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December 15, 2007


To bad we wont get to see the showdown of the year...Avery vs Mueller, or Avery vs Doan, or Avery vs Jovo, or Avery vs the rest of the friggin world.

I found this website that has pics of hockey players girlfriends and wives, its pretty cool, not much under the Rangers except Elisha Cuth, and the very very hot Mrs. Jagr. Me likey !!

Anyway Lets go Rangers. Hopefully the Yotes can beat the Devs, that games on in 23 minutes

Cool Avery article..If he doesnt get re signed, i will never support Sather ever again !!

Avery is such a HAMMER! but he brings it every game and that's what matters

He is the New York part of the NY Rangers. That's what he brings out in them....

The Devils are getting thumped by Phoenix 3-0 in the 3rd period, so I hope the Rangers bring more tomorrow than what they did in D.C. ...


Where's that web site??


Jameson seems like a pretty cool guy, we both have criminal justice undergrad degrees, he certainly writes some amusing posts, but alas, I'm not sure the wife would approve. Is he paper trained (no offence jameson)? I could give him his chicken suit back though!!

Orr - what is the link to the site you cited


Actually is it CraigZ who is going to move in with you and the Mrs. Last check he is neither paper or box trained. Good luck

As for Jameson, He is the one who claims the cleaners lost his chicken suit. I do not have it but IF it was me I would check out that shady looking LI Joe. I get nervous around people from Long Island.

Seriously the Coyos bother me as they are a (a) Western Conference team and (b) a bad one at that. That makes me nervous about the Rangers not showing up with a good effort.

I see all the makings of a disaster waiting to happen, players hurting, players with the flu, and going up against a tired team playing on the road. Am I the only one who does not like the sound of this game?


Understand your concern, we've seen this playout before. However, I wish to think a bit more positive. I think Gretz will come in a little overconfident and by the third period their legs will be crying. Meanwhile, the Devils will have something to prove and will give the Flyers a tough game, maybe even with Weekes in the nets.

I'm from long island too, no need to get nervous around us. Although it would not surprise me if a long islander was behind the chicken suit theft. There are plenty of shady long islanders capable of such acts.


anytime Lundqvist isn't playing or playing well I'm nervous

That POS Simon just stepped on Rutus lower leg/ankle during the isles/pens game, he got at match penalty and thrown out

When is the leauge going to be done with this tool.

Another Simon suspension? Should be for like!!!




Expecting the NHL to come down harshly is about as realistic as thinking that lottery ticket one purchases will bring one millions.

It really stinks that players like Simon get passes despite their long track record of stupid acts but Hollweg gets watched as if he is a cheapshot artist?

Am I the only one who thinks Petr Purcha is gone by season end? Am I the only one sick and tired of getting no scoring out of the third and fourth lines? Am I the only one who thinks the Rangers need to get a winger that can play with Chris Drury. Cally and Prucha a have three goals combine we need more production from the third line. How about Alex Tanguay with Calgary? Just a thought?

Simon shouldn't even be in this league anymore, he's such a loose cannon. Instead, he'll probably get a 2-game suspension and Sports Illustrated can run another article about how he's really a nice guy under it all.

Anyway, the Times' blog has a post on Cherepanov, including video, if anyone's interested (I believe the link is on the right).

Going to the game tomorrow with good friend who's never attended a Ranger game; he happens to be one of the top kidney transplant doctors in the country; the way the team has been playing a heart transplant specialist might be more appropriate; let's hope for a better game than last time with, say, 4 goals for us and 2 for the 'Yotes. and notice I didn't say anything about ND in this post.

The cotton candy and strollers will be out in full color tomorrow..


How about Alex Tanguay with Calgary? Just a thought?

Why? Tanguay is not scoring any more goals that anyone on the Rangers He has just 7 goals this season on the Flames second line and what price tag do you see the Rangers have to pay for him? How would such a trade fit in with the cap?


Would you not saying anything about Dawes have anything to do with the Rangers recalling Dawes and Moore after the Pack game this evening?

Jess wasn't me re the chicken suit. I have an alibi if needed. just let me know when it happened. I think it could have been either Theo Fleury for his chicken imitation or Matty concerned about being traded and holding a hostage.

Theo Fleury is too busy with his family owned and operated cement company and his reality tv show.

If Ruutu wasn't as much of an arse as Simon I might feel bad for him. Maybe Simon will just get banished from the league eventually it's clear he's got some anger issues.

Hopefully the weather will scare some of the passive fans with 4 year olds away tomorrow. And I just have to say that I think the only thing that's worse than the arena being packed with little kids, is season ticket holders that act even more childish and whine and moan about the garden being filled with kids and fans that come in for a game once a year. Last year at the Thrashers game in January I had two clowns behind me that had season tickets sit there and they spent more time whining about the fans that aren't normally in their section than focusing on the game. And when they did choose to focus on the game it was just to complain about how badly the Rangers were playing. It really takes away from the game.

I'm sitting in 219 tomorrow, that time was section 420 so hopefully it's not as bad. I've sat in these seats a few times and it seems like half the time no one shows up for the games in the row so we'll see.

Jameson - we all have to get our start sometime so hopefully the kids will like what they see and want to go for many yrs to come.

LI Joe

Matty in a chicken outfit? Man that would be an interesting picture if I was not worried about her latin temper showing up. I will make sure you are not standing anywhere near me when she sees that comment.

Bayridge Leetch

I grew up at the MSG3 and was one of those cotton candy kids as that is how I got my start.

Of course on the other hand if you are talking about those adults that Jameson described.


You left out that you will be the one wearing the antlers and red nose.

LI Joe

Matty in a chicken outfit? Man that would be an interesting picture if I was not worried about her latin temper showing up. I will make sure you are not standing anywhere near me when she sees that comment.

Bayridge Leetch

I grew up at the MSG3 and was one of those cotton candy kids as that is how I got my start.

Of course on the other hand if you are talking about those adults that Jameson described.


You left out that you will be the one wearing the antlers and red nose.

lol double header

I'll also be the guy throwing popcorn at anyone that Boos at any one player. Booing at the team as a whole will be permitted assuming it's for a just reason.

They better show up tomorrow, it's looking like this will be my only home game this year =-/. I was hoping to land some cheap tickets on eBay, unfortunately there aren't too many tickets that are the kind of cheap that I'm looking for. But that's not the only reason, I'm bring my little brother who's turned into a diehard this season, he watches every game. My parents say they can't talk to him after a bad loss. Supposedly it was quite an angry night for him the night we lost to washington in OT haha. This is only his 2nd hockey game as well, and he's yet to see a win. His first game was the one last season that I mentioned above, when Marian Hossa had a penalty shot, and we lost 3-1 I think. It was 1/20. Eitherway I'm real amped, I went to 10+ games last year, probably spent between $1800-2500 between tickets, train tickets, gas, food, etc. in the process, and don't get me wrong college is great, but man between the blackouts and not being able to get to a game until tomorrow...i've been going nuts.

What do you mean going Jameson?

Thought you had already made the round trip to the Happy Farm

I'm curious as to how the game will be televised today, it says on the msg website that they are showing msg 2007 vault shows all day, and it's not on MSG2 either. Anyone have any info on this i'm all the way in upstate new york (where sabres games have preference) but i don't think the game is blacked out either.

Here's the Link to the Hockey GF website. Sorry for the delay.



The game is on UPN / My 9. Oviously its channel 9. Just like the game against the Stars.

"I still can't understand how two guys have a little pushing match, and then two guys jump one of our guys and we end up in a short-handed situation," Nolan said

Well Teddy, i didnt understand how Orr throws a hit, then gets jumped by Comrie, Simon, and Witt, while getting sucker punched by Simon, and Rangers end up short handed.

I wonder what Nolan's take on class is this time? Simon cant be as classless as Hollweg ! (sarcasm)

Avery is the man. The guy is such a character. When you go to Barnes & Noble look at the sports section/ biographies. You would be hard pressed to find a more intriguing character on the shelf than this guy. I am only into my first cup of coffee, but can you think of any athlete that is as interesting off the ice as he is on it? And at Avery's level of on ice zaniness? I think he is the alter ego of this team. It's obvious his absence is a huge void on what is otherwise a moribund team.


thanks for the update, tho considering i don't have the UPN network this likely spells bad news for me in terms of wanting to watch the game


The last time the game was on UPN, they had a Rangers in 60 broadcast on MSG a few hours later. If you successfully avoid all hockey fans for a few hours, then maybe you can watch the game without knowing what happens.

But hopefully you dont know the kind of people i know. The ones that go out of there way to make sure you know what happened in the game, even though you dont wanna know. Damn those people !!

Okay, so assuming Hossa is a scratch with the flu, who else is being scratched inorder to satisfy having brought up both Moore and Dawes? Jagr with his bad back? Or Cally/Prucha???

Colton i got friends like that too.Always got to ruin it for me when i miss live broadcast

Godot, it seems as though Callahan's been sent down to Hartford.

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