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August 29, 2007


As much as root for Russian team (being russian myself) I must say they played another afull game.
These two teams look like they are from different planets. I don't know if they are just simply
that bad by themself or Canadian team made them look that way , but it sure was tough to watch.
Cherepanov looked a little better though , considering that the rest of the team (maybe except the goalie)
wasn't playing at all. At this point I don't see them winning even one game of the series.

You yanks who think the cold war is over are sadly misinformed. The Cold War is alive and well in the hockey rink and we Canucks will never forget the Russian's tactics in 72(cheating refs, waking players up in the middle of the night etc). We just LOVE to kick their ass!! GO CANADA!!!!!!!

Bones I bet youre the type of person who thinks I should be paying reparations to blacks now even though my ancestors didnt come here till 1921. Or that all the then slaves are dead as are the people who enslaved them.

If you paid attention you'd realize that its not the same people nor the same Russia from 1972. Its nationalists like you who hold the chains keeping people from ever truly viewing people as individuals. Why don't you and Dale Hawerchuck go bitch about the Russians and stay off this message board with your stupid comments.

this is "aboot" time somebody else agrees with me :)

DUBI you've made new 'friends'...http://fourhabsfans.blogspot.com/

ANT your right....Go Russia, i hope Russia comes back to kick there asses...Go Chery and Artie show them what Russia is really aboot.

Did AA win one face off today? His lack of D cost two gaols though Russian team d as a whole doesn't seem to exist.

Dubi - Your response to FHF is awesome!

emscam -- It can hardly can be called a "lack of D" when Anisimov was in fact playing the defenseman's position because his defenseman was floating around in the slot covering absolutely no one. He didn't play it well, but he shouldn't have been the one guarding the side of the net in the first place. And I'm not going to crucify him on the first goal either. It was on the powerplay - there's only so far he could have collapsed without leaving the point man totally unguarded. I agree he probably could have been quicker about getting to the Canadian player when he broke in off the boards, but sh!t happens when you're shorthanded. As for the faceoffs, you're dead on. I think he may have won 3 all game. Definitely a weakness, although I don't know how much of a factor not being able to use his feet/size was. On the positive side, he probably had 4-5 shots on net. But I though he played a better game on Monday. On the other hand, I thought Cherepanov played a lot better today... particularly after the first period.

Also, Dubi, Ufa isn't in Siberia. Omsk is tho... ;)


The team D for Russian was non existent. AA is big and skates very well he covers a lot of ground quickly.

Its just one game and AA is just nineteen so its no big deal imo as he has things to work on, as all 19 year olds do.

Dubi you got slammed by the FHF! fourhabsfans.blogspot.com

emscam - Couldn't agree more on both counts.


There is a new post, that's why. Go see guys.

Dubi dont pay attention to those jerkoffs.They just mad because they know that their team is collapsing and overflowing with past their prime superstars

Remember they're the fools who took Kovalev.

michaelbenjamin - please help me recall the contriibtions to the Rangers made by Jo Balej (and then Fedor Federov), which is what we got for Lexi

Habs are struggling big time, but the top 10 post was pretty funny. Probably not at all meant to be a deliberate and serious attack on the Ranger fans. Can't we all poke fun at our little flaws? Why take it so seriously?

Karl every coach Alexi ever played for called him a pain or worse. it's not about what you get it's about what you get rid of.

Wow...I thought Dubi was semi cool and a good guy, but Dubi you made your self look like a fool.

No offense buddy, you can talk as smart as yu can and come up with some good one liners, but they completely Sean Avery'd you. I didnt think you would stoop that low and play the game they obviously wanted you to play. Shame on you.

DUBI you've been punked.

"Bones I bet youre the type of person who thinks I should be paying reparations to blacks now even though my ancestors didnt come here till 1921. Or that all the then slaves are dead as are the people who enslaved them."

What the hell does that have to do with anything? How do you get that from his idiotic jingoist rant?

No Kovalev, no '94 Cup.
But the coaches sure seem to like Colton Orr.

It has to do with holding crap against a people who have NOTHING to do with his hatred. He hates the current Russian team who none of them were even born in 1972 for what that team did. It's like saying because I'm white I owe reparations for what white guys did back during the civil war.

michabenjamin - Are you kidding me? That rant wasn't about hatred, canadians just have a hockey rivalry with the Russians. He didn't mention anything that wasn't hockey related. To compare his post to a racist civil war rant is ridiculous.
Shouldn't you be more insulted about "Rant"'s post saying f*ck Canada. That's hate-filled. It's not like he said f*ck Bones, he said f*ck Canada, so b!tch about stuff like that if you're gonna b!tch.


Oh I'm sorry. With my degree in Sociology before going to med school, how stupid of me to acknowledge the link between jingoism and racism since the 1700's. I'll tell my professor who handed me my degree what an ass he was for his paper on the lack on contrast between jingoism and racism that he credits for getting him his teaching position at the college. Because we all know a college board of directors would hire someone who is a complete ass with no original thoughts or knowledge of historical social interaction to run their sociology department.

Maybe I'm just wound up because I really loathe one group of people bashing another, jokingly or not. Maybe I just spent too much time in school hearing other people bs that I make it my own. It's a lil of both I think. I'll stick to the nutrition...

Mitch what happened for last Sunday???

Ok I just realized what a coinceited idiot I look like. Shame on me -lol sorry guys. Bad day.

Ill say it 100 more time im Russian and i wont let no1 bring russians down.So Pierre F*ck you and Canada and i would guess by your name you r a Frenchy so and ill add this too F*CK FRANCe

Some of you guys really need girlfriends - at least during off-season

FIRST OFF WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE EVERYONE as this is a family website and there is no need for this kind of behavior. After all we are Ranger fans not Flyer fans.

2-Russia/Canada NotSOSUPERSERIES--I will say this again for those of you who do not follow the junior age players very often.

Canada has a program that is second to none when it comes to developing their junior aged players, Russia is a mess (which is scary to think what would happen if Russia ever got their act together).

All but 4 players on the Canadian roster are NHL draft picks, those 4 (including John Tavares) will go in the 08 or 09 draft. 13 on the Canadian roster are first rounders.

Canada uses the same system, same coaching staff and same players when they build one of these all-star teams. Russia never has the same coach, rarely the same players and most meet their linemates for the first time a couple of days before they start play.

Canada has made it goal one to never repeat what happened in 1998 when they went 2-4 and finished 8th. Look at how they run their program and you will see that even their coaches spend a year as assistants before taking over as HC. (also not that all 3 Ranger coaches have coached a Canadian WJC team either as HC or an assistant) http://www.hockeycanada.ca/3/5/7/4/index1.shtml

4 Game 2 itself was what I expected another mismatch as Canada clearly has the edge at every position against an outmanned Russian team.

Jess i know im sorry its just i im not gonna stay quiet when some1 says soomething like that

F*** France lol K, I'll give you that one ant, that's pretty funny.
Jess is right though, we're all Ranger fans here, no need to get worked up over nothing. I'm a french-canadian from Ontario, but don't get me wrong, I'm cheering for the Russians too.
To add to what Jess was saying about the canadian program, I think Anisimov nailed it on the head when he said the young Russians don't get to play important minutes in the big games like canadians do because of their lack of a quality junior league like the CHL or even college hockey in the States. Plus, Sutter is a heck of a coach. If you don't think he'll work wonders with the Devils, you're kidding yourself.


Bad behavior is still bad behavior right? How can Dubi ban someone for breaking the rules when others are also breaking rules?

I understand anger and frustration but find another way to express it PLEASE


Maybe Sather really does know something LOL

Paris Hilton disgusted by hockey player's advances
BANG Showbiz
Aug. 29, 2007 08:17 AM

Paris Hilton was left disgusted by a New York Rangers hockey player last Saturday after he wouldn't stop hitting on her.

Sean Avery has just split from his fiancée, '24' star Elisha Cuthbert, a close friend of Paris,' and was keen to try his luck with the hotel heiress at Amy Sacco's LG House party in Malibu.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper, "He hit on her three times, but every time, Paris would give him disgusted looks and move away from his creepy shoulder-brushing and close-talking ways.

"Then he tried hitting on other blondes. You could tell he just wanted to hook up."

Also at the party were Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis and Jessica Simpson.

Jessica left one waitress at the party very happy after giving her a whopping $100 tip.

Now look the Ranger players have a long tradition of going out with some of the hottest model and stars around but Sean Avery hitting on Paris Hilton?

Cmon Sean you can do better than that you are a Ranger for goodness sake. We expect you to do better than that lowlife talentless ex-con.

If that is the best you can do then your next team should be the one on Long Island not in NEW YORK NEW YORK.

Those idiot Hab fans love me now -- they're getting some traffic to their site that they could not have otherwise gotten. And all because the lawyer who wrote that drek took a private communication between us and made it public. That's alright, though -- we'll see them on the ice and see how things work out (although we won't be playing them in the world famous Montreal Forum -- that building has been closed down and the name sold to the highest bidder).

Please resend me your contact info, it's a long story...

After wasting a few minutes at our "friends to the North's web site" makes me realize that fans from around the NHL are thinking 2007/2008 will be another 1993/94. After all, why take a shot at the "lowly" Rangers unless there is some fear behind the shot :-)

Thanks Jess. Things were getting way outa hand. I watched game 2 online. Canada was awsome. Bernier was great in goal. Cherepanov picked his game up after the 1st period but it was weird seeing him on the point. Anisimov had a few problems but they were brought on, for the most part, by the do nothing Russian defense. IMO, both did OK and I think AA will be a pleasant surprise in camp. Haven't seen Dubinski play so I can't compare them but it'll be interesting to see who's manning the 3rd line when the Rangers hit Denver in December. Thanks for all the insight on the series, especially to you Laurie. You're really awsome. You beat me to the punch about Ufa not being in Siberia. It's over by the Urals, I think. Looking forward to seeing the game from Omsk tomorrow. Till later.


Think AA will need to spend time in Hartford adapting to the smaller rinks and more physical play but I do not think he will be in the AHL very long maybe half a season at worse


A reader on Sam's blog was posting about this article about the possibility of the NHL expanding to Las Vegas and Kansas City. As terrible as this would be it looks like the writing is on the wall: http://www.nysun.com/article/61626

Why do you keep calling them Idiot Habs Fans. They posted a funny list and you reply with agressive animosity and insults? It's disproportionate. Let's have a sense of humor folks!

Yeah, and "Idiot Habs fans" is redundant...

Those guys are idiots for hiding their own aggressive animosity behind the excuse of humor and the veil of anonymity. If they wanted to be funny, they could have made some good jokes -- we've made enough fun of the Rangers ourselves to know what the good jokes are. But they insulted Ranger fans in a major way that was not in the least bit humorous and showed their ignorance of why things were the way they were in New York and Montreal that led the franchises on divergent paths.

They're idiots for sitting on their pile of Stanley Cups, which makes it easy to be a fan, and denigrating a franchise and fan base that has persevered despite decades of hard times. They would have been right to question our sanity for doing so, but not our loyalty.

They're idiots for using duplicitous rhetorical arguments in which it's OK for them to use certain arguments on their behalf but it's not OK for others to counter in the same way.

They're idiots for taking a private communication and making it public without permissions when they thought they had good counterarguments and then failing to post the response to that, which exposes their hypocrisy.

They're idiots for making fun of Adam Graves.

In short, they're idiots. How's that for a sense of humor?

Man, as usual, some of you people go way over the top. OK, I shouldn't have hit your button Ben, but I knew somebody would overeact. FYI, I was just having some fun and it has nothing to do with hatred or any other distorted interpretation you want to put on it. Hey I LOVE it when WE smoke the Russians in hockey!! We all do. Love it when we smoke the U.S. too. Nothing at all to do with hatred. Just a friendly rivalry. Now I really HATE the Make Believes and LOVE LOVE LOVE it when the Rangers kick their ass, like that last game near the end of the year. But be careful teasing Leaf fans Ben, because they might even want to fight you!!!! Now go have a beer and chill out.

Having a sense of humor is overrated anyway


Not to women Matty!!! In Men's Health Magazine women rated it the number one quality they look for in a man. But I think they are lying to be socially acceptable---they really like flat abs and bulging wallets. Just kiddin'!!

Just read on HF that Cherepanov sustained a concussion in game 2 and will be out for the next few games at least.

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