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August 31, 2007


well thats just great... i bet dubinsky is REALLY working out like a mother now. i hope the two ruskies get better soon and cant wait to hear about the serverity of each injury. it seems like a meaningless tournament and even more meaningless because its been so one-sided W-L wise. why are they even there? do the rangers have a say in if they can play in these things? sorry, just a little protective of the future is all. knees, like concussions can range from a short time of recovery to career threatening as we all know. id still take AA with one wheel over peca though... man. i still feel grateful that fell through.

The Curse of the Rangers First Round pick strikes again.

any update on artem Dubi or Jess? ive been scouring the net trying to find more info, but its like nobody even cares :-(

At least the Rangers are getting a preview of Brent Sutter hockey. We'll see how that works in the NHL when the other team fights back...

AllHockey.ru has a short blurb up saying he suffered a leg injury and after the second period left for the lockerroom holding ice on his knee. It goes on to say that in the third period he left with the manager of Lokomotiv (his RSL team) and that the severity of the injury will be known shortly.

I'm sorry, but this angers me severely. First off, I have not witnessed any of the games. I understand injuries are part of the game of hockey, however, I'm not tolerant of these 'cheap shots' these Canadian NHL prospects are delivering unto our Russian prospects. This is a friendly series and I understand checks are to be expected, but the knee to knee and the elbow to the head is completely uncalled for and these players should be fined accordingly. Poor sportsmanship is disappointing.

get used to this during the season from brent gutter and his devils.look at who they have signed during the off season.they are going to try and run us out of the rink every time we play them.from what i ahve seen from aa,he is more than ready as far as his skill level but not nearly as ready to play the physical hockey that is played in the nhl.dubi is and will be our third line center.

Sutter is taking advantage of his time as coach, dealing with his new rivals future. I hope Colton Orr knocks out his son when he plays here, and i hope Shanny's shot deflects off of Parise's stick into Sutters friggin face.

Im soorry but thiss pisses me the beep off.

Im gonna go colton orr on my comp in 2 secs

And i hope Weekes, Zubrus, Rachunek, Vishnevski and who ever else they sign, get mauled and annihalated. Big time

I don't think Sutter is necessarily tageting NYR prospects. I thik it is more that he targets the opposing team's best players. I really hope Anisimov is alright.

Could you imagine the international incident that would occur if Russia took out both of Canada's best players with questionable hits?

Of the six players who've been injured (I'm pretty sure some of them returned to play after the hits they took today, btw) all but one has been drafted by the NHL, suggesting it is in fact Russia's best players that are being targetted.

CHRISQCT - Lol yeah.....i hope RUS gets dirty, thats what CAN is doing to win, now thats what they have to do.

Yo, Phil. It's hockey, relax. The Russians should respond accordingly, if they're that perturbed.

Hee's the YOUTUBE link that has the comments by some of the idiots commenting on the hit.


Typical responses, especially the ones who claim Chere "slew-footed" Sutter, who clearly turns into the oncoming Cherepanov and it was definitely not intentional. commentary on Youtube includes claims the trip was dirtier than the hit and that Chere had it coming after his cheap shot. Others say it wasn't even a penalty, let alone a cheap shot.

The best is the TSN site, which says Cherepanov is out after a "collision" with Sutter.

I am a long time Ranger fan and I still play hockey in the adult league here in town. I know a slew-foot when I see one. There is NO doubt in my mind that Cherepanov intentionally tripped up Sutter and ultimately got what he deserved. Of course Cherepanov tried to make it look like he was just circling to organize a rush up the ice, but he clearly dragged his back leg. He had Sutter in front of him in full view. It was Sutter who had his back turned. Cherepanov saw it all the way and thought he could take one man down which could lead to a possible odd-man rush.

Having said all that, as a die-hard Ranger fan, I hope Cherepanov is okay.

A little off subject, it looks like Russian hockey has taken a step backward. I remember watching them in the early seventies and they were awesome. Today, they seem like a bunch of cry babies that don't want to give that extra effort necessary to win games at the top levels nor can they compete physically. What happened to lines like the KLM line?

Bottom line, Canada still owns hockey.

Russian defenseman Vyacheslav Voinov in an interview on allhockey.ru was asked about Anisimov, and I believe he says that he "tore a ligament in his knee" and most likely will not play in the remaining games. I'm going to ask someone here in the office who's a native speaker to be sure, though.


Guys, I have to agree with TULRanger fan. I've watched the replay a dozen times. While Sutter's hit was despicable and clearly he left his feet and elbowed Cherepanov in the head, Cherepanov clearly did slew-foot Sutter. It looks obvious to me that it was intentional. I hope Cherepanov is OK, but I dont see that as accidental.

I don't know, I've watched it and slowed it down. Cherepanov is doing his crossovers looking for the outlet pass. He doesn't slow down or change direction or stick out his foot. And if you watch Sutter, he turns his back and goes right into the path. Look at the 10-15 second part of the clip. I really don't see it as an intentional slew foot. At best, it might have been that he didn't try to get out of the way, but if he's got an offensive opportunity, why would he?

TULRANGERFAN - Im sorry if this is sounding a bit mean, but that was a stupid comment, getting "slew footed" is not dirty, its cheap , yeah, but it doesnt mean anyone diserves to get a fore arm or elbow to the friggin head, and leaving your feet on a hit which in my opinion kinda looked like a charge to me. Tripping someone like that is a cheap trick (good rock group btw) like Rutuu on Phanuef (lol that was funny) but still thats just like scoring a goal and getting punched in the face for it...Its not right and that a hole better get suspended.

TSN has put up it's Video on Demand feed for game three (go to tsn.ca and look for the link in the gray panel at the right side of the screen). The hit on Anisimov is at 9:40 (video time, not game time) of period 2, with a replay shown at 10:05. I'm sure Canadian fans will argue otherwise, but I can't see how Gilles didn't stick out his leg. I'd really like to hear what people who call Cherepanov's collision with Sutter a slew foot think of this play.

Cherepanov slow-footed Sutter, no question. But heading hunting is not equal payback for a slew foot. Team Canada is taking the spirit of '72 a little too seriously.

I don't really think it's a slew foot...just a trip. There is a bit of a difference there

All this just goes to show why you have to have someone who is willing to pay back. If Russia was smart, they would dress some beasts, take the 5 minute penalty and nail Sutter.

I remember when Mess got to the Rangers and said the new strtategy was, if you take out our best players, we take out yours.

Do you think Renney might mention to the team what Sutter condoned before the first preseason Devil game?

i posted a video of the anisimov hit, if anyone missed it.

its on my site, rangersreview.com.

Exactly right, Bob. It's hockey; don't cry and whine about it. Take action.

"Yo, Phil. It's hockey, relax. The Russians should respond accordingly, if they're that perturbed."

"All this just goes to show why you have to have someone who is willing to pay back. If Russia was smart, they would dress some beasts, take the 5 minute penalty and nail Sutter.

I remember when Mess got to the Rangers and said the new strtategy was, if you take out our best players, we take out yours.

Do you think Renney might mention to the team what Sutter condoned before the first preseason Devil game?"

"Exactly right, Bob. It's hockey; don't cry and whine about it. Take action."


Yo scinoc, I realize it's hockey (like I emphasized in my original post), so there's no need to patronize me. Did you see a post a couple of posts above me? It said something to the effect of "maiming/annihilating" 4 or 5 Devil players? And I take it by yours and Bob's quotes that you condone this? And I'm the one that needs to relax?

Sorry, but I don't think Tom Renney is going to say in front of the entire team before the Devils pre-season game, "Guys, we need to take out Parise, Zajac, Brodeur and everyone else with some sort of talent".

Why? So we can see the Devils take their turns at running us and our star players? Save Colton Orr, who are we sending out to defend and/or run at the other team? Ryan Hollweg?

Give me a break and get realistic. All I asked for was a fine, or a suspension at worst. . . I didn't ask for a guillotine.

1) It was intentional. If it wasn't you'd expect to see Cherepanov's body to lunge forward a bit to compensate for unexpected resistance/contact on his leg/foot. 2) It was a trip, not a slew foot. a slew foot is when you totally sweep out someone's foot. The one slewed will totally lose all of his weight support and hit the ground rather violently. Sutter's leg clearly stops in place and his body is seen falling backwards. In a slew foot, the foot is first to fly out and the body is first to fly down. Having been "slew footed" by a parking curb before, I can say the latter is definitely more dangerous because you don't have time to protect yourself from the fall. 3) This is a disgraceful tournament. I would not hold it against the Russians to pull out of the event. Or rather, a few Canadians are certainly skewing my view of it.

Anisimov hit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2omAZz5aTQ

way to steal my thunder dan. i wanted to at least get a little traffic to my site there lol

the way he stretches his legs out just as AA tries to avoid him makes it seem like he is trying to catch him with the hit, not try to avoid the hit.

at least thats what it looks like to me.

Let the Russians show some gonads, or lose & cry. It's their choice.They need to run the Canadian stars & stick up for one another, or continue to be injured.

The NHL players finally figured out what the owners have been doing. They are going to get their own buttman to do their dirty work on a string.

Once again, everything is allowed and excused so long as it is to the benefit of Hockey Canada. Even Ranger prospects being cheapshotted is excused by Canadian Ranger fans. This is amazing. Knee shots and head shots are cheap and dirty. End of story. Any attempt to spin them any other way are BS. A flying leap with an elbow lead from behind is a "collision?" Yeah, sure. Cherepanov got what he deserved? Just like Steve Moore did, right? Hitting someone from behind is the ultimate in cowardice. Nothing new for the Sutters.

yeah, laying a cheap elbow to someone's head when they aren't looking takes a lot of skill and talent. i guess next game they're gonna have bobby clarke come in and chop someone's ankle in half. and the sad thing is, with the way many canadians seem to view the game, they will think that this hit is the greatest thing they've ever seen because it's one of "their boys" knocking the hell out of a "soft" russian. a dirty play is a dirty play regardless of who lays it out. i think there is just too much insecure canada vs. any other country (especially russia and the u.s.) "pride" going on. let's see...kovalchuk scores a hat trick against pittsburgh and points a finger at crosby to get under his skin and don cherry says "someone should break his arm." but cherepanov gets blindsided with a dirty hit and i can assure you that no one aside from ny and russian fans will bat an eye.

Guys...I've played hockey and still play. I also watch hockey religiously, regardless of league level. A slow-foot only works when you can get away with taking a hit on your leg and you know it's not gonna eff you up. If Anisimov has any brains, doing it in mid-ice while going towards the boards at best looking for an outlet pass against an agressive defenseman is probably out of his mind.

I don't know what was going through his mind.

But if you slow down the clip, you can see Gillies clearly trying to position himself for a hipcheck (look at him bend his knees and start turning right before impact). Cherepanov starts moving to his left immediately.

I think Gillies at that point slow-footed to try to get any contact possible. He was defending after all.

Given that it was knee on knee, it oddly reminds me of Kasper taking out a few guys in his prime. If this check happened in the NHL, there would be a brawl afterwards, intentional or not.

Just my 2 cents.

First off I have spent the last several hours trying to get a more accurate read on the information as so far most of it is second hand and guess work so here is the latest I know:

Artem Anisimov

My sources tell me that the first reports on AA are jumping the gun. He first is going to have to have an MRI to determine the extent of his injury.

The good scenario is that he has a sprained MCL which knocks him out for 4-6 weeks.

The bad scenario is of course the torn ACL which kisses his season good bye.

I am hoping to talk to Gordie Clark this weekend so if I have any update I will post it ASAP.

Alexi Cherepanov

Here is where not having him under a contract stinks as the Rangers technically can not get involved here since he is under contract to his Russian team.

He does have a concussion but what grade and the extent is unknown at this time.

Oh Canada

You know what I can review all the tapes 8 billion times but what is not going to change is that these are supposed to be EXHIBITION GAMES meant to promote the game of hockey.

I know injuries are a part of the game but when you start to see the number of injuries starting to climb like they are here something is wrong.

To see anyone hurt Russian or Canadian to where it puts their season or career at risk is wrong. The number of Russian injuries is actually 8 as of this evening so at what number or severity do fans need to see before they say something is wrong?

I am not going to bother rechecking to see who said that the Russians need to grow gonads because that is such a childish response. These games are supposed to be played under international rules which severely penalize fighting.

Again this is supposed to be an exhibition series but now what Canada is showing us that while they are so very talented they also have a very ugly side to their game too.

If the coaching staff or the players want to try to say they are responding to what Russia is doing then sorry the response is supposed to be measured not expanded upon.

Let us also acknowledge that IF these games were under NHL rules then leaving your feet to deliver a hit is "intent to injure" an automatic match penalty and subject to review by the NHL offices.

You want to say that AC slew footed anyone then I am sorry but that was a really weak one,


07 7th Round pick David Skokan FIRST GOAL of the preseason was also a game winner coming at the 11:11 mark of the 3rd period as his Rimouski Oceanic came back to beat the Acadie-Bathurst Titan 4-3 in QMJHL action.

JESS so what should the Russians do? If 8 guys have been hurt, they're not playing with all-star game rules. Sutter's hit was an intent to injure and did. He should have been suspended after game 2 & the teams should have been warned. And if they thought AC's was intentional, suspend him too even though he's in the hospital. They have to get the games under control. The refs need to do their job so everybody gets the message. But since that has not happened , the Russians for their own good have to protect themselves.... And the NHL better watch Brent Sutter if he thinks he's going to bring his own version of the broad st bullies in & become the newark drive-bys.

Anisimov is playing in today's game! Reason #94938 not to trust the Russian press...

from Zipay"Good news for the Rangers.

So the knee-on-knee hit yesterday that caused him to leave Game 3 isn't serious.

He just dumped Legein in front of the Russian net when the pesky Canadian winger kept poking at the covered puck after the whistle....

Expect to see Anisimov in Rangers training camp....

Now 3-1 Canada early in the third.."

JESS you said " who said that Russians need to grow gonads because that is such a childish response. " I said "Let the Russians show some gonads, or lose & cry. It's their choice.They need to run the Canadian stars & stick up for one another, or continue to be injured." I didn't say they had to fight. You can label & name call all you want. Try a better comeback. Remember you're the guy with the peca jokes, if you want to talk about childish.

Colorado Mark has it right about Cherepanov/Sutter.

After watching the Cherepanov hit about 50 times, I notice that while Chere is skating past Sutter, his head is directed at the puck, the next time i can play and pause instantly, Sutter's Right leg is taken out by Chere's Left foot (which happens to be his trailing foot in the shot, and it appears as if he's leaning forward a bit, and down on his stick, which would explain why his body didnt really lunge when the hit occured, because he was leaning onto his stick mid turn. So I don't think it as a cheap trip by Cherepanov, but Sutters hit seemed intent to injure.

In the Anisimov injury, during the 0:09 mark, it appears to me that Gillies leaves his left leg stuck out and leans to the right, as he's heading toward AA, maybe bracing for impact, as you can see Anisimov try and use his momentum to push himself out of the way and wings up hitting his knee off of Gillies leg, seems like another hit to injure but I could be wrong on this one, I'm more positive about my reviews of AC's video.

I just looked at the AA again, and theres one shot during the 0:09 mark where you can see Anisimov trying to pull his left out of his way, and Gillies leaned all the way to the right while he leg collides with AA, cheap shot imo.

i agree colorado mark does have it right. regardless of anything cherepanov did, nothing warrants that dick flying full speed up the ice to launch a circuslike flying attack on another player. you see the way sutter spins his head around? he starts skating full speed up the ice on a beeline to cherepanov. its like the joker had just killed batmans parents and nothing mattered more than avenging their deaths. rarely am i ashamed to be a hockey fan, but just like the hollweg/simon incident, i had to hang my head and look away after that "collision." its disgraceful that a player like sutter would be drafted ahead of cherepanov, transfer agreement or not.
on another subject, i wrote this message on my new ps3. initially i couldn't get blueshirt bulletin to load at all, which sucked since im on this site more than email, but i finally got it to wor. huzzah! btw if anyone out there wants to play nhl 2k7 oe r nhl08 (when it comes out in ten days) email me!

i also want to add how sutter tries to go right back at cherepanov after the first hit and the refs had to get between them. sutter had all the traits of someone who had lost control and at that point the hockey game at hand was the furthest thing from his mind. he was out for n blood, and to me theres no doubt about it.

wow...everyone should look at the comments posted on the youtube video of the hit. it's ridiculous.

Dirty, blind-side elbow? I guess anything can be taken as a blind-side when you've got your head down? I'm a huge Rangers fan but this entire blog comes off as relentless whining. If Brandon Sutter and Colton Gillies were Rangers picks you'd be heralding their play. Give it a rest, amateurs.

What exactly is a "Huge Ranger fan"? Does it mean you weigh like 300 Lbs and that makes you an expert on everything?

Were you at the game and had the perfect angle to see whether or not Sutter left his feet or not?

Tell me something: What makes you so sure given the speed of the hit that even if he had his head up AC would not still be out with a concussion?

Oh and for this website calling people names makes you the amateur.

I cannot believe what I have read in this blog, you all should be embarrassed for your lack of objectivity and knowledge of the game and also having a skewed perspective due to your homerism. whatch all the dirty little things the Russians do behind the play, ducking from hits, spearing, hitting after the whistle when the refs are at arms length. Yes no body wants anybody to get hurt but if the Russians had a better team and were pounding the Canadians would you be complaining? How do you explain the lack of scoring by your russian superstars, look at the power play stats.

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