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September 28, 2007


Chris Simon is a scratch tonight. Of course...he won't face the Garden music. Typical Islander clown.

Hi everyone,
I posted this queston to Jess in Prospect Park, and now I am wondering what everyone else, who has an opinion thinks of this?
"As for Gomez with Shanahan, and Avery, I hope it works. But Gomez with Prucha and Callahan, would bring comparisons with Giota and Elias...very fast guys to be with Gomez who also is fast. Shanahan has been losing a step or two every year...so maybe by mid season we may see shanahan on the third line and prucha and callahan on the 2nd line, What do you think?"
To see Jess opinion just go to the comments section of his blog Prospect Park

I am not suprised by "Stan Fischler entry surprisingly skewed in favor of the Islanders"
Did we forget that Fischler is an analyst for the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders on FSN New York...Hey money talks....

The reason Staal is not listed (for CBSSports.com) is 1)List is short (5) and lists those less in question for making the team. You will notice the 5 listed are all on teams that struggled for the most part last year and can afford / need younger guys to play. And 2) The CBSSports.com feature is one that will change thruout the year, so with Staal not being certain, better suited for entrance a little later... In all fairness to the other pieces, the CBSSports feature is not quite in the same regard as the others. :)

great bog - i started reading it about two weeks ago and i really appreciate all the info you guys provide. here is my input for the discussion - Melrose on his espn video blog suggested quite aggressively that Rangers should name Drury the captain. at first i dissmised the idea - but it is true that Jagr doesnt perform well with the captain pressure on his shoulders, while Drury is probably a different case. any thoughts?

Drury when Jagr leaves, lets get the fantasy league started ASAP!!!!!!!!

Here's an interesting question. Chris Simon received a match penalty which warrants automatic suspension indefinitely until the matter has been reviewed. A) can Simon actually play tonight if he wanted to? B) Has the league reviewed it? C) Since this is the same situation as Downie in Philly, do you see Simon's decision having any similar result?
Thanks as always

Dan, I haven't heard of any follow-up action by the league about Simon's match penalty, nor am I surprised at that. They'll sweep it under the rug to avoid controversy, having their hands full with Downie.

PB, The Rangers are going for the Cup, they're not going to jeopardize that by creating a leadership controversy. Renney has always said that the team has a leadership group, not a single leader, and Drury becomes part of that. Drury himself would be mortified by the suggestion that he could come in to a team built around Jagr and take over the captaincy, as he said when he was asked about his leadership role.

Steve, Jagr has often said (and he said it again when asked about Gomez) that he needs a center who plays the same puck possession game he plays, and not a dump and chase center. Gomez is a puck possession guy, Drury is a dump and chase guy. There will be a lot of movement among the lines as the season progresses, but in the long run, the stylistic similarities of Gomez-Jagr and Drury-Shanahan will emerge.

So with Jagr out tonight, what will the lines look like?

Who moves up to the top line? Or do they simply move Shanny's line up and slide Drury's line down?

iz orr and hollweg playing tonight

just in
TORONTO (Sept. 28, 2007) – Philadelphia Flyers forward Steve Downie has been suspended for 20 NHL games, without pay, as a result of delivering a hit to the head of Ottawa Senators forward Dean McAmmond during an NHL pre-season game on September 25.


BTW NYRANGERS.COM has a new look and its not that good

Also "Downie will miss the first 20 regular season and/or playoff games (in addition to the last Flyers' pre-season game - Saturday vs. NY Rangers) that he is a member of the Flyers' 23-man roster."

Is there a double standard here?? You can Tomahawk someone and still get to play in pre-season

Official MSG Media Press Release

Through a cooperative effort between Neulion and Madison Square Garden, tonight's Islanders-Rangers game will be broadcast LIVE on NHL Center Ice Online, which can be accessed through Islanders TV.



Thank You someone agrees with me in having Gomez centering Callahan and Prucha. I don't care how much Gomez makes he will better the team. It is possible to have 3 20+ scorers on the third line. Have Straka center Jagr and Hossa. and Drury with Shanahan and Avery. This would mean Dubinsky wouldnt be on the team though.

Hopefully they show the game tonight as I dont get New York channels here in Indiana. And Stan Fischler is so biased to the Rangers its hilarious. He'll be bashing the Devils while holding the microphone with the Devils logo on it.

HOORAY!! Like oleosmirf, you can't get NY channels in Denver either. I'll watch the Rangers and gag/puke at the Fish announcers at the same time. Better than nothing though, eh?

interesting points on Captain. I'm not 100% percent on this but from what I believe no European player has ever been a Captain on a Stanley Cup winning team. Also if anyone was to be captain of the Rangers other than Jagr it would be Shanahan. Plus Jagr was the real captain years ago but the Rangers honored Messier by not issuing a C. The "Letter C" has no effect on his play.

Also the game tonight is officially being shown on NHL.tv Center Ice.

To watch the game go on internet explorer because after many tries I found it does not work on Mozilla or AOL (at least for me). Go to NHL.tv Click on the Link. Click on the Center Ice tab. Register for the free subscription which expires October 9th, I believe. Then log in, Click on the Rangers game and there you go. Full Screen gets fuzzy so go with the maximize button. The feed opens 10-15 before the game. LET'S GO RANGERS

Denver Frank

I actually just purchased a slingbox for my apartment. Its being set up at my house this weekend and i'll have it up and running hopefully by the opener but if not NHL.tv is a good free option. My parents live in Jersey so i had it hooked up there, and I should have it up and running next week so for anyone in the same situation as myself I recommend buying one especially since it cheaper than Center Ice

"but it is true that Jagr doesnt perform well with the captain pressure on his shoulders, while Drury is probably a different case. any thoughts?"

Last season, down the stretch, when the pressure was on and the Rangers needed offense Jagr stepped up then and in the playoffs. I just don't understand the continued questions about Jagr's leadership from some fans when no such concerns have been raised from teammates that matter. Brendan Shanahan accepted it and the only people calling for Shanny to be captain, again, was again certain fans and/or analysts. Now is the same with Drury... Barry Melrose barely has a clue what is truly going on the ice let alone in the locker room. Last season, when Henrik was on a streak that had his GAA under 2.00 and he was clearly the top goalie in the League in the 2nd half of the regular season he was asked who was the best two goalies in the East and he said Brodeur and DiPietro. Are you kidding me? When challenged about Lundqvist he said that DP had a touger time in net than Henrik. Then about two weeks later changed his tune.

This team, as Dubi posted, has a leadership team. Yes Jagr is the captain but do you think for a moment that if something needs to be said that Straka, Shanny, Drury and/or Gomez won't say anything if needed? I just think is Barry blowing a lot of hot air and trying to stir trouble and controversy where there isn't any.


Melrose is an idiot but Brodeur is probably the best goalie ever and DiPietro when on his game is almost impossible to beat. Lundqvist has been amazing but he still needs to learn not to give up that cheap goal. He's on his way but I wouldnt consider him to be an elite goalie like a Luongo or Turco but i would rather have him than DiPietro anyday. As for Jagr you hit it right on the money.

just for the record - i think Melrose was wrong and i think Jagr as a captain is ok - but in the past he did mention repeatedly not to be too thrilled about the responsibility, plus next time he will start skipping shootouts this issue might arise again.

Byers is again included on the current roster:
Maybe for the weekend because Jagr and Avery are sidelined...


I have no argument about Brodeur BUT DP is not better than Henrik nor has he had Henrik's level of success in the NHL or international play .. not even close ... in fact Henrik has been nominated for the Vezina trophy two years in a row, at the time of Melrose's comments Henrik was the TOP goalie in the League since the All-Star break and Melrose made his comments about 2-3 weeks before the playoffs started and just before DP got injured ...

Also ... seems that MSG is suing the NHL ... over money and MSG's control of the Rangers ...


NEW YORK - Madison Square Garden sued the NHL on Friday, saying the league has monopolized promotion of its teams.

According to the lawsuit, the NHL has claimed it will fine MSG, which owns the New York Rangers, US$100,000 (C$99,415) per day if it does not give the NHL complete control over the team's website and other promotions.

MSG said it had no choice, but to bring the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan because the fines were scheduled to begin Friday.

The organization asked that a judge order the league to stop acting as ``an illegal cartel,'' limiting what the team does to promote itself on the Internet and with merchandising efforts.

Scott Arthur Eggers, a lawyer for the NHL, had no comment.


Interesting ... can MSG also sue the League for how poorly and inconsistent they handle certain issues ????? =P

BTW the above comes from TSN ...

I wonder if the lawsuit is the reason why the Rangers website has had so little coverage, as compared to last year, to the Rangers pre-season action and why their OnDemand Online tv product hasn't been updated since the end of the playoffs ...

here's the link http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=219422&hubname=nhl


I never said DiPietro is better, Lundqvist has actually had better numbers in his 1st 2 years in league than Brodeur did but I an understand someone who doesnt follow New York hockey to think of DiPietro as a better goalie because when he is playing his best you can't score on him

Nice NHL.tv Center Ice is showing MSG not a scoreboard feed with islanders radio


But that was my original point with my comments on Melrose... He doesn't follow our team or even pay attention until he's forced to pay attention and he made a stupid comment saying that DP was one of the top two goalies in the East and excluded Henrik ... that was what I was originally saying and I do not cut him slack because he's paid to know and follow all teams and give an unbiased and well informed report which Barry rarely does


That goal the islanders scored is the reason why Lundqvist is not an elite goalie. He gives up one of those every game


"That goal the islanders scored is the reason why Lundqvist is not an elite goalie. He gives up one of those every game"

gimme a break ... he does not give up one of those EVERY game ... the only times that Henrik gives up goals like that is when he isn't on top of his game. I want you to find me the soft-goal per game that he gave up during the stretch after the All-Star break and up to when we clinched a playoff spot last season ...

yea he gave up one or two goals every game but each one was always either a cheap deflections some are just bad luck but he sometimes loses focus on one or 2 plays each game but otherwise hes a top maybe top 5 goalie in the NHL

anyways dawes shanahan and gomez line have been great tonight


Ok lets agree to disagree because I believe you are 100% incorrect ...

Is it possible for me to sue the nhl and have Bettman removed from the league for single-handedly turning the nhl into a non-factor amongst professional sports. He is totally responsible for ruining the league. We really need a hockey person running the show. Like the NBA, his previous job as Sterns assistant, over expansion has watered down the talent base and created a ho-hum attitude among fans for the 6-8 teams that have no business in the league..Z...6 days and counting

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