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December 18, 2007


Hey Jess,

Regarding your continued contention that there is no suitable replacement for Renney out there...I'm wondering what you think of Messier as coach? I see a few impediments to Sather actually hiring him, but I'm very intrigued by Messier as coach...


Great article by the NY SUN.
What do you all think about proposing a 7 yr, $49 million contract to Hank?

Give Shanny the C!

Hank is ready to go tonight, Montoya looks like he'll be back in Hartford as fast as you can say Greg Moore. All via Zipay... I think.

Just went through all the comments from December 17th, and thought you might be interested in this little compendium of excerpts:

"it's clear that renney is favoring [so-and-so] (deservedly so) and [so-and-so] (undeservedly) over [so-and-so] in the depth chart."

"These are the kinds of efforts I'm expecting from Renney, since the man can't see beyond the end of his nose, and everything catches up with him, and it's only because the enormous talent of some of the players that they win at all."

"The thing this game highlighted for me was the complete useless[ness] of Colton Orr. Orr's attempt to go out there and 'stir' things up with his 'fight'... embarrassing."

"I honestly think my grandmother would play better hockey than Malik."

"This team is going nowhere till they address the horrible deficiencies on defense. I hated Malik before the Rangers git him and I have even less use for him now. He outright sucks!!"

"Hey Tom, sometimes you have to be a coach."

"I do not know if Renney and the NYR Organization realize how close they are to undoing every stride they made last year with their fans."

"It's easy to blame the players, and believe me, they deserve plenty of blame for what's going on, but I don't hear the major culprits being taken to task. Renney and Sather. Renney's decision-making is inexplicable. He coaches out of desperation. He's goes out of his way to undermine the confidence of our youth. And if Sather has anything to do with who they dress and who gets what icetime, then he must go too. I blame no-accountability Renney for this. He is nothing more than a high school coach. A bad one at that."

"I was disturbed and still am and while I tend to stay away from criticizing Renney I am just .. I don't trust him anymore ..."

"I think the time for Renney is now. He either does something immediately with the pathetic defense and the ineptitude he displays in coaching on a nightly basis or let him and Sather hit the road."

"Renney isn't even the best coach on the Rangers, Perry Pearn is. Last year you couldn't criticize Renney because the team played so well, but he does not impress as a coach and he was a disaster in Vancouver where Mess had him ousted for Iron Mike. I can't wait for the day when Sather is gone, because he's taken all the fun out of being a Rangers fan, which I have been for 55 years."

"Renney, it is obvious, has no control over this team as he has allowed his being ok with mediocrity become a cancer that needs to be operated on. Jagr is starting to piss me off with his bad attitude and his careless play. Renney! Sather! Its time for both of you to hit the bricks..."

"2 words to desribe us : WE SUCK."

"Well folks what do we have here? Negativity flying around with as much direction as an Eli Manning pass..."

Now before you go scurrying back to yesterday's comments wondering why none of these quotes seems familiar, let me tell you, these were comments from December 17th one year ago, not yesterday. They suffered a second consecutive blowout loss that day, and lost the next five to make it a seven game losing streak. They then went 23-13-6 the rest of the way and came pretty darn close to making the conference finals before finishing 6-4 in the playoffs. They are currently 16-13-3 and only two points out of first place in the division and second place in the conference.

And the negativity is still flying around with as much direction as Eli Manning's passes.

Alex they are not firing Renny. The rangers now actually have a system..Yes at present this system cannot score but it beats the days of bringing in older washed up superstars and hoping they find the fountain of youth.

the Rangers have tons of young talent(maybe no Ovechkins but alot of talented young players) they have plenty of youth on the big club, and need to just turn things around.

This roster should be playing better but they are still in the hunt with much of the season to go.
they have a top 3 goalie, 3 23 yr old D men or younger with nice upside, and plenty of guys who can contribute. Gomez is 27 yrs old....Drury is 30, they have the pieces they need to just play better, smarter, and harder......

First off, Shanny should not be captain...I think he makes it pretty clear that Jags is the captain of this team...Shanny is alot to the team as well, obviously, but they both fill different roles as leaders. Secondly, I hate hearing people talk about Jagr not caring and moping all the time. I dont know what others see, but he CARES about this team...He has made it clear that he is more happy with New York than he has been ANYWHERE else. He may not be a Ranger next year, but while he is, I have his back 150 percent. So what he is frustrated! It would be unbelievable if he wasnt frustrated! No matter who wants to admitt it or not, Jagr means a whole hell of alot to this team... no body wants him next year, FINE, but guess what? He'll be with us all year, and for as long as he is here, there is nothing more that I want than for him to start doing "his thing."


They have to score a bunch tonight.We playing against a back up goalie and half injured Pens

"They have to score a bunch tonight.We playing against a back up goalie and half injured Pens"
I hope nobody from Rangers roster read this post :)))

There appears to be a new spam filter on this site that is so heinous, it doesn't even let me, the owner of the site, post comments, even if I enter that stupid verification code correctly. I've lodged a protest and hope to see some action soon, since it is probably affecting all blogs, being a new system that is clearly oversensitive to what might be spam. In the meantime, fear not -- I can see every message that is flagged as spam and can allow it to pass through by manually approving it. Not the most efficient of systems, but until they fix it, at least it's something.

I don't understand why we have to have such a defensive system.. if we took more risks, it would seem worth it.. considering we have Lundqvist in goal instead of Dunham.

Dibi, your post said it all! I'm sure you could go back to RFN and find plenty of similar quotes. People just love to complain and as we all know, any one of us could do a better job than half the coaches or refs in this league. I'll be glad to take over the GM AND head coaches duties, heck with all the help I'd get just from this one site along, the job will be a piece of cake!

Gomez and Jagr together is a disaster. Jagr is going to cycle and Gomez is going to splattered on the boards and Gomez is gonna look for Jagr in the slot and find Jagr right up against the boards like always.

Please Renney don't do it.

Finally an acknowledgement by Renney that Dawes can do more than score goals; his insertion with Shanny and Drury follows the realization that he's an excellent passer and playmaker as well; if playing on the second line means extended power play time for Nigel, that will only be a plus for the Rangers scoring woes with the man advantage. He's not big, but he passes and shoots accurately and quickly.

I wanna see those sticks raised at center ice tonight!


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Teams go on all sorts of streaks in 82-game seasons. Ottawa went 16-3 or something then lost seven in a row. Thinking you are too good or too bad is a mistake.

I'm glad to see Gomez with Jagr. I think they were split up too soon earlier in the year. Both these guys have to put up big numbers for the team to go far, hopefully this time will turn the charm.

akayama - let Dawes do something at the NHL level consistently before you hand him the keys to the kingdom (and offense and defense)

Dubi- Thank you so much for going back and doing the research from a year ago. I was going to do it to try to prove a point. The fact that people here are in panic mode and think that last year was not as bad, blah, blah blah, was driving me crazy. You could also do the same with posts about how Shanahan should be the captain. PAVEL- How can you read that interview with Shanahan and then surmise that the answer is to "Give Shanny the C!" The leadership would only get worse and divisive if you took the "C" away from Jagr. Shanny is still leading and if Jagr can step up his game, he will do his part. The "C" is always such an emotional issue and I think it's mostly because we have Messier in our history. I'll agree that the Captaincy in hockey is more important than in baseball, football or basketball (can anyone even name a captain in those sports?) but to think that the captaincy is any factor in wins and losses is naive. I've been on teams with idiot captains (and coaches) and the bottom line is you look for leadership wherever you can get it. Little kids might look to their captain more than adults, but even then it's not like the rest of the team decides not to play because the captain isn't leading correctly. The rest of these guys are professionals. It's ridiculous to think that these professionals are going to need a captain to vocally motivate them. The "C" is symbolic more than anything else. Shanny's interview lays it out clearly. Would people be clamoring to replace Yzerman as a captain if he was here and he wasn't scoring?

By the way, someone mentioned how Mike Keenan has done such a great job in Calgary and that his way was the way to coach. I would hardly call the Flames living up to their potential and has Keenan had ANY success since he left the Rangers?

Paulf, it's true that Ottawa went 16-3 and then lost 7 in a row, but in those 16 wins, they were averaging like 5 goals a game - lol

I feel the key to the new NHL is special teams. Draw as many penalties and make them pay! Seeing how there are triple the penalties since before the lockout, we need to focus mainly on our PP.

Mark this line: Would people be clamoring to replace Yzerman as a captain if he was here and he wasn't scoring? was wrong for u to say because now all the Jagr/Hossa/Renney haters gonna jump on your throat and gonna try to prove how Yzerman is a leader and Jags is a crybaby

Pavel whast the defference how many goals they scored.We trying to make a point that ALL teams go on a losing streak.Goals got nothing to do with this conversation.

And trust me If Shanny would became a C what would change??What wouldve changed if Shanny was c vs phx or vs caps?You know what wouldve happened people like you would jumped on Shanny and you wouldve been yelling give the C to Drury and than Gomez and so on.Ill bet u money if we win tonight 7-0 u still gonna come back and find something negative to complaint about.

Ant, you're right. If we win 7-0, I'm going to say "WOW, these lines should have existed 32 games ago!"

As for the "C", I think guys like Jagr and Shanny are two different players. Shanny is a leader, both physically and vocally, whereas Jagr has always been the superstar.. the "C" has more of a negative psychological impact, IMO. He can lead in the lockeroom if he wants, but he's getting paid to have 100 point seasons.

Thank you for going back to the comments of a year ago Dubi.

I haven't been reading the comments lately because I already know what the majority of them would say which is exactly what you posted from a year ago.

The way that I feel about this losing streak is this ....

Last season they had a horrible December, they lost those 7 in a row and weren't doing much better when they broke out of their slump ... by the time the All-Star Break got here many on this blog and other online Ranger Communities had given up on them, the analysts weren't giving them a chance and proclaiming that DiPietro was the better goalie .... not only were we one of the hottest teams down the stretch but we pushed the Sabres to 6 games in rd 2 after sweeping Atlanta to get there ...

So for all those of you who think .... the Rangers are imploding(or need to be taken apart) and that Renney should be fired after every bad loss or streak ... will excuse me if I am not impressed or jumping on the Haterade bandwagon ... and just because I don't jump off the deep end and hate on Renney and complain every other post doesn't mean I am satisfied with the team or the coaching staff and that I am a Renney "defender" or whatever nonsense some people use to attack others who don't share their views ... all it means is that based on history I tend to look toward the big picture and not just the last game ...


You are not realizing what I have been saying. It is not about a suitable replacement it is about who is running this team. If Sather replaces Renney then he will replace him with himself not Messier or anyone else.

As for Messier, think he would be the last person Sather brings in at the moment. Sather was very unhappy to read in the papers that Messier wants his job.

Those 2 are not as close as they used to be especially since my sources have repeatedly told me that Sather wants Messier to pay his dues as an assistant coach which Messier does not want to do.


I have to agree with LI Joe as I think you are misreading Renney's intentions by putting Dawes with Shanny and Drury. I believe that as soon as Avery is ready to play Dawes gets moved out of that spot.

Funny, but no one seemed to question Jagr's heart or leadership when he was breaking NYR scoring records and skating in the Playoffs with a dislocated shoulder...

Gimme a break already, guys.

Chris: That was two years ago.

As much as I love what he did, it's still the past. I love the Rangers more than I love [insert player here]. If he's playing injured, he should be scratched because it's not helping the team.

Chris theres no poitn fo proving to half of these people Jagrs heart and leadership.They will always say Jagr is whats wrong with a team and they gona bring up Pitts and Wash.So if you a fan of Jags like me just dont bother because thats a battle that will never be won.If Jags comes out out of his slump people will stay quiet so dont bother trust me i tried

Pavel - Ok, but he played in Washington 3 years ago and in Pittsburgh about 7 years ago...and there is no shortage of people bringing that up over and over and over again. Jagr broke NYR scoring records and skating in the Playoffs with a dislocated shoulder when he was on this team, playing for this coach.

I know people will harp no matter what. Shanny was 'too old' in the beginning of this season too. I do not hear much about that anymore. Ant is right...there is no point in arguing. No matter what anyone says, they'll NEVER strip Jagr of the "C". THAT you can bet on....

hopefully we get a win
im off to the game
talk to everyone later

well this is not gonna be fun game to watch

Gomez and Jagr together is a huge mistake. Well let's try them again but its not gonna work.

The problem with Jagr is not his leadership is that he is injured and is not the player he was last year or even 2 years ago

the fact is that Jagr is not the same player he was two years ago or even last.The problem is is that he is not willing to accept that fact like most athletes who take a major step down.His personality is one of a premodona and he has a tendency to pout when things are not going his way.The bigger question is how did Renney get Jagr's permission to put gomez back with him and moreover how did he get permission to bench Malik the human pylon who Jagr wanted in the lineup last game to play with rozy.

I'm glad Jagr broke those records because he was a machine then.. but he's awful now. He's on pace for less than HALF the points he had in 05/06. Gomez, Shanny and Roszival have been our biggest offensive threats, whereas Drury has been placed with a worthless-in-07/08 Prucha and Callahan (but to Cally's credit he's just coming off an injury). I hope to God that there is some life in this team tonight.

The Rangers played beautiful against Ottawa, and oddly enough, after beating the second best team in the league (very convincingly), they have failed to show up to games since.

Interesting reading. All teams go in slumps and this team will turn it around too. It's not a coincidence - without Avery we are a totally different team. Avery is the heart and MVP amongst the skaters on this team. It's not arguable. His intangibles transform us to being an average team to a semi-contender. We need another player like him. Hopefully Sather comes through in January.

As for firing Renney, it's not going to happen. Same with stripping Jagr of the C, that's ridiculous and will only bring change for the worse - not better. It serves no purpose. As I've stated before, Shanny is the Captain of this team, he just doesn't wear the C. It's a moot point. The future captain will hopefully be Staal. Someone who will lead this team as a future all-star for years to come. The future is bright in goal and on D, we just need to get more effective forwards with size. This is our team for now, let's lace'em up and get on a run.

Guess the new Jagr line stinks eh?


haha, it's only been two shifts but gomez is meshing pretty well w/ the jagr line.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate 2-on-1's where there is no shot on goal? If there's no pass, don't force it!! Good start so far though.

Man everyone, you guys are killing me. First of all, I did question jagr leadership ability two years ago, so do not include me in your little rants about when he was scoring 100pts he was a great leader WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! If he scored 250pts a season I would still say he is not a good leader because he isn't. A superstar at the end of his career, yes, but team captain, no.

The Pens goalie looks shaky and I'm sure that shot he took to the face will make him even more skittish. Make him play w/o a mask, old style goaltending!

Could it be, Czech, that it wasn't Jagr forcing Renney to play Malik? Could it be that Jagr didn't demand Gomez be taken off his line? Must be tough when theories are proven to be just that. Theories. People have been demanding Malik sit for months and it happens and people still complain.
I have faith that Jagr will turn things around. If it doesn't happen, I'll admit I was wrong, but I'll stand by my post that this team wouldn't be better off without him even without him scoring since even with his lack of scoring he draws the other team's top checking line and Defense pair.

And Pavel- pace means nothing. It's what the final totals are. Shanny was on pace for 82 goals last year.

The first 10 minutes of the first period are how we should start every period.. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!

I know i'm going to catch heat for this but in my opinion,great start with energy,hustle,players going to the net even jagr's line and then after about the ten minute mark they revert back to slow tempo and shots from the perimiter.The garden seemed to be alive and slowly the rangers are putting them back to sleep.They are not generating enough offense.The fourth line had more ice time than the second,just puzzling to me,although they did play well and i'm not blaming them for anything.They are what they are and always try their best.I think that Renney needs to attack the penguins and not rely only on the king to stop all their chances.I know that they only had 3 shots but it is only the first period,with the rangers state of mind should pittsburgh score a goal,the team may get down on them self and lose the game.We have to learn to bury a team when they are not that sharp.Surly Renney must understand this!!

They definitely tailed off as the period wore on and the power play looked pretty poor (over-passing and an off-sides). They need to get a second goal to pad the lead because both Crosby and Malkin blew by multiple defense on the rush and either one of them have the ability for a quick strike.


Starting your post with the lame "I know I am going to catch....." makes it seem as if you want to catch heat.

i guess Joe M saw the same thing I did!!


Your Welcome


Marc Staal

Jess there is nothing lame about it.And I am not looking to catch heat,just stating what I believe will Happen from many posters here.If you don't like what I have to say or the way I say it Jess or think I'm looking to start something wich I'm not than tell me and I'll stop posting here.

One thing I've noticed about this team in their own end the past few games is that they aimlessly throw the puck with zero zip behind it. I played both forward and defense and when you're trying to get the puck out of the zone any puck movement has to have a purpose behind it. Ice it if you have to, I know the stricter icing rules might be a bit of a deterrent but you'll do better with resuming play from a set formation from the face off than committing a careless turnover.

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