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July 19, 2007


Can KASPARITIS restructure his contract? (Not sure how this works under the new CBA?)

no he can't. can extend but that does not help this yr. if the RAngers send him down won't count vs cap. if they try to bring him up and he's claimed it will count 1/2 vs the cap.

I think this is all a "spin" story. If the Rangers simply waive Kaspar, how does that affect the Rangers cap? I doubt that anybody would trade for him, but if he seems to be playing well, we can always say we're on a youth path and will make room for Staal. Kaspar simply has too much baggage. Otherwise, he stays in Hartford.

Kasper is a great guy and was huge in the locker room for us but I just don't see how he would be able to make this team with his contract. The only thing I could think of is swapping Mara's 3million out for Kaspers' but it makes no sense sending out a 27 yr old with offensive potential for a 36 yr old trying to keep his career alive.

Thanks Dubi, that video was a PERFECT lunchtime treat. Especially for those of us who, like Clark, get antsy during the off-season :-)

Rodent today talks about Trevor Linden as a reasonable 3rd line center. I think the best course of action is to see if Dubinsky or Ansimnov can do the job over three or four months and if not pick up a grizzled vet, a Weight, Gelinas, Linden type of player, to assume the 3rd line center role at the deadline. The deadline veteran moves function well when used as an extra role player (see Recchi and Weight in Carolina and McTavish, Noonan and Matteau in 94) and not as a player the team is going to lean heavily on to get to the Cup (see Tkazchuk to ATL and Guerrin to SJ last yr.)


Watch the video. The guy in it is named Clark.

If we just dumped Cullen, which we all agree was a salary cap forced move, why would the Rangers bring up Kasper? The guy is making more money than Cullen did, is old and we have plenty of other defensemen to choose from.

I'm not a huge fan of Malik, but I would rather have him in our line-up than Kasper right now. If Kasper was two million cheaper, then sure.

I believe it's fairly obvious to everyone, including Kasper, that his days as a New York Ranger ended a while ago. He's playing himself into shape because I'm sure he is hoping the Rangers trade him to a team looking for a player like him, and obviously, with enough cap room (Edmonton anyone?).

Side note: I can't picture Linden a Ranger, or wearing any other team's sweater besides a Canucks one. Also, I'd rather have Peca.

I can't see Kasper making the team, but then again, I didn't think they should trade Cullen.
IF Kasper were to crack the line-up, couldn't you see him lining up Crosby...! "Oh Baby".
Linden- no thanks! Peca, maybe, but hopefully Dubinsky has a another great camp.

Phill -- I can picture Linden wearing an Fishstick sweater, because he has.

Well yeah, I mean Linden did play for Montreal and Washington too. What I was getting at is that Linden, like Brian Leech, will basically always be associated with one team, even though both played for various other teams.

If we sign "sir-hooks-a-lot" Michael Peca to replace Matt Cullen then that'll be by far one of the worst transactions glen has made all summer.

Replacing a speedy, young, 30 point centerman who is good on the PK and a good team player with a slower, older, primadonna 20 point scorer who has a slight defensive upside but is prone to taking tons of penalties would be a collasal mistake.

I was a fan of the Cullen trade because of the salary dump, but if Peca is the replacement and not someone from Hartford then I will lose a lot of respect for Sather's otherwise excellent summer.

If Kapsar EARNS a spot in the top 7, then I welcome that, and the staff will figure it out.
And if NYR bring in a veteran 2-way center for a reasonable contract - Linden, Peca, etc - I can accept that.
Last season we had below-average games-lost-to-injury. The depth will help throughout the season, and especially if/when players go down...

On a one-year deal, Peca would be a good fit. Good faceoff skills, solid penalty killer, and high "compete" level. Injuries would be a concern but, then again, there are holes with any pick-up.

I thought Craig Weller was committed to go overseas - Donnie Maloney just signed him for the 'yotes...

How much cap space the Rangers really have according to the salarly cap website they only have about 1.5 million. They still need a quarterback for powerplay. I think Mara not Malik will be the next to go. Also next Season Wade Redden is a UFA. He is worth 6 millon plus Rosival is not!(In response of Larry Brooks article a few weeks ago)There will def be more deals before the season starts. They I know.

This video has been around for a while. I believe CLARK is Rogie Vachon's son.

I think this talk about Kasper is just to try and get Interest in him as trade bait.

What if Kaspar outplays some of the other defensemen? The NYR need more guys that know hitting is a part of what they are suppose to do.

Speaking of Don Maloney, he just signed G David Aebeischer as well, so maybe the Montoya to PHO rumors will subside (imo, Al should hone his skills in HFD another year.)

Maybe NYR brass is as concerned as I am about Peca's season-ending badly-broken leg. I've had the pleasure of meeting him and he's a VERY personable guy, but he can limp on over to another team. Beantown, perhaps....?

Clark is probably Soupy Sales' son! That kid is hilARious!!!! And his director and editor as well. I've sent it to ALL my hockey people. Thanks again, Dubi!

This could be Clark too...he was listed as players only to play one nhl game...

* Nicholas Vachon: born 20 July 1972 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- position left wing, shoots left, height 5 ft 10 in, weight 185 lb

Draft: by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft, 12th round, 241st overall
NHL game: played for the New York Islanders in 1996-97: 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, 0 penalty minutes

Mitch I'm sorry I haven't forgotten about you. I'll call you tomorrow!

Could it be that Kaspar is legitimately attempting (and considered by management) to be making a comeback?! If Kaspar has slimmed down and regained some of his speed from his Isles days, he would be the answer for that bruiser D-man we so desperately need. We all know his credentials and should, at least, give him a shot in training camp. Perhaps thats what Slats & Co. have thought all along...get a glut of D-men, weed them out and trade/demote the excess. Let Mara, Malik, Kaspar, Pock, Girardi, Hutchinson, Staal, Sauer, Baranka and Strudwick duke it out. May the best 5 to 6 D-men win! Since we don't have to be salary cap compliant till the beginning of the season, personnel decisions (trades, demotions) don't need to be made till then. Needless to say, it will be an interesting camp this year.

As for Peca, he is a shadow of his former self. He was a Selke winner long ago, but his offensive abilities have diminished. Now he's just a defensive centerman, with good faceoff ability, and average speed. Drury is our go-to Selke man now. Plus, Dubinsky, who now is practically peniciled in to Cullen's vacant 3rd line spot, is fast, good on faceoffs, younger and CHEAPER. His only drawback is that he is wimpy. I agree with the other posters here, Peca would be an atrocious signing for us! And Avery is not an option, as he's demonstrated the inability to handle the responsbility of a centerman's duties. His forte is forechecking, screening and agitating, not faceoffs and backchecking. Only Dubinsky and Betts should fight for the 3rd and 4th C-man spots.

We need to get younger and peca wouldn't do that.Let's hope Dubinsky has gotten stronger and nastier.Come on camp!

Dubinsky wimpy? He will still grow a little bit; the dude wasn't even of age to buy a drink yet until this past season. He'll bulk up.

I expect Callahan and girardi to bulk up a little too. All three of these guys have got some experience and now know what it takes.


Dubinsky is anything BUT wimpy.

He occasionally gets knocked off balance, possibly due to a high center of gravity, and that he hasn't fully filled out yet weight-wise. But don't confuse that for being wimpy.

He's actually a pretty mean hombre when he's out there. I just hope they give him a chance to prove it.

Baron24 ,thanks for your accoun t of Dubinsky.I did not mean he was a wimp but that he was young and needed to fill out more and with that the nasty part should go up as well.Nice to hear he is a mean hombre.Unfourtunately the only time i saw him was when he was called up.He should get a good look at camp!

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