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December 17, 2007


And since the "Fire Renney" club is in full force let me carry this over from the previous thread:

Ok since so many of the "Lynch Renney" club are not picking up on the clues I guess I need to say it out clearly so people will realize what they are getting themselves into.

Suurrrrrrrrrrrrrrre let us fire Tom Renney, he only has a winning record, he only has the team playing team defense, and he has advanced the Rangers each year further in the playoffs.

Yep he stinks so fire him and make all the Renney haters happy.

Now allow me to introduce his replacement the interim head coach Glen Sather.

Oh what you could not figure it out yourselves? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO do you actually think that Glen Sather who has replaced the coaches he has fired during the season with himself will hire an outsider?

Schoeny does not want to coach let along replace someone he calls friend in Renney so who does that leave. It will not be either assistant coach because neither have NHL HC experience.

That leaves Sather who will argue that no other coach out there has as many Cup rings as he does. No other coach can make the switch with as little disruption as he can.

Anyone who seriously thinks that Glen Sather would hire an outsider to coach the team in the middle of the season is only kidding themselves.

Yes people keep calling for Renney's head and if you get your wish then do not cry when you see what you get.

Just remember be very careful of what you ask for because you just might get it and you will not like it.

So, what I take from this is that the Rangers "lack confidence" in their netminding.

Maybe the Rangers need a game where they surrender tons of shots, to get HL back on track. Maybe routine, 20- save 'system prevails' Ws make Henke a dull dude.

No they are not in better shape than last year at this time because of the schedule. They had completed their western trip and escaped with some wins because of the heroics of one Kevin Weekes. They were also scoring goals and Henrik had not yet hit stride. The first part of the second period last night was a disaster. Phoenix scored three goals while outshooting the Rangers 10-3. That was the game. Maybe it's my imagination because the stax don't bear out the impression, but they are not hitting anyone. They are not impeding anyone. It's almost as if they are playing a pickup game after work where the results really don't matter and the other team is playing for keeps. This comes back to the coaching, but Renney has proven in the past that whenever things look lost, he seems to be able to wave a magic wand, and suddenly the Rangers jell again (except during the Ozolinsh era). This has to happen toute-de-suite or Minnesota and Colorado and those teams will eat them alive.

At this point the most pressing problem is to get the PP working. Even if Jagr is washed up, surely others on the roster are not. An effective PP covers a multitude of sins. Anyway help is unlikely to come via the trade route very soon since the freeze comes in two days hence.

The Rangers are easy to beat: Skate hard, play physically, and watch the Rangers wilt.

They are in a skid, they'll come out of it, they'll have a winning streak in January. But after that I'm not sure they can repeat what they did last season. The reasons Renney needs to know, and it's his job to correct. This where the coach has to decide on what players to sit, in order to wake them up. He does not deserve to be fired. But if they don't make the playoffs, he does. It's his job to keep or lose. My first suggestion to him is to stop separating himself from the TEAM, by solely blaming them like he's doing nothing wrong. That's fairly impossible.

from JD of the DN.."“We’re playing like we have to make up 10 points in the standings and score six goals in our next game.”
And, after a long pause to ponder when I asked him how many of his players are going good at the moment: “Three, maybe?”....

Jagr said the team is suffering from a lack of confidence...confidence in what? Their ability? The coaching? The "System"? No amount of trades or new players will make any difference. There needs to be a fix from within. Attitude, mentality and environment. During the Washington game, the announcers went on and on about how the Caps have been rejuvenated after the firing of Hanlon. Sometimes there is no other alternative.

Avery is the Rangers' MOJO.

A team comes into the Garden that is not half as good as the Rangers and skates hard, forchecks like crazy, hits everything that moves, and puts the puck on net and the Rangers lose... So this comes as a suprise??? This has been going on since the "old garden" on 50th street. Z

I dont want renney fired cause as you said jess, the replacement will be awful(sather). But they have yet to put a complete season together under this staff. Year 1 strong start turned to awful finish. Year 2 awful start turned to strong finish. Year 3 streak start turned into.......no idea. No complete season under this coach. The only saving grace is every stinkin team in the NHL is the same damn team.

dubi,...love seeing you leaning toward the Dark side of our beloved Blueshirts. A team like Phoenix came to the Garden yesterday with a discipline, a will and determination to give it their all no matter what. The coaching and system was solid - every Ranger error was an opportunity -- and it came down to the basics. A team average age of 26 years old outplayed an All-Star team and deserved it. Much of this is the coaching - Renney lovers/haters - our coach is a players' coach not a dictator -- and this leads to too many additional player-coaches on one team in the form of our All-Stars (Jagr, Shanny).

Who the hell knows, but the next four games look tough -- Pittsburgh, Minn, Avs and Ottawa? Hello? If we drop the next four, guaranteed RENNEY is OUT!

The Dark Ranger

Try playing 60 mins and try playing with some intensity, any intensity.

Pathetic. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The curse of having the worst GM in the league, a mediocre head coach, and lazy unmotivated players with no doubt some team dissention. Teams that play like this without heart always have dissention of some sort. Watch how this gets catcalls--fire Renney and replace him with Messier who has always been a great coach even when a player. BTW, anyone notice how Iron Mike(a real coach) is shaping those Flames up to be a serious contender. I knew he would especially because Sutter likely has the foresight to leave him alone. And he has the goaltending too. OK time to kill the messenger :)

If anybody SHOULD be fired it should be Rozival, Girardi, Tyutin, Shanny, Drury, Gomez, Jagr, Moore, And Valley. But the reality is you can't fire the players. That was a poor team showing. I don't care who is coaching. You can motivate in a number of ways, but if you are a PROFESSIONAL, you go out and battle every night. Renney HAS motivated these guys by treating them like men. I was just reading a book about Gretzky, and how Keenan (whom at first he respected) was a tyrant when he was in St. Louis. Gretz couldn't wait to sign with NYR after that partial season, so don't go wishing for some bully coach to come in and change things around. It won't help. Sather is very patient, and in the long run that is a good thing. . . . but an interesting blurb out of Chicago has Tommo Ruttu on the block for an experienced blueliner. . . . .

I can name 4 recent games where we played with 0 confidence and should have been wins: Toronto?!? Carolina? Washington? PHOENIX?!

That's 8 points we'll never get back. At this point, I doubt we can even hope for a post season.

Why would u fire Shanny?or Girardi.They our leading goal scorers.I cant believe Malik is not on the list :)

Pavel let me ask you something.Why are you always negative?Let me ask you what do you base your predictions on.We 4 points away from leading the division.Its way too early to say theres no hope for postseason.All that right is just bullcrap

This isn't letting me post - saying something about comment spam... let's see if this works.

That's weird...

I love seeing people's reactions here after a loss. Granted, this was a rather humiliating loss, but still the reactions are priceless! In the previous thread someone said that Gomez and Drury aren't "hot" enough offensively to play on the powerplay, and that Parenteau and some other Hartford kid would be better on it. News flash - Gomez leads our team in scoring. Gomez and Drury are proven scorers in the NHL, as opposed to Parenteau who's never had success in the NHL. Jess is completely right - Parenteau is like a Fata or Krog - great in the AHL, but not in the big leagues.

Of course no loss would be complete without the hearing multitudes of fans claiming that Renney is a horrible coach and should be fired immediately. Let's bring in Pat Quinn, because I'm sure he's in just the type of shape to coach an NHL team at the moment! Or let's bring in Bob Hartley! The coach that lost to Renney's team in 4 straight games in the playoffs last year. Reality is Renney is not likely to be fired, and if he is, expect to see Sather back behind the bench. Personally, I'll stick with Renney. He's had quite a bit of success over the past 2 years. As for Renney not motivating the players, cwgatti nailed it. Professional hockey players should not need motivating. Do you think the Messiers of the world would have slacked off during a game because the coach wasn't motivating him enough?

And to the people advocating trading our decent prospects for someone who can make a difference in the NHL - keep on dreaming. Unless, by make a difference in the NHL you mean a player of moderate third line to fourth line caliber, it ain't gonna happen. And, by the way, trading for Alex Ovechkin is a pipe dream at best.

I'm only negative when we're playing like crap. There is no heart and no passion. I wish every player played the game as if every 2 points were absolutely crucial.

And yes, we're 4 points out of second, but 8 points out of last in the conference?

The division is so tight this year, that EVERY game should be important.

There is no heart and zero confidence, yet we have 3 out of the 4 highest paid players in the league!

I would not be upset if we played a solid defense and offensive game, but still lost, but the past few games have been embarrassing. There is ZERO consistency!

Is Renney negative when he says MAYBE 3 players are playing good?

No one likes Tom Renney's system! The players don't. Obviously. The fans don't. On most nights the system calls for the opponents the keep the puck the majority of the game until they make a mistake. Mark Messier didn't like it. Mess got Renney removed because of the stupid,boring ,rotten, system.

No one likes Tom Renney's system! The players don't. Obviously. The fans don't. On most nights the system calls for the opponents the keep the puck the majority of the game until they make a mistake. Mark Messier didn't like it. Mess got Renney removed because of the stupid,boring ,rotten, system.

Tom Renney's system calls for Hank to block 98% of the shots he faces and to pray that Jagr and co. could squeeze 2.5 goals past the oppsoition.

Simple, eh.....

No, I'd say thats accurate.

No one seems to have a problem when we win 5 in a row. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Having a 600 goal scorer not finding the net and not motivating his team as any captain should be able to do has nothing to do with it right?

Thank you, Ryan! Someone with perspective...

It's a loss and a losing streak. They happen to every single team (hey Ottawa!). If every coach got fired for a losing streak, we would have through maybe 289 coaches through the late 90's alone. The last time this happened, the NYR went on a tear through the 2nd half of the season and almost made the Conference Finals. It's bad and they're down. But this will happen to every team and it's not the streak that's the issue, it's the way they will eventually battle their way out of it.

Renney ain't goin nowhere....unless this 'streak' lasts through February.

...and Ovechkin? Even Eklund doesn't write that stuff.


goodbye simple stupid simon. Don't come back!

its bad but not that bad? huh??! this team needs some changes and since renney ain't going anywhere that leaves the only option as line juggling. this makes absolutely no sense to me. gomez with jagr is a bad fit. we've all seen that. better off putting drury back with jagr and straka. or get someone to mesh with jagr's game. it ain't gomez.

sheesh, all the settled 2nd and 3rd line chemistry gone right out the window. this is a big week for the rangers, right the ship or sink to the bottom of the pile.

very important trade recommended: maloney for micheletti. no disrespect joe but impartiality is clouding your good judgment. makes joe nice. now maloney, the man's got an edge. (loved the raw feed from center ice channel!) maloney would never calmly call (and color) the game while the rangers serve up a stinker as they did sunday.

Jason, Chris and Ryan

Thanks for showing that patience is still being shown by some. Losing is frustrating but making moves just for the sake of making moves can do more damage if the moves are the wrong ones.

If they shake up the lines then I for one would like to see these combos

1- Gomez/Shanny/Avery (when he returns Dawes for now)

2- Drury/Jagr/Prucha

3- Straka/Dubinsky/Dawes (Cally until Avery is back)

4- Hossa/Betts/Orr (with Hollweg as the spare)


1- Staal/Tyutin

2- Rosy/Girardi

3- Mara/Malik (Strudwick is the spare here)

Trades for now come with a heavy price tag. Nobody wants Mara or Malik they want Staal, Sanguinetti, Anisimov or Cherepanov and can you blame them?

Until more teams start falling out of contention for the playoffs few are going to be willing to part with anyone of value at a reasonable.

Dark Ranger - all star team. Some of the All Stars were stars 2 or 5 yrs ago (JJ, Shanny), or will be at some point in future (Staal or Marcel Hossa). I don't think that Drury or Gomez were all stars too many times if any. So our only real current star plays in goal.

LI Joe,
Did you just say Marcel Hossa will be an all star at some point? At the NHL level or ECHL? Really? Am I watching a different player out there for the past 2 months?

I do not think everyone hates renney's system, I do think jagr is a tough sell on it (not exactly a player who really cares about playing D), which causes the major problem because he is the captain of the team. The mythical "free lancer" or "the leave the system" guy that is referred to by other players in post game interviews after a loss.

jason - I was only kidding re Hossa. trying to bring some levity into a frustrating situation. but I was serious re the rest of my post.

Li Joe,
Sorry, Seeing Hossa's name (not even on the ice anymore) gives me a heart attack, kind of like what Malik does to me.


Hossa Hossa Hossa

Reminds me the movie Beetlejuice is on tonight LOL

Messier got Renney fired, then they went on and won. . . . . . . . . . . . . right. Didn't Messier then sneak out of Vancouver through the back door and "bury the hatchet" with the Rangers?

Yeah. . . .fire Renney. . . . . .right.

I do not think that gomer should go with jagr. He needs to stay with shanny. Gomer is the best pure passer on the team and shanny does a way better job of burying the puck than jagr does. leave gomer shanny and avery (when he is back) together. Put drury with jags and prucha on a line and dubi straka dawes/cally on other. Oh, and put malik back in the pressbox, had to say it.

Dubi can you ask Renney why he's going back to Jagr & Gomez? He can't afford to force non-meshing players while points go down the drain. In March they'll be crying for those points.

He already explained why -- So that Gomez's playmaking can do for Jagr, to help break him out of his scoring slump, what it did to help break Shanahan out of his scoring slump. That is after all why they signed Gomez in the first place. Now that Gomer is comfortable within the Rangers' system, he should be able to work better with Jagr than they did at the beginning of the season.


The story JohnM told never happened that way if he is talking about Messier in Vancover. It was Pavel Bure and Alexander Mogilny who got Renney fired as they did not like that he was running hard practices.


I agree as why in the world do you break up the one line that was working especially since they are a couple of games away from getting Avery back.

They have one productive line leave it alone as now you have to also try to find someone to set up Shanny now as well. It is not a smart response by the coach (or Sather if he pushed it)

I also disagree on not sending Callahan to Hartford as he could have worked on getting his game back. There is no room in the lineup for both he and Dawes and right now Dawes should get the shot.

When Avery returns someone is going to have to go to make room for him in the lineup, Cally does not have to pass though waivers so right now he is the odd man out.

And now for something completely different: Got my print BB today and WOW! Dubi, just when I think I'm tired of Avery, you print an insightful piece. Jess, I simply LERV the Dubinisky family album!!! Mitch, thanks for the tidbit that Stan met Shirley BEFORE expansion :-) Adorable!

"Yes, for speed and pep and action,
there is only one attraction...."

What a GEM! Thanks again, fellas! Swell issue.

The Rangers have recalled Al Montoya from Hartford...


laurie that tells me they are slow in reacting to the truth. Lundqvist couldn't back up yesterday, and if Valliquette got hurt, NO PLAN!

DUBI I have to agree with IITH & Jess, changing up all 3 centers instead of 2 is a bigger gamble. Renney can't afford to be wrong again.

Cant believe what a bunch of fairweather NYK fans on this website///.Do you think any team is NOT going to have a bad spell in a season????You people want to get rid of the coach/ malik/hossa jagar/shanny etc.Most of you people are fairweather who arnt happy unless the rangers win every game COME ON that is not going to happen for any team....ITS A LONG SEASON enjoy the holidays and let people who know what their doing DO IT.

I won't bore you with statistics about the Rangers' record with and without Avery, but only as a preface to this interesting query...

What if the Rangers actually had MORE THAN ONE player like Avery, perhaps a defense version? They actually might resemble a team, a damn good one with balanced scoring, defense and grit built for the playoffs.

Let's look at our minor league roster first, of course, but in thinking about trades, remember that all gritty don't have to come at a big cost. I'll have to look over other rosters, but any suggestions?

i, I was just relaying to you what Renney's rationale is, not that I necessarily agree with it. Me, I'd try Drury there again for starters before breaking up Gomez and Shanahan. But agree with it or not, it's not an outrageous idea, certainly not on the grounds that it didn't work in the first few games when Gomez was getting used to his first new team in the NHL.

In pre-season, when everyone kept harping on who was going to center whom, Renney's answer was always, these guys are pros, you should be able to mix and match them when you need to. Drury said pretty much the same thing. So did Gomez and Jagr. These are all big time players. The burden is on them to make it happen, no matter what the order of buttons the coach pushes. Gomez helped get Shanny off the schneid when people were wondering if he was done -- maybe he gets Jagr going, then goes back to his line with Shanny and Avery.

I do want to get rid of Malik and Hossa. They both make me very uncomfortable. I constantly question if Hossa is going to be a real NHLer or just an NHL player in the expansion era. He does good work along the boards but that is all. His scouting report from 2 seasons ago is laughable with all the talk of his offensive upside that is left us all asking the same question, "whaaaaaat?"
As for Malik, the biggest problems with him is that he is a big man who does not play big and what seems to be his carelessness while with the puck and passes that are far from tape to tape on a nightly basis. If he is going to be a member of this team, it should not be as a 1st line pair.

While I thought "Beatlejuice" was a funny movie, "Hossa" on the otherhand is a horror movie!

I'd love to see what Montoya can do against the Pens tomorrow. I'd be shocked to not see him play if Hank is still out and after Sunday, I can't see Renney putting Vally back in, not saying it's his fault but the numbers show he got shelled.

Me?, I'd put Straka/Prucha/Jagr together and see what they could do together for a game or two. I also think that the briantrust reads this site and actually pays attention to some of the things that are posted here. At least the serious things, not the trash rants...Something John Madden said during the Giant game last night was something that should be said in every locker room..."It's one thing to be a playoff team...It's another to play like a playoff team". I think the Rangers should start to at least think about becoming a playoff team. In the 'new' NHL there is nothing guaranteed... Win one lose one and in late March it's too late...Z

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