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September 26, 2007


Sandis Ozolinsh did more than "just drink." He also drove a vehicle.

Just sayin'.

wow that cullen trade is looking worse and worse every time hutchinson steps on the ice

The first time, in San Jose, he just drank, he didn't drive. Theo Fleury didn't get caught driving. Dany Heatley drove drunk and got into a tragic accident, but he wasn't suspended because it wasn't substance abuse. So the driving part is irrelevant. The point is, a player would be ineligible to play in pre-season for any substance abuse suspension, but not so for supplementary discipline cases.

You can't really analyze the Cullen trade because it was nothing more than a salary dump. The Rangers got back some parts they could try to work with but Carolina was never going to give up anything great because it was a trade they new the Rangers had to make (not to mention Cullen may have asked to be traded). Forget about Barnes and Hutchinson the best part of that deal was getting a 3rd round pick. You never know what Sather might be able to do with that come the deadline.

The shame of the Simon situation is that there won't be enough outrage to cause the NHL to do anything about it. Here we are with a mini-controversy in the biggest city in the world, with the largest amount of sports coverage and no one will make any noise about it, there will be no columns calling it a joke in any of the NY papers, and there will be no SportsCenter analysis of how the NHL is in the wrong. If the same double standard existed in any of the other 3 major sports and it involved a NY team you would see Sunday columns in the Post, News and Newsday and you would have "experts" talking about it all over sports radio and tv. The NHL gets away with what it does because there is no pressure to keep the league in check.

Until public pressure causes the NHL to actually feel threatened and embaressed by any of its decisions real changes won't come.

Well, Cuch, you can blame Bettman for some of this; if the league still had a contract with ESPN, then Sports Center would be talking about it. It's just a shame that sport cup stacking and national rock, papers, scissors championships are on ESPN, but not hockey.

The Islander's spin control is amazingly effective. Every news report repeats their spin of the the brawl: DiPietro had to come to Simon's aid because it was 2 on 1 against him. It would be nice if just one of the sports writers viewed videos or photos of the brawl which clearly show DiPietro immediately glide out of his crease into the fray as if he was looking for something. And when he jumped on Strudwick he made it 3 on 2 for the Islanders as there was already another Islander wrapped around Strudwick.

Also, unlike the copy cat reporting everywhere, there was no penalty coming to Hollweg when he got charged by Simon. Again checking the easily available video, Hollweg's check was clean and he missed most of the guy, the ref in the scene doesn't make a call, Simon charges, the ref's arm goes up.

Does anyone know what the real penalties were for that mess? The boxscores posted everywhere, and official scoresheet on NHL.com (http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20072008/GS010063.HTM), for this game are all messed up. Orr is shown receiving his and Strudwick's fighting majors in the first period, even though they were seconds apart. The melee "scoring" is a complete mess so it's hard to tell if Simon got only a misconduct or a major? I hope the NHL gets the boxscores fixed before fantasy season starts.

Heatley wasn't driving drunk. His BAC was shown to be below the legal limit.

Yeah, the point remains the same -- if you'r drunk you can't play, but if you kill someone or try to kill someone, you're good to go.

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