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October 24, 2007


I'm going to try my best to not watch the next 5 games... I think my health is suffering.

why show logic and makes sense of there drought. let some of the moronic fans talk about firing the coach and trading great players.. Didn't you know they have reduced the lenght of the season to 30 games not 80+!!!!

To read the posts of these panic stricken fools is scary....

Advice to the Rangers SHOoT THE PUCK whenever you can.. they will turn it around....

Just to let everyone know Callahan will not be playing tmorow....my girlfriend works at the hospital and she just took care of him. He's in a wheel chair at the moment. He took an MRI and should be ok, supposedly it's just really badly bruised. But he's not playing tmorow.

I would still like to see some more intensity out of this team. If Avery isn't out there to push people after the whistle and yap at the other team then it is Colton Orr's job to goad someone into a fight and try to spark his teammates. I am just not seeing the flat out passion right now. The defensive effort is there but there is some kind of spark missing with this group.

Marc, in with hospital your girlfriend took care of him?

i still dont like some of the decision making, not winning games is a bit scary, not scoring goals is even more scary, but not scoring MEANINGFUL GOALS is the scariest one of them all...havnt had a meaningful goal since early in the caps game...i love this team and this organization and turning it around is not something im worried about yet, but like i said after 3 games.. it turns into 10 quick and 45 even faster...blink your eyes and its post all star break...we can do this..just need to make smarter decisions...IE jagr pass on the malkin post hit in the second period...

I just saw something that we put Pock on waivers, apparently a deal might be imminent for a puck moving D. Anyone else hear anything?

I hate games on Versus

Pock has been placed on waivers... perhaps a trade in the works after just clearing $600k?

Did you see they had a segment on the Islanders, the islanders, during a Rangers game, versus Sux...



great post dubi....again. the team is taking small steps towards a (very) good season. feeling like this will all work out for the better. the team approach for defense will be to our advantage in the long haul. no need for any trades, coach changes, etc. - just stay the course!!! it's certainly frustrating to watch but still feel pretty dang good about this team, this group of players. i especially like the latest line arrangements and i hope they stick with this. (till avery and straka return then....??)
my two cents on the lack of offense: 1. i wish the friggin' point shots were LOW and ON NET. that would certainly help get deflections and rebounds. - 2. someone please occupy the crease other than prucha! looking for a hossa or shanny or whoever to fill that space. i know avery would step up but he's not here but this needs to be a part of some games especially when the goalie is in the comfort zone. we're gonna get all those bad penalty calls anyway (against us) so why not take one causing a bit of tension on the crease!?? get the goalie concerned about the crease, and off his game. like i said, just my two O suggestions.

Joeymole, this team does not have the defense to win a cup, yet, I think that a deal is in the works

Did you see they had a segment on the Islanders, the islanders, during a Rangers game, versus Sux...
Posted by: Rob | October 24, 2007 at 12:51 PM

You should have loved their Islanders coverage- they completely disrespected the team.

where4 do u people see pock being waived i checked nhl nyrangers.com and tsn and theres no such news

i hate versus too...can't stand that channel... id rather watch a game from the disney channel

DUBI from SW''"Update, 1:25 p.m.: The Rangers confirm that Thomas Pock has been placed on waivers. No word yet if anyone’s coming the other way, or if the team is contemplating something else.
As if 120-plus minutes without a goal wasn’t enough to cry about, the Rangers may now be without Ryan Callahan, who suffered what is likely a slight knee sprain in a collision with Nigel Dawes last night (right after hitting the post no less)."

I can remember when some on this site were saying that rosi will ask and deserve 5 mil for his next contract.Is thers anybody out there that still feels that way?If there is when did Bellevue let the inmates use the computer.lol He is terrible and malik I'm tired of saying how bad he is and there they are on PK and first pair duties.Toots and Giardi are the top pair put I guess jj won't let renney do that.Renney needs to go even though he is tryely a good man.Put him back where he was player developement,wow sorta weird that from that spot he can't spot and play good young players.We need a coach that everyone answers too not everyone except jj!!!!!!!

The way Roszival has been playing so far, he deserves a pay DECREASE of about 2m.

I smell a trade coming on.

rob - when we're playing the team D game - it works. what a great play giradi made on sid-kid. there were other nice plays. we have some good D back there, and henrik!! ok, so malik needs to keep pumping starbucks directly into his system, i'll give you that one. did you see malkin out-muscle malik for the only goal. malik was in the right place but couldn't stop malkin's stick from contacting the pass.

I love all you patience people. There is two problems on this team:

1. JAGR...he is lazy...he is playing with no heart acting like a 5 year old...Jagr is crying about Nylander only thinking of himself not about the long term damage signing Nylander would have cost us...It doesn't even look like Jagr skated over the summer to stay in shape...He is skating very slow trying to stick handle in a crowd...UNTIL SOMEONE CALLS HIM OUT, WE WILL CONTINUE TO SLIDE DOWNWARD...

2.Coach Tom...once again he is our Leader and he is responsible for holding EVERYONE accountable including JAGR... Send a message to this team. If Coach Tom can't do this he shouldn't be behind the bench.. Ask Messier and Leech what Keenan did to them...

We need JAGR at his best if we have any chance at the cup and it is clear as day that he came to camp out of shape with tissues in hand over Nylander...

Ask yourself this...Do you think Jagr loooks like he really wants to win the Stanley Cup? I await your response.

Malik played a good couple of games so leave him alone wait till he screws up again

RP, nowhere--NOWHERE--has Jagr complained about the absence of Nylander. Sorry. It's not there. Has he gelled yet with his new center(s)--no, but that doesn't mean he's "crying about Nylander." Maybe it has more to do with the revolving door of other wings and whether or not Gomez or Drury his center. Jagr has acted, if you ask me, with professionalism--accepting that he needs to do more, etc.

Does he look like he wants to win the Stanley Cup. Not right now, no; he looks like he just wants to score a goal.

Did I hear David Maloney say during his radio broadcast last night that Jags was sauntering back to the bench, as in, are we at the early stages of showing his unhappiness with losing one Mr. Nylander, and if so, are we in for similar performances as was on display in Washington a few years back? Just wondering...???

Did I hear David Maloney say during his radio broadcast last night that Jags was sauntering back to the bench, as in, are we at the early stages of showing his unhappiness with losing one Mr. Nylander, and if so, are we in for similar performances as was on display in Washington a few years back? Just wondering...???

Did I hear David Maloney say during his radio broadcast last night that Jags was sauntering back to the bench, as in, are we at the early stages of showing his unhappiness with losing one Mr. Nylander, and if so, are we in for similar performances as was on display in Washington a few years back? Just wondering...???

fyi - 8 games in - here's where we sit.

Eastern Conference
Team GP Pts
1. * Ottawa 9 16
2. * Carolina 9 13
3. * Philadelphia 7 12
4. Pittsburgh 8 10
5. Boston 8 10
6. NY Islanders 8 10
7. Montreal 8 10
8. Toronto 10 9
9. Tampa Bay 6 8
10. New Jersey 8 7
11. Buffalo 7 6
12. Washington 7 6
13. Florida 8 6
14. NY Rangers 8 5
15. Atlanta 9 4
* = Division Leader

Or perhaps unhappy that he--and the rest of his teammates--can't seem to score a goal??

let me ask you--if you had a great partner, someone you worked well with, and then you didn't. You had a new partner, and it's taking time to work out the kinks. Might you not wish--at times--that you had the old partner? Or that the kinks wouldn't be so difficult? Sheesh, you guys expect Jagr to not be frustrated and unhappy with the team's performance. It's not fun watching this team play well and lose, so how do you think it feels to play well and lose like this???

And remember you're trying to interpret what Maloney meant when he interpreted Jagr skating back to the bench as "sauntering." Jeez.

Can we not start ganging up on players. What, nobody wants to whip Malik anymore, so you're going to whip on Jagr? The whole team--not just Jagr, not just Shanahan, not just Hossa, not just Dawes--the whole team isn't scoring. Step back people. Perspective. this is a team health issue, not an individual attitude issue.

Godot, very nice post. I agree with you 100%. Great post!

Jesus Christ will you people cut the s**t and stop wit this Washington and pitts crap!!!!JAGR SAID HE LOVES PLAYING FOR NEW YORK AND HE DONT DONT WANT TO PLAY FOR ANYBODY ELSE!!!Thats the deffernce he didnt like Wash from day one please stop with this Jagr crap.Hes doing everything he can its not his fault that Gomez losses the puck when he skates in.And yes he does wonna win the cup he said numurous times already.Jagr is getting older and most likely he wont be back next season.And to say Jagr is playing liek this because Nylander is gone is ridicilous. You want to hate someone hate Shanny.Dont get me wrong Shanny is one of the greatest players but even the greatest players have to say enough is enough and now its Shannys time to say that.Yes he shooys 100 times a game BUT HE SHOOTS IT RIGHT IN THE GOALIE he dont have the same shot ever since the collision.Dawes did not prove to me that eh belongs in top 6 yes he had his chances but i just dont see him being a 40 50 goals scorer.

Our D is perfect right now and yes it is a cup contender Defense when you allow only 2 goals per game thats oretty good.Yes Henrik has been outstanding and hes a huge part of why our goals are so low but if u really look at it we dont alow that many shots on goal.Dmen dont allow that many great scoring chances but whwen they do Henrik is there to bail us out.

Joey are you seriously looking at standing 8 games into the season?

RedPlanet - Yes, I do think Jagr looks like he really wants to win the Cup.

The whole team is off. I love the "no patience" crowd. You would think last season would have shown a lot of us how long a season really is. They were down and out in January coming off a recent 7-game losing streak last year and bounced back. Jagr has not looked any more out of sync than everyone else. And I do not believe he has mentioned Nylander since training camp when he was *asked* about him.

The goal scoring will come. We've hit 5 posts in the last two games that we've only lost 1-0. Re-read Dubi's first paragraph and you'll see that the team is doing a lot of good things. It's coming, give it time.... aka patience.

Bob i dont want you think that my comment was directed at you i wrote that because every day somebody always has to bring up Washington

ant - figured i'd give it some perspective. 8 games in. 3 wins and we're in the 4 hole. that's all. not posted for the doom and gloom like i've heard. c'mon islanders and bruins will fade. carolina and montreal playing well but will have their setbacks. when the O gets going everyone will be all smiles. and it will. jagr is pressing but there's no way he is the problem. neither is renney. quite simply, we're off to a slow start....i remain patient.

I think the only person who reads anything I say is Jess, because all I ever say is that I think their improving game by game. Jeez...

/negative mode on

Look at the Senators from last season. What kind of start did they have?

More importantly, where did they end up?

Joey you absolutely right about isls bruins and the rest of those team and when they do fade thats when we gonna come up

I know how certain people feel about Eklund but has this rumor up about the Rangers...rather interesting, even if it's only for entertainment:

"Rangers D-man Thomas Pock is on Waivers...A rumour flying around today that the Rangers may be talking to Nashville regarding a "young offensive minded defenseman." Nothing more to it yet, but there is a really solid core of young defensemen in Nashville that could really aid the Rangers offensive wodes. The Preds have interest in Prucha and Straka, as well as Montoya.

In this off-season there were rumours flying around that the Habs were very interested in Sean Avery. With Gainey watching last night, more than a few sources started to speculate that the injured Avery could be part of a package deal..."



Avery is not going anywhere but if godforbid he does we are in for a long season.I dont think teams would be intersted in Straka and i9 hope our managemnt is not that stupid to let Pruchs go as for trading montoya i dont have a problem with that

This is turning out to be a nightmare season. Friggin injuries left and right. Aves, Straks, Cally even though its day to day, still its BS. Goodye Pocky, he was half way decent for us, and it sucks that he got bitched around, for guys like Malik.

If this team trades, Pruchs, Straks, Aves, then we are in big trouble.

But Sather isnt that stupid.

Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the most talented goalies in the NHL. He gets into trouble whne he gives up rebounds and he is also very inconsistent. He just caught him on a good night...


Personally i would have no problem trading Straka b/c the way Dawes is playing if he can start producing then the Rangers could possibly trade Straka, Mara and maybe a mid level prospect for a top defenseman. (Bryan McCabe!!)

It's way to early to see any big time trades but considering Straka probably wont be back next year trading him wouldn't be so bad...well except Jagr wouldn't be too happy.


100% agree with your posts ...

Ant, I am equally sick and tired of people bringing up WAS/PIT when talking about Jagr ...

For everyone ripping on Jagr

He is on pace to have 82 points during a time where the team is struggling to score. When the Rangers turn it around Jagr will score even more and wind up with his usual 94+ points and finish in the Top 10 in scoring again.

ok, next 5 games at home. rangers need to get at least 6 out of 10 possible points from this homestand, if not more!! we come away with less than 4 then it may be time to let the rumors loose.

Thu, Oct 25 New Jersey 7:00 pm
Sat, Oct 27 Toronto 7:00 pm
Mon, Oct 29 Tampa Bay 7:00 pm
Thu, Nov 1 Washington 7:00 pm
Sat, Nov 3 New Jersey 7:00 pm

thinking, maybe a malik fan club should be formed. annual dues include 1 pound of starbucks coffee, shipped directly to marek.


Lol, you say some pretty good things on this blog, but that was pretty dumb. No offense, but Orr trying to draw penalties. Trying to goad someone into a fight. Whats he gonna do try and fight Jarko Rutuu, only heavyweights will drop the gloves with Orr, not wussies like Rutuu. Thats Hollwegs job because Hollweg is there size.

Orr is an enforcer not an agitator. Thats Hollwegs job, but i guess we can just put that next to the "Another thing Hollweg cant do" category.


well beating Jersey would be huge but I wouldn't count on it...and according the standings we are only 4 points out of 8th with 2 games in hand...

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