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July 25, 2007


Kids being kids. But jeez, with all that money, you would think you could afford to be a little more discreet. These guys have so much to lose, I find it hard to believe. Especially since every sport outside of hockey is going through problems. The shock that some of these people could lose their livelihoods over their indiscretions has not set in I guess.

Believe it or not, when you're drunk, you don't take these things into consideration.

Believe it or not, when you're drunk, you don't take these things into consideration.

I like him even more, fleet of foot and able to party, hockey bloodlines!

Ouch...looks like Eric had to spend the day in jail! Not a nice end to a bachelor party!


Yeah, Jimbo. Great news..hockey arrests to go along with the other sports. Would hate to see our beloved sport out of the police blotter. Why make light of it?

I see Larry Robinson has returned to the Devils bench as an assistant. Have you ever seen someone have more of a problem cutting the cord than him? Sutter now has one of Lou's most loyal people looking over his shoulder, ready to rat out on him. Looks like Lou is already preparing for his next coach.

Hey. I know a representative for the Capitals and there schedule came out. He sent out information about discounted group tickets for Wednesay Dec. 12th 2007 7P and Sunday February 10, 2008 at 1 PM.

70/ticket for first 10 rows(15-49 in the group $70/ticket, 50-99 in the group $60/ticket)
I went last year and sat in the 7th row blue line for 80/ticket(only 2 in my group), rediculously great compared to NY rates.
If you can pull some people together from this site, we can have a fun road trip.

joeG - that sounds like nonsense. Like the junk Islander and Sabre fans had fun writing here at our site. Robinson one of the NHL greats of our era. He loves being involved in pro hockey, even tho he didn't like being head coach. ... and, Sutter won't care less if fickle Lou changes his mind.

I'd meet you all in DC! It's not far for me at all....


Gomer- I'm just saying, Sutter is stepping into a new organization as a head coach. If this is to be his team, then I don't think he needs Robinson and his links to the Devils past glory standing right next to him every night. If we're to believe Larry Brooks' story in the Post about the players' ratting out on Julien, and his supposed lack of toughness in dealing with the team; is it too far-fetched to believe that Robinson is there to provide Lou with some sort of inside dope on the everyday sense of the team? I don't think so.


read the story, go to a batchelor party, play some hockey, relax,you didn't end up arrested they did, money when you're used to nothing makes everything unreal. Someone really earned their salary when they found out who they were dealing with, most of the time its not such a big deal, but get a name and watch out for your backside. Agreed someone should have been riding herd but wow, put this in a perspective please.

I don't even remember my batchelor party.

jimbo Larry is there as insurance, unless Sutter freely picked him. Lou now has a history of firing coaches. If he continues nobody will want the job.

im down for a road trip to DC!!! Bring on AO and Nylander.....whos wit me!!!

hopefully marc can skate as fast as he can run from cops

good job marc !

what do you think happened? Marc was absent from his brother's bachelor party? Only a mandatory Ranger camp would likely make that happen...obviously, he ran into the woods...

Lets see if I got this straight...

The Staal family didn't: possess any illegal narcotics, kill any family members or friends or dogs, drive under the influence, beat their wives or anybody else for that matter, set any fires or destroy any property----right???

They simply got drunk ( as a group ) and got too loud at a bachelor party. Are you kidding me? This is not even a sports story!!!

Our STAAL is Fast & Smart, I Totally Love it !!! LOL :-)

why is this even news? wtf? they are hockey players at a bachelor party and not running for any office...non-news on a slow news day. stupid. now, if they were setting up dog fights of dogs who hit 70+ home runs a year while they were fixing nba games, then ok.


We'll never know if you were there Mark but if you were:
1) Bronx cheer for not stickin' with your bros.
2) Beauty runnin', eh!!

Can camp start already!!!!!!!

Maybe if we could have gotten sandis ozolinsh and peter nedved to attend a few of those Staal parties then things would have been great all those years we missed the playoffs.


Just to name a few: Lindros, Bure, Kovalev, Ciger, Ulanov, Kamensky and Holik should have been there also.

Nedved was not the problem we missed the playoffs.

What a joke,just because they are pro hockey players this makes the news.How sad that is where sports writers are going.These are good kids blowing off some steam.I bet the nba wishes allthere home boys only did that.Writers get a life .

Don't know if that was a Freudian slip in your referring to it as the "Lust-en" resort but being a batchelor party there was likely more than a little lust involved. Lutsen is a swanky ski resort in Minnesota. south of Thunder Bay.

There have been a number of rumors out there regarding the Rangers having interest in Michael Peca and one story quoted Peca as saying the Rangers have shown some interest. While I want to see Dubinsky or another kid play the third line this year. What do people think about Peca if he is cheap and signed to a one year incentive type deal? Although he has been hurt the guy is a former Selke winner and went to the Finals two years ago with Edmonton. Has anyone who is in the know heard anything about this?

According to the Toronto Star, if the Leafs are going to keep Peca, they might have to move some salary. The writer, Paul Hunter, says Toronto is looking to move Matt Stajan and his $875,000 salary. Stajan might make an interesting third line choice for the Rangers. They would get younger (in reference to Cullen) while having a player who has three years NHL experience under his belt.

If we sign Peca to a modest 1-year contract, it would be so that we would not have to rush youngsters who may need another year of seasoning at Hartford. If Peca is healthy, he would be a great fit for one year, as insurance. Anything beyond that however, to Peca or whomever else, and we would be creating a logjam and blocking room for youngsters who should be ready next year.

Stajan is a nice player, but he's 24 & I doubt Toronto would just give him away, as his contract is still relatively cheap. Trading for him would seem to indicate a long term commitment to him at the expense of a spot on the third line for Dubinsky, Pyatt or Anisimov next year.

Am I the only one who thinks that you havn't fully lived life unless you spend a night in the drunk tank...?

Calling Marc the smart one or not being there makes it look like you are calling Eric and Jordan stupid.. it was a Bachelor party, from everything I've read, including the 'harassing passing motorists' (At that time of night on Lake Superior? Chances are the people they were harassing were drunker than they were) it seems like a pretty normal bachelor party to me..
Sometimes city folk are suprised at what good ole boys can get up to..

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