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July 26, 2007


Links to the new Reebok Ranger jerseys, as pictured on the team's website. They look exactly like the old ones, but the stitching along the sides of the blue jersey is clearly visible and so they pretty clearly appear to be the Edge jerseys.


Just thought people would like to know...

"choosing to go to bed instead, at least according to their agent, Rick Curran." = passed out drunk by 10:00 PM...

I find that the Peca rumor is interesting. I wonder how much it would take to sign him? Is it really that much less than what Cullen was making?

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I found a link on the Web to the "NEW" rangers jerseys.


I have to agree with the Cullen/Peca statement above.At his best Mike Peca is a better player than Cullen.
And a 1 year deal is better than what cullen had left ( I think 2 more years)But being a little older and way-more injury prone it would be hard to imagine trading Cullen and then giving peca anything more than 1- 1.5 for 1 year.and... peca and Avery on the same team means our PK better be up to snuff cause those 2 hooligans draw a lot of pp's and giveth away as well

Being a ranger fan currently residing in MN, I'd like to clarify a few points here. This party happened in Lutsen, MN, which, for those who don't reside in the midwest, is on the north shore of lake superior. So when someone says the staal brothers were on the "Main road of town" they really mean that they were on "the only road in town."

Also, I know police claimed that they were harassing passing motorists, but at 4am up there, it was probably more like one motorist, if any -- odds are they were harassing the police vehicles.

Ok. Back to hockey now, as I anxiously await the Dec. 20 showdown between the Wild and the Rangers in Dec...

so AZJ is that the Highway 61 from Bob Dylan's album?? "WE'LL JUST PUT SOME BLEACHERS OUT IN THE SUN AND HAVE IT ON HIGHWAY 61"

Apparently Lowe has offered RFA Dustin Penner a 5 yr 21.5 mill offer sheet, according to tsn. Honestly i wouldve been so much more excited if it was Parise, as the Devils would be devastated w/ losing him. Lowe should know better.

that's a link to the order form but the pictures that they show are the "OLD" traditional Jerseys

Kevin Lowe went and did something stupid again, signing Anaheim's Dustin Penner to a 5yr, $21.25M offer sheet (per TSN). This is problematic for us because Penner had 45points--3 LESS POINTS THAN AVERY DID LAST YEAR!

Looks like the Rangers are going to get banged at arbitration...and lose Avery to UFA. Better lock Peca up now b/f he begins asking too much. Slats shouldn't have pulled the trigger on that Cullen deal so soon.

Well, there has to be some kind of premium for winning a cup, Avery hasn't done that.

I hope your right Shawn. But arbitrators are known to make outrageous decisions. We'll get our answer next week.

B-Lo, that is indeed the Highway 61 of Dylan fame. Thunderbayites take highway 61 to Duluth for shopping, at least they used to before the loonie went to 95 cents U.S.

Avery would be stupid to leave the Rangers. yeah, Money is a huge thing, but he's a real fan favorite here, and with few exceptions, I can't see him getting the same kinda love in another market. His moneymaking potential down the road is much greater in NYC as is the potential to please his Hollywood girlfriend. I think the whole Avery thing will get locked up and we'll all be ready to march on.

Though I think Avery adds a lot he probably is'nt the scorer Penner is, though their points totals are similar Penner had 29 goals last term,lets not get carried away into thinking Sean's worth more than between 2m and 2.5m.

There is no doubt that Avary's arrival in NY turned the team around. However, he didn't provide exceptional scoring, he didn't proved outstanding defensive play for a forward, he didn't provide punishing checks that laid out our opponents, he didn't KO every player who so much as looked at any one of our star players the wrong way...he simply provided the one thing this team lacked: Agressive Confidence. He just happened to fit the exact need the Rangers were looking for. If he went to any other team, that team would not have had a turnaround. I want him back, mainly because he demonstrated a positive skill set that I was not ready for. However, that half season doesn't rate a big contract. Due to cap considerations, if he is awarded a big raise I'll let Hossa and Mara walk and hope Byers will be ready next season (Avery's UFA year). Someplace down the road we need to make room for Dupont, who by the sound of things if a much more talented version of Avery.

AveryTuff, Penner don't forget that Penner is also two years younger then Avery and about 5 inches bigger. If he goes at the same rate avery went his points will increase next year and his size and mobility will give him a huge advantage in corners. I do agree we will get banged at arbitration though. Oh and for all of you who think Peca will help this team your all mentally insane. Peca is a 33 year old, over the hill center who is much more injury prone then Avery, Penner, or Hossa. Signing him will be a huge mistake and a very regretable one. All he will do is:
1. Completely destroy what this organization is said to be all about
2. Give us a 3rd line centerman for probably about 30 MAYBE 40 games (if that)

Sorry guys. they had the pictures up right underneath the picture of Drury and Gomez. The jerseys are cut very differently (we all know that) and the picture showed the "R A N G E R S" skewed alittle more tightly into the middle of the jersey due to the stitching lines. Sorry guys. wish i did a Print screen (as they were not downloadable.)

Have to diasgree about Peca. While he did miss 46 games last year (fractured tibia), Peca has played at least 66 games in every non-lockout season. Today's Toronto Star says Peca's contract demands with the Leafs was for half his $2.5 million salary. It could be possible that Peca signs for less than Avery gets in arbitration.

The problem is that I don't see this as a Peca or Dubinsky/Anisimov/Pyatt discussion. I have a feeling that Renney is going to go the veteran route with the third line center so I think it becomes a Hossa first line/Straka or Avery at third line or Peca third line, Straka first line and Hossa fourth line discussion.

With that said, I would still look to see if there was any truth that the Leafs might have to move Matt Stajan to make salary room for Peca.

here's a link to photos of the new jerseys: http://nhllogos.blogspot.com/2007/07/rangers-unveil-new-uniforms.html

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