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October 27, 2007


thaks dubi...one would love to believe that our beloved blueshirts would explode eventually, but we seem to show an uncanny ability to keep downfall streaks alive like no other team...we should sweep the leafs of fall like the leafs that would fall should it ever stop raining...lets go rangers....you NEED to win home games...the other night vs the WT hockey team from nj, we added 2 points to our total, all the while...pitt lost, we beat the devils and the flyers lost all to out of division foes....it evened things up a bit..keep goin boys...

Lets see if we can put together our longest winning streak of the season!

The Maple Leafs do have a great offensive attack, is as good as their defense is bad ... so let's hope we can put some goals on the board .. we kept a high offense to 1 goal in PIT but we didn't score, let's keep another high offense down but score this time ...

from the previous thread

This is the Rangers year to win the cup as next year Mara, Malik, Straka, Shanahan, Avery, Rozsvial, Valiquette, Strudwick are all UFAs while Dawes Girardi Tyutin Hossa Lundqvist are RFAs.

Out of the UFAs i only see Roszival and Strudwick coming back and maybe Avery while all the RFAs except maybe Hossa won't be here.

That leaves 3-4 forward spots open and 2-3 spots on D open for next year meaning the Rangers would have around 15 million left to spend.

You would assume Anisimov, Sauer, are definates with Cherepanov, Bourret, Moore and all the other hartford guys given a shot.

We are set for the future so let's go and win the cup this year and we'll start by beating Toronto tonight...

The newsday article is a very good article on a very important part of the game, a part that few fans focus on. In the playoffs last yr the fans were going crazy every time we cleared the puck but in the reg season people just think about offensive stats. 4 forwards on the pk means that a guy has 25 or 30 secs to rest before getting right back out there. So if stuck in defensive end for 1 minute then the other group almost has to play for 1 minute or the tired guys get only 30 secs to rest before hitting the ice again. Optimally a team wants pk shifts to be approx 30 secs.


I have the advantage of witnessing the future before you guys do and ask anyone I have not been wrong about the future of Ranger prospects (and no this is not an ego trip for me). Never has the future of the Rangers been brighter.

Ranger fans have no idea just how much better the future is about to become as never before have the Rangers had so much talent among their prospects.

Really of that list of UFAS none are players that the Rangers can not replace.

Give me Sauer over Malik, IF Baranka stays healthy he can replace Rosy(and do better defensively), As for Straka, Shanny and Avery, there is Greg Moore, Lauire Korpikoski, and Anisimov.

I doubt the Rangers will let any of the RFAs other than Hossa walk.

But wait just about to enter the system are Sanguinetti, Hillier and Zaborsky. Rangers should take a long look at Jordan Foote (huge 6'3 215 blue collar player) and everyone expects Cherepanov.

The Rangers are just a year or 2 before they become annual cup contenders (IF THEY REMAIN HEALTHY) and no I am dead serious about this.

Stop copying my posts Jess. :)))


and if the rangers let the UFA's walk we have the money to add a top notch defenseman to play along side Staal, a winger that can score 40+ goals and possibly another veteran role player or another defenseman.

I don't know who is available but that should be the course of action as the Rangers build a team that will compete for years.


Greg Moore, Lauire Korpikoski, and Anisimov can not substitue Avery.Ofeensively maybe but the spark he brings to the game cannot be copied


but avery wants 3-4 mil and a long term deal and he isn't worth that much and with the history of being himself he'd be tough to move if he were to become a problem.

Thats also true

Does the New York Post pick names out of a hat to write about the Rangers this year? Larry Brooks rarely does any non-game recap articles anymore. Who are these people?

"The Rangers are just a year or 2 before they become annual cup contenders (IF THEY REMAIN HEALTHY) and no I am dead serious about this."

God will listen your words Jess.

I'm going tonight! Can't wait.

Let's go Rangers!

Clearing out all those UFAs next year will leave room for signing Marian Hossa...

y'think Marcel's really being kept around for his potential ??


"Clearing out all those UFAs next year will leave room for signing Marian Hossa..."

THAT is whan I would expect- that instead of bringing up ALL that youth, Sather will continue to sign some UFA's from other teams to re-populate his lines. I DO expect all the RFA's to be re-signed, but of the UFA's? Sather will replace 3 or 4 of those with either deadline UFA trades/acquisitions or Free agent pickups next July 1st. The siren song of the UFA is too strong for Sather to resist completely.

Now hopefully these new UFA players will be closer to "in their prime" than in their declining years, as in 2001-2004.

Sather is thinking of signing this guy:


i really wouldnt mind Marian over one of the youths

lenny lol

Ant, Sather might give Omar Minaya a call! :)

Isn't it nice to have good choices? Either an outstanding prospect or an outstanding UFA. No longer will this organization have to accept mediocre UFA's like in the past.

Let's hope Sather realizes this and takes advantage of it. Have to give Sather for finally putting the gears in motion to get this great farm system. I along with others, blasted him for years for not doing that. I don't know what changed his mind in this area but glad it happened.

Meant to say "Have to give Sather credit". No wonder it takes LI Joe 1/2 hour extra to read my posts, he's just getting through the typos. :))


and if the rangers let the UFA's walk we have the money to add a top notch defenseman to play along side Staal, a winger that can score 40+ goals and possibly another veteran role player or another defenseman.

To be honest I think we ought to let the season run it's course and then see where there are holes on the roster or in the system. I do not think they will need to spend money on defensemen because they will have plenty.


Avery has had ONE decent season, he has done nothing to prove he is worthy of a long term 3-4 million dollar a season contract. Sorry but for the money Avery is not worth that kind of money.


God will listen your words Jess.

We play poker every Tuesday night so he knows already and is planning on purchasing season tickets in sec 401 next season. (Memo to the Dolans make him a good offer as you guys are already in deep trouble with him)

If anyone needs to get a little pumped up before tonights game, found this on youtube from the great Inferno...


1.5 hours to gametime...! another big home game, of course, and a big win! 2 more point keeps rangers in the early season mix. my few pre-game wishes include: 1. a hat trick for jagr, 2. rangers do not abandon the D team approach despite a high-flying game, 3. rangers do not allow toronto big men to rough up dawes, prucha, etc.

final thought: GO RANGERS!

Marian Hossa and Jagr could work great together but does anyone know who else is an UFA next year?

Jess i menat that those 3 cant bring what avery brings but yes avery does not worth 3 mills

Oh my goodness, I don't like the Boston Bruins AT ALL but Patrice Bergeron seemed to get seriously injured by surprise a dirty hit from a Philadelphia Flyers player ... Randy Jones hit Bergeron CLEARLY from behind and he went head first into the boards ... it was ugly and he lay motionless on the ice for abou 5 minutes ... he was taken to the hospital and his poor parents were in attendance ...

HIT <<< image from the hit at the moment of impact ...

It is now becoming ridiculous how the Flyers, who didn't have one single player(unlike us) singled out as a "Hit to Hurt" player will now probably have THREE players suspended for hurting other players ... I think the League should hold the team accountable this time ... if that team didn't condone those hits then they wouldn't happen ...

If Ryan Hollweg was truly a dirty player I can almost be certain that Tom Renney would not play him ...

GRRRRRRRRRRRR this makes me angry!

it's on YouTube already ...

I fear playing the Flyers for this reason, for their level of dirtiness and no other reason ...

Link to Video of Hit

Horrible Hit. I feel bad for Bergeron.. I don't like the Bruins, but I do respect him. He's a good player. Hope he's alright. The Flyers are really getting out of control. 3 long suspensions in a period of about 15 games... I agree with you Matty eventually the NHL is going to have to discipline the team because they are getting out of control. Just hope no Rangers are on the receiving ends of one of their nasty hits this year.

Unbelievable the flyers, no wonder there city was voted the dirtiest (among other things) in the country.
The NHL should suspend the coach and GM, and also suspend these players from the playoffs if they make it.
Did you know so far Downey has already served 6 games out of his 20 games suspension, because the Flyers are playing the call up from the minors on paper game, without Downey physically being on the team. The joke is he is also suspended from the AHL, so how can he be called up??? The NHL has to do something with their loop holes like Simon playing in pre season games....unbelievable....

and McCabe is out that is good news for us...


Inferno rocks. Always puts together solid footage.

see the Flyers transactions and you will see what I am tlking about

If Guillermo Mota from the Mets couldn't pitch in front of a paying crowd for the entire preseason AND the first 50 regular season games for taking some kind of roids, there's no way Simon should have played. This hit on Bergeron was dirty and a message needs to be sent to the league. C'mon Bettman, grow a pair.

Great video by Inferno. Don't know the guy but we got something in common. Both been booted from Rodent's site.

Bettman stiffed my daughter on babysitting fees about 20 years ago before he was famous. He eventually paid when I confronted him. Has no guts.

look at that Al says the jerseys are back to normal

Game time. Let's Go Rangers!!

I am getting the HNiC feed ... They just interviewed the new head of the NHLPA and this guy is truly intelligent and eloquent in what needs to be done for hockey ... he used to be a player ... I hope that on the glorious day that Bettman is outed that someone who loves hockey and grew up on it and truly cares about making it grow and prosper is the one to take over ...

I'll take the job Matty!

No Lenny, you have shown that you don't have the appropriate patience, heck you might contract a franchise if they don't win 7 out of their first 10 games ;))


OH BWAHAHA the HNiC announcers nearly made me choke on my soda when one of them said "These NYR fans have been waiting very patiently for their team to erupt offensively" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

He clearly doesn't read this blog ;))

In defense of Randy Jones. The only thing he has in common with Boulice and Downy is that he wears a Flyer uniform. Randy has already apologized and he is not that type of player. I don't think he intentionally tried to hurt Bergeron. He's an offensive D-man who has never played dirty. He's a good kid whomade a mistake. You can't say that is in the same category as those other two clowns.

since when does Jagr play defense????

saved a brakeaway there

Agree with you Mark, I don't think it was intentional but he absolutely needs to be handed a long suspension to show the league won't take hits like that. Jones had plenty of time to see Bergeron turn away from him and pull away from the hit.

Well last game he played harder overall; playing harder in the defensive zone, etc. Looks like he's doing the same today. I'm not complaining!

Well last game he played harder overall; playing harder in the defensive zone, etc. Looks like he's doing the same today. I'm not complaining!

Oops.. Sorry!

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