id rather have Tootoo

Id much rather have a guy wh oinjures players other then a guy who injures himself. He's turning into Forsberg, if you look at Tucker cross eyed he'll probably get a concussion.

And we'll see tonight what the Avs think of Prucha, who knows maybe they will watch him play and not even consider trading for him.


Lol, what a whiner. Who friggin cares. I wouldnt wanna sign atutographs after going from NY to MIN. Lol i would have done the same thing.

Did you film this and put it on YouTube?

Matty what happens here many times people attack to prove themselves right, rather than just disagreeing. And it's been done from the top down. It's become part of the posting culture. Fustration leads to itching for flame wars or just trying to insult someone because they don't agree. If everyone agreed there wouldn't be much to post. But there's no need to respond to everything. but many have a need here to try & prove they are smarter or a better than than the next person, and are a better fan. There aren't many facts when it comes to hockey, just interpretation of stats & observations, through opinions. Respect is not a BIG consideration.

Half of the Rangers dont sign authographs by the garden what makes u think theyll do it in Min.For me to get Jagrs authograph i had to wait over hour and a half by the garden after the game (Yeah i know it sad but when you get a chance of getting an authograph of one of the bst in NHL and your favorite since 1991 its worth a wait)..And even than he tried to sneak out but couple of people noticed him.He signed my jersey i guess because it was his and maybe one more and than he ran for his life.SO the poitn of this comment is that they dont get paid to sign anything.How would u feel if everytime you went outside u have 20 people running up to you asking for authographs wouldnt u become an asshole too?

Matty - No offense taken. I thought you were kind of coming after me as well. At least they play tonight. I cannot imagine what this place would be like if there was a 4-day break right now...

Shanahan never said he and the coach talk over what to say to the media. You must have misconstrued something else he said. You're going to have to convince me on that one -- I'm there most of the time with my microphone in his face, and I never heard him say anything like that. We are in the dressing room five minutes after the game, the players are still sweating and in their gear, they haven't had time to catch their breath let alone compare notes on what to say to the press. And as if you needed any more proof, a guy like John Dellapina is not going to let Shanny get away with a stunt like that -- Shanny knows it, Renney knows it, I know it, and now you know it because you saw how Dellapina treated it. So why on earth would they take time to plan something like that out?

it's a conspiracy Dubi, don't you know?

and AZJ, I find it in very poor taste that because you were upset that players didn't stop to sign autographs for you that you come in and bash them ... they aren't obligated to sign any autographs for any fans unless they are at a fan event that requires them to ... Also your little dig at Jagr saying that he looked hungover is really low specially given that two reporters who had spoken to him during practice that morning all reported that he was full of energy and playoff throughout the morning ...

** and playfull ... not playoff ... =P

Unless the refs are disallowing clear cut goals, it is a really lame excuse to say that the refs made a team lose by calling penalties. Calling a minor penalty does not automatically give a goal to the non-penalized team. All the Rangers needed to do was to kill off 2 minutes, which is supposed to be one of the strongest parts of their game. The ref's didn't make them stand around in their zone in a nice little square while they watched the puck being passed around unchallenged and the Wild almost scoring at will.

STOP BLAMING THE DEFENSE!!! We have no offense!!!!

DUBI I will do my best to find that for you. But it was last season, not an easy task. But I didn't audio hallucinate it .Shanahan does his best to be honest while being PC for his coach. He respects Renney and vice versus.

Dubinski will be the next true Ranger captain. They may buy some old guy before it happens and slap a C on him. But Dubinski is a keeper. And he is not afraid.

John M Dubinsky & a few more might need a night off right now. Time to do a little skybox rotation.

zz - I was just responding to your talk re trading JJ to 2 teams who would have no need for him. so if people propose trades I would like to see them be at least reasonable looking for both teams not just a steal of other teams assets.

that guy - I'm sure Minnesota would not go for the players I listed - a lot of mediocrity for a superstar - like a lot of other trades I see people listing. I would much prefer Gaborik to Hossa of Atl.

Fine. Call me a whiner. I actually could care less about autographs. I just wanted to talk to them for a few minutes, say how much I enjoy watching their games, whatever. I've been around the sport of hockey since I was pretty young, and I've met a lot of pro players. I get that these guys don't like being bothered by fans all the time. I get that they don't "owe" me anything. But usually they're nice enough to make time for people who do hang around to talk to them. And, maybe the Rangers usually do, and yesterday was a bad day. Who knows...

What I was trying to say is that there seemed to be a disconnect between how these guys come across in the news and how they acted yesterday morning. I thought it was surprising because given their portrayal in the NY area media, you'd expect them to want to talk to fans who were waiting outside a morning skate at a road game. Well, maybe not Avery, and I wish I had that on video.

As far as the dig on Jagr, I didn't see the morning skate reports. If he were a coworker of yours who looked like that, you'd have guessed that he had a late night out. Maybe he just didn't shower after practice. OK. That doesn't change the fact that he was ineffective last night...

John M - I doubt a 3rd line center will be the captain. Staal would be the only young player I would even consider becoming a captain (but he is probably too quiet). But it's a long way off for any of this generation to be up for captain.

"STOP BLAMING THE DEFENSE!!! We have no offense!!!!"-JOHNM

I don't know JOHNM, I think their play lately has been very offensive.

Jagr's mere presence emasculates the Rangers. Lose him. Just let him go.

How can u talk bad about Straka?He got 5 goals in 5 games 3 more and hel be our goal leader and he missed a month comparing to eveyrbody else

LI Joe:

I posted those trades within the context of Eklund's alleged "rumors" regarding Jagr. If those rumors are real, those are the trades I would do with those teams, if possible. If it were up to me, I wouldn't start with Edmonton or Pittsburgh and not necessarily those players.

But do you really believe that Edmonton would have no use for Jagr, Montoya, and Prucha? Did you notice that they extended two monster offer sheets and signed Souray - a guy that just about everyone in hockey knew would be a bust? Lowe is flat-out desperate right now and will do just about anything to try and jump start his club. I really don't think it's as far-fetched as you think. Will the Rangers trade Jagr? No. But would Lowe do that trade if you proposed it to him? Maybe.

next 5 games will be tough and a real mid-season test to see what this team is made of and how well the (renney) defensive system rebounds from the current bad stretch.

Fri, Dec 21 at Colorado 9:00 pm
Sun, Dec 23 Ottawa 7:00 pm
Wed, Dec 26 Carolina 7:00 pm
Sat, Dec 29 at Toronto 7:00 pm
Sun, Dec 30 Montreal 7:00 pm

i post on this blog because it's a comfortable place filled with nothing but rangers fans. all postings are good whether i agree or not. what's the point of posting if you can't let it loose? that's the whole point: to share thoughts and ideas, however sane or loco. and plus dubi has great lead-in posts, and does much hard work to put this all together and keep it going!

zz - I don't think Edm would have any desire for JJ. They have the fastest ice in the league and he isn't exactly fast. So even though they've already given up their number 1 pick and therefore have little to gain by tanking the season, I see them more in rebuild mode and where does JJ fit in there. I have no idea about what Edm has re goalies in their system as to whether they would be interested in Montoya. Prucha I could see them having interest in.

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