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August 30, 2007


What a great read, he seems like such an awesome guy its funny that they all live in Tarrytown.

Let's hope malik has to move away ,far far away. LOL Come on season ,it's gonna be fun!


Sorry buddy but as long as Maliks in Tarrytown, its Harrytown.

Adam Foote to NYR ( E5 )

Is it me, or is Straka one of the most underrated players in the league?
He plays hard, stays healthy, and puts up points.... not to mention he is a good team guy and a good character guy.

Signing him a few years back was easily one of the best moves the Rangers have made since the turn of the century. Hopefully he comes back for another year or two.



Your right, he's so damn underrated, and in my opinion is one of the guys in the league that diserves the cup the most. It sucks if he retires without winning a cup. And i wouldnt worry about were he'll be...as long as Jagr is here, Straka will be as well...They will both retire Rangers...and Jagr will get his 700th before he retires...i guarentee it.

NYR fans....Take a look at this its hilarious, Its Maaaarcel ha ha ha Hooossaaa....Ole


That's one of the many things I love about Straka...he always seems so positive!

Articles like this are why I love this site. Great insight and a good look into what these guys really think. What a party It will be every night at The Garden this year. God bless the NYR!

Marty is a class act, no doubt. But the best part of the interview is the insight into the mental attitude they will bring to the team. As I said before, the only problem could be an attitude that they don't really have to work very hard to win. Kind of a "Just look at all the talent around us, we're bound to win". It will be the coaching staffs job to be sure that everybody on this team is ready for a full NHL season. Teams will look at us and want to measure themselves against us. We simply can't take any opponent for granted.

Orr where did u see this

I ran into Sean Avery at a rock show in Brooklyn last night! He was really nice, took a picture with me, then showed me where to get on line to get beer. Can't wait for the season to start!

Straka is terrific. He's always been a class act. He's a great presence ont his team.

The Hossa video is hysterical. Hossa!

i was at the garden for WWE show (dont ask) We now have that line that goes around the arena like devs and isls got it shows the score and crap but ours is only half of the garden looks pretty cool tho

Here's a video of the Sutter hit on Cherepanov...


OOOOO man. I swear, this off season feels like the longest ever!! im a HUGE ranger fan, and im sure like all other ranger fans, i CANNOT wait until October!!!!!! i'll tell ya what... i was too young to appreciate the championship in 1994, and i have this amazing feeling that another is coming very soon!!! the team is just fantastic... our goalie is one of the best out there, our new signings are going to be awesome, straka, hossa, avery and all of them are great, and then there's Jaromir Jagr, who will lead us to the promised land!!!!!

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