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October 23, 2007


anyone now who will replace straka? hopefully they can start a turnaround against the pens tonight.

Hossa is back tonight so there will be no call-ups from Hartford:


I hope Marc lays out Jordan.

hmm... David Aebischer on waivers... hmmmmmmm

Any idea on his contract?


but i'll save you the trouble1 year at 600,000 seems like a nice price to me

Thank you for that....pretty close to what it would cost to bring Montoya up in 2 months?

Tonight needs to be a "keep it simple, stupid" type game. Go to he net, don't over pass, head on a swivel, attack, attack, attack! Crash the net. This should be viewed as a MUST WIN; by the coaches and the players. Hank has kept them in all the games, so if he is off, the team needs to pick him up. Anythink short of a win should be considered unacceptable. Changes will be made if we don't win. These guys are professionals and they need to respond as champions should do. Tonight is a test and I'm looking for them to show the Pens who we are. Everybody gets up when they play the Rangers, especially when we are picked to finish on top. These guys will measure themselves by their performance against us and we must send a clear message. HO RANGERS!


i thought straka broke the finger on his top hand? he cant tape it up??

aebischer is an excellent idea for a backup because unfortunately if Henry cannot win this team games, Vallequete certainly isnt

i just looked around

all i could find was Yahoo saying hes day to day with a broken finger

so id say a week or 2?? unless he needs surgery but im sure we would have known

yahoo also said that avery was day-to-day originally. I'll trust Dubi when he says out several weeks though.

The Islanders' power play is currently ranked No. 1 in the NHL.
I guess we not the only ones whos suffering lol

Straka is out four to five weeks, according to the Rangers. He broke the base of his right index finger -- that's his top hand, the one that grips and controls the stick. He could probably return sooner if it was his shooting hand, his left hand.

AHhhhh, damn injuries.

This is nuts.

Early last year Jordan was interviewed and asked which stall brother was the toughest and best fighter of the brothers, He said Mark hands down.

It will be interesting to see the 2nd PP unit tonight.....Would be amazing to see the young guys gain some confidence out of a successful night on the man-up!

Ha Ha no Berard for the Isles!!

Yes Aebischer would be nice but at this point Henrik is going to play 70-75 games so give Valiquette the chance. He has pretty solid numbers in his career and is well-liked.

Aebischer would be nice but I agree with Oleosmirf, Henrik is going to play a lot of games, and if he gets hurt, then Montoya's going to step in as our starter whether Aebischer or Valiquette are backing up Lundqvist

much better start...

The Versus cameraman is making me seasick...it's like someone's dad is filming the game with a camcorder!

Rangers kill the penalty...time to score one!

for national tv these announcers are a little pro-pittsburgh but then again what do you expect

thats the whole nhl viewpoint. gotta sell the sidney crosby product.

That was a horrible call.. once again.. cater to sidney crosby

Announcers definitely suck. Why aren't any Rangers in front of the net on the PP? WTF??

Yea Lenny on that last powerplay we had a reverse umbrella if theres such a thing. 3 people all near the blue line.. not gonna score like that. Still it the powerplay was much better than it was against Boston so I'll give credit where it's due. We played very well that period. Malkin scares me more than Crosby sometimes.

have to take drury off the point or at least put someone in front of the net.

i would put Gomez at the point personally he can make a great pass from anywhere could lead to alot of bang bang goals

rangers playing great...

How is it that the referees manage to call the most absurd penalties against the rangers every game. That second one on callahan...uh??? Give me a break. NHL are worse than the NBA and that is hard to do.


nothing is worse than NCAA basketball

Horrible call on Callahan....Rangers need to put Prucha on PP unit No.1 because at least he gets dirty in front...Move drury to unit no.2...Henrik looks great so far..If we can just pepper Fleury he will let a few easy ones by...GO RANGERS!!!!

And the biased referees hurt as again.

Once again..refereeing bites Rangers in the ass..now a freakin penalty shot!!!!


Third line is best line on ice tonight

Every time a player falls, these gutless wonders call a penalty. That's NHL refereeing these days.

I wish our team could be favored by the NHL for the next 20 years

When are the Three Blind Mice gonna call a penalty on crosby for taking his off hand and holding the d-man's stick like he does everytime hes in deep

Refs won't take heat for calling too much, only for calling too little. Therefore, they call everything. It gets more frustrating every game.

Not going to win when you can't get forwards in front of the net. Might be able to win if you have a good patient east-west offense but with a north-south offense, have ot got the the net period!!

yeah...refs also suck!

but another penalty gets called on the Rangers????....announcer talks about how "leetch led rangers to the cup in 94"..I love Leetchie but i'm pretty sure Mess "led" the rangers

love versus showing closeups of crosby on the bench while the game is going on ...can't even wait for a stoppage to genuflect before the savior

where is the gog damn passion on this team?what a disgrace,the kid line is again the best line tonight!


too many passes in front looking for the tap in...if the goalie is down..SHOOT THE PUCK!!!

will someone please tell shany to retire!

i'm not just gonna sit here all game typing the same thing...I don't remember the last goal we scored..stop with the touch passes, the drop passes and the finesse...they just need to shoot the puck and crash the net or teams will just keep letting them work the outside then pick of a pass go the other way.

Ok, I'll be the positive one right now. Right now I'm happy with the way we're playing. We're generating some chances but so far haven't scored. We have hit 2 posts though. Can we hear any more about Sidney Crosby? By the end of the night I'll know his favorite type of ice cream. Jeez.

that's why hossa sucks!perfect pass for the tap in by dubi and he missed!

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