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October 30, 2007


Great game -- great win -- just picked up a ticket for Thursday baby...go Blue !!

I hope Avery comes back on thurs

Has anyone come across a description of Tyutin's hit that got the crowd into it? There seems to be no news except of Jagr's teeth. A friend in Chicago said he'd heard that the hit bloodied Toots's victim, but I don't recall a bloody opponent.

I saw the hit. Think it was McDonald's helmet that cut him. Tyutin himself even landed in a kneeling position after that hit.

That's right, Andrea -- the kid was bloodied, but it was by his own visor. They said he took six stitches to repair. Personally, I thought the hit was high. Of all the bogus penalties handed out last night (even the Rangers drew a couple by diving), they missed a couple of dangerous hits, including Tyutin's, and including calling only a minor when Hossa was boarded. The best call of the night was the too many men penalty on Tampa -- they could have just called an illegal substitution, but it was done so deliberately that it warranted a bench minor.


Yes! Thanks Lenny, that was it--the helmut-popper! Now I remember it.

Also, Dubi, I've got good news/bad news over at the NHL site. If you check it out now, you'll see their "Frozen Moment" feature is from last night's game at the Garden. That's the good news. The bad news? They've featured the ONLY puck to get past Henrik. Thanks Gar.

You know I have to wonder how Miikka Kiprusoff's new 6 year contract extension, which will pay him about 5.83 mill per year which puts him in Brodeur's and Luongo's ballpark, might affect the contract that the Rangers and Henrik are sure to negotiate come January ... he is playing excellent from the get go and I am certain that this contract will be(at the very least 6+ years) so I wonder what the $$$ will be ...

I loved Toots hit but I was totally surprised that he delivered it because it did seem high when I saw it ...

Oh it would've been great had MSG had a camera crew follow Avery around and then put it online lol

From the previous thread:

Just caught this at Sam's

Meanwhile, as hard as this might to believe, I’m still not totally sure what Renney’s plans are for Nigel Dawes, which I realize sounds pretty ludicrous given the wing’s production of late. But there is something in the way Renney answered a question last night about Dawes, saying yes, he’s been great, and has provided the Rangers a needed boost, but that he’s still fighting for his job—or something to that extent.

If I remember correctly, Renney said the same thing about Callahan and Girardi so he may just be trying to motivate Dawes. If not, I don't even want to think about it right now!

I asked this in yesterday's thread after the game, but i figure it can't hurt to try again. Does anyone know if the rangers are going to be at bryant park again this year?

Dubi, on the last thread, you said the following directed to me:

-- the areas of criticism need to be corrected, but correction will not come via excision,

Excision? Was that a typo? Excision means complete removal of an organ or a tumor, as opposed to a biopsy. If a typo, couldn't figured out what word you intended using.

The organ or tumor part relates in a humorous way so maybe that was your intention all along. :)



Lenny im pretty sure the link u gave just now is old because im pretty sure Ortmeyer and Hall aint going to be there :)

Lenny, where do you put Dawes when Cally, Straka and Avery come back? You don't want to bury the kid on the 4th line, so where would you put him?

Lynkx, Dawes plays with Shanny and Drury, Prucha and Callahan play with Dubinsky, Avery or Straka play with Gomez and Jagr and the other guy plays with Betts and Hossa.

Sitting would be Strudwick, Orr and Hollweg.

Ant, there was no date on the linked article so you might be right.

Paul, check that out further.

BTW, thanks Ant. I didn't see any reference to Ortmeyer but I really didn't read the article. They should date the articles.

When everyone is healthy Strudwick and Orr are both definitely out of the lineup. Hossa will stay and play on the fourth line just for how good he has been on the PK. That means the likeihood is that it will be either Dawes, Dubinsky or Prucha who is not in the lineup.

Most likely it would be Dawes being sent back down which would give us back the basic lineup we had when the season started. If Dubi is the one who is out that would make Avery or Straka the likely 3rd line Center for Cally and Prucha.

Maybe the solution when everyone comes back healthy is to deal Straka since he is a FA at the end of the year and still has value around the league. With any luck he can be packaged with one of our overpriced defensemen.

If we do deal Straka i think the lines could look like this:

Avery - Gomez - Jagr
Dawes - Drury - Shanny
Prucha - Dubi - Cally
Hossa - Betts - Hollweg

Except for keeping Dawes, Dubinsky or Prucha instead of Hollweg, that would be my choice.

That would be all our choices but Renney is not going to play Avery or Straka on the 4th line and the kids will be wasted playing there. Prucha might play there but wont score so that limits his ability to help the team at all.

Where to put Dawes? You could start with removing Hossa from the top line. Not that Dawes belongs there, but Hossa definitely does not.

Why doesn't it seem Hossa is ever 'fighting for a job?'

Lenny, from dictionary.com -- number one answer:

ex·ci·sion /ɛkˈsɪʒən, ɪk-/ –noun
1. the act of removal; an excising.
2. Surgery: the surgical removal of a foreign body or of tissue.
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

ex·cise (ĭk-sīz')
tr.v. ex·cised, ex·cis·ing, ex·cis·es
To remove by or as if by cutting: excised the tumor; excised two scenes from the film; excised a coach because Lenny wanted it. ex·ci'sion (-sĭzh'ən) n.

[Latin excīdere, excīs- : ex-, ex- + caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Dubi, I knew you'd come through for me.


Where to put Dawes when Straka or Challahan returns? It would seem the pre-season dilemma that got him sent to Hartford should provide the answer: He needs to be on a scoring line, but Hossa (who is not scoring even on a scoring line) is OK on a checking line or in the press box. So Dawes gets LW on the first or third line depending on where Straka and Prucha go. Hossa splits his time between the fourth line and the press box.

Problem is, when both Straka and Callahan return, we're back to where we started the season with no opening on either wing for Dawes except on the fourth line, where he'd battle Hossa and Hollweg for ice time. Dawes will not benefit in any way by being in that position. But chances are there will be other injuries by then, so rather than fret about something that is weeks away, let's just be thankful that we have scoring depth on the left wing.

Dubi, no reason Avery or Straka can't play on the 4th line. That would make the 4th line even better. If the 4th line is strong enough they should get a good amount of TOI, especially if you use Shanny a little less, Prucha a little less if he shows signs of being tired, or to cover guys who are on the PP right after. Got to think that definitely Shanny would benefit greatly. The way I see it, it's Hossa and Hollweg competing for the LW job on the 4th line.

Whatever, sure gives Renney lots of choices. The way I see it, the Rangers need all the offense they can get. Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky, the most talked about here to be sent down, can provide that offense along with Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, Drury, Avery and Straka.

Four lines

Jagr - Gomez - Hossa
Shanny - Drury - Dawes
Callahan - Dubinsky - Prucha
Straka - Betts - Avery

Orr and Hollweg sit until they're needed.

A small team, but a REALLY fast team.


Angry, swap Hossa with either Straka or Avery and that's my idea. Also Hollweg and Hossa should compete for cthe 4th line LW job.

Right now all this is academic and depends on any future injuries changing those plans but still think it's fun playing coach/GM.

Lenny, I really think that Orr should stay in the lineup, if anything, because he'll drop the gloves if things will get out of hand.. he hasn't had to alot recently, but need I remind you of when we were shut out by the Flyers, and Shanny was concussed because Orr wasn't on the ice that night (Thinking back, we may not have been shut out, but we were whooped by the worst team in the league). I don't want a repeat of that happening to any of our players, and i think Orr's presence alone cures that.

Adding to my last thread, I think Hossa is the odd man out, and my lines may look something like this:

Prucha - Gomez - Jagr
Shanny - Drury - Dawes
Callahan - Dubi - Avery
Straka - Betts - Orr

I really don't think Hossa has played well enough offensively to stay on the top line... He has created some chances, but i'd rather someone who can finish such as prucha. Hollweg has impressed me playing on the 3rd line as of late, actually, as well. Hopefully the team is ready to fire on all cylinders.

Did anyone else notice the FIVE DAY layoff we have in feb. ? Jesus....

Lenny thanks for the relply but that only has last years dates.

Sorry Paul, I tried. I would suggest checking the Ranger site often to find out. Glad Ant pointed out to me that I had last years page.

But Lynkx,

Neither Prucha nor Hollweg have finished either, so your point about Hossa applies to all three... Well, I don't know. I'm not going to make my line-up, too many variables and too many things to consider. It's a good problem, but a problem nonetheless.

And Lenny,

Viagra? Hey, I know I am rather young (19), but at least I'm not at the age where I need to use it like some of the old-timers on this board. . . right Lenny?


Vince, any time. send me your e-mail address and I'll let you know when we are planning a trip to NYC to either a game or watching a game at a sportsbar. My e-mail addy is [email protected]

Right Phill, but I have one wish for you. Hope you live many many years so that you will understand the benefits of Viagra. Plus, hope the Rangers will win many more cups for you by the time you reach my age than they have for me. We're cool!!


Agree about Hollweg, but Prucha has been WAY more consistant than Hossa ever has been, I think Hossa's a good player, but he doesn't show it on the ice all the time, he has some flashes and alot of dull.

Lynkx, Hossa is a good candidate for the 4th line with his defensive talents but so is Hollweg. Let them fight it out and may the best man win.

When all are healthy:



*one or more will be replaced by a bona fide puck moving d-man and/or stay at home monster.

Prucha, Dubinsky, Montoya will all be moved in trade.

whatta great game last night! something to build on, for sure. now we have 4 points out of possible 6 in this homestand, so far....

anyways, my 2 cents on the line changes with the return of avery, straka, and cally. would prefer to see dawes be kept on a top 3 line...not sure if dubinsky fits in all this....maybe the rangers ought to move either straka or avery to center and move dubinsky back down to bulk up or make him another press box swing man.

here's my crack at some line combos
1st attempt:
cally-betts-hollweg (orr for the big teams: philly, etc.)

2nd attempt:
hossa-betts-hollweg (orr for the big teams: philly, etc.)

3rd and final attempt:
hossa-betts-hollweg (orr for the big teams: philly, etc.)

as you can tell, still mulling this all over. playing armchair coach. again....

You guys are crazy thinking there is a chance of seeing straka on the 4th line.


I put Straka on my 4th line cause I would use him exclusively on PK and PP, and give him 4th line minutes, Older players are generally more effective when they get more time to rest.

Here's a link to the pond at Bryant Park. No listing of the Rangers visiting soon, but checking back there is not a bad idea. Didn't they televise an outdoor game there last year? I'd be up for that, if it happens again. (And if this global warming continues. Lousy for skating, but great for sitting in a park watching tv until ten :-)

If the charter membership of Crazy Eights shows, perhaps I'll bring turnovers!


I think the Rangers are in a great position right now: they have too many talented players when they're all healthy. Some teams would love to have that problem. But to talk about what the lines are going to look like 4 weeks from now seems absurd (and I say that knowing that I have done it). Dawes could cool down. Hossa could heat up (yes, he's scored no goals, but when some of our best scorers have only scored one, and since he didn't play the first several games let's give him a little slack...). Another injury could happen. Let's just look short term: next game is going to be good and maybe we'll have some momentum.

Lenny, Vince, (and everyone else, too) I'll give a shout next time I'm NYC bound.


there is only one guy coming back soon, that is Avery. By the time Straka or Callihan are ready the situation will probably not be the same as today. I doubt Renney is spending 2 seconds on it.

Dawes doesn't need to go back; he's proven everything he can in Hartford AND with Pock in the minors, there is room for him to stay. Keep him in the lineup, let competition dictate where people go; as Keith Hernandez says; "Competition is only a good thing." Prucha/Hossa/Dawes can all play 4th line; how do they get more icetime? Special teams!

yeah, probably too soon to begin dreaming up future combos, but 3 weeks goes by pretty fast, especially in the 'new' nhl. (a weak shot at a joke). i would tend to think coaches have to plan for now and for a few weeks out. so with only avery back (this saturday??) i would think you'd have to place him back with drury and shanny.

that would make the lines:

Godot, my pleasure, let me know when you are coming to NY.


If the Rangers can move Prucha Straka and Montoya and get a top 5 defenseman than I would be all for it. Petr Prucha will never reach his full potential on this years team but maybe next year Prucha can be on a line with Jagr and he can get his 30 goals again but playing on a line with Dubinsky and Hollweg/Avery/Straka/Callahan will get him closer to 15-20.

and I am sorry but so far this season I cannot understand how you can sit Dawes or Hossa for Dubinsky. Dubinsky is a good player but is less valuable to the team. Ask me this question in 3 weeks and it might be different but right now its a no-brainer.

I would still keep Dubinsky on the roster and give him time and spell Hossa, Callahan, Betts Hollweg and Orr at certain points.



Because Avery isn't a center?...

I feel like putting him at center puts a restrain on his personality and limits what he's capable of.


Can to explain why Dubinsky is "less valuable" to the team right now?

Are you noticing Dubinsky's face off numbers by any chance?

What exactly do you use to judge value?

If the Rangers can move Prucha Straka and Montoya and get a top 5 defenseman than I would be all for it.

What exactly is a "Top 5 defenseman"?

Petr Prucha will never reach his full potential on this years team but maybe next year Prucha can be on a line with Jagr and he can get his 30 goals again but playing on a line with Dubinsky and Hollweg/Avery/Straka/Callahan will get him closer to 15-20.

But if you trade Prucha he will not score any goals with Jagr next year.

Just wondering do you remember who Prucha had a linemates for all of his goals during the past 2 seasons? I can tell you who was not on his line for the majority of Prucha's goals; Jagr.

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