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September 25, 2007


Off topic question.Does anybody know whats the name of the song that they play at the Garden when the game is tied or its 1 goal difference they usually play it with couple of minutes left its like techno and classic song mixed together

Listening to the Isles anouncers is enough to make one BARF! And diepietro is a disgrace. Hitting Montoya while he was on the ground.

The Isles are going to SUCK this year, but they will give us fits because since they WILL NOT make the playoffs, every game they have against the Rangers WILL be there playoffs.

We need to set the tone and spank them early on.

I hate the Islanders and especially the Islander fans.

Fair weather fans, sitting in a half empty arena talking about past glory that occured a quarter century ago!

Never mind the NHL taking care of Simon, it might be time for the Rangers to practice a little "frontier justice". If Simon plays at the Garden, the line that should go opposite them is the LOF line --> Francis Lessard, Colton Orr and Mitch Fritz. Hmm, I wonder what Ogie Oglethorpe, Clarence 'Screaming Buffalo' Swamptown, Andre "Poodle" Lussier and Ross 'Mad Dog' Madison are doing Friday night?!? :-)

Turning to hockey, the Wolf Pack have made some cuts and it looks all of the late tryout invitees were released.

Is there any chance that Simon gets in trouble for last night??

Watching this makes me sick. I hate the Islanders for this reason.

PJ I just fell in love with you........I kid I kid. I tell you this Ranger fans are still hockey fans not just Yashin jersey buying uptight DP chanting Chris Simon protecting fags.
I grew up as a youngster in the blue seats pissing in the sink and smelling what them thought to be cigs. Come to find out when i was 15 that it sure wasnt cig smoke.
I am a local living down the block from the so called Smilders arena or Moslieum. My one brother a fag or Smilander fan the oldest being a Ranger fan ( mom and Dad Smilander fans as well ) They hold no real hockey knowledge as well as not knowing sportsmanship refring to DP's action on Al "the rooooookie goalie" Monty.
There jealous.
There not real fans of hockey but of the joke of an organzation. What happen to the talks of them being sold already. Get them out of here.
Renney knows whos staying up and whos going down...........Stop crying like the Smilanders.
Suspend Nolan for Sutton actions and Sutton. Simon should get anther 10 games at the least for not holding his anger back and going after someone for a simple check. He's a tuff guy not a fag but I guess once your on this island it comes with the jersey. Ill be there friday......My freinds are the size of small moose Smilander fan never have much to say when we're all together only when I pissing all over that thing the call a hockey rink.
My afternoon rnt is over. Till tonight my freinds till tonight!!!!!!!

Wow what was "DP" so excited about? I wouldnt be excited if I got paid to play goal and my fighting was better than my goaltending, also what was he pumping his fist to? Is he serious? Hey Rick! YOU SUCK JUST AS MUCH AS YOUR CONTRACT AND TEAM, cant wait for the season!

Orr, Simon received a match penalty last night which usually results in an automatic suspension so we'll see

If I watch this video again of Orr (skilless other than fighting) beat up on Simon and DP trying his hardest NOT to be ammbrassed about fighting a goalie that didnt want to fight...........Im hanging one of the fans from the Garden rafters. PERIOD NO MORE TODAY FROM THE ANGRY RANGER FAN.

one more
I would do just as Anthony said
Bring them all up. I quote "All time hockey Boys"
Bring back the ol' time hockey for Friday.

How do we watch (or listen) to tonight game ??? It looks like the CenterIce feed on the web is not showing the Ranger-Detroit game?

lets sign tie domi and play him with orr


Maybe it will be on the radio, i dont know


If my parents were Fish fans, seriously i dont know if i can live with them. I cant have a relationship with an Isles fan on any level, even if it were Hayden Panetiere or Jessica Alba, or........Hilary damn Duff. Ugh, its like dating someone with HIV. NYR and NYI will never mix. Its like Boobs, and Dog crap.

sure hope we can catch the game tonight. not sure how to. if anyone knows how please post it here!



Domi retired, i doubt he would come back, even if he wasnt retired he's useless. NYR has one of the best fighters in the league, his only flaw is his weight, which is why guys like Brash and Lacrackhead have an edge over him, but Orr has a hard punch, and he can take a punch. I cant wait till we verse the flames and the wild. Orr round 3 with Godard, 2 wins 1 knockout, and then Orr vs Boogaard. Exciting, that it is.

To Anthony Mastantuoni - "NOT POODLE!!!!!"

Bo - I'm with you. I grew up 5 traffic lights from the Mausoleum.(Across from Modell's, now Home Depot. Never walked into the place. I could smell the stench though. Worse than the garbage bins at the Stardust (now Old Colony) diner. Yuck!!!

Colliseum has one good thing that garden dont...The smoking section lol

Bo i almost got kicked out for smoking on the stairs and by the escalators lol and thata ccualy happened on sat

Back in the 70s and 80s I had Ranger season tix and there was a blue haze hanging in the air at the Garden during the games. Think of all the non-smokers who got sick from that crap.

Wake up - it's the law now and it's a great law - no smoking in public places. If you get caught you should get thrown out. It doesn't matter if you're an Islander fan or a Ranger fan.

Can't you control your habit for the length of a game? Don't be so selfish.

Last night was an absolute disgrace. Same old scrub, untalented fishsticks using underhanded tactics to try to compete with a far superior team. I have spoken out against teams like the Isles for months, and the Rangers need to address the goon-style of play. Unfortunately, Kaspar didn't work out...but that doesn't mean the Rangers should abandon the effort to get more physical up front AND on the blueline! An immediate solution would be to insert Mitch "Godzilla" Fritz into Friday's lineup and allow him to pulverize all fishsticks. Add Avery, and his running-the-goalie tactics, and we should be good for now.

Against teams like the Isles, Devils, Flyers, we can dress Orr, Fritz and Hollweg to goon it up and allow our top 2 lines (which are #1 lines on any other team) to carry the scoring. But, who is going to instill fear into opposing forwards skating below the faceoff dots?!!

Still, I would've loved to see Kaspar hipcheck Simon right back to his Foxwoods Indian reservation.

Anyone know why Prucha isn't practicing with the team?

oc, where did you see that Prucha is not with the team? He went to Detroit to play tonight. The only players practicing today were the ones who didn't make the trip.

here guys...watch this...it will make you feel better.


What time is a game tonight?

BTW the next Rangers game that Center Ice online will be showing is the 09/29/07 game@ Philly ...

does anyone know eher to watch tonights game

""The game at Joe Louis Arena will not air on local TV or radio.""
from: http://www.newyorkrangers.com/gametime/preview.asp?id=3032


what is tthat

hopefully nhl radio listen live


I just noticed in all the press releases that he wasn't listed as practicing with the 11 players in Westchester. I thought that was weird considering he didn't play against the NYI. Sorry for the false alarm.

does anyone know of anywhere where they have video of the game

no video. no audio. this sucks/

from what i understand as of now NYR and Detroit homegames will not be shown on NHL.tv

Rangers - 0
Red Wings - 1
after 12 min.

Listen to the game live on Detroit Radio


rich I can't access to radio.

its not working for me either

Rangers - 0
Red Wings - 2
after 13 min.

yea sorry about that not working for me either

Rangers - 0
Red Wings - 2
after 1 st. period

according to the nhl.tv schedule the next Rangers game will be Oct. 13th against the senators so basically if no more free Rangers hockey on NHL.tv

what is this? the stone age ? we cant get audio at least? bahh!


Our boys aren't playing so hot...down 4-0.

wow 4-0 impressive

Paul Mara was on the ice for 3 of DET's goals. When is Sather going to waive / trade him?

Lundqvist in net for all 4 goals.

If you guys and gals want updates, go to the Red Wings website and click on the Score Sheet / Super Stats. I guess that's the best we can do for now...

nhl.com has it under scores - go to the Rangers game and click on play by play. Gives a fair idea of what's going on...

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