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December 16, 2007


Enough talk about the lines no go out and win a game

why not sit Strudwick and play Callahan

Wow. Drury will play with Moore and Dawes while Prucha gets the nod alongside Gomez and Shanny. According to TV anyway...

Very good forwards, can change them up easily. Struds is in because if Malik has brain farts, Renney can still field 6 D's.

DUM DUM DUM....This looks like one of those games already

i fail to understand why dawes can't ride alongside gomez, considering their preseason success.

instead prucha, who has scored less than dawes in twice as many games, is playing there. i hope petr succeeeds, but renney just doens't make sense with little things like this sometimes. argh

Lmao poor Jags.

When Jags loses teeth, he plays better. Watch-

This TV coverage is worse than any minor league TV I've ever seen. Time outs and Joe & John don't even know they are still on the air. No commercials, that's OK.

Yeah that was hysterical. They were looking for Grant Fuhr in the press box.
Atleast they didn't swear.

Malik looks really bad. Next shift is still bad, get the hook. Struds is ready.

Renney using Gomez-Dru_Shanny line...

I think DirecTV is showing the "wild feed" (I think that's the right term). You notice there's no commercials.


This broadcast is WEIRD!!!


I see why they call it a wild feed!

OK 1st period. Defense looks a little shakey, Malik looks like he should be watching and maybe he will be. BTW, I'm not one of those anti-Malik guys. I just see what I see. PP set up pretty good, some good opportunities. Play a control game the goals will come.

Hollweg healthy scratch - Check
Callahan to Hartford for Conditioning - Check
Dawes recalled - Check
Moore recalled - Check
No Hossa - Check

Stupid Renney...Doing most of the moves called for by fans but he's still a fool..

/end sarcasm

The Rangers are looking like they all slept until noon and got to the rink around 4:30. No rhyme or reason to their play, just skating around whacking at the puck.

Maloney is "pissed", Crispino shows up at the last minute! GREAT STUFF!!! This "wild" feed, what can I say?

They served turkey in the media room before the game -- we were joking that the Rangers better not have gotten the same pre-game meal, but it looks like they're tryptophaning big time (except for Jagr's line). Did Fedor Tyutin get his wake-up call yet?

Renney double shifting Drury it looks like. At least twice at ES w/ Gomez-Shanny. And on PP.

I like it. Time to try it. Last night Kings double shifted Kopitar the whole 3rd. Play the guys you pay to play.

Enough 4th line indulging.

11 forwards, 7 D, every night. Extra forward minutes goes to forward playing best.


We look sharp out there!

Tough minus for Dawes Moore and Drury.


The Flyer/Devil game is a better game to watch.

Petty sad so far...

Pretty that is...

boy the Rangers miss Nylander...

Nylander? Nah...Avery? Yes

There is just no heart on this team. Absolutely no effort what so ever. They have had just a handful of games so far this year when they have played all out. Ever since playing a complete game in Ottawa they have completly fallen apart. If they continue to play like this verse Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Colorado and Ottawa this week you are looking at last in the Atlantic.

CAN WE CUT THIS NYLANDER CRAP ALREADY.Nylander is gone just forgetting about him

I knew this was going to happen, I had this bad feeling about this game as I knew the Coyos were the worst team for the Rangers to play at this point in time.


Thanks for that post as you saved me the trouble of writing it

Classic Prucha over there...lol

The Rangers look like fishes out of water.

Absolutely awful.

another game where jagr gets shut down on his first two shots and has been more or less invisible


the Rangers need more than Avery. Someone who can score which noone one this team other than Shanahan can do.

To go anywhere we are gonna need goals and were gonna have to go out and get a 40 goal scorer.

Get rid of Montoya, Prucha, Moore, Callahan i dont care but it has to be done

Do we have a back up, or will this be a 10-0 loss.

what is up with tyutin and girardi lately????????

This teams more dysfunctional than the friggin Osbournes...

10-0 loss is maybe something this team needs for sather to wake up and start doing something about this team

Why do I get this sense that no one on this team is buying in to Renney's (non)system anymore?

This team seriously needs a shake-up.
You can't blame this one on injuries, or a lack of rest.
This team as is it now simply stinks-

Gee can we blame Jameson too? After all he is attending the game which he normally doesn't.

I mean if we are going to point fingers and blame people let us get down right dorky about it

I was at the Washington game last week and it was also downright embarassing.
The Caps didn't play well.
We stunk it up.

Stinking is putting it mildly...

Ha, like there's many 40 goal scores out there we can just get.

Who in the right mind is going to trade the offensively inept Rangers a goal scorer without getting an incredibly lopsided return.

In other words, the Rangers are going to lose A LOT more than Callahan, Montoya, Moore if they want a scorer.

blueclue your right something is very wrong with whats going on here

i think you have to look at all avenues, players and renny too
something has to give

Now it's Gomez with Jagr and Straka again.
Very consistent Renney-

And now we're short handed.


This is ugly.

Alright, time to wake the KING....

I agree the team could take a 10-0 beating and that may be the best thing for them...They need a wake up call..

The Rangers need more than Avery offensively, but he has a way of sparking the team...The teams record with him and without him speaks for itself..

NP...Renney has made a bunch of moves prior to this game, and so far none of it's been working..Really just need to see Avery back in the line up, but definitely needs to be when he is okay to go and not rushed

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