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August 27, 2007


Did anyone who watched the game pay much attention to Cherepanov's defensive game? That was one area I didn't really notice about him. Just wasn't looking.

I don't think he looked bad in the offensive zone, so I'm not entirely sure why he wasn't used much in the 3rd period.

Pierre MaGuire is a tool. God, he irritated the hell out of me!

I'm not sure it was a matter of Cherepanov being benched as much as it was Nemchinov deciding (rightly or wrongly) that two of his other forward lines were playing better and therefore giving them more ice time. It's not like Cherepanov's line was out there while he sat on the bench. And to be honest, his line didn't play well as a unit. There's no doubt the kid's got great skills -- he set up a few really nice plays -- but for the most part, it seemed like he was trying to do too much on his own, and it often resulted in the play breaking down or a turnover. He didn't use his linemates well at all, IMHO. But it's only one game, and I'm putting it down to nerves... there is a lot of pressure on him by fans and media to carry the team.

Anisimov's line, on the other hand, was probably Russia's best. Despite being kept off the scoreboard himself and failing to score on two fantastic opportunities (the one referenced above, and another later, when he shot the puck directly into Mason's stomach) I thought he played really well. He's big, he skates well, was good positionally, and was good in his own zone. He strikes me as a very intelligent player. I liked what I saw, and can't wait to see more.

Yeah, I thought Anisimov started slowly, but was playing very strongly by the end of the game. I'd say that in part he got better because he got more icetime, and in (another) part, he got got more icetime because he and his line played better as the game went along.

I did see Cherapanov on the ice at the end of the game for at least two of the last 6-8 shifts (maybe it ws just the PowerPlay- they had something like 14 of them). I agree that it probably wasn't a benching as much as a shortenign of the bench with the other two lines being more effective.

And Pierre needs to reel in the Homerisms a little bit. Him saying the last penalty on Canada was for "being too strong" was ridiculous. The Canadian (can't remember who) put his stick between the legs of the Russian and tripped him up big time. It wasn't even close to being marginal.

Agreed that Anisimov looked strong (But I only saw the third period).


Thanks for the info on AA having an out in his contract.

Nice to hear AA had a strong game. Stronger as it went on.

It feels pretty strange rooting for the Russian team - due to our vested interest in Anisimov and Cherepanov.

Thirty-five years ago I would have slit my wrists before favoring the Russians.

The Russians played a series of games vs. NHL teams a couple of years after the first Challenge Cup (1975?). I believe it was the Red Army team and Moscow Dynamo who toured the USA and Canada.

I remember being embarrassed by the dirty play of the Flyers who tried to injure the Russians every chance they got, while the officials looked the other way. It reminded me of the movie, "Slapshot".

The Russian team refused to come out for the third period, and it was only after the NHL threatened to withhold their money that they finished the game.

That was a real black eye for the NHL.

I think the only 2 teams who beat the Russians were the Canadiens and Flyers (a tainted win). I also think that the Sabres tied them. I remember that the Rangers got trounced pretty badly.

Those Russian teams were magicians with the puck. Nobody before or since has had the passing skills of those guys. I admired them, but I hated them.

... and now here I am actually rooting for them. Times do change.

Nemchdumbasss is no coach.

Yeah, the Russians beat the Rangers in 90-91 I think it was. The score was like 9-1 or something. Nemchinov auditioning for his future team had a hat trick if I remember correctly.

Nemchinov is not a dumbass, he just doesn't like lazy 'me-first' players a la Cherepanov.
Sergei knew this could be the only game they're close in and he went with the hot hands..

This whole series is a bad joke, and it's gonna get worse when we (canada) win all 8 games. I can't believe the Russian Hockey Federation hasn't figured out how embarassing this is going to be for them.

Here's to hoping the Russians can win atleast one game and avoid total embarassment.
I don't know the Russian team very well but I dunno if they even have ONE guy that Sutter would have taken for Team Canada..

Memo to Dunny. Cold wars over. The West won. Take a deep breath.

The only thing the Russian Federation needed to figure out was how many zeroes were at the end of the check they got for agreeing to play in this tournament.

Dunny, did you watch the game today cause Cherepanov played like anything but a "me-first" player. He was passing the puck every chance he had, maybe even too often.

As a canadian Ranger fan, this series is pretty tough to watch. I actually find myself cheering for the russians, or at least AA and Cherepanov's lines who are on the ice more than half the time. This is reminiscent of when Canada played the States in the Olympics and I couldn't get myself to cheer against Mike Richter.

One last thought, there's no way the canadians sweep this series, I'm predicting 5-2 Canada with a draw(if there are any draws)

THis is so boring. I wish there was somethiing to talk about. Please that next this season started

I think the Russians will be a little better prepared for the next game. After Canada found their legs, the Russians couldn't execute their gameplan at all. Need much better puck movement and create more actual scoring chances. They'll probably bounce back at least a bit.

Better ice would help (both teams)

I did some further research and here are the scores from the 1975-76 "Super Series" when the Central Red Army team and the Soviet Wings team toured the US and Canada and played a tournament against the NHL. This was not an all-star series, but actual teams from Russia against teams from the NHL.

Red Army (2-1-1)

* December 28, 1975: Red Army 7 New York Rangers 3
* December 31, 1975: Red Army 3 Montreal Canadiens 3
* January 8, 1976: Red Army 5 Boston Bruins 2
* January 11, 1976: Red Army 1 Philadelphia Flyers 4

Soviet Wings (3-1)

* December 29, 1975: Soviet Wings 7 Pittsburgh Penguins 4
* January 4, 1976: Soviet Wings 6 Buffalo Sabres 12
* January 7, 1976: Soviet Wings 4 Chicago Black Hawks 2
* January 10, 1976: Soviet Wings 2 New York Islanders 1

Hey Roc

Let me get this right talking about 2 players who just might be very important parts to the Ranger's future is boring to you?

I have wondered what kind of Ranger fan you are at times and now I know.

A very immature Ranger fan is what you are.

IF you do not like a thread then instead of disrespecting those who appear to want to say something SAY NOTHING and come back tomorrow.


Please go back to your fallout shelter with such flag waving. The Cold War is over and this is supposed to be a friendship series.


First off I do not read too much into the first game of the year for anyone especially for those playing on All-Star teams like we have here with Canada and Russia.

IF anyone looks overwhelmed it sadly was the Sarge who clearly does not come across as a head coach.

One of Canada's biggest advantages is going to be their coaching staff as Team Canada used their WJC coach Craig Hartsburg to run their training camp before turning it over to Brent Sutter (WHL) (who won the WJC twice). In addition the 2 assistants Grouix (QMJHL) and DeBoer (OHL) help bring a united CHL front.

And let us be honest from a talent POV, Russia should get crushed as they are basically going up against a Canadian team that has 13 NHL first round picks on it.

No offense to Russia who has some talent but this is not their "A" team that they send to the WJC.

Kunitz signed a 4 year extension with the Ducks 15 million for 4 years. his hi-water mark is 25 goals.So? Was Penner at 4 million a year with 1 season at 29 goals was just Kevin Lowe Lunacy which caused Kunitz to get same salary or was Brian Burke just full of *&^%$&^

WTF.. I'm cheering for Russia to win some games here lads..
I'm also a Canadian Ranger fan and I couldn't give two shits about team Canada.. My interest lies in Anisimov and Cherepanov.

It's just to bad that the teams aren't even close.. if you want proof, look at the junior 'prospect' team that Russia sends over to play the 3 CHL teams every year.. That's basically this Team Canada split THREE ways.. And they still win 90% of the games..

I'm also a Nemchinov supporter, and I don't appreciate him being called a dumbass by a bunch guys that probably havn't played much puck..

Anyways.. just to clarify my view, I'm often misunderstood. haha

Jess, you may have your own opinions on who are the best players in Russia, but from the Russian point of view, they most definitely sent their "A" team and are taking this series very seriously.

It's just nice to be talking hockey--about hockey games--again. The question about the Russian line-up is to see how Ansimov and Cherepanov play for their potential with better teammates.


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