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September 24, 2007


Since when does Liffiton even have to pass through waivers?

FYI - no trouble logging on to FSTV (Fishstick TV.com).

Rough game early. Entertaining, too. Three and a half minutes in. No scoring. A flying elbow. Two fights. A third on the way.

I cant get this game on Islanders tv can anyone else

anyone know if the game is on with a Rangers radio feed? The homers on the Isles radio are difficult to listen to...

Roc - I used the link in the original post. As it says, you've got to go through the process of signing up. Once you do, you'll be given two options, one for a paid subscription, one for a free preview. I clicked on the preview and I've got the game on FSTV with Blomomberg radio as the audio.

Dubi there goes your prediction out the window

I did all that but its just the pregame crap

Can someone please post both teams lineups im curious how ,many regulars the icelanders are playing

Hey Roc - I tried too and the computer freezes. Can't get access to their "TV site." Typical disfunctional Isles. It's on 1130 AM.

Most already know about Jess's Prospect site - check it out. Great stuff and good luck too him. Both the BB and "Prospect Park" give you everything you need to know about the Blueshirts. Great job guys!

Just throwing this out there. As psyched as we all are about our chances this year, Pitt is a little scary and obviously another up and coming young team that we'll have to deal with for the next 5 years plus. They gave us a hard time last year and they will be our nemesis this year. Ottawa will be tough too. But Pittsburgh will be our major, meaningful rivalry and Eastern Conference obstacle this year.

Funniest line by an Islander (Aaron Johnson?) in an interview: "Yeah, the Rangers game plan is probably to take our best players off their game!" LOL

Islanders broadcasters also said that the Gomez/Jagr combo "didn't work out as well as planned"!

The kids are playing well. Shanahan looks better than I had heard he looked (I haven't seen the first two games).

islanders tv is working for me its a feed from the jumbotron at the coliseum and audio is islanders bloomberg 1130. you have to sign up at nhl.tv u have to choose islanders for this game as rangers tv is not up yet. subscription ends oct. 9th. so the first 2 games are available for free online (subject to blackout)

Where did the Fishsticks get those uniforms????? They look like a pick-up team, in a beer league from Yugoslavia!!!!!! Like the way Orr roughed up Sutton after the cheap shot on Callahan. Not much cohesion in the first, but Anisimov stood out; for me. He seems to know what to do with the puck around the net.

i thought staal stoodout

Listening to this announcers is making me want to beg for Sam and Joe. You guys think Sam and Joe are "Lalala-Lolly pop-All-Is-Well" announcers, you should hear these shills.

Listen to this dysphemism, not an exact quote, but very close to it:

"This is the first time since the high sticking incident that Simon and Hollweg are on the ice together".

. . . High-sticking? From my recollection, it was more like a baseball swing . . .

I'd also like to point out that the Rangers are idiots for paying 7 million a year for Gomez. Should have kept Nylander and would have had money left over to get Souray, who wanted to play for the Rangers. Drury, great signing is a proven winner, leader and is great at finishing something the Rangers couldnt do well last year. Gomez should be on third line with prucha and callahan sometthing i've been saying for the past month. Also If the rangers keep Montoya his stock could rise with good play and could be of huge value at the trade deadline because Lundqvist isn't going anywhere. If Toronto is out of the playoff hunt look for Montoya for McCabe or solve LA's goalie problems and get future star Mike Camalleri (very unlikely)

Orr vs Simon!

Damn, over quickly.

rich, back to the debate from over 2 months ago. nylander simply wanted too many years... are you gonna give a 35 year old center a 4 year contract cause i wont

Wow, Pock dropped the gloves (sort of). Man, I wish we could have instant replay here, I didn't even see how some of this stuff started.

Dubinsky vs. Sutton.

Also over quickly.

just sharing a piece of my mind, but if Gomez is with Jagr it will be a shaky start to the season hopefully it will work out


Brawl city!

Montoya the enforcer!

DiPietro smoked Montoya. Montoya didn't want to fight.

That just takes me back to Cloutier and Salo, even if these guys weren't nearly as impressive.

so glad im not missing this! lol.

what a game

Is there a more bush-league operation than what they got going on out there in LI. DiPietro is a joke. Gives up two goals and sees an opportunity for an early night; and takes it. What a tough guy!!!! This game is a joke!!! And where the hell is the Nhl??? Allowing Simon to play in exhibitions?? Especially against the Rangers!!!??? No wonder the league is on the verge of irrelevency!!

The Islanders are a beer league team with a good goalie.

Way to go buttman! Let guys who shouldn't be playing, play. Simon should have suspension extended ,

Say what you will about the fishsticks, but those chicks cleaning the crease make the coliseum games worthwhile.

Wow. Staal skates VERY well.

dawes is making some malik like meatball passes...

Callahan just scored a patient, poised, goal scorer's goal.

staal is playing really good

I cannot believe SLAP SHOT is happening as we read....
The brothers are back! Strange that Simon is vicious toward Hollweg....what the hell?

The Dark Ranger

I'm starting to think these two teams are conspiring to get extra special teams practice.

Setting up for an interesting third period.

suspended players are allowed to play in preseason in the NFL and i believe the MLB as well.

I can't say I'm very happy with the number of penalties seeming to result from ranger D unable to keep up with isles forwards.

beauty goal by vasicek(damnit)


Couldn't agree with you more on hutchinson. They might as well have traded cullen for a bag of pucks.

I've seen enough of hutchison. He is a traffic cone that takes penalties.

I still find it almost comical that the Isles are playing their A squad sans 2 defesemen and Mike Sillinger and can't easily beat a Ranger team without their top line and Prucha and Avery and Girardi and with Miika Wiikman the eighth string goalie in there.

i just turned the game on center ice did montoya fight d.p

BLACKED - OUT !! it figures ...hope you guys are enjoying the game . I know this game means nothing , but we can't let these goofs win this game !! Colton orr is awsome , nice to hear what he did , hard to believe Boston gave up on him . I remeber seeing his broken nose from Puriton in a game against the Rangers. We break his nose and then he comes play for us , helping puriton lose his job .

one the game isnt blacked out two rangers just lost in OT...wiikman isnt going to be in the NHL anytime soon

My final thoughts on the game:

1. Caveat: I missed period 1, and this is the first preseason game I saw this year.
2. Callahan was awesome.
3. Shanahan did a lot of little things well.
4. Drury is amazing at getting himself open.
5. Dawes looked good, lots of chances, but seems to get pushed around a bit. I'm on the fence on whether he's NHL-ready.
6. Hutchinson couldn't even break into the Islander lineup.
7. Love Dubinsky's heart in fighting Sutton. Other than that he seemed invisible to me.
8. Staal was the best defenseman on the ice. Tons of talent.
9. I cannot stress enough just how bad Hutchinson was.

Did the Isles have there a squad in?

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