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December 14, 2007


Lets Go RANGERS!!! I made a fun Rangers game where you can BASH the Devils.. I thought other Rangers fans might appreciate it


please make one where you can bash the Islanders. Like Whack a mole!


Just a question here, but why would you put malik over strudwick on your 3rd d pairing?? I am very confused by this. The only reason I can think of is because he makes more money???

newsday blog has Henrik and Hossa suffering from flu and JJ back bothering him.

Henrik's been distracted? Can't wait to read the issue ...

Over at my site http://theprospectpark.blogspot.com/ I am running a poll as to who should be Jagr's center. Please vote

Another issue I am going to be taking a closer look at is the transfer agreement between the NHL and IIHF as the Hockey News is reporting why both sides want to change the deal and the possible impact it could have on the Rangers and European prospects.

Carry over from the previous thread


LOL Nice job on the form letter, although my version say

He hasn't scored since he was on a line with Gilbert and Ratelle. Why the hell is he getting first line duty.


You asked a lot of legit questions but next time could you please ask them without the profanity. This is a family level site with children viewing so please be careful in the future. Thanks


Your line combos are not bad but on defense I really would like to try Staal with either Girardi or Tyutin. I believe Staal offers more potential on offense than Rosy but pairing them together means Staal's offense has to take a back seat due to Rosy being such a defensive liability.


You are welcome, I would like to see the NHL back on ESPN if you compare them to VS which would have to improve just to be horrible.
Something that nobody is saying anything about is that NHL games have started appearing on Comcast Regional Sports Channels.

I live out west and the last Ranger/Flyer game was televised on our local regional channel. It is like a game of the week without the hype.

In light of what MLB went through yesterday, I wonder how the NHL is gonna deal with this problem.

The NHL has actually been more active than MLB (who still acts like they are in denial that there is a problem) so far though we have seen just one player suspended. I for one would like to see the NHL test for the HGH.


Frankly, I like Struds over Malik. However, I don't think it makes much of a difference. I think Struds is a better stay at home defenseman, but Malik is a better outlet passer. Struds adds some instructional value over Malik. I think Struds just doesn't have the stamina that Malik has. After 3 or 4 games Strudwick looks slow. I think Strudwick is a good 5,6 or 7 defenseman. Malik has played most of his career as a 3, 4 dfeenseman. Everybody just puts Malik down, but on the average he is a pretty steady defenseman. I'm not on the same page as most anti-Malik folks are here. My preference is ALWAYS a more steady defenseman over the streaky type. Malik's confidence is shot here in NY, thanks to some fans. Now my real selection would be Baranka over either one of the two. Then the 7th would be based on cap or depth. That would make me select Struds as the 7th D'man and try to move either Malik or Mara. Mara's play has improved over the past month, so right now...he stays.

Hey Jess,
At least we know that most of the NHL all stars are clean every four years, because they they get tested for HGH to play in the Olympics.

Jess can u send a link for the website that has the artice about nhl and iihf

To RangerBill94 - Where do you live out west? I'm in Denver and Comcast here says we won't get NHL-Net until 1st quarter next year.


I live in Western North Carolina and before that in Birmingham, AL. I get the full Center Ice package. See almost all the Rangers games, either with Sam & Joe or the other teams local coverage. Sometimes, like the WASH game I get both feeds. The WASH guys are just the pits. You think there is only one team out there. In a game last week one of the hometown anouncers, I think the ATL game, called Betts for the goal that was scored by Gomez. They didn't even konw the numbers were changed! But it's better then Thorne, can't stand that guy.

Ranger Bill, well said, I agree with your opinions about Struds and Malik but especially about the fans.

the ironic thing is it's the vocal minority who boo. but 20% of the fans can make a lot of noise. of course not like when 95% are cheering a good play or goal.


This one is from the Hockey News Online



You are right those who are selected to play in the Olympics do get tested but what about those who are not selected? I would like to believe that hockey players do not take HGH or other substances but that would be foolish and naive.

Every sport has their cheaters sadly

Denver Frank

Be careful about how they position the NHL Network on your cable system. Based on what I have seen and been told it might cost you extra.

I know on my satellite system the NHL Network is only available to those who get the HD package.

I thought HGH could not be tested for.

Jess - in case you're wondering that's me who voted other either Straka or whoever they trade for at the deadline. not sure I'd call it number 1 line though no matter who is the center.


Let me also point out that I live in a very rural area so cable is not available. I have DirecTV and the package cost me about $130/yr, I don't know exactly...the wife pays the bills!

I'll put in a plug. I'm a real estate agent in Sylva, NC...so any of you guys looking for a summer home in the mountains, this is the place. Just drop me a line.

Is HGH the same thing as HDTV? Ok, just kidding! Is it me or does baranka remind anyone else of peter popovich?

BTW, I have the NHL network here in Montana, I always thought it was due to my Canadian proximity (or Canadian Mum), but I do have the HD package.


Ok, I actually agree with you on they are of similar value skill wise. Malik does have a better outlet, foot speed I give a slight edge to struds, but the ace in the hole so to speak for me on struds is the physical play. Struds is far and away much more physical than malik and will stick up for teammates. I think his value as a glue guy is underrated and I really think it was missed last season when he was in europe.

in Sam's comments section a poster suggested it might be more the wrist of The King than the flu and Sam (or someone pretending to be Sam) thought that might be the case as well. But did not seem to be a huge deal although his status for next game is ?


LOL confession time when I was trying to set up that poll, I could not remember Straka's name which is why I wound up using other.

You were right I was trying to figure out who the people were voting for since there as of this writing 12 votes for Other which is in 3rd place after Drury and Dubinsky.

What does interest me is why people do not consider Prucha as an option to be Jagr's center? When I put together the poll I was expecting Prucha to get more support than he has. So the question is Why Not Prucha?

Oh and I am open to any suggestions for next week's poll


Montana?? I did not realize they had either electricity or indoor plumbing there.

The Mitchell Report was about the frailty of hockey sticks in the NHL right??

oh, ok Jess that is how it is, well mr. know it all, it is called a generator and "utilizing the treeline" Leg!!!!

or "woodline" if you prefer. LOL

LOL IITH Really what do you use to power a generator? A bunch of hamsters on a treadmill? And leaves for TP?

Seriously if you have a good ISP connection as we speak you can watch Ryan Hillier play live as his Mooseheads are playing in the 2nd period.


Select Halifax as your favorite team and answer the questions, the connection is normally rock solid

Im driving right now, so typing is bad enough, I probably will refrain from watching a game......well maybe not! Moose droppings by the way, to run the genny!!!

I haven't seen anybody ask this question. On the second Motzko goal, he skated in front of the net and Dubinsky was faked by his move. As I recall, Dubi looked like he had him lined up. If that was Scott Stevens, Motzko would have found himself in Moscow! Why didn't Dubi just clean his clock. I read that Dubi plays with an edge. Jess, you know this kid better than maybe anybody on this site, any ideas? We all seem to say that the Rangers don't hit enough, but that was a golden opportunity.

Thanks Jess

I don't think Prucha would be the center with Straka, but would probably take the faceoffs. It's worth a try to wake both Jagr & Prucha up. That line's main job is to score, and it hasn't produced enough of that. To go with them would also mean Rozival & Malik to make it '5 in the picture.' Let them play their style for 5-10 games, and go from there.


I agree, didn't have a real problem when Sather signed him. The guy I was down on was Mara. He's more money than Malik and plays a similar game, couldn't understand why he stayed around after training camp, except his high salary made him untradeable (if that's a word?). He is playing much better now, so to me, that makes Malik the odd man out, assuming Baranka doesn't get a call. The $5.3 million for Mara and Malik just isn't worth what we get. Real cap problem.

I also believe that Malik is more tradeable. He has a lower salary, plays to his expected potential, is still in good standings with his previous clubs and has some good stats. Mara has never lived up to his expected potential and simply isn't worth the $3 million he gets. But then again I don't think Sutton is worth $3 million that the fishies paid it to him. Maye someody will be willing to pay Mara that in a trade???

Great points bill. Ok folks, conversation/opinion questions!

1. Who do you think are the 3 best captains in the NHL right now? I think Iginla, Vinny L, and Sakic.

2. In the past 15 years, the 5 players that the rangers should never have traded or let go? I go with zubov, verbeek, simon, norstrom, and savard (well ulfie also, my question, I get 6).

Just curious!!!

Who do you think are the 3 best captains in the NHL right now?

Sakic of course because he will carry a team on his shoulders.

I disagree with your other choices because I see others on their respective teams who will step up more.

I like Sundin because like Sakic he will carry a team but my other choice is no longer a captain since he signed with the Avs in Ryan Symth.

In the past 15 years, the 5 players that the rangers should never have traded or let go?

Ah that is a bad question to ask since you are limiting it to players who helped bring in others who won the cup.

If you really want to talk bad deals then in my book (and more than likely just about every older Ranger fan) than trading Rick Middleton has to rank at the very top of the list. Rangers made a panic deal because they heard rumors that Middleton might have been doing drugs (totally false).

Then one has to say the Norstrom deal is right next to that deal as giving away a franchise defenseman was flat out stupid.

Zubov was 3rd bad deal but Simon I had no problems trading since he was more about not fighting while as a Ranger and Savard is a hindsight deal. Really Savard over 2 seasons was not showing the kind of skills as a Ranger that he did later after he left.

Few if any really cried when he was traded as he was coming off a 9-36-45 season and was not showing any real potential. Now we can be upset about it being a bad deal but at the time few if any were complaining since he was dealt at the time for a top ten draft pick.

Answer to question #2... Leetch Messier Zubov Schneider Graves Kovalev and few more I can't remember...Z P.S. What's indoor plumbing????? Z

Yep.. Middleton was THE worst Ranger trade ever.. I still blame Espo for wanting Hodge with him although I have no way of knowing that was true or not... Z

I did not include mess and graves because I felt they were definite "no brainers" that they should have been retained, but glad you did bring them up! I also kind of hated the trade of lapairier (sp?)

Z, good call on schneider though, might be a chance he shows up here again this season, slight chance though!


I'll name 5 not named yet but most are mgt types. And some of why they left was bs beyond our control


Gutkowski (sp?) part of ownership before Dolan - and Checketts as part of this. the previous ownership group had a better handle on things than Dolan

JD - either in mgt or tv he was the best on tv

Craig Patrick - since he had a real good handle on drafting and built Pitt up as well (albeit with help from his spot in the standings)

Cullen -Rangerbill you didn't think I'd forget him

Anaheim made their deal basically McDonald for Weight since Weight's contract ends after this yr this allows them to fit Niedermeyer into their cap - and to comply with provision in cap re next yr. a draft pick and minor leaguer also involved - see nhl.com

article re Cullen from NHL.com is below


some excerpts below

"He came to the Rangers after playing a full season in Carolina coach Peter Laviolette’s up-tempo, push-the-puck, risk-taking style, which allows him to use his speed and skill to create offensive chances even off the forecheck. But his offensive opportunities were limited in New York largely because Tom Renney coaches his team to play a more sound game against the rush".

"Cullen, whose goal total dropped from 25 in Carolina to 16 in New York, was also used sparingly on the Rangers’ power play, and never on the point. Now he’s one of Carolina’s top power play guys and is being used almost exclusively on the point. As a result, he’s flourishing again and is on pace for a career year. He leads the Canes with 24 assists, which is tied for 10th in the entire League. He also has six goals, including four on the power play."

"Cullen added that the distractions faded toward the end of the season, that he did gain a sense of comfort in the Big Apple, which is why he was looking forward to his second year in New York… until he got the call".

"Once again, he’s proving to be a steal".

“I can tell you this, we missed Matt last year,” Laviolette said. “His brain, his hands, the puck and the stick are all on the same page, and it’s very quick. I think he’s a strong third-line center only because we have (Eric) Staal and (Rod) Brind’Amour.”

IIth, top captains: koivu, sundin, iginla.

bad NYR trades: moose dupont, ian laparierre, mark tinordi, mike knuble, doug weight [although I liked Tikannen the first time], the list goes on.

Jess, I agree with your statement "Savard is a hindsight deal. Really Savard over 2 seasons was not showing the kind of skills as a Ranger that he did later after he left" but it made me think of Dawes, a player who more likely than not will shine with another team.

I might just have to gather up the money to finally get a subscription, the issue sounds great.

I'm going to the game sunday, first one this year (home for winter break and one of the guys I play hockey with has season tix), section 219, great seats. Last season I was home and made it to about 10-13 games, including 2 in jersey (the 8 round shootout included, what a game!) and a few in nassau. I'm going to try to get to the Prudential Center over spring break, as well as Philly this year. Can't wait to see how hostile the Philly fans are heh.

3 best captains? That's a tough question, I've gotta say I think NJ made a great choice recently when they named Langeburner captain. Over time, after Jagr and Shanny are long gone, I think New York is going to probably Name Drury captain, and he'll arguably be one of the top 3. I gained a ton of respect for the guy seeing him play in Buffalo last year, I haven't seen the same things necessarily yet but the season isn't close to over.


What's indoor plumbing?

You will have to move to Montana to find out. I am sure IITH would love you as a roomie.


Bad deal because had they held out they should have gotten more in value.


If you are talking about 1997 then I somewhat agree. It was lame of Checketts to resign Ewing to the NBA max when he had never won anything while pulling the "How long are we going to pay for the cup" nonsense.


Yea dumb move since he went on to have a 51 point season for the Kings while the Rangers have such greats like David Wilkie and Bert Robertsson replacing him.


I dunno here because Grave's numbers were slipping going from 38 to 23 to 10 so it is a tossup


I disagree as Kovalev was a very frustrating player because he could be so inconsistent during the Ranger season. I would want him on my team for a playoff run but sorry I did not miss him being traded away either time.


I really doubt the Ducks are going to move him because he gives them a weapon to help make up for their struggles on offense.

He keeps the opposing teams honest since they can not cover both him and Scottie.

LI Joe


No I disagree here as well, the Rangers won the 94 cup because of the talent they had not because of Keenan. Keenan was looking for his next job while still in the playoffs, Keenan was looking to backstab Smith during the season.

And honestly what has Keenan done since leaving the Rangers except screw up every single team he has been with?


Totally agree as he was the guy who never got the credit for both the cup and the Knicks going to a 7th game in the very same year.

Craig Patrick

Yes and No I see your point but his last few years (with Pens) he draft poorly and hired worse. He was burnt out perhaps.


Sorry no I disagree, he is a system player who may be ideal for the Canes but he was not the right fit for New York.



Excellent choice I forgot about him

moose dupont, ian laparierre, mark tinordi, mike knuble, doug weight [although I liked Tikannen the first time], the list goes on.

Agree on Dupont but not on the others. Lappy was a 4th liner who did not blossom until last season. Tinordi a maybe but cmon did you really see him break out?

Same can be said about Knuble who did nothing in his career until he got to Boston. Weight is the price we paid for the Cup so I can live with it.

Dawes, a player who more likely than not will shine with another team.

I see your point and think you are very possibly right here.


Here is an idea for you and your Philly trip:

Take your chicken suit and purchase a Flyer jersey to add to it. Make sure it has the number 8 on the back but for the name put Dummy

I am very sure you will discover just how friendly Flyer fans are LOL

I would think there should be one or two ( not sure if they'd be allowed 3) call ups today, with Jagr, Hossa, & Lundqvist possibly not able to play tomorrow. G Moore, Dawes, &/ or Montoya ....

I know that Savard was Sather's #1 target 2 years ago as a UFA. Cullen was a panic/ compromise signing after Boston surprisingly overpaid for Savard. And I pose the question: Which 2 of the 3 centers would you like to have on the Rangers? Savard, Gomez, or Dreary. . . .I mean Drury.

Crosby and Drury :)

Just read your post, way to go LI Joe!!


That's easy...Drury ad Gomez. Sevard is a head case and could become a locker room cancer, especially in NY!

LI Joe

Remember, my only issue with Cullem was his price tag. He was not and is not a first or second line center. His speed was great, he did not fit the system in NY, if he had better hands he's be a 1st or 2nd line center, he seems to like the point on the PP. But as the article stated, he's a better fit for a more wide open game and that's not what we play. Frankly, I think we may be at the same place with Jagr. Just maybe the defensive responsibilities are working on his offensive game?

Will Montoya actually get called up if Lundqvist can't play? Usually they go with Chris Holt because of the cap situation, but he's hurt.

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