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August 30, 2007


I hate the "C" word! Why do thoughts of Lindros come to mind?

I just caught up on this controversy. Here is the comments that I just posted to their blog...

Since people seem to be afraid to stand on their names and such, mine is Mitch Beck. I can be communicated with at rangersfanct@hotmail.com. I am VERY proud to be associated with one of the finest people I know (Dubi)and Blushirt Bulletin. I work with Dubi as a columnist for his magazine. I am also Editor in Chief of both The NY Rangers Fan Club and Hartford Wolf Pack Newsletters.

So much for anonymity.

First of all let me say that Dubi is a personal friend of mine and someone that I admire greatly. He is an exceptionally loyal friend and has been a VERY successful businessman. He has run BB for many years now on his own money and has managed to bring a first rate independent voice on all things NY Rangers soley for NY rangers fans. He takes more crap for that then anyone deserves. You're attempting to get a blog running and that's fine but when you take on the level of work that Dubi has and put out 1/2 the qulaity publication that he does I think that would give you more of a right to have something to say. I admire the man as both a friend and as an employer and anyone who knows him would say the same.

Anyhow, the magazine has done nothing but bring the best writers, photographers and so on and gotten them to put together what I think is unquestionably the best independent magazine about a hockey club, and perhpas even any other sport, out there. I would say this same thing even if I didn't work for him because before I even knew him personally I was a subscriber to the magazine.

He, much like those people posting to this and to "our" site are passionate about our teams. Does that mean that we need to make cheap and degrading comments about each other? I don't think so. I often tell people that I don't "hate" the Islanders (the Rangers biggest rival...if you didn't know that already)...it's just an enormous waste of energy. It takes just as much energy to hate a team as it does to love one and to be honest, personally I'd rather not waste my breath on something so negative and counter-productive. I enjoy the team I root for and I enjoy watching other teams becasue hockey is the greatest game in the world and no matter who's playing it's a pleasure to watch these athletes compete.

Now, as far as this entire "controversy" is concerned, from what I gather being that this is the first time I've visited your site, you wrote a very nasty commentary about the Rangers that while peppered with some comments that were witty, for the most part were laced with some VERY nasty comments that you had to know would invoke a heated response from people who feel they were being bashed and they CLEARLY were. You can say you were trying to be funny, either you've got a really poor sense of humor or you're not being totally truthful and both are disappointing. I've spent the better part of my life (over 25 years) as a professional touring comedian prior to going into business for myself. I can tell you from experience that what you wrote was intended to be nasty from the outset and we both know that's true. Why pretend that it wasn't? What does that benefit you?

Dubi, being a passionate person himself wrote you, from what I've heard from him, and I believe him, was a private email. In turn and without his permission, you published it and insulted him further because he was upset at what you wrote and wrote back angrily as I would as well if you attacked me that way.

You're supposedly professional lawyers. I don't know if that's true but I will assume it is and you should know about protecting people's privacy. This celarly was in violation of Dubi's and your comments back, while some of your claims are interesting are so negative in tone that it's just difficult to read and it shouldn't have come down to it like that in the first place.
You had to know that you were going to invoke anger in Ranger fans when you posted your commetns and you were successful in not only drawing people to your site that wouldn't visit it normally, but you hurt people's feelings along the way. Was that necessary? I don't htink it is but what do I know.

And by the way, having had the exact thing happen to me, a personal email published without my permission, it's infuriating and I probably would have reacted the same as Dubi did and might have even been more harsh in my comments back than he was.

Personally, I'd like to see the back and forth name calling put to an end right now and that a civil debate over the differences between these two great franchises discussed like adults and not in the manner these things have gone. It doesn't help anyone or make the situation any less tense.

You can see here that there are no insults being thrown at anyone here by me and I have nothing nasty to say. I just think that it's time for the name calling to stop.

I think that both sides should take a step back, regroup and treat the other side in the same manner as they would like to be treated themselves and for goodness sakes enjoy the team you root for and be the bigger person and grant other people the right to have the same passion about their team regardless of the fact that you don't like them. That's what makes all of this fun...

As that tremendously horrendous human being, Rodney King once said, "Can't we all just get along?"

BTW, if I was going to attack something here it would be the French language...while beautiful when spoken who the hell can understand it..but that just comes from a guy who failed the class in HS so maybe I'm a little jaded.

One last thing, thanks for taking Alex Kovalev off our hands...that move sure worked out didn't it? :)

Was it something I said?

Guys, let's take the high road here huh? Who's with me?

The Curse of the Rangers First Round Picks.

With the Labor Day weekend upcoming the rest of the Ranger CHL prospects are going to make at the very least cameo appearances with their junior teams prior to heading off to the Ranger's own developmental camp/Traverse City.

The real season is going to start in less than a month so things are about to get real busy around here.

Our Russian Prospects

Yes I am biased, it is my job to cover these guys so when I see them getting hurt (especially due to an elbow to the head) then I am very disappointed by the behavior of the the Canadian squad.

These series I know Canada wants to win but they are also supposed to be about friendship and good sportsmanship which an elbow to the head is not either.

brandon sutter is as cheap of a player as all of his uncles and his father.that's why people used to call them the gutter brothers!

Mitch, thanks for the support -- I'm not sure I'm worthy of all that. But you're right, hiding behind humor was a pretense there and they know the truth of the matter. I shouldn't have taken the bait, but I did.

They warned me in their response not to dare take them on again in factual matters, since they are lawyers. I did take them on again, not on a factual battlefield, but on their hypocrisy. Haven't seen any response back on that one yet -- maybe they're over at the Montreal Forum wondering why no one ever called it the World's Most Famous Arena, or wondering why their beloved Habs shut it down in pursuit of the mighty dollar.

Anyway, the matter should be at an end, and most of all, visits to their woeful site by Ranger fans should be at an end.

Thanks too to Jess, Mr. "Prospect Park", for having my back over on their playing field. Good stuff.

Here's a video of the Sutter hit on Cherepanov...



You are always welcome


Dubi is right

Mitch is right

Those Hab fans are not.

anyone know where I can get the super series in the US

Looks like he got tangles with Sutter in his own zone upon which he followed him down the ice with the intention of running him. Cherepanov got up quick and skated off. It has to be considered a very mild concussion if any.

TSN is saying Cherepanov's out for the series and "remains in hospital"... though I've seen nothing about him being in the hospital in the Russian press (I haven't had much time to look this morning though).


Ok, nevermind, allhockey.ru also says Cherepanov is in a local hospital because he was prescribed rest.

Anisimov was caught with a knee-on-knee early in the 2nd that even MaGuire said he thought would be called for a penalty. It wasn't -- Canada was already down a man, and on another delayed call. Anisimov hasn't been back and Kablukov has taken his spot on his line. Score is 3-2 Canada.

Coincidence that Russia's two best offensive players are now conveniently injured on questionable plays?

I don't know why but every time i try to launch the player to watch these games on TSN's site it won't connect. I have tried 3 or 4 times during different games this week. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Well put, Mitch. I don't hate the Islanders either. I despise them!


You got to go to hockeywebcasts.com to view this here in the US. The TSN and Rogers sites are for Canadian viewers only. I am watching through the hockeywebcasts.com site and I had no problems.

Game 3:
6 : 2

Anyone think it's a coincedence that two relatives of former Islanders (Sutter and Gillies)hurt 2 of our best prospects, Cherepanov and Anisimov, respectively????
I bet Sather is fuming right now, too. I hope those 2 lowlife spawn never make it to the NHL.

I like the name Gutter brothers, czechthemout! It fits!!

What the hell is happening with a russian team

There not as good.

Saw an article in which AA, before today's injury, says he will LEAVE the Russian squad after the first two games in Canada to attend the rangers camp.

As far as the french canadian blogers;All french people whether from canada or france think they are better than we are.They look down their noses at us.I still don't understand why anyone would go to france on a vacation .These a--holes have never helped us with anything even in times of war even after we liberated them from the germans,my father was there and he said they loved us then.But ever since we have gotten no help from them.They can kiss my American a--.Lets forget those losers and get on with hockey go Rangers!!!!!!

Umm, Vince: I think you need to do a little brushing up on history, especially the founding of our country. I'm not defending the 4 Habs bloggers, just pointing out that your comments are inaccurate. And what the heck do French Canadians have to do with vacationing in France? French Canadians are the equivalent of the Cajuns in our country, the only difference is they just speak French primarily.

Mark get a grip I'm not talking about in1776 I'm talking about Desert Storm when they wouldn't give us permission to fly over there air space,so when your trying to make me look bad do your own homework buddy..French canadians look down at us also and as for the vacation in france it was just a personal opinion.I mean if thats ok with you? Forget all this crap ,bring on the season,go Rangers.

Mitch Beck

I have to say that after reading their ridiculous synopsis about the Rangers, these "lawyers' simply have too much time on their hands and very limited vocabulary. Resorting to juvenile comments, ridicule and cursing is so mundane and vulgar. I am so glad BB is a classy and intelligent forum for Ranger fans like myself to come to and share thoughts and of course, to root for the Rangers. It seems the Habs fans need to resort to such tactics in order to feel good for their team who didn't make the playoffs.

So "Montreal Canadiens" is such an innovative name, wow, so glad they thought of that one!. Now I love Avery more since they hate him. And the comments about women...what century is this? No class....

I think Dubi's response was superb!!

Let's go Rangers!!

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