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August 26, 2007


I heard that Anisimov's contract has an out that allows him to return to the RSL if he doesn't make the Rangers.

Maybe so, but you read it here -- he says he will work his way up through the AHL if he has too, and work hard, rather than go back to Jaroslavl. He views this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and wants to seize the day -- gotta love the kid's attitude.

No doubt his attitude is great. I think he has a big tourney vs Canada.


The stuff about Anisimov's contract came from an article about the Russian junior team's win over Spartak Moscow in a warm-up match for the Super Series (in which the junior team won 7-2 over the under-manned Spartak team, and, depending on which score sheet you look at, Anisimov either got 2 goals and an assist, or 3 goals, and along with his linemate was considered the hero of the game). The article (in Russian) is here: http://www.hawk.ru/press/5887.html At the end of it, they ask Anisimov a few questions, mostly about the game and the Super Series, but at the end he's asked "Is there clause in your agreement with the Rangers which allows you to return to Lokomotiv if you don't make the team?" His reply is: "Yes, but I hope to make the team." He's then asked if he thinks his he's ready for the NHL game, to which he replies "I have a good chance to prove it. I will try." Like Dubi said, the clause may exist, but it doesn't sound like he's interested at this point in exercising it.

Incidentally, Cherepanov didn't play very well in that game (though he got an assist) and was dropped to the 3rd line and saw less than 8 minutes of ice time -- despite wearing the alternate captain's "A". In their next warm-up game against Khimik, however, he played better, scored a goal (possibly the game-winner, I don't recall), and wore the "C" while the player who'd worn the "C" the game before was rested (along with Anisimov and a few others).

I will second Dubi's comments as I got to meet both the kid and his agent at the 2006 draft and my impression of AA is that he is way mature for his age.

Unlike other Russians youngsters who have viewed the AHL as a demotion, I believe that AA understands that this is the quickest route for him to make the Rangers so he will not cut and run back to Russia.

I never said he would use the out clause, just that he had one in his present contract.

He sounds like a good team guy as well as a hard worker. Can't wait to see him in pre-season games!

Does anyone know if the pre-season game tickets are the same price as a regular season game???

I am pretty sure pre-season games cost the same as regular season games. It should come at a special price in my opinion. CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!


Doubt then that your information is correct since AA signed the standard entry level contract.

It is very doubtful that Sather would allow anyone to have an out clause unless it was to Sather's advantage.

Preseason Update

8/25 David Skokan (07 7th) scoreless as his Oceanic lost to the Chicoutimi Saguenéens 2-0.

8/26 Ryan Hillier (06 3rd) 2 goals wearing the "A" as the Mooseheads got blasted 10-2 by the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles.

Later this week OHL teams will start to show up for camp (Sanguinetti and Zaborsky)

START THE COUNTDOWN as Rangers Rookie Camp is just 2 weeks away.


Any idea why - other than by mistake - NHLNUMBERS.COM lists Dan Girardi and Ryan Callahan as inactive players on their summary page for the Rangers? Are they eligible to go back to Hartford without passing through waivers??

During the off-season, only players with one-way NHL contracts are considered as active, with only their contracts counting toward the off-season cap of $55.33 million ($50.3 million + 10%).


laurie;s post answered the question about AA having an out clause in his current contract. He does have one

AA says

"Is there clause in your agreement with the Rangers which allows you to return to Lokomotiv if you don't make the team?" His reply is: "Yes, but I hope to make the team."


give me a hint, how is asking the head of the officials about consistency, ambush reporting ? I didn't say attack him or accuse him of anything. With's with the defensive answers? You have no problem in the name of humor trying to offend. I guess you think they call the stick to the mid section, alias the hockey hack, consistently.

Thanks Laurie for the excellent translation, it was a great read. Maybe you apply to be the Ranger translator for these 2 young players when they are on the team.

sid21 - I'd love to, but somehow I don't think they'd appreciate having to wait for me to look up every third word in the dictionary. ;)

Btw, those who want to watch the Super Series can get an online feed here: http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/

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