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December 22, 2007


The Refs are calling the game like a bunch of boozies. Lol didnt they call Orr for high sticking when it was the Avs own stick that hit his face.

Ahhh, waddya gonna do.

has Jagr retired and forgot to tell the Rangers?

Phil: So the captain of a team has nothing to do with a team's performance....yeah, that makes sense.

lol new section same crap


Don't recall saying that, but I do recall saying the Rangers have bigger issues. You might have mis-interpreted me.

In other words, the letter 'C' isn't why we haven't been winning games, so talking about who the "real" or who should be captain is trivial (or even completely irrelevant) compared to what's causing the Rangers to actually lose games.

BTW do whover told me that i want Malik vber Struds is puttin words in my mouth.Isaid Malik is a whipping boy i never said i want goofy in the rangers line up.I said im tired of hearing about Malik and Hossa and how bad they are.You know what im done with this its pointless to talk to u people here, sit and bitch about Jagr and Hossa and enjoy Yourselves ill be back when in stanley cup finals telling you I TOLD U SO.JUST REMEMBER NEVER GIVE UP ON THE RANGERS OR ANY PLAYER ON ANY TEAM.WITH THAT NOTE IM OUT PEACE

I am starting to get why Dubi thinks that closing down the comments section for the remainder of the holidays is an appealing idea ... I mean it isn't as if anything new is being posted ...

It's kinda like wash, rinse, and repeat ... almost every single post ... so we already know what will be posted ...


I think you are missing the point that Phil is trying to make and I agree with Phil

Personally, I don't care if Jagr doesn't score another goal for the rest of the season, as long as we consistently win. Jagr's having an off year or maybe he's over the hill---whatever, but it shouldn't matter so much to the people who keep calling him names such as "hungover", "headcase" and a "cancer".

Why is this behavior acceptable? How is this a discussion on what is wrong with the Rangers? Earlier this season when Shanny was not scoring he was being called all sorts of names.

Want to really know what is old? That too many posters have to have someone to trash. Whether it is Malik, Hossa, Jagr, Shanny, Renney, or the next flavor of the day someone is treated with namecalling and that is not right.

Do you see why Dubi is thinking of shutting off the comments for the holidays? As soon as last night's game was over the blamethrowing began. Please go back to the last thread and tell me how much was said directly about the game and how much was about the namecalling?

I for one hope Dubi after tomorrow's game shuts down the comments for a few days.

Does any one else see Ovechkin as a Ranger??

All Russians wish to play in New York specially in the Rangers uniform.

Does any one else see Ovechkin as a Ranger??

When? In 5 or 6 years? Yeah it could happen...

Listen, the Caps would be absolute FOOLS to let him go .. they have no need to and if they continue to draft well and their owner stops being so strange with his "I'll spend, I won't spend" Hot/Cold personas then, like the Pens, they should have a pretty good team in a couple of seasons ... it's not like it can't happen and if Ovie plays hardball their hand might be forced but I doubt it ... The Caps will ultimately pay him whatever he wants ...

How about Kovalchuk?

zz -- Third year law student, and all you got out of Phil's post was a captain's influence on a team's performance? I'm not sure whether this bodes for a tough future as an attorney, or a stellar one :) The point of course was that Jagr's scoring slump is hurting the team, not his leadership.

Look, folks -- I really really don't want to rub it in anyone's face that I get to see some of what happens behind the scenes -- as a fan first and foremost, I take that as an unbelievable privilege, and I try to use it primarily to get info for Ranger fans that I wanted as a Ranger fan prior to having this kind of access. When it comes to team leadership, I've written often about how these players see their roles, and how team management sees it.

Just last week, Blueshirt Bulletin was the only place in the world that non-Czech speakers could see what Shanahan had to say about it. The truth of the matter is that the two players are very close to being co-captains, even though Jagr wears the C and Shanahan the A. Shanny is used to be the vocal A to an incumbent C. He is happy to support Jagr's captaincy by doing what Jagr is not that good at, which is talking -- to players, to the media, whatever.

But make no mistake about it -- this is Jagr's team. He sets the tone in the locker room, he sets the tone on the ice. He may not realize it, but he also sets the tone in the media more than Shanahan does, because he lets his emotions show more than Shanny does -- when things are going bad, you can tell from the way Jagr talks how much it's affecting him, and vice versa when things are going well. For all he does, Shanahan is actually a support player when it comes to leadership.

If Jagr gets his game in gear, the team will take off, just as it did last spring. If Jagr continues to slump, no one is going to save this team, not Lundqvist, not Avery, not Shanahan as captain. The jury will be out until we see what happens, whether Jags can get it going or not, whether he's truly lost something permanently. History (last season) tells us not to count him out just yet.

One things is for sure -- if this is how the team does without Jagr scoring the way he should, getting rid of him is not going to make things any better, unless a world class scorer comes back the other way. It's not a question of attitude, it's a question of performance.


Rangers will have some Russians in their lineup in a couple of years. While neither may turn out to be as talented as Overchkin, they will be top level performers for the Rangers.

Alexei Cherepanov broke Pavel Bure's rookie scoring record last year is supposed to be a solid scorer. Here is a link to some video on him
Cherepanov is a weapon but the main question on him will be his willingness to play defense.


On the other hand Artem Anisimov when he grows into his body is going to be a very good 2 way player. So far he has not done bad at Hartford as he adjusts to the NA style of play going 6-11-17 in 31 games.

People say that want to see some size on the Rangers well Anisimov is 6'4 and Reg Grant the strength coach is going to mold his body. When I was at the 2006 draft Kyle Woodlief told me he thought Anisimov was an even better pick than first rounder Bobby Sanguinetti.


Do you think Sanguinetti will make the team next season, if Malik gets dumped??


Malik and Sanguinetti are two different kinds of players. If anyone might replace Malik it will be either Baranka or Sauer.

Sanguinetti is going to be a powerful weapon for the Rangers, I will not put it past him to make the jump directly from the OHL to the NHL. People are concerned about his defense but I am not one of those.

First Sanguinetti has been working very hard to imnprove his defense and last season while with Hartford held his own to where Schoeny used him.

Second Sanguinetti is playing for one of the most respected coaches in the OHL in Stan Butler. Butler can be called a specialist in developing defensemen as he has molded guys like Chara, Klesla, Brent Burns, and more.

Third Sanguinetti grew up at Madision Square Garden and no prospect wants to be a Ranger more than he does. He has worked his backside off during the last 2 summers just on his defense (no his offense has not suffered)

I think Sanguinetti would be best served by some time in the AHL because being a local kid and a first round pick is going to put the weight of the world on his back. Let him ease into his NHL career

I posted the link a few weeks back - I don't have it now - but it was a link to you tube of Jagr's highlights while with Pittsburgh. I looked it up fully expecting to see a completely different player than the guy we have right now. And I was wrong. Jagr then looked no quicker, had no different moves, nothing we haven't see this guy do. His problem is entirely in his head. I don't for a second think he's a "head case" in that he doesn't want to work hard or play or succeed with this team. In fact, I think he wants all those things too much. He is just inside his own head and completely down on himself, and unfortunately that just feeds itself and corrodes the guy's confidence.As such I agree with Dubi - once he scores a few big goals and gets rolling our team will turn it around. if he doesnt they're in trouble.

I would be cool if Rangers got Jordan Staal...

Did i say that alreay? I dont remember.

Thank you pghas for being critical, insightful and yet, respectful in your post. That's quite the trifecta to pull off here.

Do you know which Staal brother you are wanting by any chance?

Seriously after reading your complaints about various Rangers why are you asking for a player who is in the midst of a sophomore slump of major proportions. 3-5-8

Of course I am betting you are talking about the youngest brother Jared who plays for Sudbury. He is having a good year 11-11-22 but those who look at plus/minus will see a -14. He could turn out to be a solid player but he needs a lot of work

Id take any Staal brother...A change of scenery would help.


Since you know pretty much everything about prospects and that area..Do you know where Jared Staal would fall in the draft?

That is a wicked slump he's in...Worse then Pruchs from last year.

Pretty surprising.

Came back from dinner and went to center ice to catch some scores... Every game that was on in the 3rd period was 1-1. I guess we are not the only team having trouble scoring. Give some credit to the goalies (and the refs) for some of the low scores we see. 40g or 80pts (I think) and JJ's option kicks in. Maybe he wants to control his own destiny...Z

Now i know why Jagr is considering retirment...

I thought he had three 30 goals years ahead of him, along with getting his 700th. But i guess not.

So depressing !!

Now i know why Jagr is considering retirment...

I thought he had three 30 goals years ahead of him, along with getting his 700th. But i guess not.

So depressing !!

Damn double posts !


I do not know everything about the prospects (I wish I did because I would be rich). We have built up a network of really solid sources over the last few years. One thing that I believe helps us out is that we check our stories BEFORE we publish them.

Really it is a team effort here, Dubi has helped us establish credibility with the junior teams, the college teams and the staff.

It helps that we attend the drafts in person and even I am get surprised when a big name tells me he knows who we are and has read a copy of the magazine.

People see who writes for the magazine and it is serious credibility. Also it is because of Dubi not being a tabloid writer and the content that you see people raving over. That stuff opens so many doors for me it is not funny.

As for Staal, I believe he is going to get taken (in my eyes) higher than he should because of his last name and because the 08 draft is lacking on scoring forwards (huge surplus of defensemen).

I think we will see Staal go 10-15 with a player transfer agreement with Europe, 5-10 without one.

Jordan Staal has had a horrible 2nd year ... who's at fault? Well that's debatable... Is he a one hit wonder? I don't think so.

His coach in PIT started him off this season at center, I've watched several Pens games and have many Pens fans girlfriends, and the added responsibility of being a Center completely weighted him down. A few games ago he was switched back to the Wing but I am unsure if he's been left there or if they've gone back and forth with him. He has scored more ... I don't believed he scored at all in October and through most of November .... besides being at center most of the season instead of wing it could also be that teams pay more attention to him now ... he scored A LOT of goals last season short-handed but not this season.

Now as far as all this clamoring for guys we don't have, and aren't likely to get ... the grass is always greener on the other side ... remember that when you want to trade for guys who wouldn't be a defenite improvement over what we have now ... Jordan, at this time, is just that individual.

pghas I agree with your assesment of Jagr and your conclusions as to why he's not performing(Renney himself said that some of his players are thinking too much instead of just playing ... I think this applies to Jagr and Drury ... earlier in the year it was Shanny and Gomer and thanfully they broke out of that) and what will happen when he breaks out or if he doesn't *shudder* ....

As many of you know, I'm sort of frustrated by the tone of the comments myself, and am really trying to avoid the comments section immediately after a game. It's more frustrating than a Rangers loss. Teams lose games. I bet if the Rangers went 82 and ) somebody here would be clamoring that they should have scored more goals, driven up fewer goals, and those five overtime victories should have been won in regulation.

My sense of the Avs game: the Rangers took a point in the second of back-to-back games, after traveling a time zone and playing at an altitude they're not used to. They played with passion and could have--maybe even should have--won the game. But I'll be happy to take one point under those circumstances.

Persoanlly, I think Hossa should play for Pruchs for a game or two--help Prucha find his game some. I don't think, ultimately, Hossa is a better player than Prucha, but I think right now Prucha is missing something.

Merry and Happy and healthy, everyone!


I apologize if I offended anyone with my comments and views. I tend to be sarcastic at time. My point when I was ribbing a few different people on here is that I think there is a direct link between Jagr's ability to score and his ability to be a captain. I read an article where Shanny stated that he leads in the locker room and Jagr leads on the ice. Well when our on-ice captain hangs his head after not being able to make a play, passes up shots, and forgets to back-check which leads to a goal, I think that has a very detrimental effect on the team as a whole.

I enjoy this site and I hope that I'm not the cause of any shut-downs. Merry Christmas everyone.

zz it's all your fault ;-) Stop picking on Jagr, he's doing a good enough job on himself. Right now it may be hard to imagine, but I think he & this TEAM will go on a tear in the second half. I hope Renney pulls Mara aside & tells him they need a rough & tough D man and he has the assignment.


With all due respect I have to disagree on your assessment of the Rangers future without Jagr. I'm sure you are addresswing THIS team, not what could be on the ice next season or seasons to come. So with that understanding I believe that the Rangers have assembled a very good team. Drury and Gomer, Staal, Dawes and Callahan are all examples of players that have improved the overall skill set of the Rangers. I'm NOT making any kind of argument to trade JJ or to remove the "C" from him. I'm simply saying that the skills this team has is far etter than we realize. We are in the thick of a fight for the top spot in our division and JJ has not been a big part of it. We can continue with that if we continue to commit ourselves to the system. Getting Avery back is important, having our role players continue to do their jobs are equally important. Renney, recognizing that JJ is not on the top of his game needs to adjust his lines, ot force JJ ito the positio o fail. Get him off the PP. Give him some time to work thigs out. The others can get the job done.


not force JJ into a position to fail.

Now I'm not advocating of getting rid of Jags, but if he goes out of the lineup, one possible effect is that other people step up by having to try harder.

While this seems like a no brainer, you do see players who play with him on his line defer to him (Rosy, Straka, Dubi) by giving him the puck, looking for him to pass, etc. Are the Rangers better off without him? Probably not as he adds to the overall skill level of the team. However, the only logical conclusion if he's healthy and not scoring is that he's lost the ability to be a consistant threat. Let's hope he can find some of that scoring touch for the rest of the season. It could be like Shanny last year, hot start, cold end stretch. Lets hope Jags has the opposite. I don't think he's done yet.

Re: Hossa taking out Prucha, It's not like Prucha's not playing hard, it's just that he's getting plastered. The coaches should work with him on that, either the old elbow in the nogging or a stick up occassionally. If hossa takes anyone out, it should be along the fourth line. That's what he has consistently shown in games at the nhl level. Maybe worth while to sit orr out a game. Hossa would add more skill to that line and could help out on the PK.

Perhaps a solution to Prucha's slump is playing him on a line with a larger player (who has some speed) that could create some ice for him as well as protecting him from those bone crushing hits.

It seems that this year, he's always been on a line with small players. Then again, we really don't have many big offensively skilled forwards; barring Shanahan, who is clearly not Prucha's linemate. Maybe that's what this team needs. A few good big guys upfront to open up space, screen goaltenders, and put away those rebounds.

As we saw last game at Colorado, when Rozy took that shot and Staal parked it infront, Budaj had no chance.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope everyone has a great holiday and a happy and healthy 2008. Even Jags. Believe me, I harbor no ill will toward anyone. Zen hockey fighting will be all the rage if I have my way.
Before I get into it, thanks to Dubi for this great blog. Unfortunately, although I've been a big Ranger fan, former stringer, and sometimes Ranger partial season ticket holder for what is now four decades (yikes!), I only seem to visit here when my frustration at the obvious boils over. Sorry for that.
Sorry also to anyone offended by my cancer analogy. I do think that bad stuff spreads fast, so I'll just amend to that if you'll allow me to.
Finally, with all due respect to Dubi, who is indeed much closer to the situation, I must please offer one more thought regarding the spirit and plight of our beloved Rangers. In business, it's not usually the top selling account executive that makes the best sales manager. In music, often times it's not the virtuoso who is the best bandleader. In hockey, it's not always the flashy scorer who makes the best captain. These three areas I do know a little about. Not hockey at the NHL level, but I feel comfortable stating that it is difficult to skate for a guy who I don't feel confident with. He may have my respect, and if Dubi says that the Rangers respect Jagr then I aquiese to his opinion. Yet I will not concede that Jagr emboldens strength among his peers. I fear quiet the opposite.
FYI, I felt the same way about Leetch, so you need to consider this source. Championship hockey is brutal. Jags may regain his amazing scoring touch, but he will never crosscheck the Devils captain in the mouth at the face off circle to open a playoff series. Unfortunately, that's how ugly our sport is, and that is exactly how Stanley Cups are won; fear. Fear of failure and fear of the opponent factor are the source of pain that influences the outcome of sporting events more than the desire to achieve the pleasure of victory. I am convinced of this.

In the end, that's what it's all about, winning the cup at all costs. If you think my opinion harsh, I’m sorry, it’s what I believe based on years of studying success. It's not just about playing better; it’s about winning.

So, thanks again for the great blog. It's a wonderful resource. Have a Merry Christmas! I’m going to try to relax now.

Today let's work the law of averages in our favor by outworking and outskilling those Ottawa Senators who've had our number overall and at MSG for the last six years; it's past time for us to crush them, to give them a pasting, rather than receive one from them. Seasons Greetings, Ottawa. Bah, humbug! Rangers 4, Ottawa 1.

Damn, i heard Philly got screwed last night.

They called a BS icing on the Flyers, and Sabs scored with 8 secs left, and won it in the shootout.

I think thats a 6 game losing streak for them now. Lol good for us.

Big game tonight. Please, WIN !!

Ranger Bill

Excellent point on jagr, I think you hit it right on!!


I do not think people are being negative "ranger haters" or anti-team people by being critical of the team in some areas (yes, sometimes a few people go overboard) in the comments section. It seems to me I really have not seen a poster yet (myself included) that always posts positive things or does not indulge themselves in a heated exchange or two (typing heated exchange that is). The problem I see recently is this, The team is not winning consistantly right now and everyone EVERYONE here is frustrated about it. We ALL want the rangers to win, PERIOD. So as human beings we try to figure out why our team isn't winning and we do it through our own perspective or thoughts (that is the only way we can). I can not watch the rangers through jess's perspective or ant's, I watch it through mine. I then comment on what I see. I have posted a lot here, some things positive about the team and some negative. I do not know why some people insist on making it you are anti-ranger or whatever if you break down the game or a certain player's contribution or lack there of, in a negative way. If people do not like a certain topic, fine, agree to disagree and move on (I believe jess and I did that very well the other night). We should all have a bit thicker skin through this than we do. This site is hugely enjoyable and importtant to me, but at the same time we must all put into context where we are and what we are taking part in (no disrespect here to the powers that be) it is an internet chat board so to speak, we are not taking heat rounds in Afghanistan, what we do or say here is for entertainment and opinion only. So give me a break. I'm a little of set here because it is like certain people (I will not name names) do not like other people's point of view (that is purely natural) and say what they think, then make snide little comments along the lines of about time some one is insightful here yada yada yada, or jsut act like they are going to take their toys and go home and not post now because the thread isn't going their way. I really feel that 85% of the posts here are insightful and they just have different view points, if you do no agree with the view point does not mean it isn't insightful.

Dubi and Jess

I would like to take time out to say thanks for the sight and all of your work, input, and information. If Dubi wants to shut it down for a few days, I can not think of anyone who deserves a break more right now (except my pregnant wife, no offence Dubi). I will miss it for a few days, but will look very forward to the renewing of "hostilities" when it is back up! Thanks again and Happy Holidays you wankers!!!!

that is supposed to be "site" not "sight"


The Flyers and Panthers *evil grin of glee* both got screwed in the last minutes of games last night ... it was a beautiful thing *knock on wood that it doesn't happen to us tonight* ...

Oh My God I've cursed us *facepalm*

Seems that Sean Avery returns to the lineup tonight ....


Great news on avery!! I wonder if neil is playing?

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