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November 29, 2007


Dubi, any word on Mara's injury?

so what do you all figure 32 days until hank is offered a contract extension? I hope the ranegers continue to play this well while avery is out. the general concensious is that avery should also be resigned right? personally i would hate for the rangers to trade him to a team we have to play against.

Gotta keep Avery. Though maybe get him Lasik so he can lose thise glasses...

Starting next season we only gonna play divison teams 6 times instead of 8 but we gonna play every team in NHL ATLEAST ONCE

I thought Marcel Hossa played really well, I fell asleep before the third period started, but he played great the first two periods. Just thought I'd go out of my way to say he played well since everyone goes out of their way to blame him for anything that's gone wrong since Malik has been out of the lineup...lol

Great game, some things could've been better but whatever. I hate Chris Simon, I'm glad Orr pretty much handled him, I don't think Simon even landed a punch. I hope Hollweg gets a chance to fight him before the season is over, as bad as Hollweg has been in fights basically his entire NHL career he handled Simon in the pre-season.

Let us see the Rangers win 4-2, they played a pretty solid game, the goals were off the attack of the net and most of all it was a team effort.

There were a lot of positives from this game starting with seeing where the Rangers scored from and how they scored. They skated, they attacked in close which kept the Islander defense off balance.

Really interesting to notice how the more the Rangers had bodies in front of the net the more that Dipierto lost focus. The Rangers kept him in his net and limited his wandering.

Drury goal off a rebound, Gomez goal with Shanny parked in Dipierto's face and Dubinsky from a couple of feet away. Those are what the Rangers need to do consistently and if they do that then all the complaints about the offense will go away.

Even Jagr's goal was solid because he used a screen that handcuffed Dipierto.

Just wondering though as Henrik allowed a couple of soft looking goals so should we apply some of the same standards people are using on others.


You fell asleep during a Ranger/Islander goal and then let us know it??????????????????????????

Man we have to work on your stamina, a college student who falls asleep during a Ranger game what is wrong with today's youth?

We might have to send you to the minors to work on your conditioning

NEW YORK (AP) -Islanders forward Radek Martinek accused Rangers enforcer Ryan Hollweg of trying to rip the stitches out of a fresh gash on the left side of his face Thursday night.

Martinek, a non-threatening defenseman, received 15 stitches Wednesday night after being cut by a skate blade during the Islanders' 3-2 shootout win over Ottawa.

"Give Martinek credit, playing after an injury like that," Islanders coach Ted Nolan said. "In this game, you have to have some respect. When a guy like Hollweg tries to scratch an open cut on someone's face, that's not professional. It's not a classy thing to do."

Hollweg denied threatening Martinek or trying to grab the stitches during the Rangers' 4-2 victory over the Islanders.

Martinek was back in the lineup Thursday and joined a first-period scrum near the benches that featured the hardest hitters on both teams - Brendan Witt and Chris Simon of the Islanders, who were scuffling with Colton Orr of the Rangers.

As players from both teams entered the fray, Martinek said Hollweg threatened him and then reached for his face.

"He said he is going to take my stitches out. I think that was stupid," said Martinek, a 5-foot-11, 200-pound defenseman.

Martinek added that no damage was done, but said he had never seen a player act in such a way.

"No, no. Never, never," he said. "I think he could show a little bit of respect, but he didn't. I cannot respect him."

Hollweg contended that he was merely defending Orr, a 6-3, 222-pound forward, who has five career points and 239 penalty minutes in 114 NHL games. Simon and Witt had already double-teamed Orr before Martinek got near.

"There's three guys all over Orrsie and he goes in there," Hollweg said. "I was just clearly protecting my teammate. I might have face-washed him, but I wasn't attempting to pull his stitches out by any means.

"I was just trying to clear guys out. I am not going to let them have a fourth guy go in there."

Orr was given a four-minute penalty for roughing with 2:41 left in the first period, and Witt took a single minor. Simon and Hollweg weren't penalized.

Last season, Simon received a 25-game suspension for a two-handed stick-swinging attack to the face of Hollweg, who wasn't seriously injured.

How do you like that. Whinelanders are making up stories to take the focus of bad officiating tonight.

HL sucks!! Trade him immediately!!!!

It's the homestretch of the semester, 2 weeks left, I was on 3 hours of sleep and today is my busy day, and I had pick-up hockey at 9:45 and didnt wanna be completely dead, cut me some slack! I'll be sure to watch Rangers in 60 or the repeat whatever is on tomorrow afternoon!! haha. Besides, if you send me down to the minors I'll most likely be claimed on waivers.

I really can't stand the Islanders this season. I find myself disliking more islanders than usual this year, I mean normally I really dislike the team as a whole but can at least respect some of the players. Guerin, Comrie, Sillinger, Simon, DP, and so many of their players this year, i just cant stand them. And add Martinek to the list, give me a break! Hollweg tried to rip his stitches out? That's such an out there accusation. And Ted Nolan, man oh man. Can't stand him either. I really hope we meet this team in a 7 game series if they manage to make it to the playoffs.

Straka makes a big difference on this team. Glad to see him back. Also like the 2 different pp units. Way to go Rangers it's always good to beat the Islanders. Hope Mara is ok.


thanks for the link to the nyt hockey blog. never knew it existed.

sam im just curious did any of the players mention the crowd affecting the game at all? because i was in section 404 and damn it was rowdy!!, a lot of DP sucks chants, i think they got to him, hes so weak wilting under the intense ranger crowd! it was awesome to be a part of, it was awesome in the 3rd period an islander fan wearin a DP jerz right near me startin havin words with this rangers fan meathead, and then some other rangers fans got up and had words with him as well, next thing i know the security guard is closin in and he tells the islanders fan to sit the hell down hahahaha gotta love homer security!!!!

few more things, i love the way our lines are shaping up, having straka and callahan back is so clutch, they totally planned having avery play through the pain until those 2 got back, good planning by the braintrust, IMhumbleO i think the rangers missed callahan more than many rangers fans think,

fearless prediction, doobie is gonna be one hell of a player!!! im lovin what i see from that kid, he is our number one center regardless that jagr is on his line, how do you like them apples?

The Rangers beat a tired team, but the signs are pointing in the right direction. The guys who should have scored scored. I know Shanny is terrified of contact, but did anyone notice how he peeled off of Martinek late in the 3rd? Somewhat embarrassing, but I did notice he was working in the crease on the PP, and did not panic so much with the puck in this game. I hope that is a sign that he is getting his confidence back in the physical game.

DUBI do you agree with Greenbugh NYP..."The definition of coaching is putting players in positions, where they have the best chance to succeed."

Overall I thought it was a pretty good game for the Rangers. I'd still like a bit more "shoot-first" attitude from the usual suspects but at least some of the big guns got on the scoreboard for a change. Jagr had some serious jump on his stick in the third with a few dipsy-doodle moves. Unsung props go out to Hossa who battled well along the boards, Prucha who threw way more hits than a guy of his size should be capable of, and Girardi who will become the best #3 D-man in the NHL within a few years.

Looking towards Saturday, I think Malik will be back due to Mara's perceived injury. It didn't look too bad on replay but the pain on his face was alarming. Plus Malik needs to get back in before he gets too rusty. I'd say to keep the 4 offensive lines together as is unless some additional bulk is needed. Hopefully the Rangers can pound the slumping Sens a little further back down to earth. Carolina should be quite a litmus test.

I think that's probably one of the top two or three functions of a coach, but I wouldn't go so far as calling it "the definition of coaching" since it doesn't have the word "win" in it. Perhaps a closer definition of coaching that includes that same thought is to maximize the team's chances to win by maximizing players' ability to succeed individually and as a team. One of the things missing from Jay's definition, for example, is a player accepting a certain role that is not his individually best chance to succeed but helps the team win if he can succeed within that role. Perhaps the most extreme example of that is Eddie Olczyk in 1994 -- with no chance to succeed on the ice, he took it upon himself to help the Rangers succeed in his role as Black Ace.

Was sitting in the 300 section last night. It's been a long time since the garden had such a strong buzz going. Everybody piled on the islander jersey clad fools. Real proud of the crowd last night, although H*&o Larry didn't get a big reaction. Go Rangers!

Dubi, nice definition of coaching. Now I know (and I'm sure you know) where that original question was going: does Renney do that? Some people would argue no--what with Hossa out there and not Dawes, etc. But coaches can't correct every flaw or funk that a player goes through, and can't control the fundamental ebbs and flows of people's moods, wellness, will, etc. We all know that there are days when we go to work and we feel really on, and days when we don't. A coach gets blamed both for his players' flaws in this department and his own.

As for the blogging in game. I know it doesn't bother you but it drives me crazy. Reporters do this in game, too, but they don't hit enter until the game's over, they've reflected on what they saw, and made an overall judgment on the game. I just can't stand that every mistake by a player person X dislikes feeds that player's reputation (you rarely hear a small positive about a player, but a small negative...LOOK OUT) whether its Malik or Hossa or Avery or Gomez or Shanahan or .... It all just seems to be focused on the microcosmic. A good team still makes mistakes, good players still make mistakes, but good teams overcome those mistakes and capitalize on the opposition's mistakes more often than not. Good coaches also create a mindset, atmosphere and system that this is possible by this group of players (something I think Renney and company do very well), and this is the macrocosmic.

This team played a great game last night despite its gaffes. That's what a good team does.

straka makes such a difference. jagr is a new man when he is in the lineup. yesterday listening to xm 204, espo had the rangers as his #1 choice to win the cup. he said sather will do something to make them the champs this year. unless he can get ovechkin or crosby he better not trade any of the kids, especially # 5 & 51. they are studs. also, hockeybird is back in business. can you please put a link to his site.


Good comments regarding miscues during a game. We all see them and comment on them, either in our minds or in a blog but nobody plays a perfect game, coaches, players, refs and fans!

Good win, played with more passion then past Isles games, but stayed within the system. Two nice breaks for the fishies got them their goals, otherwise a very solid defensive game.

The Shanny PP unit was the best because they shot the puck. The Jagr unit should have converted one PP, they moved the puck well, but need to shoot more.

I view Saturday night's game as a very important one for the Rangers. Not because it's such a vital 2 points at this juncture, but I just think it's important for their own mental health that they come in, face the reeling Eastern Conference champions on the road and come away with a big win. Far worse for morale would be the Rangers proving to be "just what Ottawa needs to snap out of its funk." Rather than being tonic for the Sens woes, the Rangers need to come out and bury them. A 5-2 win ought to fit the bill.

#5 and #51 aint going no where.Ovechkin wont resign with Caps im not sure when hel be a free agent but Rangers better do everything they can to bring him here


9-1 sounds a lot better

Ovechkin will be an RFA and will be offered league max because he already rejected 9m.. anyone can offer him league max (20% of the cap), but Washington WILL match, end of story.

of course putting coaching in a one sentence definition is not enough. But to assume I was saying something without me stating it is nonsense. But some here like to patronize.

Gee Ted Nolan complaining about something after an Islander loss to the Rangers. I'm totally shocked. What a set on him caling Hollweg classless when Simon was jabbing Colton Orr while he is tryin to fight off two other fishies.
Anyway Saturday is another tough game, I'll be happy with some kind of a point in that game.

Gee Ted Nolan complaining about something after an Islander loss to the Rangers. I'm totally shocked. What a set on him calling Hollweg classless when Simon was jabbing Colton Orr while he is tryin to fight off two other fishies.
Anyway Saturday is another tough game, I'll be happy with some kind of a point in that game.

There was a discussion about Ovechkin a few topics back. I think it comes down to who the Rangers let go as UFA's next year. If they lose 2/3 or 3/3 of Jagr/Shanny/Straka you better believe they replace them with at least one marquee name. Cap room might be tricky, but those 3 aforementioned players will clear a lot of room even when you factor in Hank's extension that he'll get in 2008.

Rumors (not to buy into them too much) are that Ovechkin might want to play for a competitive team since the Caps management haven't shown they a clue as to how to build a hockey team. Best case scenario for us is that Ovechkin refuses to sign with the Caps, holds out and their management knows they can unload his rights for a bunch of talent. I know they need a goaltender for the future and there won't be much in the way of UFA goalies in the upcoming off-season so it behooves us to get Montoya some time - obviously not at the cost of our team's performance - to see if he's got any value to other teams. Additionally, I'm sure they'll want a good, but relatively inexpensive forward and another high ceiling youngster.

I like Prucha/Dawes/Tyutin (I don't think you can consider trading Staal since he's got a higher ceiling than Toots), but if 2 of those 3 plus Montoya nets us Ovechkin you'd have to do it, especially with a trio of our top scorers on the wrong side of 35.

Mara was in sheer agony on the bench, and when he came on for the stick salute he had his arm pressed against his body. I'd be surprised if he didn't break something.

"Ovechkin might want to play for a competitive team " lol isnt player wamts to play on one of those.As much as i would like ovechkin inrangers uniform giving them Tyuts would be crazy.Now on the other hand Dawes Montoya and a draft pick would sound just perfect.

"that's not professional. It's not a classy thing to do"

This is why I have ZERO respect for that jerk, Ted Nolan ... Last season's playoffs he made a comment that pissed off the prissy Sabres fans but they were entitled to their upset since he said something along the lines that the best way to beat the Sabres was to take out Ryan Miller ...

When Chris Simon nearly took Hollweg's head off, when Witt played "injured" to avoid fighting Brasheur against Washington and then popped right back up after Brasheur got the penalty, when Sutton tried to elbow Avery in the head a few weeks ago, When Simon took 3-4 free punches at Orr's head while Orr couldn't fight back .... WHERE WAS THE PROFESSIONALISM AND CLASS FROM HIS FREAKING TEAM? Did he comment on ANY of those incidents about their lack of class and professionalism? Of course not! He freaking stood up for his losers and 100% backed them up. I know that I read here a lot of people, per usual, complaining that Tom Renney wasn't blasting Simon left and right for what Simon did ... instead Renney chose to act with some class and say that he was shocked and disappointed to see that from Simon because from the time he had known him he only knew him to be a good man. I am sorry but you really can't teach class to people, either they have it or they don't. Ted Nolan? He is classless, just like that entire team and organization. When they lose they whine and complain about ish that has NOTHING to do with the reason they lose ... but when they win? You don't hear a peep from them.

>>I really hope we meet this team in a 7 game series if they manage to make it to the playoffs.

Really? Look, I despise the Icelanders as much as anyone on this board, but they're a disciplined, excellently-coached team that plays well over their talent level (and out of their minds against us), and with a great goalie. Logically, they should fade as the season goes on, but you have to give credit where due. I wouldn't want any part of them in the playoffs, at least if they started today.

Vince are you blind?Hossa ha da great game he broke up passes on the PK almost all of them that he was by,he set up his teamates and they way he played the board was worth his 800k.Hossa might not be great but give the guy a break when he has a good game.I cant believe this we beat asslanders 4-2 THE WHOLE TEAM played like the Rangers we havent seen for a while and u still find a reason to complain.WHats t=next it was Maliks fault on the 1st goal.I mean cmon seriously can we enjoy one goddam win with out somebody crying about Hossa or Jags or Shanny.

Jagr looked like his old self last night, that was the best part of the game. It is great watching he and Straka dish the pill so effortlessly. As long as Jagr is on the team, we need to have someone who can play his game with him. Another nice thing about Srtaka on the point on the PP is that if a defender gets behind for a breakaway, Straka is fast enough to break it up, unlike some others back there.

All the lines played well. Callahan was pure energy, it is nice to have him back. He has a way of getting good shots from odd angles and finding corners on shots that look harmless. Still wondering what happened to Prucha's finishing touch, but the line got a lot of chances, I expect the goals will start to go in.

Gomez' line was excellent. He lugged the puck effectively from end to end. Hossa created three great opportunities -- the one in which he fed Shanahan across the crease for what almost was a slam-dunk goal, one in which he set up Girardi in the slot and a third play in which the shooter (not sure who, Mara maybe?) missed the net from in front.

Both teams had several glorious opportunities either denied by the goalie or missed, but the outcome was right.

another thing that was so annoying about the islanders is the reaction of their goalie after two of the goals. he's so over the friggin top in his reactions, sprawled out on the ice after one for an extended period of time and just shaking his head in a way too animated fashion after another. he reminded me of some of the kids my son plays with after giving up a goal. he so lacks maturity it's hard to imagine he's gotten anywhere in this league. i really despise that team.

If Renney breaks up Staal-Rozi to put Malik there and put Staal with Strudwick like Weinman is reporting, that's a dumb move. You don't take a top D guy like Staal and relegate him to the least used defensive pair. If true, another Renney gem. Thanks Tom.

again re AO - the deals mentioned above will not even get the Rangers a seat at the table in talks to get him here. At least make the trades reasonable, this is a world class player that Washington will not let go. It would take a kings ransom and the deals I see listed are not even close.

Lenny for the 1st time ill accualy will agree with you.Malik and Mara/Struds i dont mind but if he sends staal dere hel be a complete idiot

on the other hand i dont wonna see Malik and Struds together that would be a disaster.

Yes 1st i typed it then i thought about it lol

Geez ant, we just agreed for about 1/2 of your post. Better something than nothing.

Glad you found out where the caps key is located. LOL

LOL :)


so what is Renney supposed to do? Put the disaster in waiting that would be Struds/Malik together? THAT makes no sense and that would be bad coaching ... He needs to put the players in positions that will allow them to succeed, Malik with Struds is not a pairing that will allow both players and the team to succeed ... Malik at the very least has success and can play with Roszival but put him with someone else and all his weaknesses are exposed ... So no Renney is NOT wrong in this, it is the only thing that makes sense ... Mara is injured, if he wasn't then Malik wouldn't be playing, but because he is injured then Malik has to play so Renney has to pair him with someone who will enhance Malik's attributes and which will help Malik and his partner have a good game ... it is to Staal's credit that the coach believes in him so much that he trusts him to play with Struds ...

Is this what Renney ultimately wants? He didn't appear too happy with the prospect of Staal not being with Roszival and cutting Staal's ice time, which is why Malik was a healthy scratch yesterday ... but now there's an injury and he has to work with what they have and do what is best for the team, and that is certainly isn't pairing Malik and Struds

You are right ant, Malik and Struds will be a disaster. Why not bring up Baranka to play with Struds and send Malik to Hartford for "conditioning". Don't think he has to go through waivers for that.

Staal is being punished here when he is a top defenseman and getting better each game.

No Matty, bring up Baranka and send Malik to Hartford for conditioning. Baranka and Struds will not be the disaster that Malik and Struds would be.

I realize that we have a snowball's chance to get Ovechkin unless you start including names like Staal and Lundqvist, but what is Washington to do if he holds out? I suppose they can play hardball and let him sit out the season (I remember the Wings doing that with Fedorov one of the years they won the cup) or they can get something for his rights like cheap young players with a good upside. For the part of the DC area that even realizes they have a hockey team I don't think being a bottom 3rd of the league type team is going to cause their fanbase to stray since they're already a bottom-feeder with Ovechkin.

My main concern ultimately is where we'll find the scoring threats from our top line wingers after this season or the next? I know they're not scoring much this season, but at least Jagr/Straka/Shanny command respect from the other team's defense.

It would take Prucha regaining his 30-goal touch, Dawes becoming a 20+ threat and Callahan notching at least 15-20 to make up even a fraction of the firepower they the elder trio represent. I don't think we necessarily need a 40+ goal scorer to be successful, I like having 3 balanced lines and a 4th line that does it job well, but it looks like we might have at best only one 20-something scorer at this point.

We'll potentially have the cash (Jagr's 4.5, Straka's 3, Shanny's 5+), the star players to attract other star players and a good mix of youth thrown in.

please Lenny, they are not sending Malik to Hartford because he doesn't need conditioning and he knows it and his teammates know it too ... and before he got hurt, for all the complaining that a lot of people do about him, right and wrong, he was playing well and not putting our team in vulnerable positions so his demotion to Hartford isn't warranted and that isn't how you run a team and treat players who other teammates clearly like and respect and if you don't believe that his teammates like Malik then all you have to do is look at the tape from when Malik was getting booed on the first game of the season and he scored and the way the bench reacted ... and how happy they all were that by the end of that game Malik wasn't getting booed ...

You are very knowledgeable Lenny about hockey, what with all your many many many many years of experience watching the game ;))

BUT your biased attitude towards some of the players that you don't like, and the coach clearly skews your views and conclusions when it comes to certain decisions the coach makes that are just common sense decisions ...

I have no hate for Malik i just dont want staal playing 10 mins a game.I just hope when mara comes bak hes pair with Malik and STaaly will get back with Rozy.

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