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December 22, 2007


How much longer will it be before Prucha, is scraped off the ice piece by piece. I've never seen an NHL player get hammered so much, because his head is down so often. And by the way, 'ol pruchs, a goal or two now and then would be nice. It's great seeing team players like Struds and Dubinsky sticking up for him, but for how long? Let's get something for this guy while he can still walk!!! The "Jagr House of Cards" is tumbling down.....Malik, Prucha. Let's build this team around Gomez, Drury, Hank, Staal and Girardi. The Czech posse idea, simply did not work

joey not take your meds... prucha played fine tonight for a change and callahan had a golden scoring chance.

long way to go ladies.. the rangers have plenty of good young players and will be fine.. I would love to trade malik, eliminate the 4th line or at least parts of it... who sits when avery comes back???the rangers had there chances, played a spirited road game, and got a point...they played tough that is a positive..

stupid penalties almost a full 2 minute 5 on 3 short and the roszival 4 minute job did not help the situation...

i was at the game, and when prucha dived to break up the 2 on 1 it showed something about his work ethic. The 5-3 kill was amazing to watch, and lundqvist had some huge saves, they just allowed the avs to cut into the middle with their speed.


I thought the first period was pretty even, the rangers up 1-0 after one, I believe, and coming back with two goals after being down 2-1. all in all, it was a pretty up tempo game, great goaltending by lundqvist, who at times makes it all look so routine (instead of flailing and flopping around he is just great positionally). My worries, now finally having seen the team live, is with the 3rd d unit of Mara and Strudwick, not so much each individually but as a tandem. For the forwards, Jagr definitely has slowed down, and I don't think it's a matter of lacking a center (btw, gomez looked just fine, it's almost Jagr is too slow for him). That said, a slower Jagr still is better than 75% of wingers in the NHL, he still controls and passes the puck pretty well, but does not dominate, ie toy with defenders as he did just 2 years ago.

I was pretty impressed with the dubi-callahan-prucha line. regarding hits, prucha does absorb a lot, but he's pretty resilient and the hits aren't the open-ice variety, rather those absorbed against the boards and glass. regardless I was glad to see dubi immediately react against one hit (forgot who got hit behind the net, and I was sitting clear on the other side).

lastly, kudos to renney for having so much faith in the checking line. betts skates and takes faceoffs well, finishes his checks (largely unnoticed) on the forecheck, and hollweg, despite his lack of top tier talent, is a presence. he's one of the few nhlers, period, who plays every shift as though it were his last, sometimes a bit uncontrolled, ok, but opposing puck carriers know he's out there and seem to get rid of the the puck quicker. Orr is the weak link, but not that he's a liability, especially with what he brings to the table. Just a point in contrast with the Avs equivalent of Orr, Scott Parker (who I don't believe was scratched) didn't see a shift (and even when he is suited up, he rarely plays over 4-5 mins, if that). What I'm saying, is the ranger's designated tough guy plays and can play, which is why renney had him out there in a 3-3 game in the closing minutes of the third.
and p.s. Staal looks like he definitely belongs.

pss. lots of rangers fans in the crowd of a not quite full pepsi center. after a few lets go rangers chants, the home crowd finally caught on and started a lets go avs chant, but always reactive, never proactive. I guess that's one difference between an original six arena and ones of "the original 30" (kevin dupont's designation for the NHL today). Arenas that have to tell a hockey crowd when to make noise I always find a bit, hmm, wannabee. Maybe it's the purist in me.

Travis and Onetimer

Thanks for the reports FROM THE GAMESITE.


Now while I will not be as rude as Stuart was, I too think your comments are not realistic. Thankfully others saw what actually happened against the Avs so your remarks can be dismissed with out problems.

Yes Prucha does get whacked around a ton but as Travis pointed out he made a strong effort to break up an odd man rush.

I would have liked to have seen him make a play sooner when he was breaking in with Cally but his play started that rush.

Then there is the player who even I am no real fan of in Rosy who at least for one night forced me to eat my own words about him being a defensive liability with his play.

Maybe it is playing with a rookie that is forcing him to work harder on defense, I do not know but he made several plays including 2 during the 5 on 3 which helped the Rangers get that one point.

No the Rangers did not play a strong game, they were outplayed for the first period and part of the second but Henrik did his job and kept them in a game which I doubt anyone gave them a chance to win.

If you want to be critical then please have some facts to back up your belief as those who spent the game here talking with me offered a great breakdown of the game.

Despite a number of Ranger breakdowns, we were still in a position to win the game but for another night of bad refereeing against the Rangers.
The high stick they called in the 3rd when we were ahead 3-2 was a total joke. Lappy did it to himself. That call helped them tie the game.
Then there were at least 4 to 5 obvious penalties against the Lanche they chose to ignore , including a blatant trip and cross check.
Its tough to hang in there when the refs tilt the ice for the home team.

Where is Jaromir Jagr?You can sit here and debate the smaller issues facing this team but #68 is becoming a huge problem.Where is he?

So scoring first certainly gives you confidence to carry on and stick with the game plan." When they can do that even after falling behind is when they will take the next step forward, according to Shanahan. "That will be when I see us as a mature team," he said. "When we're down a goal or two and still have the patience to play that effective shutdown style and wait for your turnovers and opportunities."

Boring ,Rotten style hockey to watch .I hate Renney's system. ( SEE; Av's top 6 forwards. Offense.Offense.and more Offense)

I think Mara-Strudwick is a fine 3rd pair. Everyone can point to Strudwick's pass and ensuing goal by the Avs, but if you look closer, that goal falls on DAWES. He was facing up ice, looking for his AHL breakout pass instead of positioning himself at the boards to receive a pass, or skating to create a pass play out of the zone. I think Struds has been solid for this team. Mara has not played to his potential, but as a 3rd pair you can't complain.

The D & the TEAM D is more of the problem now. Not clearing the zone, the crease, or leveling puck carriers is forcing Lundqvist to stand on his head. There are too many left alone in front of him. I'm sure Renney will re-address what they need to do. But I would think he's asked Sather to get him a D man for Christmas or ASAP! Going to be interesting to see who Renney sits to get Hossa back in, and then Avery next week. That competition should get guys working a lot harder & smarter to try & stay in the lineup. Dawes, Prucha, Callihan, Orr, Dubinsky, Hollweg. Hossa, & Strudwick ( if Malik gets back in or Renney gets his present) will be vying for 5 spots.

John M Renney's system is D first which wouldn't be so boring if they were doing their job, and the breakout & transition game were better. And there is still no way the O is playing up to their abilities. The NYR have to get back to post lockout pre Olympic hockey. They need to put their hard hats back on & bring their hungry lunch pails. Until the PP scores timely goals, the struggle will continue. Not getting a shot on net on 2 pp's leaves much to be desired. Renney has to make the 2 units the first 2 lines with Prucha & Callihan as the extra forwards. The O has to shine on PP not just look pretty.

it is obvious to me that the Rangers are holding on in most of their contests except against the lowest scoring, slowest skating opponents

Joey's right. With a little more help from either the Rangers or the refs the other night, Gaborik would've scored more goals in ONE GAME than Jagr has ALL SEASON. Sorry boys, you've got your collective heads buried as deeply in the Blue Shirt as Prucha usually does. It's time for everyone to wake up. Jagr is like an aggressive form of contagious testicular cancer. Every day it gets worse. One day he'll just tear off his skates at center ice and emasculate himself on TV. It's moving in that direction.

Jagr is an absolute disgrace of a captain. Something has got to happen soon.

Lol Jagrs assists on half the goal we score(and more than half where he was 4thman to touch the puck so therefore no point credited to him)and you people still blame all for our Ds offense and goaltening problems on him.Its so funny that becuase u cant rip Malik or Hossa you people started attacking Jagr.Im sorry to say thing but the way i see this half of the rangers fans are fake.Try just for one day not to rip on Jags Hosaa Malik Renney and etc ill bet u money non of you can do it.It got to the point on this bulletin where no one cares about how the team playes anymore ss long as a whipping boys didnt have a good game you people here are satisfied.How come only few people here noticed how much a team changed in 24 hours?How come nobody notices and giving props to this team for scoring moe than 2 in the past couple of games?Ill tell u why because half of you are too worried of Jags doing so u can come here and start with you shit.You bring up things that dont make sense and than fight other posters about it.Do u have any idea what this team would be right now without "Czech posse"or Jagrs freinds.You know whats more frustrating about Rangers lose?Its coming here and see all of you bitch bitch and bitch.STFU already.I know a bulletin is a place where people share their opinions and have different POV but thers no point of views anymore its Jagr is this Hossa is that Renney sucks.Thats not views thats critism.Mark my words when Jags and the rest is gone when renney is gone we gonna eb back to the old roots.
And im out

i is right. D is starting to look very bad...Z

Here's a rumour from Spector's Blog. I must say that I'm not too familiar with the Blue Jackets. Obviously, it would be great to get Rick Nash but that's not going to happen. Zherdev is finally starting to come around and he's on pace for a record year. Again, probably not going to happen. Realistically, I think the Jackets might be looking to move Vyborny, who is having an off year. The last thing we need is another small Czech on this team (no offense to any Czech's on this board, but we need some diversity). I don't know much about Tollefsen, but I do see his name on the HockeyFights.com website and just read that he's pretty much a stay at home Dman who can knock the crap out of people. Thoughts?


COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Tom Reed reports NY Rangers scout Rick Kehoe was spotted at three Blue Jackets games recently, and Jackets GM Scott Howson watched the Rangers play the Wild in Minnesota. Reed suggests the teams "don't seem compatible on the major league level" and notes both clubs need offence. Reed also reports of a rumour the Montreal Canadiens are interested in Blue Jackets centre Sergei Fedorov, according to a Russian journalist but Jackets head coach Ken Hitchcock denied it.

Spector's Note: The Jackets and Rangers don't play each other this season so it's unusual they'd be checking each other out. Make of it what you will but it might not mean anything. As for Fedorov going to Montreal, I think the last thing Canadiens GM Bob Gainey needs is another overpaid, fading veteran Russian forward.

You know its so funny that people calling for Jags head and hes the reason half of our goals are scored even tho it might be in the stats because hes th 4th one to touch the puck he still always there with that pass.Its sad just because u people cant rip on Hossa or Malik anymore so now all of you are on Jagrs nuts.How can you call your self a real fan when the outcome or performance of the team dont matter no more?All that matters now is Jags not scoring 6 goals in a game.As long that happens half of you a are happy here.Do you realize what this team would eb with out "czech posse" or Jagrs friends as u labeled them?How come only few people here aknowledged teams performance.How come nbody is saying how much better we played and improoved in 24 hours?How come nobdy mentioned that now finally we score more than 2 goals a game?Ill tell u why becuase yall just to busy follwing Jagr around making sure you notice every screw up so u can run here and say how much of a shit player and captain he is.I thought Asslanders,Devils,Flyers fans are bad NOPE you know why?They support they team no matter what.They dont boo their own players,they dont chant potving sucks more than Lets go ______ whatever team it is.Rangers fans are bunch of dickhead now who wants the team to do bad so they come and bitch about it.Now im not saying every fan is liek that but let em tell you this if you reading this and u get offened guess what you are one of those who would rather see the team lose in the playoffs so u can rip Renney and Jagr rather than seeing us be sucesful

Reaching the half way point of the season I'd like to read thoughts of those at this site about this team. And not just focus on last night game.

As optimistic NYR fans did we simply significantly overrate this bunch?

What should mgt. do at this point.

Do most seriously think this current group is a serious contender? Will one trade as last year make them that contender?

Fire the coach? That is frequently done with a team behaving as this group is.

Unload some vets for more prospects, picks?
It seems cap space will take care of itself with expiring contracts.

I just believe we overrated the team and didn't realize our best offensive players are that much past their prime. Possibly our youngsters are just not ready. Hope we didn't overrate them too.

I'm most disappointed with Toots as I feel he has a world of talent and is just too laid back.
If he had Pronger's disposition he would be a top ten defenseman in this league.

I think mgt. will like last year look for that one maybe two key trades.

Ok the top one if from me the bottom one is from my good friend.(Yes Dubi i know we got same IP we all connected thru it at my job)

Alright im confused!!!
Ok the top one if from me the bottom one is from my good friend.(Yes Dubi i know we got same IP we all connected thru it at my job)

Posted by: ant | December 22, 2007 at 10:37 AM

I did not post that comment!!!Those 2 big comments happned because after i did the 1st one it deleted so i had to retype its weird But enjoy them anyways.

Ant: Spare us the holier than thou crap. The fact of the matter is that Jagr is not performing this year, he's a defensive liability, and he's a head-case, among other things. Before Jagr came to the Rangers, he was known as a spoiled brat. Where do you think those things came from? They had to move him out of Pittsburgh and then Washington had to move him as well. I could be wrong about this, but I just get the feeling that things are coming full circle again with the Rangers not resigning Nylander and instead bringing in Drury and Gomez. Also, part of Jagr's posse is not fairing well: Malik is benched and Prucha has been relegated to the 3rd line and possibly to the bench soon.

We aren't bitching because we're fake. We're bitching because we love this team and want to see them win. As a long-time fan and player, the problems with this team seem so painfully obvious but Renney does nothing. I feel like I'm missing out on something sometimes.

It would seem that the Western Conference is where the genuine good hockey is being played today. No "prevent defense, be patient, wait for opportunity systems". Aggressive, offense minded, fast hockey is what the Rangers faced and got steamrolled by every one of the Western teams.

Yes you missing out on what the Rangers would be without Jagr.Well if u gonna bring up past Pitts an Wash why dont you bring up 2 years ago when he carried this team on his back.Why dont u include that in your comment?

Trade Jagr & Hollweg to Nashville for Jordin Tootoo, Jed Ortmeyer and some big star on that team. Lol i dont know, all i want is Tootoo. My heart is in the right place damnit !! I just want someone to protect Pruchs, and this team.

Someone tries throwing an elbow at Pruchs, then Tootoo will take there head off....literally !!

And i want Orty back, get rid of Hollweg. He has one good physical game, then bing bang boom, he's back to being a wimp who cant fight.

I rather see Hollweg attempt hits rather then fight. He's one of the sloppiest fighters in the league.

Lol i cant wait till the stupid asses at MSG gonna boo Jags and than ull see the preview of this team without him


Yes Jagr carried us in 05 - 06 just as much as Hank.

Then he did pretty good despite having major shoulder surgery in 06 - 07.

Now he's healthy, and SUCKS !! At some point you have to let go of the friggin past, Jagr is useless right now, we need him to score goals, not put up secondary assists. He's not doing his job, and alot of people are not either.

Im beginning to think Jagr used his shoulder surgery as an excuse to get away with the slumps he had last season. What excuse does he have now.

Ive always defended the guy when Ranger fans said he is crying cause he doesnt have Nylander, but now im beginning to wonder, is that tha problem, cause if it is, then he is really pathetic, but i choose not to believe it.

Jagr is still my second fav player ever, but i just cant take him anymore, on the Rangers.

I say trade Jagr to the Caps, for Semin !!

I dont know, there's no school today, im just bored and didnt get enough sleep...and im grumpy !!

It seems obvious that the team is in a funk. The team looks weak. I rag on Jagr because there's no reason for him to remain captain other than flacid management. For me, this has little to do with casting blame for my own jollies and even less regarding the sometimes xenophobic criticism of the ethnic make up of the team, it's about turning the season around before it's too late. For those of you who watched last night's game and viewed it as an improvement, I suggest that you are indeed Ranger fanatics, perhaps so blinded by hockey's form of red, white and blue jingoism that you are too slow to find fault with your favorite gladiators. Make no mistake, hockey is a game played with weapons and gumption counts. The Rangers should look at two moves by their neighboring teams and emulate them. First, they should just buyout Jagr in the same fashion that the Islanders cut loose Yashin. Secondly, Shanny should be named captain upon Avery's return. As a result, everyone will play a little bigger, the lines will even out in ice time, and the other team's red light will stop glowing each time Jagr bows his head and turns for the bench.

Ant: Two years ago was two years ago and is not today. Two years ago, everything was kosher in Jagr-ville. The team was structured around him. Nylander and Straka were there to service Jagr. The team has since changed. Jagr is now being asked to be a piece of the puzzle rather than the center of attention. It seems like he has some mental block that prevents him from doing that.

Believe me, I want nothing than for Jagr to regain his form and lead us to the promised land. But right now, he's a shell of his former self and is not leading this team on the ice.

"Ant: Two years ago was two years ago and is not today. Two years ago,"Are u a hypocrite or what?DIDNT U BRING UP PITTS AND WASH???Wsnt u the one who went back on the 90s in your comment?If u gonna bring up bad form the past why not bring up good from it as well?

Three Chord Monte: Well said, sir.

"Jagr is now being asked to be a piece of the puzzle rather than the center of attention"

That brought a tear to my eye. I dont know why. Nicely said Zz.

Anyway, im still willing to give the guy a chance but still, if he doesnt get his act together then this will be a long year for him and all of us. What are we paying the guy for??

Lol in the beginning of the season people were screaming for the rangers to ley Shanny go and retired now since he started to score so right away hes should be a captain.So if Jagr scores 10 in the next 5 hel become your favarotie again.

And nnow my friend u blind.If u didnt see improvemnt yest from wilds game u need thicker glasses

NO not noww

I will never give up on Jagr just like i never gave up on Shanny

Ant: Other than just trying to nit-pick what I said, what's your point? I noted Jagr's criticisms in Pittsburgh and Washington because I find them relevant as to his current play and the current state of the Rangers. I really don't see how Jagr's carrying the team 2 years ago is at all relevant as to how he is playing now. You seem to be using something Jagr did two years ago to defend his current play. Did Jagr have a great season two years ago? Yes. Should that season prevent us from critizing him now? No.

Buddy, I just call 'em like I see 'em.

People who said NYR should let Shanny go are as dumb as Chris Simon and Donald Brashear...COMBINED !!


Yeah if Jagr scores 10 in 5, then ill be alot more happy, but with the way he's been playing i highly doubt that. He passes up shots, and then he tries to be fancy on a one on friggin one in OT, that eventually leads to a goal.

I blame both losses on him, and lack of D.

Anyone who says we were improved in that game last night, must be blind. The only difference was, Hank was on his game. The D sucked, just incase you didnt notice, watch the first period, the D let everyone walk right through them.

Staal continues to amaze me, he has been the best D man on the team the last two games.

I hate December !! Rangers suck in december....ALWAYS !!!

Taking “C” from JJ will make more psychological damage to his game.
I have feeling that his mind is not on a game, but somewhere else. Probably in his house.

Hank shouldnt even play in the All Star game. He needs the rest.

"And nnow my friend u blind.If u didnt see improvemnt yest from wilds game u need thicker glasses"

Wow. This post says it all. The Rangers' problems run deeper than one or two bad games. I think you're the one who needs the glasses. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

And Ant, I hope you are right that Jagr scores 10 in 5 games. But I just don't think that is going to happen ever again.


Yeah your right. The "C" would kill him. I dont give a shik who the Cappy is, i just wanna see every player play the best they can.

Maybe him and his hot girlfriend arent getting it on enough. You never know. Or maybe he's getting to much.

But then again Sean Avery gets some every night, and its not messing up his game. Except he keeps getting injured.

This is off topic but...

Whats with Jordan Staal?? 3 goals !?!? Thats crazy.

Maybe he needs a change of scenery. Maybe he needs to come to New York !!! (Dramatic music playing in the background)

Colton Orr says Trade to get TOOTOO !!!!!

Good point!
Somebody likes it hot!

Just got my BB. Great, again!!!

However, I want to take exception to Dellapinna"s article on Lundqvist. I know he has access to the players that I don't, but I don't think he has ANY understanding regarding what makes Lundqvist tick. Two of my sons were goaltenders...very different people, to say the least! My oldest was in the Lundqvist mold. He believed that he should be able to stop EVERY shot. He still does and he's 40 years old! He never had a practice where his intensity level wasn't at game level! Sound familiar? One game the other team had a 3 on 0 break and his teammates stood in the other zone to watch if he would make the save. Instead, he skated toward the bench, just as he would if we were pulling goalie! Easy empty net goal. The team captain came over to him as yelled "What the hell are you doing?" He responded "If you guys aren't going to play, then neither am I!" They NEVER AGAIN watched the game. Some goalies are true leaders on and off the ice. That's Lundqvist. Dellapinna's comments regarding the Nov. 21 game where Renney put out Jagr in the last minute to hopefully get Jagr an empty net goal and
jump start him are simply wrong. Shanahan's comments to Lundqvist were also wrong. Renney screwed up and he admitted it. When have you heard of an "empty net goal" jump starting anyone. What did it do for Betts, eh? The shutout was an important thing for the TEAM. ALL shutouts are a complete team effort, not just a goaltender thing. If Dellapenna thinks that the outspoken comments of a goaltender are any different from say, a Messier, then he has very little understanding of intensity and leadership. How often do you see players completely sacrificing themselves when the score is 5-0...it's to preserve the shutout...a TEAM accomplishment. Shanahan, taking the "kid" aside to instruct him on political incorrectness is not what a captain should be saying to his players. And, Shanny is the defacto-captain, no matter what anybody says. Dellapinna goes on with other examples that I won't get into here, but my point is simply this. Lundqvist is something very special. He is that rare goalie leader. When he speaks, everybody should listen. And Renney needs to recognize that he has someone in goal unlike anything he has ever seen before. I'm not saying treat him special, I'm saying pay attention to him and what he says. He is not a kid and he is ready for primetime. Primetime should be ready for him.

Dubi, as usual, the BB is full of great stories and it's a great read. I highly recommend it to all Rangers fans. You get some of the stuff here, but the paper version is the most comprehensive source of Rangers information anybody can get. I still suggest you add a "coaches corner" section, maybe switch off between Renney and the other coaches, including the Hartford bunch also!

Keep up the great job and you fans, support the BB with a subscription!

Lol Orr u wasnt yelling for him to play now u realized that he needs that rest.

And nnow my friend u blind.If u didnt see improvemnt yest from wilds game u need thicker glasses"

Wow. This post says it all. The Rangers' problems run deeper than one or two bad games. I think you're the one who needs the glasses. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

JJ has no confidence and is snake bitten right now. Has nothing to do with the 'c' or Nylander. A couple of well timed goals will make a huge difference in his game. Maybe cutting back on his ice time will motivate a little. I think when he lost his teeth (stop laughing) it really changed his game...Z


I don't even know what that means. If you disagree with me and my views, that's fine. At the end of the day, we're all on the same team and will agree to disagree. But if you're going to post something, at least make it coherent.

Craigz said:

“Maybe cutting back on his ice time will motivate a little.”
This may give opposite effect.

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