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October 28, 2007


Im getting sick and tired of this. Enough is enough, start scoring. Its about time Renney realizes that maybe he should use Drury on the wing.

And we dont need Strudwick in the lineup, we need Moore, or anyone from the farm who can provide offense.

Its geting annoying, Drury misses an open net, then Drury hits the post, then Jagr misses an open net, and it seems like NYR is the only team in the league who doesnt know how to set up on a 2 on 1 or 3 on 2.

This is getting to frustrating to watch.

"I really hate some Ranger fans. Some idiot 3 rows above me screaming " Kill Yourself Malik!!".

Maybe he should take his own advice.

And there were WAY too many Maple Leaf fans. I was SURROUNDED by them. Ridiculous."

(A re-post of a section of what I posted in the other thread.)

I hope none of the fellow BB readers or posters fall into that category of aforementioned ignorance/stupidity.

I'll be honest though, I think I only heard one 'Potvin Sucks' chant the whole game. Nevertheless, still a very lame tradition that needs to die out one of these days.

the perfect centerman for Jagr is Dubinski, he slows the game down simiklar o Nylander......Gomex and him clearly do no mesh

Im sorry but i gotta say, im sick and tired of that annoying smile, and humor Renney has during press conferences. Your team has not had a win over a tough team this season. The Panthers, Caps, and even Devs, are not proven playoff teams at this point. Im not gonna get excited until we actually beat a team like the Sens. Why cant he just get pissed, he needs to get through to these players. I hope he's screaming at all of them. Cause someone or something needs to light a fire under this teams ass, it seems like Renney or even Hank is the only one to do it. Hank is hiding it, but i think he is as pissed off as much as most NYR fans. But he probably doesnt wanna come out and start handing out orders. This isnt Jagrs team, or Dru and Gomers team after him, this is Hanks team.

Hossa - Dubsinky - Jagr
Drury - Gomez - Shanahan
Prucha - Anisimov - Dawes
Hollweg - Betts - Orr


Hossa - Gomez - Jagr
Dawes - Drury - Shanahan
Prucha - Dubinsky - Moore
Orr - Betts - Hollweg

Do something...Anything

I'm completely sold on this team now, the defensive committment is fast approaching the best in the league. I was never a Renney fan, but it's become obvious to me what this team is and has been the past couple years.. It's a defensive juggernaut. The goals will come, it's just a litle rediculous right now.

Why would he scream at them? They're giving 100% on every shift... Dominated this game, except for a 8 minute let down, included in which was some terrible luck.

I don't want any changes. Maybe only one of Orr or Hollweg on any given night. I don't see one guy on that ice I don't want besides Gomez, and that'll change, it has to.

Renney calling a practice is a good sign.Him cursing at the last practice is not a good sign, but necessary. Dave Maloney mentioned how bad many of their line changes are, that's not easy to practice. But getting the puck deep first or not taking your time getting to the bench has to be drilled in. I know they can't and won't continue playing almost no scoring hockey. Changing 3 centers is a BIG adjustment. I'd like to see Renney give Dubinsky a few shifts with Jagr. They are still pressing.

First off I want to apologize to Vince A for going off on him in the other thread. I broke my own rule of walking away when someone make you angry and did not walk.

See I have been writing on the web since 1997 and every year someone brings up the "Real Ranger Fan" stuff and that royally makes me mad.

Here is my definition of real Ranger fans:

If you make any effort to visit sites like this one, if you listen to the games, if you watch the games, if you argue about Potvin Sucks, if you are in the middle of the Middle East and you offer to take duty at 2AM so you can listen to a 3 day old tape of a Ranger game on Armed Forces Radio, if you are from Brazil, Nigeria or Japan and think going to a Ranger game was the coolest thing you ever did, if you still have an Ed Giacomin poster up on your wall, if you can tell someone who Andy Bathgate or Lester Patrick was, if you have no idea who wears 68 but think he is so cool, if you plan your wedding so it is over with before an afternoon Ranger game starts, if you like Tom Renney, if you hate Tom Renney, if you purchase a car because the dealer tells you it is colored Broadway Blue, if you are a member of the Ranger fan club, if you are not a member of the Ranger fan club, If you hate the Islanders, Flyers, Devils, Bruins, Canadians, etc etc, if you consider Sam and Joe close friends who talk to you when you turn on the TV, if you have been a Ranger fan for 71 years, if you have been a Ranger fan for 71 minutes

I could go on but really the bottom line is that we are all REAL Ranger fans and there is no real way to decide who is and who is not a Real Ranger fan.

Please I beg of you do not use that argument because it is so wrong to try to question loyalty because we all want the same thing which is to see the Rangers raising the Cup to the sky.

NYR did not dominate tonight
they had no forecheck
they had no sustained pressure in the Leafs
they played like individuals
instead of a team


I just shed a tear...Im serious, i dont know if it was because im so tired, or not, but that was a speech and a half. Bravo mate.


The quip about the fans not being supportive is not at all fair. Even after the game was out of reach, most of the fans were doing their best to drown out the other chants. The boos mostly came after first line shifts that we stuck in the defensive zone.

The last thing that anyone should complain about is the fans. A couple numbskulls might have bood Malik, but the lion's share of the garden faithful were doing their best to drown out the opposing viewpoint.

Not a smart thing to say. At all.


Just beautiful post. I get annoyed as well when someone questions how much of a Ranger fan I could be just because I don't live in NY and only get to watch the team live twice per season. Its like we are all rooting for the same team, we all(ultimately) want the same outcome for this team even if we all have different views on how to achieve that end result. It just makes me shake my head whenever I see people going at each other about how much of a Ranger fan they truly are.

As far as the fans at MSG in last night's game.... I got the TSN feed and they kept commenting on the fans getting on the team and Malik(although they said Girardi in error) mostly in the 2nd period stretch where we lost this game. I was throughly annoyed to see so many shots of Leafs fans in MSG when some Ranger fans can't get tickets because they are sold out for the year. Still, no way that a few hundred Leafs fans should drown out thousands of Ranger fans ... what I think is not that the majority of Ranger fans were booing or chanting the Potvin Sucks chant, rather they were mostly silent which allows for the ones who boo to be the ones who are heard.

Good that the team is practicing today because as I said last night this is getting to the point of being ridiculous ... it just makes no sense to me that these athletes are not only not scoring but shooting wide so much.

Tomorrow we have Tampa to deal with ...

i was at the ranger devil game the other night,,, and the potvin chants were basically distracting... yea sure the one guy that whistles it in the beginning... ha fun. but by the 6th time that night i felt like something a little bit more productive couldve been chanted. timing is everything. its not about being a fan or not... its about common sense and helping your team

no good team has a player like marcel hossa on his line...IE Spezza, Heatly, Alf...or knuble, briere , gagne..there is no sign of a player who has had a 10 game career like last season when he scored 11 goals in 10 games. Potvin sucks is by far the worst thing at any rangers game...tradition is suppose to be enlightening, not annoying...

Here is my biggest problem with the rangers this season and most seasons for that matter. TO A FAN, i am asking all of you if possible, as you sit there watching the game monday night as I am. Have dinner, then relax and get on the couch or chair or bed an turn on MSG or VS or whatever the hell channel it is. Grab a pen and paper. Put a slash mark on the piece of paper every time a shot goes wide for us. Tonght and obviously its the best I can do, but I counted 22 shots wide plus more deflected wide. I tape every single game and watch it again the next day, so I will go over my count, BUT just anyone else who feels like doin that experiment, go for it and lemme know what you came up with.

THEN! I want you to watch the game on vs between two other teams. I can guarentee it will be less. I have never seen a team shoot so much wide of the net. It is mind numbing to see hockey players not hit the net. That is my biggest problem, because when you shoot wide, your letting the goalie off the hook. Anyone agree?

Great post.. I couldn't believe they were on Malik so easily. Well, okay, I could believe it considering the vulgar remarks thrown his way each and every night over the last twelve or so months, but he certainly didn't deserve it tonight. One tiny misstep and suddenly he became the whipping boy for all done wrong by the team in the second.

I guess it's a bit much to ask from your team to have them cheer on their squad. You can't expect much from the loyal fans who booed a group largely composed of youngsters who got shelled by Philly in a meaningless preseason game. If they're going to boo then, why not boo every game for the rest of the year. At least more booing means less Potvin.

Grannyhan is washed up. I suggest putting him on waivers. It would not only help the Rangers if someone claimed him, but also send a message that no one is above accountability. If I am Granny, I am ashamed of myself. Drury sucks. I though signing both Gomez & Drury was a great idea for the future of the team, but is Drury only good when there is less than 10 seconds left in the game?! I am beginning to debate whether 2.5 hrs of my life are worth the effort for this bunch.

This fan base always seems to need a scapegoat. They need someone to assail with all their insults and curses. If it's not Potvin, and Valeri Kamenski, Tom Poti, and Sandis Ozolinsh are currently unavailable, then Marek Malik has their wrath fall upon him. I wonder why athletes say it's so difficult to play in New York. Forget the media, there's a whole truckload of assholes to deal with night in and night out.

I read something in one of the Boston papers the other day and Al Trautwig said it on the pre-game show the the reebok edge jerseys were a complete failure and the are going back to the old ones. Last night still looked like the edge jerseys to me. Are they going back to the "sweaters"? And if so, when?

I am so glad others have noticed the Rangers' poor shot selection. I began to think it was just me, but it's simply not possible for a professional hockey team to miss the net as often as this team does. Which begs the question...exactly what does this team practice. There's been zero offensive flow in 10 games, none of the forwards has a clue what to do. That's supposed to be the game plan from the coaches: STRATEGY. I don't think the Rangers have any strategy on offense. When Avery returns, I'd send either Orr or Hollweg to the bench or Hartford because neither is contributing much of anything to this team. Shanahan....retire....PLEASE! As for Chris Drury, I'm starting to think all of the "hockey god" and "captain clutch" stories covered up the fact that he really is a mediocre hockey player who, on this team, should maybe be on the third line. Other than winning a few faceoffs and making some good defensive plays...what has he brought to the table? Nothing. Comes up at the big moments? Well...it's starting to look like we know why. He doesn't break a sweat most of the time. And I'm saying this as a hockey fan of over 30 years...who loves the sport as much as I love the Rangers. Chris Drury has shown nothing since donning that Blueshirt that he loves so much.

Drury was a mistake.

First of all, and the least important, Jess my friend, you forgot to turn of the italics HTML code in the last thread. Ten lashes in the woodshed.

Agree that I see some posts from names I do not see when the Rangers win but only very few. Most are from the regulars.

There are people on the team that I think should be replaced but if you want to replace several players or replace the coach,the coach has to go just like I have said in the past.

The team is too talented to play this way. It's the coaches job to get the team moving and it's not being done.

In the last thread I read that this one poster looks forward to keep reading past midnight and beyond, that it's Malik's fault the Rangers lost. Other than that post, I read nothing about anybody blaming Malik for last nights loss, even me.

LI Joe complained about wasting a 1/2 hour daily reading my posts. After reading that post, I know how he feels.

so booing and a whistling tradition is stopping goal scoring now, the blame stops here? Maybe it's the new jersey too. When they start scoring & winning while in the same jersey with the same booing & whistling,then what? .... Try the new scoreboard!....

I agree with whomever said that "the goals will come." Team defense and goaltendings win STANLEY CUPS!

This team will be fine.

Remember how bad the team was last year in the first half?

They finished strong didn't they?

I am firmly convinced that this team will end up being better and going further than last years edition.

Not only that, but the future looks bright with all the kids.

Imagine adding a SKILLED offensive defenseman like Sanguinetti to the bunch.....

cjp i agree with drury havt done much...but shanahan and gomez and jagr have done just as little...shanny, jagr, gomez, and drury are the skaters this team needs to be on fire in order to win...right none all of them are worse than cold...drury is a great hockeyy player as is gomex and jagr and shanny...right now that are not playing like it...16 goals in 10 games, they should be ashamed of themselves...

want a good example...the islander were routed on home ice last night to a good carolina team who plays hungry every night...they scored 2 which would still have been enough to beat us....that is bad.really bad...get marcel hossa off the first line...get a fire lit undder someones ass...get me anyone who can hit the net please...Hey Glen Sather...i love what you havedone with this team...i really do...he gave renney the tools...but mr sather, I WILL PLAY FOR FREE...give me 4th line time and 5$ a game and I promise if anything I will hit the net with my shot...might not go in but i carry 6 foot 220lbs...please let me hit the net...lol am i goin crazy his early....like i said before, just 3 games into the season turned to 10...10 will turn o 25 and before u know it we will be at game 50...could be to late by then...that is why game 3 counts as much as game 76-82

I think Lenny is right about one thing: You can't replace the players as easily as you can the coach. If Renney is fired (which would do NOTHING to help this team), that would give the players an excuse to pack it in. Instead of motivating them, it will give them a parachute to save them from addressing what the real problem is. And that is that the PLAYERS are doing a lousy job. Sather is also culpable. But considering Dolan's affinity for perverts and public disgraces, I doubt he will pay the price. It will probably fall on Renney, and that would be wrong.

and it isnt even poor shot selection because even when they get a good oppurtunity to get a shot off, they shoot it wide...CALLING PETR NEDVED!!! he was the king of hitting the glass with what people loved to call an amazing wrist shot...to me a wrist shot hat doesnt hit the net is far from amazing...

i dont want renney to be gone...i want him to be the coach, he is the first coach in 12 years to bring this team anywhere...i know the players care..i know they wanna win so bad it hurts...what i dont know is why if that is the case, do they do things that a 5 year old who learns hockey is taught not to do..like a 40 foot pass across the zone on the pp that gets picked off an cleared....i teach anyone hockey not to make that pass...but what do we do..we force that pass regardless if it works once in 20 tries....

After watching this team for more than 40 years you'd think some things would change, but they haven't. I can remember as a teenager telling my mother, "it's not THAT they lose that bothers me as much as HOW they lose!" Jeez nothing has changed except the names of the players in the sweaters, Er sorry RBK Edge Jerseys.


I agree, go to some others team website. And, thanks for the move.

Chris G

"NYR did not dominate tonight"? What game were you watching? 5 SOG in two periods for TOR? I guess you think we let them skate all over the ice, but when it came time to shoot, they decided not to because they didn't want to embarrass us!

It is time to reduce the game to a simple offensive strategy. Every game so far, it's been like we are up against a hot goalie. Well, we have been. Why? Because every goalie (and every team) will measure themselves against us. So our game plan needs to be simplified. Crash the net, put two guys in the paint and take shots from 20-40 feet out. Start on the perimeter, as we generally do, then bust a guy to the front of the net. Try to draw penalties, keep all the shots low looking for tips and deflections. Shoot wide, looking for a wing just outside the post. Keep things in motion and stop looking for the perfect shot. We are getting a lot of SOG, but most are not difficult to handle. We can still play our defensive game, but the offensive threat level needs to go up. Last night we had a couple of very good segments where we were buzzing around the net. That's the place where Drury gets his goals and the game Gomez likes. He makes some of his best passes in the midst of all that chaos.

Sign Brian Now!!!

Glad you didn't let others stop you from posting Brian. Anybody who tapes the games and watches them at least twice plus mark the number of missed shots which was darn good data, I'll definitely read your posts, keep them coming.

One thing that really shows me how people here can change their mind so fast is the Gomez/Drury situation.

Go back to the threads in July when they were signed and see all the whooping and hollering (me too) that occurred plus many saying we got the cup. Now that they are struggling, there are some saying it was a mistake. If anybody is second guessing Sather, he only got a first guess and all of you (didn't read one post to the contrary back then),felt the same way as Sather.

I like the deal. With 37 goals last season, Drury's definitely playing more than the last minute of the game. I can remember Gomez hurting the Rangers on several occasions busting through with his speed. Renney needs to give both those guys wingers who will work good with them, part of his failing as a coach so far.

Also time to replace Shanny with Moore. Moore is a big 2-way forward, plays the game very similar to Shanny and good time to give him a shot. Shanny has not been the same since his concussion. That plus his age have definitely caused him to play with less intensity. He probably doesn't even realize it since his attitude about the game has always been up there with the best.

As an aged athlete, I think I run just as fast from home plate to first base as I did in my youth but back then they timed me with a stopwatch, now they use a calendar!

Easy rangerbill. I will post my opinions and observations here until someone with authority asks me to leave. What makes you so high and mighty?

Does anyone realize that JJ has lost quickness of his hands?
That’s why he loosing puck so often and create turnovers.

Rangerbill, we make every goalie look hot. That's just an excuse for poor Ranger offense and as Brian said, missed shots. Plus it's not the number of shots but the quality of the shots that matter. I would rather get 18 quality shots than 40 peripheral shots plus another 25-30 missed shots. It's not the hot goalie it's the cold shooting!!

Cwgatti, you and I disagree frequently but like I told Phill and also meant for others like you, I respect your opinions and you've treated me the same way. Don't let anybody except Dubi (his board) tell you to move. Keep them coming!!

"..Dolan's affinity for perverts and public disgraces..." Just another reason to keep Renney, he doesn't fit that description and helps MSG's image . They way some talk here, you'd think it's all his fault. You can't score from the bench. Getting annoyed is one thing, but losing faith after 10 games is weak. ASAP means as soon as possible , Renney will get it done. He's too smart not to, even though he might be too nice in some instances. And this team is too talented too. There's probably not a team in the league that wouldn't take Gomez or Drury if they could afford them. They will both come around as long as they stop putting their own & fan pressure on themselves. Calling up G Moore should help, but that's mgmt's call. They seem to be waiting for Avery instead. That'll work.

Kogan, interesting observation. He's copying Hossa too much!

They still let me post over at Rodent's! :)

Imitation, that post to cwgatti was for you too. Love your humorous comebacks. I also read your serious stuff and give it thought. I call that positive posting, making others think. I hope I do the same thing, with my own opinions of course.

Matt Cullen LAST GAME: Went 10-for-14 in the faceoff circle, earned an assist and was (even) in 17:47 of ice time vs. MTL (10/26)
* Has points in seven of the last eight games (10/9-10/26: 3g, 6a)
He has more point than Drury and Gomez put together!!!!!


for everyone who says give them time WAKE UP it's been 10 games and as a prvious poster said something has to be done before it's 25 then 50 and then we're playing for a high draft pick.
Jess thanks for the apology but your aloud to get mad that was my point we all do and we complain or whine as you put it on here.So I took no offense to your remarks or anyone disagreeing with me.I won't feel the same if I am personally attacked though.Jess keep up the good job of keeeping us informed of the up and comers .Thanks Vince

Wow.. so much negativity! Gomez won't work with the Rangers, Drury is at best a mediocre 3rd line center, etc. Wow. I'm personally not one for question the effort someone puts into a game. In Drury's game he's getting good chances but not finishing (i.e. Post yesterday, breakaway Thursday, being ROBBED by Brodeur on that other chance Thrusday) and I'm sure if he started converting those chances we wouldn't be hearing anything about him being a mediocre 3rd line center. He also does all the little things right too - penalty killing, winning faceoffs, etc. Let's also not forget that he's not playing anything like the way he likes too at the moment. The Rangers strategy for some odd reason has nothing to do with being in front of a net, where he is most effective. If I recall correctly during those last 2 minutes yesterday Drury was finally near the net and almost scored. Having him on the point on the powerplay also makes no sense to me.. was he still on it yesterday? I think he was but just crept up for that opportunity but I'm not really sure.

Gomez I wasn't as excited about as Drury but I think his problem at the moment is being on the line with Jagr. I've finally got to succumb to what Oleosmirf has been saying and agree that they don't really seem to mesh. They create some opportunities but unless one of them drastically changes one of their styles they won't work together, and if they change their styles they become less effective.

I know this team will pull out of this. We've just got to start getting shots on net, getting some people to rebounds occaisonally, and not have any of those short-term lapses against Canadian teams! I'll repeat the getting shots on net thing, because it is rather frustrating. Can't score if it's not on net..

I wonder if the plethora of missed shots is due, in part, to the lack of scoring. The players are frustrated by not scoring. So, they think it takes perfect shots to score. They start shooting for the top/bottom corners instead of just putting it on net. However, those shots are difficult and result in more missed shots. I only watch the games once, so I don't have any evidence of this, just an untested hypothesis.

As for firing Renney, I think it would be counter-productive. The "bounce" of firing the coach would only be a short-term effect. Furthermore, if the new coach implemented a new system, it would take time for the players to learn it, assuming the players buy into it.

I believe JJ realizes that and you can see the frustration on his face.:)))

Jess I just saw the first part of your rant and reread it.You did get nasty.I'm sorry that I don't know Mr Sather and Mr Renney personally but as everyone here including you I was giving an opinion.I am not as lucky as you and I don't know what Ranger reads this or the printed BB,I don't have the chance to meet these people as you do .Thanks again for your apology ,if you truely meant it and did not say it per dubi to show that people that work for him don't go balistic.Have a nice day and we will chat again I am sure since you are the expert I am not .Vince

lenny you have to laugh, the NYR are not the end of the world. This bad streak too shall pass , even though right now it smells like gas;-)

Disappointing loss. Bad ten minutes cost them a game. The power play is a shambles.

I think the Rangers should bring up Moore and Bouret and bench Shanny for a game. If that doesn't light a flame under his ass then he's done as a player. Jagr should be benched a game just to get his attention. Two bad attempts at clearing the puck which led to a goal is warrent enough. My motto? If you can't win us a game you better be damn sure you don't lose us a game.

Ok enough now. We need to shake up this team. Make a trade or sit someone like Shanny. Also Strudwick cant play forward we need some else. Glen please do something!!!

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