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August 28, 2007


Ouch. Getting raked over the coals by Glen Sather in contract negotiations? Stings a little. Getting dumped by Elisha Cuthbert? PAIN-FUL.

Following that up by asking out Paris Hilton? Sounds like Sean may need help more than we thought. Thank God she said no. There are way better fish out there, Sean.

And now, we have this, as reported in today's New York Post:

N.Y. Rangers Brendan Shanahan and Sean Avery are being considered for roles in Mike Meyers' upcoming movie "Love Guru" starring Jessica Alba.

About 45,000 wiseguy remarks are swirling in my brain so spontaneously tat I can't possibly pick one, so fire away, gents....

for those of you who might be worried about jagr's production without nylander given the supposed chemistry they enjoyed, check out this story from fox sports: http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/7160292.

they took a look at some goal scorers and which teammates they most relied to set them up (i.e. henrik sedin earned the first assist on 55.6% of his twin brother's goals), and an opposite look at scorers who relied the least upon a specific teammate.

i wouldn't have have guessed it, but nylander was awarded the first assist on only 6 of jagr's 30 goals last year. chemistry is certainly important, but something tells me our boy jj is going to be just fine no matter who renney decides should center his line.

"Cherepanov also played not in better shape."

What the hell does that mean?

That interview with Gomez was horrible…..she was the most awkward reporter …..and Lundquist wasn’t doing much better

Martin Straka, NYR 29 Michal Nylander, NYR 12 41.4%

i guess straka gonna miss nylander more than Jags

Sounds like Sean has had one hell of a summer. He is definitely an interesting character. The interview in the Detroit Free Press the other day with Shanny had him talking about going to an art exhibit with Avery and how Sean knows a lot about fashion. Perhaps he is both the Alpha Male and the Metrosexual. Hard to figure the guy out but as long as he is giving the rest of the Eastern Conference hell this fall who cares.

On a more important note I have no idea what that Nemchinov quote means. The best I can gather is that he is saying Cherepanov is out of shape. But I gotta say it seems like I read and hear something great about AA every day lately. I assumed the third line job was his after Peca went to Columbus but I am looking foward to seeing how the battle between he and Dubinsky plays out in camp.

There should be a lot of good story lines through the preseason with Mark Staal trying to make the big club, Drury and Gomez aclimating themselves to the team and AA and Dubi fighting for a center ice spot. We are only about 2 weeks away now. Can't wait.

"The best I can gather is that he is saying Cherepanov is out of shape."

I have a hard time believing that, since he's supposedly been practicing for the RSL season for awhile now. We need someone who knows Russian to translate that quote better.

Got a better translation of that line from Laurie and updated the main article accordingly -- it wasn't that he looked out of shape, just that he did not look his best, and it was the reporter who observed that, not Nemchinov.

Nemchinov has no qualifications to be a coach. His handling of his star player Cherepanov in the first game proves that.

As far as Avery goes. He's lucky that tool dumped him. Now he can actually find a real women with a brain and some class. He should ask Graves to set him up with a woman who isn't a tramp


Good comments, I agree.

Sean should focus on his game especially this season. There are lots of classy, intelligent women in NYC to choose from, not to worry.

I go back to work (educator) and the hockey season begins. Following the Rangers helps keep my stress level down after a hard day of work with HS teens.

Let's Go Rangers!!!!

The event Shanny referenced is THE social party of the year in New York, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Sean and Elisha make sense as guests, especially because she had a summer movie release on the horizon. Anna Wintour's people probably had Shanny on their radar for his high-profile NHL work during the lockout as well as scoring his 600th down the street at MSG. Most editors would've made the sexier choice of a well-dressed Olympic Gold Medal-winning Swedish goalie. Or even the tall, dark and slightly mysterious Captain of the Rangers.

I'm sure Sean "learned" about fashion from Elisha. And yes, he could also ask Mrs. Shanahan to keep her eye out for him. But my guess is that Sean LERVS the spotlight and will eventually hook-up with a local celeb. Let's just hope she has talent, taste and meat on her bones.

HOLY hattricks! I'm gossiping about Rangers' social lives. DROP THE PUCK!!!!!!!!!

LOL is that true....Shanny and Avery are gonna be in a Mike Myers movie????

laurie where did u find that interview in russian

ant - here you go: http://www.allhockey.ru/articles/9374/

The Hockey News' website has a story about that camp that Staal and Pyatt are attending. Not much to say about them except an interesting (slightly funny) note: the camp is usually "light-checking," but they developed the "Staal rule" which says that any Staal can hit any other Staal. As someone who also grew up with 3 siblings, I can imagine that they're taking full advantage of that rule.

According to sovsport.ru, Anismov suffered a minor injury (I assume in the first game) and missed practice today, spending the time in the locker room riding the bike instead. I'm assuming he'll play tomorrow, though I haven't found anything that confirms that.

i just watched the game on-line on tsn.my impression is as follows.
both anisimov and cherepanov are exceptional.they are both great skaters and in the case of cherepanov,he is explosive and can skate at full speed on a dime.i think that long term(next year?)both of these guys are first line material especialy cherepanov.what i thought was missing particularly with anisimov is the lack of physical play.in the nhl,you have to have a physical element to your game or you will not be an effective player come playoff time.also,anisimov has to be a little stronger on his feet and play with some more grit to be an effective third line player.as for cherepanov being benched,i only saw him miss maybe one shift in the third period.what nemchinov should do is play him with cherepanov and then he would have a dynamite line.on a side note i think jess wanted us to draft stephen mason,i can see why.the russian goalie who i believe is a high rond draft choice sucks.jess,do you know who owns the rights if any to milan lucic,he looks like a real good dman.

Seeing how I stoodthisclose to AC at the draft I really wonder what the hell SN is smoking these days. Out of shape?? Only if I am 7ft 4 and wrestling in the WWE.

Having interviewed Reg Grant and talking to other prospects by now AC is in his 2nd month of his personal training program. I am still waiting to meet the first Ranger prospect not to follow the Grant program.

Let us be blunt and honest here as the Sarge is outmatched going against a veteran coaching staff like the Canadians have.


Yea I liked Mason but he was not who I wanted to see them draft.

As for Milian Lucic, his draft rights belong to the Bruins who took him in the second round. He was selected at 50 2 picks after the Rangers took Lafluer. He is clearly the product of a great coaching system that they have in Vancouver.

just want to add that the majority of the russian team did not play with much emotion,hopefully that will explain some what the lack of gritty play of our draft picks,and it is only one game so we will see.also
alot of good canadian players particularly from this so called "week draft class".turis looked great,gagner looked real good.some of the players tied to us like gillies and sutter looked good defensivley but that is all they will be and that we have plenty off in the orginization.

thanks for the reply jess.i saw cherepanov set up his linemates at least half dozen times with good chances,i failed to see once where is it that he did not shoot when he should have.the one thing he did wrong on the ice was during a shift in the third period he did not hustle back to the bench to change and the russian dman passed the puck up the ice that defelected off of him and back into the defensive zone creating a good chance for the canadians.

according to nhline.ca the rangers have signed a two way cotract W/ liffiton

im sorry the web site is nhlline.ca

Nemchinov never said Cherepanov was out of shape.

anyone know where you can get the supere series online in the us


I have had no luck so far getting TSN's live coverage to work online.

Go to tsn.ca and click on NHL, then it gives you a submenu from there where you can click on "Hockey Canada" - that's where the link is. 1-0 Canada right now.

Wow Russia is getting killed by canadians

2-0 Canada and Chereponov is getting hit and hounded and does not look good. Nice to see Cherepanov and AA playing together.

Nemchinov tried to use Cherepanov on the point during PP's this game, and I find that pretty strange. Doesn't seem to play to Cherepanov's strengths at all, and there simply wasn't enough movement by the Russian team to let him distribute the puck with any effectiveness.

Seems like he got more icetime in the third period and looked better as it went along. Had a great move as he cut into the slot, stickhandled around a diving Canadian player, and then dished it off to a teammate in the slot (who promptly missed the net). Then he was crosschecked from behind by a Canadian player who was upset that he had gotten flattened a few plays before.

Really, Russia's defense looks terrible (they have maybe one good defenseman) and Nemchinov's coaching is very suspect. Canada is playing a strong game and is coached very well. So things aren't working out for any Russian player at the moment, much less Cherepanov.

The Russian goalie looked good though

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