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October 29, 2007


yes it was cwgatti and well Shanahan isnt playing like he did before his concussion. forget the number of goals or missing the net he just doesn't seem right....

my suggestion to Renney would be to try to take Shanahan off the penalty kill even though we are already short there. That should lower his minutes enough to keep him fresh.

and btw imagine a line of St. Louis-Gomez-Prucha...too bad it could never happen

to those of you who are hard on gomez,if he had a real first line winger not hossa that pass in front wich hossa did not get because did not really go to the net would have been a goal.

czech Renney has done a good job, especially when you consider what he has had to work with the last two seasons. He is not a veteran coach, but he will be soon enough. Blaming him for the offensive slump is not really fair. He has their D game fairly together. He deserves this season to continue his progress with himself & his team. His not perfect but he's good enough. He'll get it going, and they'll be in the playoffs.

well that was a very poor job by Renney having the 4th line against the St. Louis line...luckily nothing came of it

oleosmirf -remember renney is a good man!

the kids aren't ready!

Look what happens when you shoot Mara! Anything can happen! Nigel Dawes is now our leading goal scorer.


Gomez cannot cycle...That is how Hossa and Jagr play. Jagr and Hossa do not sit back on the wings crash the net and wait for the pass.

Its a conflict of styles of play and Renney needs to realize that...

And now Dawes leads the team goals who would have thought

Dawes 3 goals in six games....at this pace we are talking over 30 goals...not bad

There has never been any doubt whether Dawes was ready or not, just if he had a spot to play in.

how about hossa's spot ryan?


Renney is not a good man

he's a great man...

oleosmirf-exactly my point,he cannot coach.

Hossa did not start the year in the lineup as you may remember czech.

Argh, I wish I could see this game instead of just hearing it.

will see what happens when the ijured players return ryan.

With the way that Dawes has been playing I can't see Hossa remaining in the lineup, especially when Straka returns because he can play with Jagr too.

that power play was a direct result of grannyhann yes grannyhann being too slow and not being able to get to the puck to clear it.


personally i think that if Avery or Straka can move to center the 3rd line Dubinsky is the odd man out.

Has showed flashes of skill but hasn't been productive at all...

He has an assist tonight and you're already ragging on him? Geez.

Miikka Kiprusoff agreed to a $35-million, six-year extension with the Flames on Monday that will keep the star goalie him in Calgary through the 2013-14 season.
I wonder what king henrik will get...

That's not good enough Phill. Maybe if he gets a hat trick he can receive a 1-game break from name-calling

Yeah .Dawes will get 33 goals playing on a top 2 line and next year Renney will bury him on the 4th line. Play him 5 minutes a night. Play him with the line that scores 2 goals a season. And Renney will tell the press that Dawes is not a top 6 forward because he cant score 30 goals from the 4th line!!!!! Poor Peter Prucha. Renney screwed his head up so bad.

Phill you want to know why he is being disrespected even though he has an assist, and helped kill two penalties? Because it doesn't matter, its all about sarcasm and taking shots at the team, coach, and players ... I am sure that if Shanny and the team break out of their scoring slumps and we start consistently winning it will be a great source of upset to the ones that seem to enjoy doing nothing but insult these people instead of just being critical of them ....

johnm-remeber,renney is a good man!

nobody questions shanny's heart or his character,what some of us who are not p.c. are critical of is the managmentt of the team.Sather gave him 5.2 million,he's 39 and is a shadow of his former self.what you guys are blinded by is the name not the quality of the player.

i will now give renney some credit.i like that he was just animated behind the bench trying to cheer his team on,that's what i want to see from him some emotion!good job


Give it a break. Your act is getting old, you're always harping and you constantly fill this blog with negative vibes.

Instead of posting every single complaint that pops up in your head; write it in a notebook and re-read it at the end of the day and maybe, just maybe, you'll realize how unnecessarily bitter you are.

somebody mentioned duguay and the ooh lala sassoon commercial earlier



hey phil,don't tell me what to do!if you don't like my posts don't respond to them.i'm not bitter,i just want to see this team do well,not brown nose every move like you.

The Jones suspension is about right. I don't think you can let the result of the infraction determine the suspension. IF that was the case, then Chris Simon should not have been suspended since Hollweg didn't miss anytime. What the NHL needs to do is determine definitive positions on hits (i.e. you hit someone in the head - 10 game automatically). Back to the Jones hit, Bergeron must take some responsibility for the injury as well. He put himself in a very bad position.

Here's a Free Agent list for next year with their current team and salary cap hit:

AGGGGHHHHHH JAGR! Miss the breakaway, Jagr hurt, and a penalty shot!!!

Beautiful move by Lecavalier

Maybe shedding some blood will wake Jagr up. How bad was that breakaway?

i have been very hard on malik,but not only was that not a penalty shot,that wasn't even a penalty.it was a good play by him.

Crappy call on that so called penalty shot. Colin campbell a disgrace!

Genius Renney giving too much time to the 4th line. Keep them on the bench unless we get ahead or get a penalty called against us.

Czech is right on point. Until the coaching improves, this team isn't going anywhere.

Orr's been on the ice for 3:20 and Strudwick for 2:40 as of 9:42 left in the 2nd period.

LOL good job ntb. And I would also like to remind you that even if we did play line 4 alot, isn't that how we were successful in the second half last year?

They were just on. W need goals, that's not going to come from line 4.

Why is Drury on the point instead of in front??

You have to play line 4 a tiny bit. 6 minutes in a game seems fair enough. It sounds like we've went back to the old powerplay units?

That last shot shows why Gomez is not a goal scorer. A sniper puts that in the top corner, not along the ice. He should be passing the puck, not the target of the pass. Some good puck movement though -- good sign.

Lazy in defensive zone...No flow in offensive zone....I'm going to bed....


because Gomez is the center on the powerplay and apparently he was a good hockey player at one point...

I can't stand watchin him he is killing this team every game...

here renney goes with the line juggling again

drury shanahan and jagr

yeah,gomez sucks,he only set up at least 4-5 good scoring chances and hit the cross bar.

Can someone please sacrifice a chicken or something! GEEEZ!

the best thing renney has done tonight is to limit the ice time of the fourth line.sean avery,get well soon buddy this team really needs you.you will look great with prucha and dubi thursday.

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