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December 24, 2007


Hope the Rangers come back strong after the holiday break.

Have a happy and safe holidays everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my fellow Ranger fans and to Dubi and Jess. Stay safe all and heres hoping our gift comes in the middle of June!

I know it's Christmas but watching each Ranger game makes me think that it's Groundhog Day. The same game over and over, just with different opposing jerseys each time. Are we going to be hearing the same remarks after the 82nd game as the team packs their lockers for summer vacation instead of heading into the playoffs? "We did a lot of things right". "If only a couple bounces went our way". "We hit a lot of posts and won a lot of face-offs". "Our season record doesn't reflect our level of play." There is no hint of a winning atmosphere around this team at this point in the season. If nothing changes significantly and the Rangers manage to back into the playoff it would almost be like 'what's the point'. This is not a team that one would categorize as a cup contender thus far.

Carryover from previous thread


I will do the usual acknowledgment of my bias since I consider Daddy Dubinsky a friend so that being said. Dubinsky I think gets a few more games now that he is no longer playing with Jagr.

I did not like Dubi on the Jagr line because I felt he was deferring to him and was not playing with the edge and grit I think he needs, I think playing with Avery will actually be a good teaching tool for him as Dubi has some pest in him which is another reason to keep him up for a while.

Since I am not sure when Dubi will OK this:

I want wish all of you a happy and safe holiday. The season has not gone the way any of us has wanted but at least for a couple of days let us forget about what is wrong and think about what is right. That the future is going to be much brighter than the past

Thank you from my family to all of yours

Jess will you get any of the WJC broadcast where you live ?

Yeah the guy that amazed me was Drury. That feeble attempt at a clear which resulted in the third goal was something you wouldn't see on a well-coached peewee team. Otherwise the return of Avery brought some pizzazz back to the Rangers. They have no choice, he gets the adrenalin pumping in everyone. I think the days of Jagr as a big-time sniper may be nearing their end, but he's still an asset on the team. They could be eight abreast as the teams stampede to the finish line this year. The PP has to come alive at some point. And they may have to make a trade to kick start that third line.

Well, here I go!!!!

First of all a Happy Christmas and Boxing Day to ALL!!!!!!

Now, I hope this does not get me banned (Oh please Dubi no banning), but at times I feel as though I instigate much of this, but not in a malicious way I promise. As I was reading the last thread this morning, I found it interesting that many of the posters who do not post a lot were of the same opinion as I and some others were, Jagr and his funk and leadership. I thought he played a good game last night. Lots o shots and some genuine scoring chances. I think jagr does not like being the captain, I have said it all a long that he is a better compliment player (not regarding his ability, but his personality) than the leading player (again not in ability on the ice, but personality). For what ever reason, he does not like wearing the C. Every place he has been (short of his tonto to mario's lone ranger) 3 or 4 years seem to be the max for happiness and solid production. I am not throwing him under the bus, I think he would be happier and would play a little better (more relaxed) if he was not captain, that is all I am saying. If everyone thinks shanny does or does not deserve the C, fine. Make straka, rosy, or tuts captain for all I care (I think shanny would be the best, but just an opinion), just let jagr play and not worry about being the captain. 80% of the heat jagr takes from people is because of him being the captain and he should be leading by example and he just does not always do that. If he was not the captain, he would just be another high scoring not very intiating contact player who is in a slump, not someone who is expected to do leadership things whether he is in a slump or not.

Next item, someone posted that if malik had made the same mistakes staal did, he would be lynched. I agree, the problem with that is why. It isn't that malik is purely hated by everyone, it is that he is one dimensional and contributes nothing else (this kind of relates to jagr as well). Other than passing fairly well, malik does nothing else. If staal has a night like last night it sucks, but for me (and probably many others) it is easier to give him a pass because hit will lay an open ice hit or two on someone or bury someone into the boards, stand up for teammates in a scrum that sort of thing. Malik does none of that (not dissing on him, just trying to make a point), so he is not contributing in any other way. The same thing could be said about hollweg to some of you, really all he does is hit and run amuck. So if he is playing on the edge, to some of you why is he in there (I have seen the posts so do not deny it, he isn't hitting, he isn't scoring 2 goals a night, get him out of the line up). The reason guys like malik, jagr, and hossa are singled out by me (and some others probably) as one dimensional players and not hollweg, orr, or strudwick is simply if I have to watch one dimensional players on this team contribute what they soley can, I will take team first hitters and scrapers over first passers and scores any day of the week. Obviously, if we have 10 hollwegs in the forward line-up, I would take a hossa and jagr (i'd take jagr anyhow unless i had the option of an iggy or vinny, then no {just not wearing the C, read obove and that will tell you why})then, but we don't. If we have 5 struds on d, then I would take malik, but we don't have that either. It's not personal against those players.

Thanks for the time and I hope everyone gets a chance to see this (please Dubi x 2!!!).

Ok.. I am a big Renney supporter for all the work he has done with this team but there comes a point where you need to take that next step.
TR is so focused on trying to prove pts to his players that he constantly puts the HBO line out bc they work hard. He needs to start becoming a better game coach:
1- Push his tops players to success. The top 6 fwds need MORE ice time. All 6 should be between 20-25 mins a night, no exceptions.
2-Offensive zone faceoffs after an icing we should have the Gomez/Drury line out, again no exceptions.
3-After a TV timeout, the Drury/Gomez line should be on the ice. Again no exceptions.

He needs to find little times to get his best players extra ice time. With a terrible 3rd and a 4th line incapable of scoring a goal TR needs to sink/swim with his big guns.
It is time to whip the horses and not coax them.

Just one comment to John about Prucha... you need to get your head out of your ________!!! The kid is soooo overated by you people it is not even funny. Yes he works hard but he creates ZERO offensive chances, is a average skater (quick not fast), has great hands but his game is not GOOD. To say Prucha would do more then Drury, Straka, Jagr or Shanny is ludicrous. It embarrasses me to be a Ranger fan when comments like that come out, it proves that we have too many fans who just flat out dont know the game of hockey!!

Time to Ride the Horses!!! Push Jagr into success!!

Mr Sooke

When it comes to the WJC I wind up hitting or missing on the games. Living in the states is very frustrating because of the lack of real coverage unlike what you are lucky to have up in Canada.

The games I do not get to watch live I get "fed" feeds from friends who live elsewhere. I try to make contact with the PR folks for each national team (at least those who speak English) but I also know that those who have players on the various national teams will make sure their guys get some publicity.

There are several undrafted players who I really want to get a look at to help me prep for the next draft and this is an ideal way to do it.

Oh and for those who think Don Cherry is a dork for defending Chris Simon, here is a guy from the Hockey News who has been catching heck for saying Cherry is wrong:


It is sad to see how many Canadians turn a blind eye to the very dangerous views that Cherry supports.

wicky and 4th line: I agree with a lot of what you guys said. Also, I didn't see the game last night, but I looked at the box score and saw that Dawes only got 5 minutes of ice time. Did he get hurt or something? I don't understand why Renney puts out a line of all kids. I'm all about having youth in the line-up, but you've got to utilize youth properly, otherwise it will just be counterproductive. Dawes should be with Drury and Shanny and Avery with Dubi and Cally.

I didn't see this game, but I was at the Rangers - Avalanche game.

I figured Jagr must be hurt because he did almost nothing offensively and was even worse defensively. He also looked out of breath even more than the rest of the un-acclimatized team.

Drury didn't look much better. I was impressed of course with my Anchorage boys but maybe thats just bias.

The Avs had FIVE players that started the year in the AHL and those guys hustled and knocked people off the puck. I'm no coach but a little shake-up, put in some guys who skate full-time and aren't afraid to hit may help the RAngers. You can't just go out there and show everyone your Resume and expect to get the job done.

Of course Lundqvist was awesome and there were offensive flashes. I definitely look forward to the rest of the season and am optimistic about the post-season.

Thanks for letting the post go through Dubi!!!!

4th Line: Prucha sets a tone on this team. He's all-out, all-the-time. His work rate is above most anything else I've ever seen. No. 25 is fearless. He enters the zone with a reckless abandon that is badly needed. I, for one, am a HUGE Prucha fan simply owing to his sheer desire and heart. He can definitely be a "difference maker" on the third line and on the second power play unit.

Two day break. Happy holidays to everyone and I wish all Ranger fans a joyful time. May all your dreams come true! (Our Sunday night league and weeknight pick-up is taking a vacation so I'm definitely champing at the bit for some exercise. Too many cookies and egg nog already! I'll take solace with my new Blueshirt Bulletin. Merry Christmas from Eastern North Carolina. I played golf three times last week!)

Sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know why Lundqvist threw his helmet at the refs last night! He sure was mad! I was at the game but missed what happened, and I haven't seen anything about it in the rebroadcasts or news accounts.
Can anyone shed some light on this?

PS-I love Prucha, he's like an india rubber ball, he takes the hits and jumps right up (except when elbowed to the head)! He makes a lot of smart plays that DO lead to scoring chances, just not every game. Whatever problems he has now they are "mental" as in confidence. Don't give up on the Kid!

4th line- Last year Renney got ripped for overplaying Shanny and not rolling 4 lines. He'll get criticized for whatever he does, so to each his own lament. I don't think ice-time distribution is a major problem right now. The 4th line got more ice-time last night because they earned it, another thing that has been criticized relentlessly, that he lacks the ability to adjust in game and go with the hot hand. HE does it and he gets raked again.

Prucha creates "ZERO" offensive chances? He's not scoring, but c'mon, he generates all kinds of offense. Callahan could have buried one against Colorado and he's always around the front of the net, attacking. He has gotten robbed or he hasn't gotten enough on his shots. Sorry to embarrass you, but that's the way I see it.

Wicky- Again, I think you (and many others) put waaaay too much weight on the captain issue. It is such a miniscule thing. The only Ranger I've ever seen who seemed to put more pressure on himself because of the "C" was Leetch. Jagr is frustrated because he isn't scoring, and it has nothing to do with the "C". You could switch it, at his request even, and nothing would change. If the problems of this team were as simple as a stitched letter patch on a jersey, we wouldn't have anyone worried about this team.

Also, on Malik, I think it's more that we have seen those mistakes by Malik over and over. With Staal, he's a young guy who will make some mistakes and that's a given. Malik does some good things, the problem is that when he messes up, it's a big one and very obvious. The bad has far outweighed the good in the eyes of the fans, even though I feel his reputation is much worse than his play.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!

Hey 4th line. Who are the Rangers top 6 offensive forwards in your eyes? I go with Jagr, Straka, Gomez, Drury, Shanahan, and Avery. 3 of them are 35 or older. 1 is over 30. That is not good.

Get Tootoo !!

Anyway, Dubi needs to stop fighting, completely, and just take a few pointers from Aves, and get his agitation game up a few notches.

Who would be agitated by a kid that looks like he's 12 !!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Im depressed as hell ! I need a Ranger win.


Lundqvist took a shot off his helmet and supposedly it broke the mask. He was trying to get Kerry Fraser's attention but it was not working so he threw the mask at him. It worked

The reason I said supposedly is that his mask broke when the Rangers were getting buried in their own defensive zone and it was perfect timing as they could not get the puck out of the zone and the options were dwindling.

It also comes as in his last game against the Avs right after an icing, Lundqvist had issues with his pads which bought time for the guys on the ice to be able to get some rest.

"Sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know why Lundqvist threw his helmet at the refs last night! He sure was mad! I was at the game but missed what happened, and I haven't seen anything about it in the rebroadcasts or news accounts.
Can anyone shed some light on this?"

I don't know if he stopped a puck with his head or what, but his mask broke somehow. He banged his stick on the ice and yelled at the ref, trying to get him to blow the whistle so he could get his mask fixed. When he couldn't get the ref's attention, he removed his mask, forcing the referee to blow the whistle.

Henrik did indeed take a shot off the mask -- a Heatley shot him him on the forehead and loosened or broke a fastener. He banged his stick on the ice in what many fans thought was an admonition to his teammates to get the damn puck out of the zone, where it had been forever. He said after the game he was trying to get the linesman's attention, but no one saw him, so he took off the mask and threw it. I thought he would get a delay of game penalty -- even if it was broken, it's not really up to him to stop play that way.

Dr Santa please give Jagr his scoring touch back for Christmas...
it will be a Christmas present loved by all Ranger fans naughty or nice....

Prucha can play on my team any day. JJ was captain last year and it didn't stop him from having an excellant year. When the shooters start hitting the net and stop trying to pick the corners we'll start scoring more goals. I never saw a team miss the net as much as the Rangers. I guess we all knew there would be mistakes with a rookie d'man in the lineup. It's just unfortunate they all happened in the same game. Merry xmas all and I hope the Rangers find a ass kickin power play under their tree..In case it takes awhile to post this have a happy St Valentines Day also...:)...Z

Forget that. Hank had to do what he had to do.

The part of his mask that was broke was the back i think...and when he bent over, the helmet would slide right off his head, the refs need to take the wax and cheese out of there ears, Hank coulda got hurt. You never know.

Anyway, good job or Hank to get there attention.

Jess don't paint us all with the same brush . Like I said when it first happened four reporters on TSN where calling for the season or even life . Just because we live in the same country doesn't mean we all think the same .

Mr Sooke

My Apologies to you but even you have to acknowledge that you are in the minority because if more thought as you did then CBC would dump that poor excuse for a person.

I realize some people agree with Cherry but I'd hope that he keeps his job because most just think he's an amusing clown. It's hard to believe that anyone would pay much heed to the views of a guy who's so over-the-top in his childish petulance. In the clip Dubi linked, when MacLean interrupted him I thought he was about to stamp his feet and hold his breath until his face turned blue.

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