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August 25, 2007


Once again, Garden lackeys demonstrate they neither know about nor care about hockey. Yeesh!

Marc Staal's off-season is mentioned in this article:

I can't wait till training camp. Also is Larry Brooks covering the Rangers anymore? Mark Evason covered the whole Peca thing and there have not been any Slap Shot on Sunday in awhile. I was just curious what was going on with him?

Roc (and everyone else)

Larry Brooks will return to covering the Rangers when training camp starts. Even he deserves some time off to do other things.


Thanks for the link but what stood out to me is once again Tom Pyatt flies low under the radar as he too is attending the Core Camp. Ranger players and prospects are working out as this upcoming training camp is going to competitive to say the least.

When does the next issue of Blueshirt Bulletin come out?

Hillier is my prediction for the prospect that takes a big step forward this year.

And they say Prucha isn't a play maker...

playing against 76ers?

If Roszival can neutralize Igoudala we can beat the sixers

Who's gonna be the goalie for the 76'ers? =D


Hillier is going to have a good season but he is not going to be the one I predict will have the breakout season that honor goes to (sorry but you have to subscribe to the Blueshirt Bulletin to find that out) and I will explain why.


Dubi I believe is shooting for a mid-September so readers will have their first issue right at the beginning of the main Ranger training camp.


You mean you do not know who is the goalie for the 76ers? Sheesh and they say Ranger fans are well informed. Go stand in the corner for 10 minutes.

Who will be the 76ers goaltender? Come on, folks -- don't you know, goaltending is illegal in basketball!

Larry covers baseball during the summer. Rest assured he will be back on his primary beat, the Rangers and the NHL, come September.

The next issue of Blueshirt Bulletin is due out in mid-September.

Ok I will tell that it will be DUBI SILVERSTEIN in net for the 76ers when they face the Rangers.

That is right the not so round mound of rebound the Kermit the Frog look alike, the model for those "You have to be this tall" to ride this ride.

You should see Dubi's goalie mask as it is pink with flowers and pictures of Imitation in a string bikini.

(yes I am a tad off the wall this evening as someone has spent his Saturday transcribing a very interesting interview with the head of NHL officials Stephen Walkom for the next issue)

The Rangers almost-all-Czech starting lineup for the game vs. the 76ers:

C: Malik
PF: Jagr
SF: Hossa
PG: Straka
SG: Prucha

Larry's actually on vacation as we speak, I know some of his family members, I always give them crap how he has the best job in the country; traveling around and making fun of the Rangers.

Malik would have to have the long socks and the headband.

haha, that's actually the image that came to my mind as well. Except he was also wearing sports goggles, as well. I wore sports goggles when I played basketball. Even when I was a jock, I was still a nerd. :/

are you going to publish those pictures in the next issue ? You're what your lansman czech would call a little mishugina. You should stick to hockey, comedy escapes you. You have issues, and they're not of BB.

Does your interview cover how buttman is trying to turn hockey into basketball, or did you pitch softball questions? That stick parrallel to the ice call needs an overhaul, along with the elimination of the instigator rule.... Inconsistency is their biggest problem.....

By the way, I want to say something more about the lack of NHL coverage on ESPN. you all know how I felt about seeing the Rock, paper, Scissors championship on ESPN, BUT I saw the sport stacking finals on ESPN. Plastic cup stacking! C'mon. Can we get some NHL on ESPN. Please.


You have nothing to worry about as to spare the readers the horror of seeing you in a string bikini.

Rule changes are the area of hockey operations not the officials who enforce the rules that they are given.

Guess you will view the questions as softball because I don't do ambush reporting.


Next up on ESPN will be the hopscotch 350.

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