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September 30, 2007


Just a quick questions... Did the september issue go out already?

I haven't gotten mine yet... any news?


Three need to be sent down. Anisimov is a "for sure". Most likely Montoya will also go. Anisimov because he is just getting wet in North American hockey, Montoya because of his salary. Most likely Dubinsky will be the third line center. Dawes and Prucha are competing for the same position. Logic says we tell Dawes he earned the spot but needs to go to Hartford "just because of the numbers. Don't be disappointed, stay ready, we will need you this season". By next season Straka and Shanny will be gone and his "teamwork" will not be forgotten.

What do I want to see? Assuming there's no trade, I would send Mara to Hartford, keep Dawes and replace Valiquette with Montoya. I think the cap can handle that.

Staal should make the team instead of Pock....why is everyone so worried about losing Pock on waivers..We have Staal, Sauer and Sanguinetti all ready either this year or next. Staal should be third pair with Mara and let Strudwick be 7th d man. Dubinsky has proven he can center callahan and prucha and should stay while dawes may be playing hard but he just doesn't finish enough at this level.

Disagree Dennis, I think Dawes will be fine if put on a top line. He is a fireplug and is a sniper. I hope Renney gives him a real shot.

I found this entire paragraph from TSN very funny...

" Michael Peca is expected to practice Monday for the first time in two weeks. He has been nursing a groin muscle injury but insists he will be ready to start the regular season... Ken Hitchcock named Manny Malhotra the team's best overall player during the preseason."

Tell me why am i not surprised that Peca is dealing an injury even before the season begins. Also, Manny Malhotra best player at camp???

the last cuts & who stays will be Sather's final decisions , on Renney's recomendations, but doubtful a rubber stamp.

I was at the game last night against the flyers. Dawes scored on an awesome tip and Staal played very solid. Pock looked awful-outmuscled on several occasions and a lack of concentration on offense. Drury fought because Jagr got hit-every Ranger on the ice basically forgot the puck after Jagr was hit. Drury handed it to him pretty bad; flipped him to the ice.

The referees were for the most part terrible. Drury fought to stick up for his captain and got a 10 minute misconduct. Jagr got a BS elbowing penalty with 44 seconds left. The refs were giving the flyers so many chances to win this game. In my opinion, it was not called fairly. Hopefully that's not an issue come thursday.

just to add on to my last post:

the rangers need to get it together before thursday. i know jagr's hip was hurting but he made a bunch of bonehead plays. lundqvist looked a bit sluggish as well. gomez was almost invisible. it was the last game before things start counting, you think we would play with some tempo.

A whole generation of Chinese Hockey Players are about to learn not to shoot the puck LOL


Jess, those Chinese hockey players will not shoot the puck!!

Oh, you already said that. I should have known. LOL

Can we keep Dubinsky and Dawes and send down Hossa?
Hossa is a question mark every game he's in and unfortunately answers that question the wrong way many more times then the right way. Meanwhile the two young guys bring something to the game every night. I would guess sending Hossa to Hartford would free cap space, and if another team claims him off waivers, well, even better.

Set up a new hockey league

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I do not remember where I read it, but they said due to valle's injury, al was going to be the back up to hank. If that is the case you would have to figure that pock (he should any how) be sent down, along with hossa (I would go with dawes over him anyhow), and anisimov! I would trade malik for whatever could be haed, he is gone after this season any how (and if the preseason is any indication of the way the calls will go, we need struds a lot more than malik).

anyone have a link to the shanny and drury fights? I've seen the orr and struds, just looking for the other two.


I like what Dawes brings to the table but we don't need a sparkplug because we already have Avery and Callahan as sparkplugs (and Callahan puts the puck in the net when given a chance to play with the top lines unlike Dawes)...I just think the best lineup right now includes Staal and Dubinsky...If Hossa is sent down (highly unlikely to happen as long as Renney remains president of Hossa fan club) then Dawes should get first shot but for now it looks like dawes should be odd man out.

Over the past 2 years, Malik has been among the team and league leaders in +/- so he must be doing something right

Remeber Hossa is frequently used on the penalty kill, something Dawes doenst bring to the table.

I just ask that whomever gets sent down--whether one of your favorites or not--we don't hear the tired litany of Renney is an idiot for X or y or Z. Let's support the team we put on the ice. This will be our Rangers. Let's wish them all well, and not silently be wishing that someone will make a gaffe so that somebody else will be playing. Positive energy folks. That's wht we got to take to the garden. Stop the booing of Malik. And stop the damn Potvin sucks chant--we have current opposing players to taunt: do we have to taunt a ghost?


Here, here! Also, I'm pretty sure people will be hoping some player gets injured so someone else will be playing. Instead, we should all be hoping an opposing GM takes certain players off our hands in a fit of delirium.

Simon sucks!


You are absoultely right except Potvin sucks is Garden tradition and will never change.

Great post Godot!

I would like to second the "stop the damn Potvin sucks chant." I'm all for tradition, but do we have to hear it 10 times a game? Once (if any) is enough!

I think a large part of who gets sent down will be determined by asset retention. Pock won't get sent down just because we have other players who can replace him. He is still an asset to this organization. Assets don't often get thrown away unless they've gone stale (i.e. Immonen). I think whether Dawes stays up or not will depend somewhat on just how comfortable Shanahan is with playing with him. If Shanahan can ax Immonen like he did last season, he sure can do the opposite with Dawes. Those 2 + Gomez seemed to play well together as well as move the puck around quite well. Shanahan was getting open quite often and Dawes can be a shifty passer himself. Dubinsky is doing great(ly). He and Staal should stay and continue their development.

Dawes played the PK in Hartford & is a shothanded threat. But what no one seems to know is what Sather is going to do, just asumptions & wishes along with cliches.


I absolutely agree with you excepy I dont see why it would make sense to keep Staal. He hasn't been that great. He's a little shaky when carrying the puck. Send him to Hartford to be the number 1 defenseman. Let him develop and call him up when we need him just like what we did with Girardi.

This may mean nothing. Maybe not? The roster page at the current Ranger Web site includes Dawes, but not Dubinsky...Hutchinson, but not Staal.


That roster has been the same since the Cullen trade. Dawes was on the roster at the end of the year, and Kasparitis wasn't. After the Cullen trade it had Hutchinson on it, so I wouldn't read much into it. The Rangers site hasn't been that up to date (might have something to do with the legal hubub we've been reading about lately).

Am I hearing this correctly but you are suprised at the lousy refereeing. It's been terrible since the lockout. Nothing ther NHL does that anti-productive/ anti- Original Six/ anti- old time loyal fans surprises me. I realize that cap room is very narrow but why can't the Black Aces be interchanable depending on who we are playing. We don't need Orr, Struds, Hollweg on the ice every game. Anyhow we'll find out soon enough. Maybe Bettman will like England so much he'll quit the NHL and take over the English Hockey League...Z

rangerbill- why are you so sure that Straka will be gone. He's one of our best 2 way players, JJ loves him, he's good for the pp and pk and he signs reasonable contracts. And he has said he's going 1 yr at a time and never said this was his last yr. If the team wants him and makes that known they'll do the right thing and keep him next yr.

Straka was injured all year which is probably why he considered retirement. If he's healthy and plays like he always has then he'll be back same with Shanahan

Stall's been very good in the preseason. Strudwick isn't fast enough to be a regular D-man and pairing Pocl and Mara together long term seems like a bad idea. Sure they'll be growing pains, but it makes the most sense to have Stall in there. Rangers did fine with Sergei Zubov when he had half a year of experience. Losing Pock will stink, but they'll get over it; with Stall/Tyutin/Girardi/Sauer/Sanguinetti and either Roszival or another random d-man (Redden?) the D looks pretty good.

Mike A

Sanguinetti!!!! He's still in juniors. Maybe you'll see him next year and thats a big maybe.

Next year will be Sauer. I think bringing up two d-men at once is a b ig gamble so you're right, but I don't think losing Pock is the end of the world.

Well, if we're going to keep Staal, we got to play him. Ditto Dawes. Unless a trade happens, I expect to see one of those two Hartford bound; if we keep Staal, I imagine Pock is going to be waived. This isn't what I'm saying should happen, but what I expect to happen.

The Rangers should package Pock, Hossa, and Mara (not necessarily together) and get what they can for them. I have always been very critical of Ranger youth, but I feel Dawes can play. Pock and Mara are nothing more than roster filler. Mara is only a marginal upgrade to Arron Ward. Even if it is just for picks and prospects.

I love Straka and he will be missed when he's gone, but he's said he's probably got one more year in him.

I'm going to rephrase a quote he said, which can be found in the Blueshirt Bulletin magazine:

"I talked to my family and we all agreed that we'd stay one more year in New York".

Straka also mentions he was surprised, borderline shocked, that he received a contract extension in the middle of last season.

Basically, unless Straka has a career-high in points and stays healthy all season (which is possible . . .), I don't expect him back.

I remember the Potvin sucks from its origins, and you have to remember that just SAYING "sucks" was a big deal back then in the late '70s. We used to get amused by people saying something that, at the time, was strictly a profanity.

The crowd mentality took over and there we were, in the Garden, chanting away at our hated rivals. So, it's a what, 25+ year tradition? Pretty cool, if you ask me.

And, yes, "Simon sucks" is equally good and can be done, but don't discount the significance and history behind the good ol' "Potvin sucks!" chant.

Those magical words cascading down from the blue seats are a longtime statement to the depth and intensity of the a storied rivalry.

While we're discussing doing away with, or at least cutting down on 'Potvin Sucks,' am I the only one who is sick and tired of that stoopid 'Goal Song,' or whatever it is they call that annoying music they play after we score a goal?

i like the goal song, its unique to us and its not just another song that everyone else plays...and i do love tradition, and i am not a fan nor do i partake in the potvin sucks as I am only 25 and could care less about fat, stupid, old Potvin who is the color man in florida...BUT 10 times a game is insane...can you guys just do it once or maybe twice or once a period...but it happend like 4 times a period and get pretty annoying....WHAT IS EVERYONES TAKE ON THE NEW SCOREBOARD!!! I LOVE IT..ITS ABOUT TIME!!

I think we hae the best goal song in a league because its different than the rest of the league.

Yea the scoreboard was a nice upgrade to the garden

The easiest thing the Rangers can do is to put Valiquette on IR, Send Anisimov and Staal down to Hartford. I think that keeps us under the cap. The problem happens when Vali is ready to come back! By then, I think the Rangers will have had enough time to evaluate, trade or whatever, to set the roster.

Anyone have a image of the new scoreboard? I wont be at a game till Nov 1st.

Keep up the great work!

>>>I think we hae the best goal song in a league because its different than the rest of the league.

What I think would be refreshingly different than the rest of the league is to not have a "goal song" at all!

I was there at the last Isles/rangers game the other night and i'll be there opening night and i'm looking forward to the "potvin Sucks" chants as many times as possible, the "never gets old" goal song at least 3-5 times hopefully and checking out the stats on the great new scoreboard(it really is a huge upgrade especially on the side scoreboards along the facade of the top deck)...when do we find out about the final cuts????

Na u gotta have a goal song

phil - re Straka I think you're taking statements out of context. Yes he is playing it one yr at a time. I think if he plays like he can and like he did most of last yr and the playoffs, and if he's healthy, the team will do what they did last yr. Near the end of the season make it known that they want him back. If they do that I think he'll do it. I don't expect Shanny back so there's a spot for a young forward. And there will be spots on d. I only expect either Rozy or a free agent as far as older vets. I don't think Sanguinetti will be on the team next yr but I think Sauer will be.

re the Potvin chant - I really hope it ends. The fans who will miss it the most will be Islander fans. it will show them, finally, that 1983 and before were indeed a long long time ago and that even Potvin has faded into irrelevance.

Potvin sucks stays and so does the goal song. 2 great things about the garden

There's no better goal song than "Rock and Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter. Here's a sample for those who don't know it. It has been overused by many teams, but it never fails to make the fans crazy.


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