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September 28, 2007


I am 100% behind the Rangers on this one. While I actually like the NHL.tv thingie that I have seen on the other team's website, I absolutely love the Rangers OnDemand tv which I believe that they can link NHL.tv and Center Ice if they want ...

Why should they release control of their website and other merchandising to the League who continually drops the ball when it comes to marketing the game, it's players and our team?

Good for the Rangers. While I am no fan of the Rangers owners (cablevision) or the MSG management, I do think the Rangers (and any team for that matter) should be able to manage and run their own website, if they wish. NHL stinks and marketing and promoting their own teams.

I have mixed feelings here as on one hand the NHL does a poor job covering prospects so it would greatly enhance both this place and my own since nobody offers you more prospect coverage than we do.

On the other hand I have to say that the Rangers deserve to decide how best to market their own team which is what a website does best.

Actually it appears the content of the Rangers website is identical on both, though I have yet to see the Rangers "On Demand" link. I think the NHL's version is nicer, but tend to agree with the rest of you about control.

buttman and his napoleon complex

Oops, never mind. there is a link to Rangers on Demand - its "rangers TV" on the right.

I'd heard that the NHL was standardizing the teams' sites, but as I've visitied them, I thought "Hm, they've taken a lot of ideas from NYR's site." Ok, so it's no secret that I can be a dumb bunny tech-wise, but somehow I thought my link was old, but the "new" magically site came up and was only marginally different.

Note to Dubi, Jess, Mitch and all the hard-working BB contributors: For my current Ranger news, I come here first evry day, then NYR.com for the softer side. They've got a real terrific homer writing over there and I hate to see his/her work sanitized via NHL's Big Brother. When I want NHL news, I go straight to TSN.ca, then NHL.com. From what I've seen, looks like the NHL's version has too much league news on the team sites.

Dolan is an @$$, but I hope they win this one.

PS: Great atmosphere at MSG tonight and so great to see everyone again!

i could care less. blueshirt bulletin is my first and only stop for rangers news.

That's ridiculous. The NHL shouldn't have control over any team's website if the team doesn't want it. Now I understand, though, why the Rangers site is a lot better visually and content wise than other teams' sites.

Kinda messed up that the NHL links to the "fake site" not the real one.

Anyway, basically the same, even has the same links. Just a different poll and a more "standardized" look. I noticed a week ago that all the sites were like predators.nhl.com / blues.nhl.com.

I like that the rangers.nhl.com site has the stats button! The NYR site has been missing it for 2 seasons.

Good for them. The new NHL doesn't know how to market the league as a whole, let alone how to market each team's website!

Let each team have their own unique website and lets move on.

The NHL needs to get coverage on ESPN plain and simple. keep versus if they want but put at least one game a week on ESPN

I'm 100% behind MSG on this one. The Rangers web site is incredibly well done and is a multi-million dollar investment that the NHL should not be able to waltz in and take control of. As a long-time hockey fan I'm sick and tired of the NHL's attempts to homogenize and de-personalize the league as part of their efforts to "bring hockey to the masses" (how about starting by putting it on a TV channel people can actually see first?) The NHL-run cookie-cutter web sites are a tremendous lost marketing opportunity for every team that's agreed to accept them and I'm disapointed that more teams haven't fought the NHL on this one.

a 5 year old could have made a better website...

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