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December 23, 2007


word is Avery & Malik in, Mara, Hossa out, & either Prucha or Dawes out. Finally some accountability might really happen. They all need a little shaking.

DUBI a little slow to the draw, must be that moderator delay ;-)

Thank you for making my day, i feel like crap(not stopping me from going to the game tonight) but seeing Averys back defiantly has made me feel better.

i thought avery was still out. malik in? i sure hope not. where did you come across this info?

also a question for all. i see that there is a knicks game this afternoon at the garden. i assume this will affect
the ice condition. only 4 hours between events.

i sure hope the ice doesnt suck. oh well, it will just be a pleasure to be at the garden again.

ice read dubi's update on top he borrowed from me ;-)

i want to get autographs before todays game can anyone tell me what time i should go

This might be good for malik, he might do well not being paired with rosy. I think rosy steps his up his game when he isn't paired with malik. Should be a good one for the boys. Avery back is good, probably take him a few games to get back into the flow, back great to have him back!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that Avery might be back, but with that dirty bastard Neil in the lineup I hope Seans radar is working tonight if he does play. Jagr normally plays well against the Sens, I hope he breaks his slump against them...

wow, tough article by brooks, but every point is pretty valid in my opinion!

I am happy that Avery is back. When Prucha was benched last season he responded so lets hope for that ... if Malik won't be paired with Roszie then with who? Struds?

Oh this will be Avery's first game vs the Sens and Neil, after he got hurt he hadn't faced them ... He's bound to be on overdrive as it is already ...

Muy interesante ...

brooks also talked about getting orpik (who along with vaananen) I have said the rangers should have asquired or tried to for the past two seasons.

I think Avery is coming back a bit too soon.

acquired not asquired, sorry!

Good news, perhaps. We won't have to see Prucha get run over repeatedly. After three years you would think he could protect himself.

I've been away from my computer since the Ranger game, which I got to go (I didn't think I would be able to, so it was a nice gift!) so my comments may be out of date (especially with the comment sanctions!)

I couldn't decide between the Hanlon and the Lundqvist jerseys, so I wore them both, Hanlon on top. A Ranger fan with a Giacomin jersey stopped me and asked if it was game worn (no, it had puck marks, but that's from my playing days!) and was genuinely surprised that I had bought a Hanlon jersey myself. I always liked the underdog, and Hanlon was my favorite, even with JD on the team. My wife made it more complicated by giving me an early Christmas present, a Jagr Blue liberty jersey with, genuine CCM with the numbers and the "C" (Nobody better call for me to take off the C!) She had done a business trip to Korea and she got the official jersey for, get this, $25. She had a choice between Jagr and Lindros. She chose wisely and I rewarded her efforts by letting her wear the new jersey (3 would have been too much) as she preferred it to her Steve Larmer jersey (she grew up in Chicago as a Blackhawks and Gretzky/Oilers fan). Anyway. thanks to those who gave suggestions, although I didn't get the message until now, since I left shortly after the post.

My impressions were as follows: What a freaking fun, entertaining, blast of a game. Sure it sucked to lose, and there were some non-calls that were bad, the ice was choppy, but I was 5 rows back to the right of Lundqvist in the first and third periods. You could have seen me on broadcast with the White Rangers jersey jumping up (although there were many Ranger fans there) after a Ranger goal in the 2nd period.

It was a thing of beauty to watch Hank. Awesome game by him, and the homer Avs gave Budaj the 3rd star. Someone mentioned the Avs announcers aren't too homerish, but I watched and it was an abnormal performance. Mike Haynes is new and he's a Ranger fan from New York, but McNabb is the biggest homer in the game and he make me ill listening to him. Oddly enough he walked by me before the game and gave me a thumbs up when he saw all my Ranger gear.

My wife's father was sitting next to me and he remembered not being impressed with Strudwick at all when he was with the Hawks, but he thought he wore the "A" there. Then we watched him lazily get beat at what should have been an icing and then turnover the puck that led to the 2nd Avs goal (and cost us the game, in my opinion). Someone said it was Dawes' fault, but it was Strudwick, who tries hard, but for a 6th D-man, he makes a pretty good 7th D-man. He is a great team guy, but he shouldn't be anything more than a depth guy in case of injury. His skating was exposed by the speedy Avs last night.

Prucha and Girardi bothhad great defensive plays. Jagr was making some good plays and seemed very involved. Gomez was flying. Other than Strudwick, I really don't think any Ranger was bad. Dubinsky set up Callahan for a great chance. Girardi hit the post and Staal was great. Dubinsky might have lost the fight, but he was sticking up for Prucha, so I don't care. I don't think he is trying to be Adam Graves, and I'm fine with him standing up for his teammates. He's a great team guy and it was great to see. Avery would have been great in this game and I wish I could have seen him up close without the broadcast choosing when I can watch him (faceoffs, at the bench, etc.)

I'll go back and read the comments more carefully. I'm sure anything I have said has already been said, but I wanted to put my first hand perspective. Happy holidays to all!

CM I'd rather see Strudwick in Orr's spot, at least he's always ready to drop the gloves, instead of acting tough.

what time does the game start out east?


thanks for the game report CM. Speaking of which, due to the pregnant wife, we are going to be unable to attend the ranger game in Calgary, so sorry folks, but no first hand reporting from it. Sorry!

thanks i!!!!

Incase any of you guys can't watch the game locally like myself, yahoo is broadcasting the game tonight. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/boxscore;_ylt=AtBfMW9lnZFSzIEXS5yNhek5nYcB?gid=2007122313 just click watch live when the puck drops!

Let's Go Rangers!

To be honest I really disagree with the choices Renney is making here.

Mara has not done anything to deserve being the scratch, yes Strudwick will drop the gloves but defensively he is a slow skater and has been caught out of position too often.

A Malik/Struds pairing scares the heck out of me against a solid skating team like the Sens. You have heard of Too Fast Too Furious? Welcome to Too Slow Too Scary as this pairing in my eyes will do more to get the Garden crowd on Malik's case than his just being there.

I also think they should have given Avery one more game off to make sure he is ready to play. One has to be concerned with his conditioning and yes I know the Rangers need him but they need him long term not out of what could be viewed as a panic response. Waiting until Wednesday in my eyes would be the better long term idea.

I do not know about Avery/Drury/Shanny then Dawes/Dubi/Cally. Dawes and Shanny were playing well together and Dawes needs to be put on one line and LEFT there. We want to see Dawes make it but it seems every time he plays well with someone he gets moved. That is not the best way to develop a prospect.

I also think people will take liberties with Dubi and Cally so having an Avery might cut that nonsense down. I also think having Avery in front of the net instead of Dubi is a better weapon.

Take the game to the Sens since they played an OT game last night and then had to travel to NYC. Jump on them, force them to play to the Rangers not the other way around.

Thanks Shawn

I have to tape the game tonight due to other conflicts but I hope the Rangers give us a Christmas present.

Hey jess, any chance the gomer avery shanny line goes back together? I thought they have been the best line all season as far as consistency goes. I agree about the lack of foot speed with malik/struds. I'm not suggesting anything here performance wise, but it is kind of odd that mara sits and malik is in, maybe showcasing malik?

I can understand Prucha's benching but like you Jess I am confused as to why Mara is being benched ... I cannot recall him playing particularly bad and he is mobile particularly against this Senators team where you would think that a mobile D is the best choice ... I don't know ... perhaps the team is counting on the bad ice(due to the B-Ball game earlier today) to slow the Sens down? But that doesn't seem right to me ... oh well ...

We will see soon enough how good or poor this decision will turn out to be ...

I like Gomez between Jagr and Straka because it gives us two lines that threaten to score ... obviously we haven't lacked scoring in the last two games, what we've lacked is our tight defensive game ...

Jess - I agree totally with your comments on Strudwick and Avery. Studwick has not been exposed to much of our delight so far this year. He's done well but let's not push the envelope. He's depth.

As for Avery, the time we've all been waiting for has arrived but why tonight? What's the rush for one game against a possible showdown with Neil? Why not rest him till Wednesday? Smells panicky. I hope he's 100% healthy.

Smells panicky. I hope he's 100% healthy

One thing I trust is our trainer and the coaching staff has held players instead of rushed them back in games later in the year so I really doubt here that they are rushing him back ... is probably a matter or him being 100% and the only reason to hold him back would be to give him an extra two days of hard practice which I can defenitely see the benefits of but I don't believe that they would rush him back in December when they have been so cautious with him through this injury and the previous one ...

I hear what your saying Matty and it makes sense, but just a few days ago he said it was still very sore... You know he won't hesitate to drop the gloves if need be. That's my concern. We obviously need him to stay healthy.

Dubi, thanks for all you do to keep the site and mag going: have a great winter break.

To my fellow posters, and to Jess and Mitch: thanks for keeping me engaged and for being such great fans.

Let's go Rangers!


ps. I may be at the game on Wednesday night. I'll post once I know for sure.

JESS it's moves like these that cause people to question Renney. Mara needs to step up his game, not sit, plus he needs to be tougher.. Malik is too slow, soft, & rusty for a division game.He doesn't need to be in front of the home crowd , many of which boo him. A road game is better suited for him. This game needs speed & grit. Something the whole NYR TEAM needs to work on, and follow Avery. Just hope he doesn't try to fight.


Gomez scores!!

that line is starting pretty good..

great avery shift

2nd line looks better with Avery..

Avery can keep the play moving with and without the puck..

It's crazy how different the Rangers look and play with Avery in the lineup.

The coach can notice that Mara's game has "slipped," but doesn't notice that Strudwick is a liability in most games...

Why has Micheletti not given credit to Jagr for a couple of great plays he made on the goal?


Not one mention of Jagr. It's so easy to see his bias against Jagr. Hilarious.

I think the Rangers look different is due to Malik being back ;)

can anyone tell me how to turn the yahoo broadcast from the small to a full screen (on a mac). the screen button is not highlighted on my browser. thanks.


lets go rangersss

sorry onetimer I do not own a mac so I wouldn't even begin to tell you how to do it ...

I think we should trade hank! Just kidding!!!

Very glad Avery is back!!!

Avery is da man!

Did that last avery play (going after neil) remind anyone of the graves play of going after fetisov (when he was with the wings) after he hit mess in knees along the boards.

Sucks that we're tied after first, Staal should blast one past Gerber to make up for that redirection, haha. Overall I thought they played a good period, It's crazy how much better they play with Avery in the line up, shame he doesn't have a twin.

I am really starting to like dubi's spirit. Malik looked pretty decent in the first period.

Damn, we spend way too much time in our own zone...

thanks anyway, matty. My internet connection is too slow, I think, to enjoy the live broadcast in any case--which is what makes this blog on game nights, and your comments, worthwhile. have a good holiday.

did Hollweg score????

hope it did..

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