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August 24, 2007


Jagr, rocking the old school Jari Kurri helmet.....nice

Great interview.

I don't believe it for a second when Jagr says he isn't sure he can score 50 goals at his age. He netted 30 last year playing with one arm and passing up many opporunities to take a shot. He always down plays expectations for himself and his abilities but you can almost tell through the way he speaks and that grin he likes to give in interviews that he doesn't completely believe what he is saying either. If he is healthy he will be back to those numbers this season.

IMHO Jagr is a great interview. He's got a spicy sense of humor, he knows his stuff and he (for the most part) tells it like it is. It is refreshing. I know some people have criticized some of his comments in the past, but I'll take his outlook on things any day of the week over the standard/generic (boring) responses of most professional athletes.

Interesting that Malik was not on Team Jagr (Has this been reported before?) and that Marcel clearly outplayed his brother again.

Thanks Jess, and Checker Fan - altho ECHL calls itself 'AA', it wasn't fair compare it to baseball, where MLB teams run 4 or 5 minor teams, to develop scores of signed prospects. I certainly meant no disrespect to Wilkinson, who was rumored to be on the short-list to replace Don Maloney. CF is right, the Checkers helped many kids become contributors at upper levels.

Maybe Jagr knows malikinstein is a gonner so he cut ties.Wouldn't that be nice to read before camp starts.I'll say it again we still need a big nasty d-man.Dubi thanks for the info on my script,can't wait to get my first issue.

oops I didnt realize he used my PC to post yesterday. That happens with shared PC's at a beach house...

I don't think Malik is going anyplace. If anyone moves out, it will be Mara. A very high draft choice and a high salary, but has yet to live up to his billing. I agree, we need an eraser type D'man but I just can't figure out where he is going to come from. I think Liffiton sees an opening and if he plays a tough game, he may be given a try.

Mark, that's why I love Jagr's interviews and respect his view on things because at least you know that what you are getting are his honest feelings on things, even if he downplays his own greatness, and I respect that ...

Mark, I did note in an earlier report on a Team Jagr game that Malik was on the other team. It is not anything new -- a year ago, there was an article from Czech I translated where Malik talked about what it was like to play against Jagr, and Jagr quipped about Malik throwing a check on him even though he never checks anyone else.


No problem as I wish we had more space to be able to talk more about the role a team like the Checker can do for the Rangers.

This is not Ranger related but it is a rather nice change of pace:


It also appears that former Ranger Eric Lindros is going to announce his retirement once his work with the NHLPA is over.

I know most Ranger fans disliked Lindros but over the last couple of years learning about the yeoman effort Lindros has put in to fix the NHLPA has earned him some serious respect from me.

The NHLPA is in a huge mess and Lindros has spent his own money to try to get things right for his fellow players. He did not have to as he could have simply gone "I gots my money so you are on your own" but he did not.

I also think that Lindros (along with Stu Grimson Attorney at Law) have found their calling and will continue to work with the NHLPA.

I just realized that September is just around the corner. Reading above has got me salivating for a game now.
Great job from Dubi, Jess, Mitch and the whole BB gang. They have kept this summer filled with good reads about our favorite team and sport.


Great job!

You are not only correct about the big E but you have touched on the next big issue that will effect the NHL

What happens with NHLPA going forward is something that not enough people are commenting about.

I keep reading crazy comments about "escalating salaries" that will cause the ownners to order another "lockout" when the truth of the matter is when an owner gives a Drury 7 million dollars of a "fixed" salary cap ( a cap that is determined by revenues either increasing or decreasing)all that really means is that one or more of Drury's union brothers will either have to work for less money, go to Europe or be unemployed.

The salary cap can actually go "down" if revenues shrink and part of the last CBA is that if that in fact happens all salaries are reduced in accordance with the decline in revenue ( meaning Drury could, in theory, get less money than his original contract called for the year following a decline in revenue)

Simply put...the combination of a ceiling on individual earning and a ceiling on team salary totals means that the owners expenses "cannot" exceed what they can afford..

If anything, it will be the players rebelling against the new CBA if teams wind up top loading their stars... if the Penguins wind up paying Malkin, Crosby,Staal and Whitney say 80% of their cap then the other 18-19 guys have to split up the remaining 10-15 million. The stars will be super rich while the second, third and lower tier players find their salaries decreasing to compensate and fit in under the cap.

The players union should be, and my guess is they well be addressing this discrepency. Its not a 100 star player union it is a 600+ union.


Glad you can be serious as just about everything you posted is what I see happening as well.

We are just what 3 seasons into a salary cap and already we are seeing teams trying to play games (they prefer calling it "creative") when it comes to how they structure contracts.

The use of the Pens is a great example because they may have Crosby locked up but Malkin and Staal are going to want their money as well. Sooner or later you are going to have to choose a star player or an AHL level roster.

The SF 49ers of the NFL showed that the more "creative" you try to be today the worse of a problem you create for your tomorrow. How long has it been since the 49ers were a legit Super Bowl contender?

They tried to pay for today with tomorrow's money and woke up with no money to spend. I see that happening in the NHL as well.

There's an article that addresses the situation Kaspar describes on canada.com:

Basically it says that the middle-tier players are the ones suffering because they now have to accept less money.
Also, on a side note, whomever wrote this piece seems to think the Rangers are going to buy out Kasparaitis. Wouldn't that have happened by now?


The author of the article is incorrect about the Rangers buying out DK's contract. To do so would require that the Rangers take a cap hit when they can simply waive him to Hartford and not have his salary count against their cap number.

That's what I thought, so I was surprised to see someone put it in an article. They're not really paying attention, I guess.

Training camp in just around the corner. I can't wait for the action to start. I just want to say thanks to the BB and all the posters for keeping the fans informed about our fav. team. ( I do subscribe). We still need a capable back up goalie, and a hard hitting d-man. Let the gloves and pucks drop asap!

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