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December 20, 2007


Quick reminder, Nicklas Bäckström is yet another Finnish goalie. Nothing else, carry on.

Actually, the Islanders are the league's worst scoring team, not the Rangers.

There just the worst, period.

The Rangers are still actually a fraction behind the Isles in goals per game. Backstrom was born and raised in Finland, but I'm guessing by his name that he is an ethnic Swede, of which there are many in Finland.

According to ESPN.com, Rangers have 76 goals in 33 games, that is 2.303 G/gm. Islanders have 72 goals in 32 games, which is 2.25 G/gm.

According to official NHL stats, the Rangers are at 2.21 per game, the Isles at 2.22 -- the discrepancy is probably because of overtime minutes, which you have not accounted for in simply dividing number of games into number of goals. Official NHL goals per game stats are always based on goals divided by number of minutes times 60 to adjust for overtime and (in the case of goalies) the time they are pulled for an extra skater.

Lets face it, we're not going to get 4 goals tonight against this bunch. Lets just hope Hank can pitch a shutout or a one goal game and we can score two. That's being realistic anyway.

Dubi you are absolutely right.
“Backstrom” is pure Swedish last name.
And yesterday I received November (#145) issue.
Thank you!

The Wild

There scoring woes can be attributed to injuries as at one point or another ti their leading scorers. 3 goals is asking a lot from either team so this is one game when it is super important for the Rangers to score first AND second. Get a 2 goal lead against the Wild and the game is over.

The Wild do poorly when forced to open up their game, this is a team that is built to play a system trapping game.

Hockey's Future

I do not understand how they reach their prospect reports but their grades and mine are totally different.

Just for example, Lafleur has lost his job to Marc-Antoine Gelinas which is why I have been calling for Lafleur to be traded elsewhere. The kid clearly has lost his confidence struggling all season long.

Someone needs to tell them that Greg Beller has been a healthy scratch for most of Yale's season. His NHL future at this point has to be viewed as "no-chance". Their rankings of prospects needs fixing.


I see no need to exchange emails with you. You have made repeated attempts to try to get into a flame war with me ever since Lenny got banned here.

FYI I just so happen to be a member of the Dump and Chase so I have seen what you have written over there. You blame me for Lenny getting banned here and boy are you so very wrong.

Lenny got himself banned for his behavior not the person you called an axxxxxe over there. You can keep trying to provoke me into a flame war but it will not work.

The game tonight will probably end up 5-3.

I read Hockeys Future once in a while, but I suspect that its writers are kids who are just regurgitating other press reports. I don't get the sense that there is any actual scouting going on. I would put a lot more stock in the reports here, either Jess actually watches the kids or he does a good job faking it. :)

Folks, Dubi asked me not to post here anymore but I hope he doesn't mind this exception.

For long time forum members I just got the sad news that a long time Ranger poster died yesterday.

His name is Victor Zeoli and was known as Slaps to those of us who were around in the early days, might be some here. I know Jess was.

Sad Christmas for that family. He's being laid out in Lincoln Park Funeral Home in Yonkers NY. Lots more important things than hockey.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and I leave you with these two links to enjoy. Back to my read-only mode.

Vince it takes a lot of guts to have beef over the email.LMAO

Lenny merry christmas to you too

Forgot the links: here they are:



Vince - please think before you write. there are children and other posters who are on here to exchange ideas and get good info not easily available elsewhere on the web. look at the links Dubi supplies. also remember this site is part of a business. And Jess is one of the key sources of info. And no I'm not in agreement with every opinion Jess has but he is a very valuable source of info to me. And no need to bring this to the lowest common denominator. remember you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. we're all Ranger fans here. so please just move forward and keep things civil. as Lenny's post indicates life is short. Thanks.

Hey Dubi... Is that "Goaltender of the Year" correct? I know you're a huge stat guy.

Lundqvist was the best in the NHL during the 2nd half last year (at least in GAA and SV%). And he is probably the best goalie in the NHL so far this season. It has to be real close if Luongo beat him statistically. Although he does not have the one criteria that matters up there...he is not Canadian.

LW lock against team defense. Our breakout will be important tonight. First and second passes are the key. If our offense shows up, we should be able to keep them on their heels, if not, we will do a lot of backwards skating! This one could be won by a fluke goal. Transition and center ice will be the most interesting parts of the ice. Sounds like a boring game, eh?

I would call it a very interesting game, not a boring one.

Another Jagr gem- after working with Staal on his shot (From Delapina)

Staal was delighted to be singled out for the one-on-one session, saying that Jagr told him that he needed to rely less on his arms and more on his legs, as in a golf swing. Of course, Jagr doesn’t play golf.
“Yeah,” Jagr said, “but I didn’t tell him that.”

Rangers play today, tomorrow and Sunday. Henrik will be in goal for all three games?? I don't really trust Valy...

Thanks for posting that Mark :))

Vince Merry Christmas to you too.:)

The article I linked to on the goalie of the year thing lists some of the criteria they used to make their selection for the calendar year 2007. They go as far as breaking it down to games stolen, etc., so it's likely that playing for a team was not quite as good as the Rangers during that period, Luongo got a slight edge of Hank.

Paul -- Leslie, who covers the Rangers for HF, is a judge who moonlights as a hockey scout. She is trained as a scout, is accredited all over the place, including by the Rangers, and is diligent in seeing prospects play as much as possible. She goes to Traverse City for the prospect tournament, and she was Ranger Prospect Camp and Ranger training camp. I would not dismiss her work, even if you disagree with it.

Who's Ken Sutton?

He's related to Joe Girardi.

It will be Harding in net for the Wild tonight, according to many sources.

I think getting the December Blueshirt Bulletin in the mail on Tuesday jinxed Dubinsky, since it talked so much about he is on the first line playing with Jagr. Well, I guess he is still playing with Jagr, but only on the power play.

Better yet, looking at the "goaltender of the year" article that is linked, who is Sean-Sebastien Giguere?!?

Dubi: I have no agreement or disagreement with Hockey's Future. I don't watch the prospects, so I never have any strong opinions about them. It's just an impression, and probably predates Leslie's involvement, since the articles I recall were writen by someone with a pseudonym.


Sorry for my dry humor, I was just anticipating some of the comments that will be posted after the game!

I don't see any game comments yet. What time is the start for tonight's game?

game is 8 pm


I see as much as I can afford to do and the rest are covered via video tape, television and personal reports from actual scouts who I have gotten to know over the years, talking directly with coaches, fellow members of the media and some very trusted sources.

I took the same class that Leslie did but my training has been bolstered by sitting with NHL scouts in the stands and listening to them as they explain how they evaluate a prospect.

Of course as every scout will tell you, that the job is never an exact science. The true goal is to have a lot more hits than misses. Even I have to acknowledge that I have been very lucky in predicting player potential.

I'm ready for a good game. I miss playing the mid-west and western teams. The old days... I just wish MSG would put back our pre-game show. Gives more time to check the posts here I guess.

I've been a NYR fan for over 30 years, but this is my first year contributing to this wonderful website. Great job Dubi - it's very much appreciated.

A Very Happy Holiday's to all of you Blueshirt faithfuls! Best of health and happiness to all. Happiness starting tonight with a 3-1 win!!

Oh for those with the NHL Network(like me, hee) they will broadcast most of the World Junior Championships ... We can watch some of our prospects up close in the next couple of weeks ... cool deal :)

Go Rangers ...

OK IF it is Harding in net then the Rangers really would miss Avery here, Harding in the games I have seen does not like contact and I believe you can get under his skin.

Really the biggest key tonight has to be to score first and then stay on the attack. Force the Wild to play from behind and make them open up their game.

Keep your eyes on Brent Burns who is a defenseman who has forward skills. He is finally coming into his own this season and can be very dangerous.

Orr's old buddy Todd Fedoruk is a Wild as is former Rangers Dom Moore and Kim Johnsson.

Basically this is a few star team with a lot of other team's cast offs. Reason I know so much about these guys is one of my good friends is a huge Wild fan so we are going to be trashing each other all night.

The one thing the Rangers CAN NOT DO is fall behind going into the 3rd period as these are the Devils West.

Oh and another thing ... where do most Czech and Slovak hockey players learn their English? I just get a kick out of their interviews and the fact that most of them say "You Know" almost every 2-3 words .... Roszival kills me with that, I can't stop grinning XD!

Ok I am off to watch the game ....

Girardi saved a goal when henrik was out of the crease...

I want to see the replay again!

Kicksave and a beauty by Girardi

IS it me or does this game seem extremely fast paced?

Also, Am I hallucinating or is the time of the period on the MSG channel extremely big?

Looks like we are in for a very interesting game


I'm watching the same game and it's pretty fast paced.

Gomez is flying out there!

It seems like everyone is flying, and is MSG using a different size font or something for the clock? It looks huge..

Roszival power play goal!


GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Rozy took the shot but it could have been deflected!


It is a mix as some know how to speak English before they come over. Some like Zaborsky and Skokan learned in Canadian schools. In some cases some of these prospects are extremely smart knowing how to speak several different languages/


On that play it looked like Tyutin trying to shove the puck under Henrik almost had his own shot on goal. Great play by Girardi.


No they are using a shot of the scoreboard clock inserted into the picture. It is not a hallucination.

Got to create more traffic in front of Harding, very fast first period so far.

Nice Power Play LOL

LOL see what traffic in front does

So far it's Rozsival from Jagr and Dubi.

3 rangers bodies around the net during the goal, 4 total is you count Wild's defenseman

great heads up defensive play by Girardi.

Ahhh thats what it is Jess? Makes sense.

I also thought it odd that the PP timer didnt show up until it was half over lol.

Oh well, That shot was a laser beam, Once they were set up the movement of the puck was excellent. I think the PP has woken up.

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