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December 30, 2007


man, that was a heck of a whoopin'. as exciting as it is to see a close back and forth game, i would be lying if i said it that it isn't amazing to see the guys beat the brakes off someone. and the freakin' laffs at that! it's nice to see that jagr and gomez are continuing their process of building chemistry. i watched the cbc feed on center ice and there were a few shots where you could see the two of them laughing with each other. vally did exactly what he needed to do, the defense was on point, and the power play frickin' slayed! s-l-a-y-e-d! hopefully they carry the momentum from this game into a similar display against the canadiens!

Not trying to take anything from the Rangers but if the Toronto media wants to point fingers they should point them at their own team.

From the opening moment of this game, the Rangers wanted it and the Leafs did not. To read about how the Rangers were being accused of running up the score is truly a sign of a blind media afraid to call it like it was.

In the previous thread, I pointed out very early in the game how Raycroft was coming out way too far to challenge Ranger shooter and it was just a matter of the Rangers going to their off-wing and they would score.

When your goalie is in front of his defenders something is very wrong, when we can see it clearly on the TV, something is wrong. If anything the Rangers in the 3rd period did in fact ease off the throttle otherwise they would have gotten double figures last night without trying.

Give it a break Toronto Press, you got some serious problems on your team so do not blame the Rangers as they did not run up the score as badly as they really could have.

However now the test is to see how good an effort the Rangers put up with the Canadians Sunday night. A win here to sent them off on the western swing would be a major confidence builder

Running up the score? Shanahan said they were saving themselves for tonight's game by the third period. And when was the last time a Ranger had fights in back-to-back games? Belak didn't even wait until Orr got off his gloves. This was one case where the instigator penalty was justified. Great to see the old familiar Prucha return. I wouldn't put too much weight on this score. Raycroft has streaks of competence, but he has many games where he couldn't stop a basketball. The Habs on the other hand are solid in net.

" -- this moribund band of putative hockey players looked like they wouldn't have let floods, locusts, or tornadoes have any impact on their beauty sleep."

well wrote.

dont you just gotta love how avery was using the press ahead of the game?

i think it's imperative to sign him longer. it's not like he's old or one dimensional. sheesh, the nhl needs more personality anyway.

It was a wonderful win last night. The team really did not try to run up the score as they were saving their energy in the third period since tonight's opponent is bound to give them a lot more fight than they have had with Carolina and listless Toronto ....

It would be awesome to get another 2 points before heading out to Western Canada and facing tough defensive teams ...

What was said on the radio last night is basically true. The Laffs are not built for the new NHL, and are stuck with some contracts that are keeping them there.

DUBI leaves are not suppose to be burnt even though it smells good, mulch them ;-)

Just as I sensed their mostly losing streak, they are now ready to go on a roll if not a winning streak.

The CBJs are probably back on the phone saying ok we'll take Prucha, we were only testing you and trying to pry more :)


Sean Avery is a big mouth and pest, but he's the ultimate winner

"It might sound absurd that one largely unaccomplished player could have such an impact on an entire team that includes two Hall-bound 600-goal-scorers, two big-ticket free-agent centers with championship pedigrees and a franchise goalie working on his third Vezina finalist nod. But no Ranger denies the power of Avery's influence."


Okay, count me as one the optimists who has believed from the start of the year that the pieces are in place for this franchise to be very successful this year. What seems to be lost on many in the ADD-laden world of sports fanaticism is that sports season evolve throughout the year. You would think that last might serve as a reminder of what can happen, as it took over half the season for the Rangers to find their game/identity, and that this coaching staff actually has a clue about what they are doing. But, clearly short-term memory loss is the trait of most fans. Anyway, I think we are seeing the capabilities of this team when A) they are healthy, B) Gomez and Drury have found their respective niches, (BTW, as much as I had dreaded the idea of Scott F'N Gomez in a Ranger uniform, he, simply put, has been the best Ranger forward all season. I've even seen post from Debbie fans that Gomez has NEVER played this hard and consistent in his Debbie career), and C) Jagr has his confidence. A confident and healthy Jagr drags this team to elite level, especially when combined with the contributions of Shanny, Gomez, Straka, Drury anddefense that has been remarkably productive offensively. Of course, it is Avery that changes the tenor of this team when he's on the ice. So, as you can see, thei are plenty of reasons why I believe this team can and will be successful com this spring, (ad I didn't even mention the Vezina candidate in goal.) The parts are there to be successful.

Im glad to see Prucha get his trade value up.

Most interesting thing I saw last night was how well the Rangers played in a PROPERLY OFFICIATED GAME!!!!!! Obviously, league wide criticism had a lot to do with who reffed last night. I think the Rangers showed what they can do when Jagr isn't getting mugged, Prucha isn't getting decapitated, and Avery gets a fair shake evrytime he is involved.

. . . .and Stan Fiscler is right in saying that the Rangers should make no trades. I believe that the Rangers need to be tougher, but the greatest weakness the Rangers had the last two seasons was a top heavy offensive team. If the Dubi-Cally-Prucha line can play to potential, the Rangers will be OK. A Malik-Mara 3rd pair D wouldn't be the worst thing in the world come playoff time. . . . . .

We need separation in the standings right now more than ever; I can't recall an Atlantic Division this close at the season's midpoint. what's even more amazing is that the first place Devils haven't won a single game in eight contests vs. the Rangers and Isles. That points to the possibility that every one of the Atlantic teams will hold first place at some time this season, a truly remarkable stat. As far as the Rangers are concerned, as mentioned before, a season in which they have both led the league in fewest goals allowed and fewest goals scored is clearly unique, and I say more surprises (favorable ones) are in store for our boys in Blue. Another 3 power play goals tonight vs. the Habs would be a nice going away gift for Rangers fans for starters.

You are right akayama....some distance in the standings would be nice, but it's going to be hard to come by with this goofy points system in place. When the vast majority of the NHL is over .500 then you know that something is wrong with this system and it's not a true reflection of how everyone if performing in relation to one another.

It was a great win last night, especially with all the hype. We played a controlled game, aggressive, good puck control and solid positioning. However, the Leafs were just pathetic! The Rangers put these guys away when they had the opportunity and that was very important for our confidence. Our key players did what they needed, maybe REQUIRED, to do when it needed to be done. This is a game to build on. However, we have not turned the corner. We need about another month of consistant offense with sound PP conversions. Then it will be time to evaluate this team with respect to a cup run. No changes now, be calm and watch. By Jan 30th we will have an answer to the question, "How far can this team go?"

If we were running up the score with 6-1 what were they doing last year when they beat 9-1 or 9-2

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Good move by the coach to have Vally in net last night. Made all the sense in the world despite what others felt. A rested HL is needed for a very hot Montreal team tonight and western stretch.

Nice to see Prucha finally get the monkey off his back. Keep him on the PP and hopefully he gets on a roll. Though he's been in a slump and is another small forward, Prucha is a proven NHL performer.

Those unhappy with Dawes being sent down - whatever. He's just a proven AHL potential all-star. The other forward rooks too still have to prove they belong. A keeper is a keeper - someone one brings more than one facet to the table and produces. IMO - Dawes does not. Callahan last year we saw at his apex during a great season for him. Jury is still out for him. I hope he turns it around ASAP before he also is sent down to Hartford.

Should be a great game tonight. Keep the ball rollin on to the west.

What Avery did while he was being held back?? Forget the fact that the linesman were holding Ladd's arms down while Avery was swinging. Just the facts.

just wanted to mention that we attended our first pack game last saturday night and just wanted to briefly mention what i took from that game. it's a week ago now and my memory isn't that great to begin with but here goes: the pack had lost two dmen two minutes into the game with game misconducts so it's not exactly the way you'd want to see a game played out but there was really nobody that stood out that i see as nhl-ready, with maybe one exception that will probably shock most of you: hugh jessiman. he seemed to possess more hockey sense than most out there and has really become a terrific passer with a great touch. that's what he showed all night. the question is can he finish or just dish it. we have a lot of folks that can pass the puck in this organization so who knows how that will affect his progression and/or promotion.

wiikman was in goal and made a couple of great saves but didn't look like anything special. tommy pock had two goals but didn't show much defensively. neither did baranka. i watched sauer a lot and he although he was in poor position for one goal as i remember he was pretty steady but needs time to play and adapt to a faster game. pyatt wasn't really noticeable, ditto for bourret. alex seems to focus on getting himself open but non-committal on defense.

all in all it was pretty disappointing. as my son reminded me after the game, the pack hasn't won a game we've been to in a while. it was hard to believe this team had won eight in a row just the previous couple of weeks.

Dawes=Imonnen? I dunno. I have seen Dawes make some simple mistakes (things guys like Shanny do every shift) but is he any better or worse than Prucha or Cally? Hard to say. But I would be alarmed by Renney's remarks about Dawes future. . . he said Imonnen would be 2nd line center in the league someday. . . . .

. . . . .that was the last we ever saw of Imonnen.

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt and make of it what you will. From Eklund:

Hot and heavy on the Blue Jacket and Rangers front. Prucha looks to be headed to Columbus (e4) and I am told that Montoya is possible as well. (yes it is surprising, given Pascal's year)

It is still uncertain who is heading the other way, although Dan Fritche I am told could be part of a good sized package.

funny moment for me was at the game last night a Montreal fan stood and cheered on one of our goals. I guess they don't like the Leafs either. From my understanding neither does any of the other Canada teams. I usually find our games vs the Leafs entertaining and since we haven't played them in the playoffs since the very early 70's and since they did good physical stuff vs both the Osles and Devs over the years, I actually like them except when they play us of course.

BTW - hopefully no happiness for Hab fans tonight.

obviously meant Isles

Joe lol i caught that on a tv too.

Senator fans and Montreal fans all hate Toronto because they are considered "Canada's Team" even though the other teams had had more success(championship wise, Montreal ... and recently with the standings in Ottawa) ... At least that's what I read and hear from Canadian fans who hate the Leafs

hank -- Good one! Linseman holding down Ladd! Just the facts! Yeah, right.

cwgatti -- Renney believed Immonen could be a second line center. And he gave him a chance at it. But Immonen was petrified to be in the NHL. People scream that the Rangers need to be tougher, yet a second line center who is scared of his own linemate, let alone the other team?

Dawes will be an NHL player, as Renney said, if he rounds out his NHL game the way the organization wants him too. They are trying to develop him, not stifle, regardless of what it looks like from the outside. This organization has proven its commitment to youth -- but that doesn't mean they're entitled to make it, whether they earn it or not.

In regards to the goofy standings, anyone else agree that a possible solution would be to alter the point system so that a regulation win is 3 points, OT/SO win 2 points, OT/SO loss 1 one point, and regulation loss 0 points. Although this system would be as confusing as hell it would prevent teams from doing what they did last spring (when they were fighting for the playoffs), which is basically play a toned down game during the 3rd period so they could at least gain a token point in overtime.

As "popular" as the shootout has been i just find it a lame gimmick that clearly has not appealed to new fans (considering the NHL's underwhelming popularity) and has only angered the old fans.

I know Imonnen was a bust. I am just asking: could Dawes be as well? Renney only said Imonnen would be a second liner as to maintain his trade value. Similar quote about Dawes make me wonder. If either one of them was good enough, they would have a job.

Renney only said Imonnen would be a second liner as to maintain his trade value

That's not what Dubi said ... he said that Renney truly believed that Imonnen had the talent to be a 2nd line Center ... just not the guts, for lack of a better word ... So I highly doubt that Renney is just only saying that about Dawes to increase his trade value ... other teams can scout him just as we can and know if it's bs


What's wrong with going back to 2 points for a win and 0 points for an overtime loss? What other sport rewards a team for getting into overtime?

You lose, you lose, whether in overtime, regular time, or even the shootout IMHO.

I'd say either go back to the prelock out scoring system or go to the premier league scoring as you described.

cw -- yeah, what Matty said -- Renney was high on Immonen when he first came up, and when he came up the second time. It was during that second tenure that he lost faith in him.

i -- that depends on what kind of leaf you're talking about :)

ted - kind of agree with you - point system could be changed/altered some and it would make more sense - however, this is exactly what the nhl wants!!! all the teams bunched together fighting for their playoff lives throughout the WHOLE SEASON. so this is what we have, pretty much every team in the running for post-season play!! oh well, makes for exciting games for sure. the carolina game definitely had a playoff feel to it. at least to me.

for tonight's game i hope the rangers give henrik some belated christmas gifts: lots of goals, strong defense, and a shutout!! (and please no silly penalties, strong to the net, and clear the crease and then rangers will have a nice little win streak to talk about.)


The new NHL is odd, old NHL without a doubt I think a guy like Immonen would've been traded rather than banished from the AHL and out playing in Europe or wherever it is Immonen is playing. He's still under contract I'd assume since he's listed as in the system and has been all year on the rangers website and the nhl website. You'd think a team would wanna take a chance on a guy like Immonen considering they could get him for nothing, unless it is Immonen chose to leave North America, which obviously changes everything.


thanks and sorry for the caps.


I think the shootout would attract a lot more fans if Bettman wasn't such a tool and we actually had some exposure. Sportscenter spends a good 2 minutes during sportscenter to hockey out of the entire hour. NBC broadcasts games after football season on sundays but I don't think it's really caught on. I don't really have the answers but Bettman got us in to this mess, I'd expect him to get us out of it.

ted - kind of agree with you - point system could be changed/altered some and it would make more sense - however, this is exactly what the nhl wants!!! all the teams bunched together fighting for their playoff lives throughout the WHOLE SEASON. so this is what we have, pretty much every team in the running for post-season play!! oh well, makes for exciting games for sure. the carolina game definitely had a playoff feel to it. at least to me.

for tonight's game i hope the rangers give henrik some belated christmas gifts: lots of goals, strong defense, and a shutout!! (and please no silly penalties, strong to the net, and clear the crease and then rangers will have a nice little win streak to talk about.)


For the record, I wasn't quoting Dubi. Or anyone other than Renney. Sorry for the confusion. I just saw a parallel between the two players, and the ironic references that Renney made when they were demoted.

Icey, this year, the Blues cost just under $1,300. Whether Li'l Jimmy ups the prices next season, we can't say. But this year, it's $30 per ticket. A box of popcorn is an obscene $4.50.

Sorry, Icey--that's for ONE ticket, so double it ( just under $2,600 for a pair.)

thank you andrea.

i want us to win tonight. im enjoying the pre-game fan/coach question and answer. that was great to see. good to see Mhurley get some cam time too!

im so impressed and always have been with the nyr fans knowledge.

i too, bleed blue.


Best way to stop the Hab PP is to not take penalties so playing smart would do a lot of good for the Rangers.

For the Rangers, they need to feed off the last 2 wins and remember how they won. Attacking the net against the Habs is ideal since the Habs are on the smaller side

Oh boy. Hossa starting in Prucha's place, cause prucha is hurting from the slash last night

darn, Prucha late scratch. Hoped he would get going in this game.

I think the key with the kids is patience. I remember a kid named Marc Savard who was a highly rated prospect and took some time to develop into a top quality point producer.

The ranger scouts have done a nice job in the past 3-5 years. Lets grow as fans with the kids!

Bad break for the Pruchster ... stinking Leafs go and bruise his wrist ... at least it isn't broken and hopefully he won't be out long ... darn! :(

Does Marcel ever smile other than when when he scores(which isn't often thus leading to my question) ?

Ok .. Game has started ... Avery and Hollweg so far have given two big hits ... the Habs are only playing with 19 players because Koivu is sick and his replacement was stuck in traffic ... so far the Habs have played mostly in our zone even though they haven't gotten good shots at Henrik except for one but I don't like it ... oh yet another good shot ...

We need to get out of our own zone!

a little slow in our defensive end, need to tight up the D

The ranger scouts have done a nice job in the past 3-5 years. Lets grow as fans with the kids!

Are you asking for patience from the lot who want Prucha, Callahan, ect traded? lol isn't it ironic that some of these same peeps were complaining that we never gave kids a chance?

Ok the last couple of minutes we've been playing more in the Montreal zone ... goodie ....

That kid Laperierre ... he's an annoying little you know what ... and he's matching up with Avery? That can be explosive ...

Orr still has a mark on his right eye fromt hat collision with Cullen too

Lol Matty, they gave the kids a chance... Less then half a season! lol, Like they were gonna be as productive as Crosby and Malkin straight out of the minors. I really hope none of the youngsters get traded.

Anyway, good work by Mara on Kovalev

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