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November 28, 2007


That was the first time i ever read blueshirt bulletin and didn't find one morsel of information interesting...time to get back to the game tomorrow night!!!!!

Not one morsel? Not one single morsel? Not that penalty killers around the league are using new tactics? Or had you noticed that already on your own? Not that Renney is rethinking how often he is going to use Lundqvist now that Valiquette has emerged as a reliable backup? Not that Marcel Hossa has played himself down the depth chart? Well, you knew that, but you didn't know the coaching staff was thinking that way too. Not one wee morsel?

Avery out for two weeks... grrr.. but maybe we'll actually beat the fishsticks.

It is a little disconcerting to hear the coaching staff talk about the PP in some of the same ways the fans do. For example on the 5-on-3's, if they think Shanny and Jagr should be placed higher in the zone then WHY AREN'T THEY?!?! That has been going on for 2 seasons now. And if they believe they have to get more traffic in front and score dirty goals, then why is there no difference in the PP? The first unit is still not getting in front of the net, nor are they generating more shots.

How can any coach let this go on for so long? I like Renney as the coach of this team for many reasons. But sometimes I think if he was just a little harder on his players, then we would not see these things happen over and over.

Good stuff Dubi as always, Avery news is not good for us. Hopefully Callahan's energy will spark us. The funny thing about Hossa is I think he can be good, He has a nasty shot that we rarely see, I think he is more of a use than Hollweg is. However, I think Greg Moore should be kept up here top see what he has instead of Hossa. At this level you need guys who can score on EVERY line.

will Prucha finally get some PP time again? They talk about guys getting in the paint, that's where he usually is. He's not afraid to get dirty! He's not perfect, but he deserves the reward . He gives 100% every shift.

I've been horribly disappointed with Hossa (except for that one shootout goal which was beauteous)--and it was interesting to hear what Pearn had to say about him, because ultimately I like Hossa. He just seems to be so tight when he plays.

Thanks for the insights and the updates, as always. What's this about Avery????

As an attendee at this event, and visitor to every possible Ranger site there is, I have to also respectfully disagree with Dennis. Great stuff. Too bad many more Ranger fans could not have been there. The Ranger coaches as expected were candid, informative, loose and brutally honest throughout. When addressing some tough but professional questions, they pulled no punches. This was not your typical Al Trautwig in between period chat with the coaches. Believe me Dennis would benefit if this session was re broadcast on MSG or Rangers.com. The cameras were there, so I'm sure we will see "snipits" of it somewhere. ..."the Attorney from 419"!!!

I am mystified that Hossa's lack of production is attributed to a lack of confidence arising from his playing in the shadow of his brother. I don't recall Dennis Hull or Pete Mahovlich or Henri Richard or Rob Niedermayer or Marc Staal not performing to the best of abilities because their brothers were hall of famers (on Eric I'm projecting). He's not a teenager and not a rookie and not a stranger in a strange land any more. It used to be you sent a player to the minors to gain confidence against lesser players, but I don't know what they can do to help him if the assessment is correct.

For the 1 trillionth time, Marcel Hossa is a BUST. Maybe he'll get hurt like Malik and is out for multiple games so we see how much better we are without him.

avery is having wrist surgery, and will be out at least 2 weeks per Zipay

i cringe at how we played last time we didnt have avery in the lineup...time for hollweg and orr to step it up and protect the boys from cheapo witt and company....tommorow night we dine on fishsticks......yuck....

i cringe at how we played last time we didnt have avery in the lineup

As I recall we started turning things around BEFORE Avery came back to the lineup ... Sucks that he is hurt again but he should've had this surgery in the summer, but no matter, better now than in March or April ...

better now than in March or April...

i agree and i agree with getting it done in the offseason, but still i like having avery in the lineup ..

How could anyone wish to see someone get hurt??? This is his livelihood. How would you like it if someone wished for you to get hurt so you couldn’t work?

Blaze, it's like preaching to the choir with some people ...

BTW did you guys read Sam's blog???

The Pruchster was practicing with the 2nd PP unit with Jagr and Drury! I love it! I have been wanting Prucha to be on the PP with Jagr because that's where he's had the most success since he's been on the big club ...

Also from reading Sam's blog it appears that Avery was trying to convince Tom Renney to let him play tomorrow and then have the surgery on Friday but they didn't want him to do further damage and wanted him to have the surgery ASAP ...

that's what workers comp is for

is he having the surgery today? its an important game as all are...but we need aves healthy and raring to go come february...this game is not as crazy as it will be down the stretch...

I'm thinking they were waiting for Straka and Cally to come back and that this problem has been there for a little while (at least since he aggravated it by getting hit with Shanny's shot). Although maybe the surgery should have been while he was out with the shoulder. At least whatever time he's out will help the shoulder, which is another injury he'll probalby have to live with all yr.

Yeah Blaze, how would people feel if I got hurt and couldn't post any more???

I don't get workers comp, just social security!!

Workers comp doesn't pay your full salary...only a percentage.

Thanks Ron for the link to my blog.

I also want to thank Becks for taking me and wiping my chin as I drooled over those handsome coaches. OMG, who knew that Pearn and Pelino were such total foxes.(At my age gals go for the cerebral, distinguished types. Ha, and you thought it was my love of hockey that has kept me a Ranger fan all these years. It's all the cute guys.;)

Dubi: Why the arbitrary separation of the discussion of Wolfpack players from this website ? I attended the coaches' briefing at MSG and my main question dealt with why the coaching staff made allowances for penalty killers to skate regular shifts despite no shown NHL scoring or passing skills while other players with substantial odd man skill languish in the minors. Reference to the only player to register 3 power play points in one game this season on either thr Rangers or Wolfpack. Renney danced around that one, but it's past time for the Rangers to make space on their roster for a player with PP skill; Callahan with 1 point in 8 games this season is not that player; Prucha probably is such a player as is Dawes.

akayama, separting the discussion of the Wolf Pack and the Rangers is hardly arbitrary -- it is very well defined. The WP discussion appeared a day earlier on our WP web site, Howlings, which Mitch writes. I provided a link to it yesterday. Mitch put the Ranger material together for this site since it wasn't relevant to the Pack, and Ron's comments were incorporated too, including one comment on the Pack.

As for the PP question, it's a good one, but the answer to me is pretty clear -- the problem is not lack of PP talent, at least among the forwards, it's too much talent. The Rangers have put their top six forwards out there in recent games, and there was still no room for Prucha, a power play specialist already in New York. So bringing up another PP specialist without any PP time to give him at the expense of another vital role player doesn't make sense to me.

With the Rangers rolling four lines -- three potential scoring lines and one defensive checking line, as everyone seems to agree is necessary in today's NHL once you get to the playoffs -- they can't afford to use a roster spot for a PP specialist who can't play even strength, especially when they already have a plethora of PP forwards. When Dawes rounds out his overall game, he will be back. He may be pressed into duty earlier than that if injuries recur.

The problem is the lack of scoring from proven PP players, not a lack of PP players. From all I've heard, the problem seems to be an inability of the players to buy into the coach's system. If you recall last season they had that same problem with the defense -- problem solved. Now they have to solve the PP problem, which has festered for three seasons. A number of viable options have been proposed within the team and out here among us fans -- but benching Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Gomez, Drury, or Avery is not something that is ever gonna happen, so don't expect any complaints on that score to ever be taken seriously.

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