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October 29, 2007


Glad to see Avery make it through first contact unscathed. The Rangers really need his energy with Callahan out of the lineup. I thnk it was interesting that Renney mentioned Boyle's impending free agency (he would make a nice replacement should the team decide Roszival is not worth 5 Mil per season after this year).

I was about to comment on the Boyle thing too Dennis. He's definitely a good puck-moving defenseman who isn't exactly past his prime (he's 31). It'll be interesting to see how much he gets monetary-wise and year-wise on the free agent market and if we would be willing to match it. But that's a long while away. For now I'm just glad to hear that Avery is almost back. We've definitely missed his fire and intensity.

Let's hope the coaches and medical staff do the right thing with the Avery situation. Obviously, hes the type of player who throws his body around, and if he re-injures his shoulder...he could be out for awhile.

Okay, whenever I see Ron Duguay all I can think is "ooh lala Sassoon!"

Now that this is out of my system. I think we're seeing a Rangers team that has all the pieces--a few garbage goals here and there and we'd be above 500. And I don't think they're playing boring Devils hockey: consider how many shots they launch a game.

As for the inner circle. I live in Maryland. I first discovered Dubi and Jess back in the old RFC days. I've never met Jess. I met Dubi once or twice at games (thanks again, Dubi!). They are terrific Rangers fans--they do this work for free (I hope nobody thinks Dubi is getting rich from BB--far from it. I'm a writer and publisher, I know how much work and money goes into producing such items). They provide us with a service. Enjoy it.

And it's obvious that Vince and Lenny and Orr and RF4L and Andrea and Matty and ... well the list goes on way too long... are all Rangers fans too. We talk passionately about this team. We get frustrated with each loss and excited by each victory. And about plantains (yum!). All Dubi and Jess ask, I think, is that we don't always hit "post" right away when we speak from our frustration. Preview it. Reread it. Think about how it makes you sound. I say the same things to my writing students. First thought is not always best thought. Often it's not even thought but reaction.

That said, with the game being on 770 today I can actually get it on the radio (I used to be able to get the 660 broadcasts throughout the NE time zone--even deep in Michigan, but now all I get is Devils hockey: ugh!) so I won't be pinned to my computer for the game tonight.

Lets go Rangers.

this is the beginning of a really important set of 10 games. and a must win to begin that set off in the right direction and with full OFFENSIVE confidence! as discussed during the red wing game last nite, teams can NOT come up on the losing end of two 10 game sets (even this early in the season) or else will have a hard time making the playoffs in the spring. they referenced the avs and the fact they missed out despite a great run at the end. patience is good but confidence is far better and this team has to start playing a bit desperate and playoff-driven. defensively they have the system pretty well in hand (with henrik being most excellent) but the team better get some handle on the offensive game, real quick. my frustrations with this team include the fact that most of the friggin' point shots have been high and wide and generally bad. keep the puck low, hard, and on net and good things will happen during the PP!! and also please someone score a crappy goal tonight, preferably hossa to get his game going.

rumors from the ottawa sun website:


"Talks to send Phoenix D Ed Jovanovski to the Rangers are back on again. While the two teams were believed to be close to a deal at the start of the season, sources say Jovanovski isn't keen about waiving his no-movement clause and might only be willing to do so if he's sent back to the Florida Panthers. Since the Cats don't want to spend a lot of money on salary, returning to the city that drafted him likely won't be the case ..."

Dubi... A small non-NYR specific question. Have you heard anything about the schedule for this season and the long breaks that teams have been getting? I keep reading little blurbs here and there, but I an noticing it in more places. The NYR already had a Sun-Wed break followed by a Sat-Thur. Ottawa just had a week off. And the Isles just had about a week off and are in another long layoff now.

Just curios if there is a reason why teams are going through this early in the season?

he would make a nice replacement should the team decide Roszival is not worth 5 Mil per season after this year

Roszival doesn't make 5 Mil per season, he makes 2.3 and the way he is playing so far I highly doubt, unless his offensive output improves dramatically(even from last season) that he will be making 5 Mil per season for any team ...

Just curios if there is a reason why teams are going through this early in the season?

Because the NHL just doesn't run it's teams schedule efficiently? Look at the end of the year and all the back to backs that most teams have .. it's ridiculous ... although the "reason" that TSN reported for the light schedule a few weeks ago was to not compete with the MLB playoffs and Football as the same time ...

rozsival is a fine RD but cannot be relied to to be the #1 d-man.

The rangers need a legit playmaking defenseman to be cup contenders.

Dennis/Ryan - I assume you're referring to Dan Boyle of the Lightning. He is a force! I remember he played for Miami (OH) in college. He came into Denver and totally dominated the Denver Cup tournament that year. He truly looked like a man among boys and led his team to a convincing Denver Cup win. He'd looked real nice in Ranger blue but he wouldn't come cheap. Cap room would have to be made but he'd be worth it.


I can't understand why there is still talk about Jovo to the Rangers.
It simply makes no sense. His salary is way too high and why would he want to
leave now for the same money anyway; especially to a team that is really struggling
early on?

Spector chimes in the following....

"Spector's Note: This is just getting silly. First, Jovanovski stated back in July that he has no intention of waiving his clause because he and his family are happily settled in Phoenix. Even if these two teams are talking about trade involving him, if he doesn't want to accept it, then the talks are a waste of time. Second, even if he did agree to waive it, the Rangers cannot afford his huge salary without dumping over $6.5 million to clear the cap space to absorb that contract, which would have an adverse impact upon an already struggling Rangers team. Third, have you seen Jovanovski's stats thus far this season? Right now he's not the guy to bolster their sagging fortunes."

Yea he's definitely impressive. Remember his hat trick against the Rangers last year? Very impressive performance in that game. I'm guessing he would want at least a 4 or 5 year deal though and like you said, a good sum of money, so it wouldn't be easy getting him.

I don't have any specific knowledge of what went into making the schedule with all of its oddities -- back to back home games vs. Atlanta? Never heard of such a thing before. With all the variables they have to take into account, it's amazing there aren't more oddities -- arena conflicts with other teams, the circus, concerts, etc., west coast travel arrangements that telescope visits to certain areas onto one trip, taking into account holidays and other sports, and probably the longest tail that wags this dog, the TV schedule, which has to account for NBC on weekends, VS. during the week, HNIC in Canada, etc. There are a lot of things I'd criticize the NHL for, including a schedule that is too far out of balance (six games vs. division rivals would suffice), but I would commend them for coming up with any sane schedule, even with such anomalies, considering the circumstances.

Nice post, Godot. Forget about making money -- I'd be happy if it just didn't cost me so much.

blueclue - yeah, probably rumor drivel. just figured i'd share. rangers must be always talking, looking for the next D man to make sort of impact with the corps we have already. same paper says toronto shopping around some of their D men. so who knows...? but if this next stretch goes poorly then it may be time to pull some strings and shake things up a bit. or maybe avery coming back will do that?!! that worked once, not sure it will work again. final point, i havent read practice reports but i hope renney is still tweaking the centers, and trying to get some lines working together till straka, avery, and cally return......

Anybody who gets added to this lineup at the same time we break out, they will get all the credit for the turnaround. If it's Avery, he'll be asking for $4.5MM next season, pointing to his impact at the turnaround. The defense doesn't need fixing, the system (I think) is functioning well, the goaltending has been just fine, the kids are playing well, the line changes have been good, we have not taken too many bad penalties, we could use a little more passion. The only thing that is broken is the red light behind our goal!

I think the Rangers should be thinking of who they are gonna lose before they think about who they are gonna get. Avery, the balance of Granny's contract, Henrik, Rozy, Mara, are all going to come into play next summer. I may be missing some guys, but you get my drift.

Brendan Shanahan goes by Shanny, Brendan, or Brendan Shanahan ... over the last few days people here have talked about the disrespectful names that some have used on coaches and players ... calling Brendan "Granny" or "Grannyhan" which I have seen might have been funny the first time it was used but it is no longer amusing since it continues to be used over and over and over, to me it is an insult to a great player ... He's not performing and you want to cite his age as the reason? Then say that Brendan is old and his skills have eroded or something along those lines, but calling him names shows a lack of respect for the player that he is(or was, depending on what you think about him at this point) imo ...

I personally agree Rosy is worth nowhere near $5 mil a year (and I know he only makes 2 or 2.5 now) but I have read in various outlets(Larry Brooks being one who has mentioned it more than once since the offseason) that he feels he is a No.1 defenseman and should get that type of money in his next contract. I believe if he is willing to take a 3 year deal for 10-12 then give it to him as we will be shedding Malik's and probably Mara's numbers soon enough but if he wants more then cut him loose, stick with Tyutin, Girardi, staal and whoever our next prospect is (Sauer most likely) and go after someone like Boyle. That was all I was saying.

The most important contract come the summer (or in january according to many) is Henrik's anyway so he should( and most likely will) be the first priority then they should see how bad Rosy wants to be a Ranger or whether he will chase the dollar right out of town.


I'm sure the "cap guru" for the Rangers has a strategy all planed out. I truly do not expect to see Rozsival here next season. Not that he is a bad player, but the combination of his asking price and his status (most likely 2nd pair) will present problems. I see Mara in the same position as well as Malik. I do not know who may be available through free agancy but that will also play a role in the re-creation of the Rangers defense. I fully expect to see Sauer next season. While we don't play a trap-type game, more a "responsible forward" game, the defense next season will be a major overhaul. The responsible forward strategy presents a more defensive outlook to our game, assists in a quick transition game (especially with Gomez, Drury, Callahan, Dubinsky and Dawes on the ice) and keeps pressure off a goalie who we think will play 70 or more games in the regular season.

Depending on the outcome of this season, next summer could be very interesting. Of course, if we don't start scoring goals...well, the remainder of THIS season could be very interesting!

teams since the lockout have been doin back to back home games against eachother..the sharks or someone might go to vancouver or calgary and pay 2 games in 3 nights against the flames at the dome...its hitting the east now this season..i remember it well when i worked at the nhl, they would email us all the schedule before it came out and i was like what the heck is this..but its all to save $ and not make teams go back to certain places....no other reason than that...

I would hope someone has it figured out. I think Avery gets his money this summer and it may be in Montreal. Granny's contract is gonna hurt the Rangers next year. I don't claim to have the answers. I wonder if Jagr is gone as soon as this summer. . . . . .

Ok people back from my golf game. No questions will be entertained about it. Couldn't believe the scenery up at the Top Of the World golf course in Lake George. Any of you who visit this area and golf check it out next year. Not too many good days left.

Looks like you all behaved yourselves while I was gone. Did anybody send Vince some of those fried plantains? I'll pay the postage.

Just made my first manhattan for tonights game, hope I won't need several to get through it.

And yes Dubi, I also think that was a great post by Godot. Nice going Godot.

I also met Dubi one time, in an MSG elevator. Never personally met Jess but have talked plenty with him over 10 years. i never had enough $$$ to pay his plane fare to treat him to dinner. :))

Vince, my fellow Italiano, keep the sense of humor going, best medicine I know.

And as far as the "Grannyhan" references go, I don't think I am gonna shed a tear for a guy who came to this team with scoring abilities and toughness, and has suddenly refused to show either. He gets a lot of money for merely making a minimum number of games. He is playing for that contract. Avery leaves it on the rink EVERY SHIFT. And what does he have to show for it? A lowball contract and an injured shoulder. Avery is a man that really deserves respect. Now if "Granny" references are too critical for a man of Brendan's (past) accomplishments, so be it. I like the old Shanny, not the new GRANNY.


I agree with you but it doesn't look like anyone's going to change their minds about calling him that if the person above me is any indication; it's just not write to insult a shoe-in Hall of Famer with names like 'Granny' and 'Grannyhan'. You can intelligently say that you think he has lost talent, and then you can do it rudely. And names like 'Granny' and 'Grannyhan' are plain and simply rude.

What has Shanahan changed in his playing style between last year and now? The fact that he hasn't been able to score? Because that is the only thing I've noticed to be different. So he, like every other person on this team, has momentarily lost his scoring touch, and gets insults about his age because of it? I don't hear any insults directed Prucha's way. I love Prucha just as much as the next fan here, he goes all out every shift, but if you're going to insult Shanahan you mind as well start insulting Prucha too. Unless you think Shanahan should be getting knocked down every second to make him less of a 'Granny'.

The concussion is the big issue. It can be a life changer much less a game changer.

The concussion very well may have changed the way he's played, but to call him 'Granny' or 'Grannyhan' seems simply insulting to me.

Thanks for the comments. Glad to see someone thinks I make sense. And Dubi, I feel your pain on the financial losses of BB because of this venture: www.reviewrevue.net

Anyway, anybody ever want to meet in DC to see our Blueshirts take on the Caps, let me know. That and Pitt are the closest places for me to get to.

Lenny, Vince, we should have our own Paesan Rangers celebration sometime!

The "Granny" took on Brascher in defense of his teammate last season. How fast we all forget what "lesdership" is all about. Shanny is a class act and simply doesn't deserve or in ANY way has earned the disrespect he is getting by some of the fans. This must be the same "Malik" crowd who just love to tear down instead of build up. Your all losers. The guy is frustrated, he is a winner and he is a complete team player. Just stop with all this trash talk and support your team. Be critical when necessary, but never lose respect for somebody working very hard at a tough sport that most of you couldn't compete at.

any body remember that shanahan led the NHL in goals at this point last season...

Well said rangerbill and exactly what I'm saying. Such a class act, team guy and he's getting insulted by some of our "fans". It's unfair to him. He wants to win just as much as everyone else on our team, and is pressing like everyone else on our team.

Exactly Ryan,

If people want to jump on Shanny's case over not scoring then they need to do it with every other forward on this team because NO ONE is scoring as they should be ... If everyone else was scoring and he was somehow the only one who was lagging behind I could understand the criticism more, but even then I would not agree with insulting the man by calling him names ... as you said, if you have issues with Shanny's game then post them in an intelligent manner but to what some people are doing is rude and disrespectful and that's all I have to say about that ...

Personally rather see Shanahan take a lighter role. I think he would be a lot more effective that way. From what I see, the concussion definitely has slowed down his game, and not to demean him or call him Granny, his best days are over. I would love to be wrong here by the way.

Jess... First you want me to go to Newark...then I have to go in the corner with an Islander hat...Next you'll tell me to go to Philly...If you do then hear this and hear it well.....You are out of my will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Z

What a joke..... Flyers' Jones Suspended Two Games for Hit on Bruins' Bergeron ....give me a break, I guess someone has to die in the NHL, before they take this seriously..or wait until a Ranger player hits someone... like Graves hitting Mario Lemieux in the hand with aslash and being suspended for 5 games..The NHL is so pathetic

Jess... First you want me to go to Newark...then I have to go in the corner with an Islander hat...Next you'll tell me to go to Philly...If you do then hear this and hear it well.....You are out of my will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Z

I want to see more offense coming from the front of the goal tonight. Not behind the net or from the sideboards.


The point of Shananhan is mute now, he played those 10 games so his salary cap hit (5.2 million) will affect this year and next years cap, so the damage is done...Thats why noone is being brought up from Hartford to replace the injured, because they want to save as much money as possible for a possible trade later on.

I couldn't comment from work about the coach's latest stupid comment.Lets see now,there is no one down in hartford who's scoring is prolific enough for the coach to call up.I guess greg moore's 8pts in 8games doesn't count as prolific enough when you compare that between the inept quintet of betts,hollweg,orr,scrubwick and hossa who have ZERO goals in ten games.Any one who thinks the offense will explode tonight or any other night as long as we have 5scrubs at forward is just fooling them self.

this is a repeat of last year when we were also searching for some offense and had the talented krog,j ward,a hall,betts,ortmeyer,and hollweg and orr and hossa in the same lineup at the same time.I see some things never change with this clown.

Let me appolozie in advance for my fervent negativity,because Tom Renney is a good man!

Colin Campbell and his lackey's should be fired and or thrown in jail by Congress because it seems like it's going to be this way until someone dies---not an exaggeration.

Intentional or unintentional, Jones should have been suspended for TEN games, at the VERY minimum. Two games? Are you kidding me?

What kind of rationale is behind "Well, we're going to punish the player more severely if the victim ends up hurt, but if he isn't then we won't punish him that harshly."

Bergeron suffered a broken nose and a concussion, and Jones' punishment is two games? So if Bergeron was in a coma right now, I'm going to guess that Jones' would've gotten 20 games.

Burnside (I believe) talked about the NFL and the whole Spygate incident with the Patriots. Goodell punished the Pat's severely for recording signals; it makes me wish we had half as good of a commissioner/disciplinary committee as the NFL does.

If someone like Goodell was running the NHL, the Flyers would've been docked a first round pick after the second incident.

Geez. Why so upset?! I called him Grannyhan. Just like many refer to the Rangers as the "Rags" when things are not going so well. I never called him "Trannyhan" when his name came up on Page 6 of the New York Post the night he was dancing on stage with the gay strippers. I thoght that was hillarious, but I never demeaned him for that. That would be hurtful. I just use the nickname to describe what he is doing on the ice. Not because I am here to bash people. I defend Malik and Renney and Betts on an ongoing basis. But rest assured, when I see something, I will express my opinion. I won't insult visitors to these boards, but I won't give undeserving multimillionaires a pass either.

Thank you.

Phill-that's because colin campbell is a fool!He was a fool when he coached here and ran zubov and kovy out of town,and now he is making the league into a laughing stock.
the punishment should be easy to figure out.You don't play as long as the guy you injured deosn't play.And if he never plays again(steve moore)you should not either.

cwgatti -don't listen to them.You are just having some fun!And the nick name fits!What you forgot to do was first stipulate that shanny is a good man,that was your mistake.

czech i interpreted Renney's remarks as not having a guy in Hartford that can play on the top 2 lines. He said there are only 3rd & 4th line guys down there that might be NHL ready. But I think it's been a mistake not calling up G Moore, or someone to fill in. Since Sather is incognito, the reasoning has to be taken at face value. What I don't understand is why he doesn't have confidence in other guys on the PK so Shanahan doesn't have to do that job and get worn out. The good news is Avery should be back in the next game or two. He seems to get this teams juices flowing, while annoying & getting their opponents off their game.

My 2 cents on "Grannyhan":

Ok, come on people. I don't think "Granny" is a major insult, nor THAT highly disrespectful that it should be censored from this blog. It by no means is a compliment, but I definitely see it as tongue-in-cheek humor, rather than some random 9th grade curse word.

8 out of the 10 people that post here are respectful and insightful. Certainly, Rangerbill is one of those people. And for the other 2, Dubi does a great job of handling the few who don't understand the concept of the phrase "family friendly".

Basically, let's not be hyper-sensitive to everything said here, as everyone here understands and respects Shanny(and hopefully most of the Rangers) for who he is and what he's accomplished.

Correction: I think it's cwgatti that came up with Granny (at least here), not rangerbill. But what I said still applies. :)

imitation-there in lies the problem with renney.he doesnt believe that you need three lines capable of scoring in the nhl.That was the problem last year until avery and cally came in and it's the problem now because of the injuries.what he has out ther right now,can't even be called legitimate 4th liners accept for betts.As far as his in ability to try other things on the power play,i too am at loss.Drury has made a living in front on the pwoer play,yet renney insists on playing him at the point.Last year he would not play cullen there when that was his strengh as well.Just look at his pp stats this year.It just goes to my point,renney is pretty good at setting up an orginization,but lousy as a coach.

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