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November 23, 2007


My last post from the last thread:

Interesting how the same facts can be spun around completely 180 degrees. I mean playing well after being called up from a short stint in Hartford could be interpreted as:

1. Young players who were ready to play in NHL but who were held up down in Hartford by the coach who doesn't trust and afraid of promoting them even though they were ready for NHL, or

2. Young player who were not ready to play in NHL from the start of the season and who greatly benefited by our smart head coach's and his staff decision to let them start the season in Hartford and then promote them to the NHL when ready.

Should everyone take a vote on this?

Montoya is injured AGAIN? It seems like he gets injured 4+ times a year.

How about all of the above???

Hope for Rangers win.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the next couple of games due to prior scheduled plans.

I will check in the site for updates. good and bad updates! lol.

Can't do - these statements are mutually exclusive... unless you can say that # 1 is for certain players and # 2 is for certain other players.

Then I'm not playing!!! LOL

Isn't John Dellapina the only beat writer, with a blog, on the trip with the team? I guess I will see during warmups who is playing as far as Roszie and Avery are concerned ...

The Panthers are an annoying team, can't stand them and I live in South Florida. Thankfully the Dolphins have been so bad that the media here is ignoring them more than they usually do as they blast the Dolphins XD!

Not playing result's in automatic demotion to NHL's version of Rangers website...

: )


Vali might get a start tonight thats what dellapinas blog says

Rozie avd and straks are all in a line up.PEOPLE PLEASE GIVE STRAKA A CHANCE TO GET BACK IN SHAPE DONT BASH HIM IF HE DONT SCORE TONIGHT.I can already see atleast 20 posts saying how hes bad and needs to be benchaed or traded!!

Rozie avs and straks are all in a line up.PEOPLE PLEASE GIVE STRAKA A CHANCE TO GET BACK IN SHAPE DONT BASH HIM IF HE DONT SCORE TONIGHT.I can already see atleast 20 posts saying how hes bad and needs to be benchaed or traded!!

OK, let me address the questions raised by Colorado in the previous thread and the vote above.

Starting with the previous two and one half seasons under Renney, it appeared to me that the only way prospects got into the lineup was through injuries to the vets. I remember how Prucha had to go through this before finally making the regular lineup.

I noticed a change towards the second half of last season. Like in the past, a prospect (Girardi) was called up to fill in for Rachunek when he got hurt and played great. I believe this started to give Renney confidence to play the youngsters and it was further strengthened when Callahan was called up to replace (forget who) and he too excelled. With those two successes, I think Renney changed his whole philosophy and began to realize that a lot of these kids at Hartford are ready to play in the NHL.

To his credit, he immediately put Staal in there and the kid gets better and better each game. He finally put Dubinsky on an offensive line and today him and Jagr have chemistry. In fact Dubinsky says that sometimes JJ calls him Michael. I did think he should have went a little further with Dawes but have to agree that Dawes wasn't improving his defensive game. Looks like Renney requires his kids to be 2-way players because that's the style he uses and the team has bought into it that system.

I see both Moore and Baranka making the regular lineup, if not this season then definitely next season. Moore is a good big 2-way player that fits Renney's style to a "T". Baranka is strong as a bull and is definitely an improvment over Malik. As far as Rozi is concerned, he is leading the team in goals but has been very weak in his end so to me he is a big question mark for the future. Right now, only one I would not like to see in the lineup again is Malik on defense and Hossa on offense.

Still think Renney needs to improve on getting better offense including the PP. I liked that he just used the regular line combinations the other night and hope he does that again tonight.

I would like the lines this way:


Guess who I think should be sitting???

Hope this post helped your indigestion Colorado, think of it as some TUMS for your tummy.

I really don't have to vote on the 2 Renney questions do I? Not after I spelled out how I feel about Renney in this post.

Sam's blog has Valley startin also, Does Drury go back to the 3rd line tonight? I guess He would.


Too bad Hossa is in and Moore out. Other than that, go get em Rangers, make Matty happy so she can make some fried plantains for all of us!

Rob, Dubi said Drury between Prucha and Hossa.

straka should center drury and jagr... once hes really healthy... and why doesnt anyone remember prucha centering on the power play? he scores a bunch of his goals in his 1st season centering the power play./..

Lenny, some flaws in your argument -- the Rangers started the 2005-06 season with five rookies who won their jobs in training camp, not because someone got hurt, and with one exception they all remained in their roles all season long (although Prucha went down for that one game, just that one game, which everyone now agrees got him jumpstarted). They added another rookie early in the season and gave him a job that he still holds, and not because of anyone being injured.

Girardi did not replace an injured Rachunek -- Kaspar was waived to make room for him. And Renney did not learn that the young guys were ready AFTER Girardi and Cally proved to be successful -- he went to Hartford during the all-star break and DETERMINED that the pair were ready for the NHL. You're arguing that he backed into his reliance on these youngsters when he in fact was 100% proactive about it, even waiving a popular figure among fans and players to make room for a no-name undrafted rookie. Give the guy some credit, for crying out loud!

And in keeping with what he has done all three seasons as coach -- not some newfound idea that he somehow stumbled upon -- Renney gave Staal and Dubinsky jobs out of training camp on merit, and brought them along to the point where they are now (at least for the time being) on the top (so-called) unit.

In addition to that, there were a number of young guys who came in with some experience -- a partial season or two or three -- who won jobs via merit. The facts simply do not support the idea that young players only get a chance when someone gets hurt -- in fact, go through the list, and you will see that of the players who have successfully made the tranisition, making it by injury was more the exception than the rule. Which after all makes sense -- a player who is called up because of injury is not necessarily ready and doesn't necessarily pan out.

Dubi, appreciate the additional info. I always learn something from this board and especially from you since, even though I am a long time Ranger fan, I don't follow the events as close as you and Jess who do it for a living and both do a great job at it. I post on emotion and it does liven up the board at times!! :)

That said, I have been giving Renney some credit. I'm sure you are aware of that but don't mind hearing from you where I don't.

Can someone please let me know if the game will be broadcast on the Internet tonight. I am in Bruins country so need alternative access.


I think Straka will stay on the wing until his hand/finger is 100% (or close enough to it) before moving to center the Jagr line. Dubi will get shuffled to the so-called third line and either Drury or Prucha will then take over the wing Straka vacated. If the team was scoring at their on-paper expected clip, I'd spread the vet presence out and put Drury on the 3rd and reunite Prucha w/Jagr and Straka, but Drury needs to pick it up as much as Jagr does, so at this time Drury/Straka/Jagr would be what I would do.

But then again, I'm stuck at work the day after Thanksgiving with absolutely nothing to do aside from posting on this board (which is a great site!), so that shows you how much I know!!

Nah, there's no post-Rangers letdown for the Islanders, eh? :-)

It would figure that Henrik would sit on the bench when I go to see them live, sigh... but on the plus side the last time I saw them and he didn't start they did win so WOOT!

Matty. still good for the plantains if they win? What time you leaving for the game?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GET A LIFE KID

Ant, I think Dubi has the IP address of all the posters and can probably block him.

Hopefully!!But still he should know lol

Sorry imposter, actually you are pissing me off because you are an effing phony. In spite of my battles with Dubi and Jess, I respect their knowledge and straight talk even if it is being critical of me. You have demeaned this forum, which is one of the best on the internt and hope you vaporize pronto!!


Did those five rookies make the 05-06 team because the Rangers had changed their philosophy, or because they were handcuffed by a $39M salary cap?

Take Kasparaitis, for example. Do you really think he wouldn't have been in the lineup if the Rangers could have fit him under the cap? I certainly don't. That's the whole reason they sent him to Hartford.

Renney deserves credit, but I think you're giving him a little too much. Yes, he has helped the youngsters along, but his hand has been forced to an extent.

What? That loser that is posting in Shanny's name isn't banned yet?

Hopefully by the time I get back from the game ...

Here's hoping for a great game from our boys!

Go Rangers!

haha that irish car bombs joke was still pretty funny

I'll save Dubi's and Jess's buttocks for you, phony Shanny. You just might have to if you wish to survive here!!

That's the difference between me and you, I can kick them both in the buttocks and still survive here while you can't even get close enough to kiss theirs. too bad pal!!

Good to see Shanny is doing something with some gusto. . . . .

I go away for couple of months and this Car Bomb Shanahan kid becomes big blog comedian?

Try playing in Kazan and Togliatti in November. Makes Hartford seem like Paris. Then see how funny boy acts.

Lenny I am at the arena already(I am on my Sidekick phone right now) ... I am waiting to go inside since here they wait until the last possible moment to let you in ...

Lets do it up Vally again!!!!! Love that straks is back, good to see hank can take a night and hopefully they rally aroud vally like they did in Toronto...also good to see avery is healty, hopefully te return of straks will inspire and spark jags to make some magic!!!! Lets go rangers!!!!

theses 2 guys have to be the same person , or something...as long as they dont start knocking the Rangers players , like i think they are starting to do....and LENNY , i have no problems with you , but just stop knocking down Hossa !!! It makes me mad ,anyone who starts ragging on my Rangers and starts knocking them ...i can see maybe some other fans , but not real Ranger fans. Hossa has a RANGERS JERSEY , GET USED TO IT ,,stop putting him down , if you do , I'LL BE NICE TO YOU :)

GO RANGERS GO!!!!! game time ...game time....gonna be soon , SaWeeeet!!

Lenny just ignore this dumb idiot.Let Dubi handle him.Hes 30 something single with no life so why bother?

we forgive you little kid.You just didnt get enough hugs when u was a child its ok tho.

Ugh...have to listen to Potvin all game....stupid Florida feed.

Bad play by Strudwick almost costs a goal.

wow shots 17 to 4 and valli is incredible


Nice. Drury!

Totally outplayed and we go into the first intermission up 1-0! Now that is a turnaround from some of our games last year.

Gomez looks awful, Jagr needs to shoot, Mara can't take those kind of penalties, Struds makes a bad pass and it almost cost us. Too much sloppy play.

Lets get a solid 2nd period.


This the PP we need. Get this goal. Ned to establish the killer instinct.

Time for the PP units to redeem themselves after that awful first PP attempt.

Nice set-up, just shanked it.

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