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October 25, 2007


Repeat , simple question...Who would you play for tonight if the choice is Strudwick or Pock? This team has been shutout the last 2 games & the PP has not come close to what Renney wants.....

Renney didn't like Pock so he was waived. So we get Strudwick and his dormant offensive skills instead. Or no offense Betts or Hollweg gets moved up a line.

I'd like to see Byers up.

Zubov has numbers right there with hall of famer Börje Salming so no doubt he should make the hall.

Why on God's green earth is a team that hasn't scored in over two games dressing a defenseman as a forward? If Renney feels the need to get Strudwick playing time then either sit a defenseman or ask he to go to Hartford on a conditioning stint. If Renney wants a physical player - as reported by Sam Weinman - then call up a Dane Byers, Hugh Jessiman or Greg Moore. Maybe, just maybe, you catch a little Ryan Callahan lightning in a bottle again. And if you don't, at least you are dressing 12 forwards.


This does not look like a line up that can beat Devils and score a goal

This does not look like a line up that can beat Devils or score a goal****

All of the above why I think Renney should be fired.

I think I like this line up. A little more physical on paper. I would prefer to see Dubinsky move to wing on the 3rd with Betts at center and let Hollweg drop to the 4th.

lenny Renney should be taken on the carpet by his boss. Not getting the players to follow his orders is denying his responsiblity. Players have to be held accountable, & rewarded or punished through icetime. Too much sugar or vinegar is no good, but no vinegar will get no response when the sugar fails.

Well, at least the ESPN article redeems itself with Lundqvist. It is funny becuase Keith Jones the other night on VS said the NYR's poor start was also due to Lundqvist. The VS crew is so disappointing to listen to during games. Both NYR games have contained probably at least a dozen comments which are completely false. And it is not just about the NYR. The other games too. Sometimes I feel like I am watching a fantasy hockey advice show. There's no concept of what's going on off the ice. They noted Erik Johnson's 'underachievement' the other night....and he's been HURT! It's like they check their fantasy stats and report on it.

Gomes should tape about $5,000 to the board tonight for the GWG. And Renney should tape another $5,000 for ANY goal...

Chris, I myself will even tape up some money for a goal tonight!

Pock is such a great player that no one took him off waivers. Whew!

Keith Jones is showing himself to be a total fool. The other night he proclaimed how smart it was for Renney to put Drury and Roszival on the PP points.

Yeah, they really looked good out there, Keith.

Drury needs to be in the crease picking up rebounds and Roszival needs to be sitting during the PP.

Our points should be Mara and Girardi with the first unit, and Tyutin and Staal with the 2nd unit.

And the 2nd unit needs to split PP time evenly because the first unit stinks so far.

The one thing that i dont get about Renney is WHY is he playing Drury on the Point when Drury being by the net his whole career and on top of everything he ended our season being by the crease

not on point or anywhere else

my wish for tonite's rangers win: that hossa scores (multiple times) while thorougly frustrating marty b. AND malik cleanly and with much vigor moves gionta (multiple times) from henrik's crease.

minor comment, why move strudwick up to the offensive side? i thought pock had 2-way skills? or is he performing that bad during the practices? i dunno, thought the guy had some skills and heart when he was called up at the end of last season. his play seemed to fit the renney approach, maybe i didn't watch close enough....?

According to John Dellapina, there was no call up to so they can save money on the salary cap, so its not totally Renneys fault....If you want blame anyone, blame Sather and his 5.2 million dollar contract he gave to a 39yr (to be in January) underachiever whose contract kicks in 2 games, and will affect the Ranger salary cap this year and next

rangers need a big gpal here tonight. stan fischler thinks that shnnay will put one in tonight. check out his most recent blog about the blueshirts:


Pock cleared waivers. . . . what? No one wants the next Rafalski?!?! For nothing?!?!?!

Right now, I would waive Mara and Malik. Whether they clear or not, sign Markov. Get his fat ass in shape. At least we have some new blood out there.

Don't look now, but Eklund is floating a Jagr trade rumor. His hit rate must have been low today.

Rangerbill wrote: "Pock is on waivers because he spoke up." Well, in a way, you're right, but not in the way you intended. What happened immediately after Pock spoke up? He got into a game. And showed that, at the very least, he was rusty. So he was waived, Renney said, to get him some playing time in Hartford. Why look for unlikely scenarios when the obvious are staring you in the face?

EKLUND is a fraud. HE just makes stuff up like we do in the blogs. I go to his site, and actively debate, but he is all B.S. Why do you think he is anonymous?

Thanks, Dubi for nothing more than being observant. There are no Pock vendettas, there is no Bobby Orr in a Pock sweater, he is just what he is: an AHL player.

So then why go to his blog and legitimize him via his hit rate?

Thanks, Dubi for nothing more than being observant. And Honest. There are no Pock vendettas, there is no Bobby Orr in a Pock sweater, he is just what he is: an AHL player.

So then why go to his blog and legitimize him via his hit rate?

Ya know what? You are right. I am just looking for someone to banter with in the hockey cyberworld. I will stick to Spector's site. . . . . . and of course, yours Dubi.

I found this quote on a fox sports article i think some of you guys need to read:

"Renney can not step onto the ice and score goals for this team. The solution has to come from the players themselves..."

cwgatti, Rodent is anonymous. Is he human?? Ever meet him or is he just an avatar? :)

Oh yea, and I'm BEGGING ALL OF YOU...

Please WATCH what the other goalies have done in the last few games, watch the shots the rangers have taken... Time and time again we have BEATEN the goalies, and had about 75% of the net, and the puck either rolls off the stick, the shot gets fanned on because of said rolling, the puck hits the post, or the shot is wide, this is NOT RENNEY'S FAULT. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR PP OR GUYS GETTING HURT!

This is on the players, they are not getting the puck into the NET

Speaking of Rodent, he called Renney a pussy. The only time I ever agreed with him on anything.

As long as we have this excuse for a coach, we are going to under perform. Hopefully the team is talented enough to win in spite of him.

Lynkx, if Renney awarded ice time based on performance and not favoritism, they would have more goals.

I think the Rangers could still have send Pock for a 2 week conditioning stint to Hartford without putting him through waivers. I know last year he declined early in the year which did not make Renney happy and then he accepted an assignment to Hartford later in the year, maybe he refused again this time thus was put on waivers. I am just speculating here.

"cwgatti, Rodent is anonymous. Is he human?? Ever meet him or is he just an avatar? :)"

Rodent happens to be one the most astute hockey/webmasters on the net. Even anonymously, Rodent gives you good factual and educated takes. Much different than fabricating rumors anonymously. Did Rodent boot you for constantly bashing Renney? Your name comes up every time Renney's name comes up. Almost as often as my name came up every time I told people Imonnen was garbage. . . . of course I was right.

just curious: does pock have a two-way contract, or does he receive his nhl salary while at Hartford?

Every team in the league wishes they had our Goals-Against. This scoring slump will pass.
This situation does not deserve panic. But it will annoying if we don't beat Jersey..

Big difference between Rodent and that other idiot -- Rodent stays anonymous because he's such as astute observer of hockey and the Rangers, he doesn't want to be inundated, the other idiot stays anonymous because he's a liar and a fraud and doesn't want people to associate that with a real person, even though we all know who he is (he's a nobody).

Pock refused his conditioning assignment last time, which is probably why he wasn't given the choice this time, not to mention this way they save a few cap pennies.

CWG, you mean I'm still talked about over there at Rodent's after all this time? I guess the adage some people love me, some people hate me but nobody forgets me applies here. :)

Give them all my regards over there.

Dubi, never read Elkund's stuff and after hearing about him from you sand reading other boards, I have no desire to.


CWG, it was more than just constantly bashing Renney which definitely wasn't liked by the members there, it was Rodent telling me how to compose my posts and that was the last straw as far as I was concerned.

Dubi, deletes some posts of mine as well as others here but so far he hasn't told me how to compose my posts. He'll argue with me on a point if he doesn't agree, he won't threaten to boot me because we disagree. Just personal bashing and bad language are frowned upon here and I have no issue with that.

The Rangers problems start at the top with cigar puss.He has shown he is a hasbeen from the time we got him,and he's not going anywhere because therich moron who made an ass of himself in court with that other sport loves cigar puss.Now add that renney although a good man and not a perv like zeke doesn't seem like he is in control of all the players and it effects how he deploy's ice time or line mates.Then there is jj,what a head case,all the talent in the world but doesn't know what hustle and playing for the team means.He ie another good man but he is poisoning the team,even if he scores 50 goals he is a detrement.I want a superstar who puts out evry shift and is there for every minute like to mention one Peter forseberg,and another Joe sakic.I'm tired of hearing about how they need time to mesh...other teams have meshed just fine with more new players because they try harder and have a system that holds all of them accountable.I refuse to name them because I hate them.So enough of all the freakin exscuses play hockey and play it like it's suppose to be played a all fot the team ,you know play for the name on the front and not on the back.Renney needs to go but so does sather,jj and the rest of his croonies.Is this going to happen no but it's nice to wish .I still love theRangers and always will but it would be nice to watch a team that all played with heart and not just a couple and then they don't even get that much ice time.Oh well Go Rangers!

Vince, we call that the Peter principle!

Yea Lenny but it would be nice if some of it happened.Watch out for thr Hook

Can anyone tell me how i can get the blogg to refresh with new posts?

This team does not have 'problems.' They have a goalscoring issue right now and it is VERY early in the season. I'm a little worried with Ranger-killer Brodeur coming in tonight and a Devils team desperate for a win. But, like I have said to other panicking NYR fans, it's not like they're never going to score again. The rest of their stats - as Dubi pointed out yesterday - are pretty good. It's going to come around....

Renney has his quirks. But as he has proven in the past, he can turn them around. He has been able to prove that because Sather has given him the time to do so. If it were up to others on here, we'd be on our 4th or 5th coach since the lockout by now...and probably much worse off than we have been.

...and all you need to know about Eklund is that he is only anonymous to the 'fans' that read his site. I do go to his site. You can find some interesting stuff from the others that write there. But I have not read Eklund himself in a very long time. He *supposedly* has all these connections and has meetings and lunch with all these players and coaches and owners... and even Bettman as he has said in the past. So why is he only anonymous to his readers? Why is he only anonymous to NHL fans when he so desperately claims only to be one himself? That says it all right there to me. He wants to align himself to the everyday fan, but that's also the ONLY people he will not 'reveal' himself to. BTW... if you Google Dwayne Klessel you can see what he looks like. Read his sight for entertainment purposes only.

Vince, shut down your computer, disconnect the power, disconnect all modem lines, have a beer. Take 5, then reconnect all your lines, turn on the computer and VIOLA, the blog is refreshed. That's the Peter Principle way to do it.

Actually, just click on the refresh icon and you have the latest posts!!

Dubi, what you said is Pock was set up for failure by the coach. That is, his "rusty" play got him sent down. Well, that's BS. That means Renney needed a visual excuse to send him down. Doesn't say much for a coach, does it? Now what do you think will happen when Pock gets called up? He will be claimed and we will pay $300,000 for another teams bargin. I think Pock will request a release and return to Europe and be done with the silly games of the NHL. He was never given a real chance, he knows it and wants out. End of story, IMO.

That's some spin job there rangerbill. Blame Renney for Pock being Pock. It's RENNEY'S fault that Sather gave Pock a deal. Why doesn't this logic give Renney credit for Prucha, Henke, Girardi, Tyutin, Cally, Betts, etc. The wat I spin it is that Renney is doing such a good job with every other kid, that he lost track of poor Pock. . . . .

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