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July 31, 2007


Good boy hossa. it's avery's turn to play nice.

If the number is accurate, this is not too bad a deal.

To be fair and balanced, I don't like Marcel's game and motivation, and wasn't wooed by his characteristic "month 'o' effort" with the top line. As it stands now, he has no place on the top line, with the centers for #1 and #2 locked down (and before anyone starts advocating Straka as the #3 pivot, please take a breath and ask why you only want a proven 30 goal guy, who can set up Jags AND plays both ways, to log third line minutes). Further, I would have liked to have seen the roster spot opened for one of our youts.

That said, at $850k, Hossa's contract is not without value. He's shown himself to be a capable, if not exceptional, penalty killer, he's got a dose of speed and grit, and he's shown some stamina in playing the full schedule and coming back from a pretty painful injury. If he ever decides he really wants to be an NHL player, he could contribute consistently on the scoresheet, as well.

Plus, at $850k, he isn't too expensive to serve as a "black ace" and he's tradable as a depth guy, if it comes to that. While I think losing him would have been addition by subtraction, IMO, this is still a reasonable deal.

official number is 780k

per sam.

850,000 was good 780,000 is even better. Get Avery done and move on to that defenseman. And lets get training going.

WOW,i read this blog from work today and unfortunatley could not respond because i am not allowed.first of all,it
amazing to read some of the comments from some of you guys.
there is talk about what avery did in other places that he played as a basis or reason for what sather submitted in his breif.WHO CARES what he did in L.A.,we sure did not because we traded a very good prospect and a third round pick for him.if he was so bad we would not have given up so much for him would we?unless sather is a fool and overpaid
for a so called trouble maker.i also don,t give two shits about what he did in DET as a twenty year old kid! all i can do as a fan is judge him for what he’s done here with the rangers and what i’ve seen is a guy who busts his ass every game,sticks up for his team,makes other teams players
take dumb penalties,oh and by the way also score on what amounted to a pace of 58 pts extrapilated over an 82 game season! i was not a big fan of the trade that brought him here but what i have seen is a kid who is developing into the next darcy tucker,wich is a great luxury to have.some of you guys are thrilled with the fact that hossa did some loyal or noble by signing a contract,big deal what were his choices?does anyone really feel that he would have won his case?what would be his argument? he scored six goals in fifteen games playing with jagr? what toubles me about some fans is the lack of loyalty to a player that was instrumental in helping us make the playoffs and getting us to the second round.i read that people are blaming him for the buf series loss as oppsed to blaming a bumb like malik who was just awfull in that series and responsible for several goals against not to mention that brilliant pass to drury in game two.avery gets thrown under the bus by some fair wether fans because he could not do his thing due to his playing hurt.all i know is that as of this eveming,if we keep hossa and walk away from avery we are alot softer,and less gritty and likely to have no scoring on the third line.not to mention we the fact that we will retard the development of callahan and prucha because they will probobly sign a washed up mike peca in a futile attempt to replace what avery already brings.i hope they don,t walk away from what ever the ruling turns out to be!

oh yes and signing strudwick is a "brilliant move,he is so great in the locker room."what a joke and waste of 600k.


Sean Avery is a good player he is worth maybe 2 million dollars a season(maybe). He opened his big mouth against Buffalo and did nothing about it. I dont even think he had a point. He wants his money earn in. He is going to be playing on the second line with Drury and Shanny. Put up 20 to 25 goals and be the pain in the ass palyer that you are for a full season and you will get paided. People even though some do should not get paid on half seasons. I for one think Sather is being smart maybe he is trying to light a fire under Avery, we will have to take a what and see approach on that. As for Strudwick its not a bad signing until on got that defenseman in the Cullen trade. Thats why I think Pock and/or Mailk and Mara will get traded. Also they always have these defenseman gettinh hurt in training camp. Maybe thats what they are protecting themselves from. The one thing I do agree with you about is If they dont resign Avery they will revert to being a soft team even if they do bring in Michael Peca which I think they might. In my opinion get Avery signed get that defenseman for the point on the pp. And go to training ready to kick ass.

roc-my point is that avery had 18g and 30 assists last year.people just don't give himenough credit for that.also he has imroved his offensive stats in the last several seasons playing mostly on a fourth line.20g goals for him next season is a given in my opinion.and if you only give him credit for half a season what about a zero like hossa who is getting some love here for his 12game stretch.as far as the playoffs,yes avery poped of his mouth so what.look at what he did in the atl series.and also what did hossa do in eight of the ten games he played in the playoffs?to blame avery for the buffulo series is absurd.first of all,he played hurt since the last atl game.he also is not the one who made that bone head pass in game two,or the idiot who had jagrs line out in game five at the end.

czechtemout - agree with you except on the cap implications of Strudwick. Only have room for 23 players on roster and I think he's very near the low end so whether it's him or someone else as 23rd man the cap implications are close. Not really defending the guy just pointing that out.

If Avery would have taken the 1 year deal and shut up he would be in a much better place today. Don't misunderstand me, I love what Avery brings to the team, but if he took the deal he could have negotiated a much better long term deal in January or walked and made the best deal possible. The ball is in his court. If he has a great year he will get paid. If not or he is disruptive he gets what he deserves. He probably should have consulted with Shanny as how to conduct himself during this process. 1 or 2 more things... Strudwick was a good signing... insurance and character for a small price and can play in Hartford if necessary... Hossa was a good signing...Still a young guy who does what he's told and doesn't rock the boat. A good team player...Z

z-than strudwick should have been signed to a minor league deal.i bet you he will not get sent to hartford.people "who don't rock the boat" usually are those who are timid and meek and do not do anything extrodinary.those players are the epitome of mediocroty and stagnation when it relates to their careers.sounds like hossa exactly.and exactly what type of insurance does strudwick buy?

There are two interesting points of view on display when it comes to Avery (which I'll exaggerate to prove the point):

(1) The guy should take one for the team, sign a one year deal, play his caboose off, and shut up. Henrik and Shanny did it. This guy is a borderline second line wing, for God's sake! Besides, he talked the talk before Buffalo and came up with nothing. Sean's being disloyal and a brat.

(2) This guy had more to do with us making the playoffs last season than any other player on the roster. He adds a facet to the Rangers all around game that no one else on the club can. He single handedly made Kovalchuk implode and contributed with timely scoring in our stretch run. And saying anything critical of him now will bite us dead in the ass. Glen's being disloyal and and penny-wise/pound-foolish.

Obviously, these are the extremes. I think most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I can't blame Sean for going for the cash after his most impressive year as a pro, and I can't blame Glen - who's pretty flush up against the cap - for trying to get a bargain.

Here's what it boils down to for me. Sean purportedly is a professional. If his "feelings are hurt" by Glen to the point that he dogs it this year and/or doesn't want to play in the MSG after this year, then he's not much of a "pro," and I have to give more creedence to the previous claims that he's a headcase and probably a detriment in the long run, to coin a phrase. If after all of this he comes to the rink and proceeds to play his aforementioned caboose off ... well then, welcome to the Square, Sean. We treat our favorites VERY well around here and get ready for a wet sloppy one from the best city on earth.

craigz you pretty much hit the nail on Avery's head. He needs to use his head to improve his play & pay. The NYR didn't say it nicely, but what they said is basically true. It would be better for everyone involved especially him, if he listens to his bosses.

First of all I'm happy to see Hossa take one for the team; he got a m odest raise and hopefully he shows he's worth it. he's still young--although he's had a logn pro career, I'm curious whose roster spot he's filling? He has better hands and a horse's body than all those kids and that's what Renney and Slats like about him. Let's see what he does. The signing's been signed.

As for Avery--I like him as a player for the Rangers: he was terrific until Buffalo (and it's not that he didn't perform against Buffalo, CTM, it's that he opened his mouth and then couldn't back up his words). But he's asking for a more than 100% pay raise, and that's ludicrous. I got a ten percent raise for the next academic year and I feel like a pig in slop I'm so grateful; he should be willing to take one for the team because we might need that money later on.

Sather and co did not offer him nothing. They offered him quite a substantial raise. They filled an arbitration brief that was business-oriented (in other words it was explaining why the team's figure is what it is). in most arbitration hearings we don't know what was said--who leaked it to the Post? Avery or his agent. And why? That's where my problem lies.

You all make it sound like Avery can do no wrong. He's a player. He's a good player. But he also needs to be appreciative for what he got here: a team that accepted him despite his soiled past, an opportunity to play 2nd and 3rd line hockey, and a substantial pay raise offer.


Avery will take his arbitration salary, shut his mouth and play his caboose off. Because he will be a UFA and playing for a new contract. Difference is, he now has no reason to stay with NY and probably feels little loyalty to the organization (read: Sather). So enjoy him this year, next year he goes to the highest bidder, I sure hope it's not Jersey or the Islanders.

You know T_Bird, perhaps if Avery had felt loyalty to the organization in the first place like Prucha and Henrik and even Marcel well then perhaps he wouldn't of gone to arbitration at all and had this "vicious attack" unleashed upon his person which people seem to think damaged his fragile psyche

damn hit enter too soon ... my point is that I doubt that what happened at the hearing has any bearing at all in his loyalty ... Sean will be loyal to the highest bidder most likely than not

Am I crazy, or was there some chatter about Avery being hurt during the Buffalo series? Something about a wrist?

I like Hossa. I think he showed some serious potential on the top line. Renney liked having a big wing with Jagr - he stuck Isbister there when Hossa went down - and I believe he's on the first line come opening night. He's a nice sleeper in your fantasy leagues this season.

Avery: I don't get Slats here. After Avery joined the team, it was as if someone hit a switch. All of a sudden a collection of underachievers played inspired hockey, and it nearly took them through to the Conference finals. Love him or hate him because of the drama he brings, but NO ONE can replace Avery, whether on the roster or elsewhere. He IS the grit on an otherwise wimpy team. If for whatever reason the Rangers walk away from Avery after the arbitration award, I'd consider this offseason a total failure. As I see it, they brought him in, he played great, inspired the team, expressed love for his new city and a desire to stay...and then Sather and his lawyers throw him under the bus because of his past in an effort to save some money - and a small fraction of the cap number, to boot. Guess what: if Sather hadn't spent like a kid with their first credit card on the first day of free agency, Avery would have been signed. Based on his limited time with the Rangers, don't you think Avery played like a guy who makes around 2 - 2.5 million? Not saying he should get all of that, but I just can't imagine the effect losing Avery would have on next year's fortune.

I suppose they could replace him with a cheaper Mike Peca, right? Yuck.

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Prucha said he didn't care about the money, so he took what was offered. Henrik was given a very substantial raise, no questions asked, plus a renegotiation and even better deal after January. Very easy to show loyalty at those prices. How did Hossa show loyalty? He bluffed his way through arbitration until the very last minute, and then folded his cards at the end. You don't think he signed out of loyalty, do you?

Who was the stubborn one in this negotiation? Avery or Slats? You don't know. Nor do I, but If I was betting my last dollar... All I'm saying is that rather than locking Avery up for a few years, he is now just a one year rental.

Firerenneynow -- If the Rangers had a "superior prospect," as you claim, he would make the team regardless of Hossa. What "superior prospect" are we all missing?

What would you guys do? I really Love to root for the villain, Should I buy a BARRY BONDS, MICHAEL VICK or SEAN AVERY Jersey this weekend ??? What do ya'll think ??? LOL ;-)

I was happy to see Prucha,Lundqvist,Hossa resign but I think Hossa did sign again to help this team.I would like to see Avery resign with this team even after what Sather said he was a detriment I didn't think he was that bad with them he did take a few bad penalties.I would like to see them go after Peca wouldn't you this team is even better than they were last season I feel.

I think Sather was the stubborn one for saying Avery was an immature player.

g-he didn't perform against buf because of his injury,not becuase of what he said.i will repeat,avery did not blow the buf series,it was malik in game two and many of the goals scored on the rangers in that series,and renney putting jagr's line out at the end of game five,that ultimatley cost us the series.plus what avery said about the sabers was blow way out of proportion.

Do not want/Do not need Mike Peca... Personally I'd go for the Alexie Yashin jersey with the Cyrillic (sp) writing on it...Z

The Dude & czechthemout!!!!!

I think the point was that since Avery didn't get hurt DURING the Buffalo series, he knew he was hurt and still said "I'm going to try to hurt them and hit them and get in their face as much as I can." You don't say that in this game unless you're going to back it up...otherwise you get called on it, like some fans are now doing.

I really think Avery should have kept his comments to himself about Buffalo and wanting to hurt them.I would rather see Peca then the overrated Yashin.I think the Rangers had a very easy series against Atlanta and had a tougher opponent in Buffalo.I think they played very well against them and ran out of gas in the series.I don't think anyone knew Avery was hurt.

Since this is the most current thread then I will address people here:

LI Joe

I guess you did not read what I wrote last night in the original thread for if you had you would realize that what the Rangers said about Avery was tame in comparison to what others have done in the past.

I have heard reports of players reduced to tears after what was said about them in one of those hearings. I have heard GMs almost getting into fistfights with players over how hearings went.

I am going to throw Avery under the bus for one reason and one reason alone; he had no right UNDER THE RULES to take what the Rangers said about him to the media.

Even if it was not Avery or his team who took this to Brooks, under those same rules Avery was not supposed to discuss what was said about him but he did so should we ignore Avery's behavior?

The Rangers whether you like it or not did exactly what they are supposed to in one of these hearings and that is try to make Avery's worth less than the amount that Team Avery was asking for.


One of my "mentors" brought up the possibility that all we are seeing by Avery is a deliberate plan to try to get the Rangers to walk away from any award so Avery would become an UFA now instead of this year.

Just about everyone I talk with is saying how Avery and his agent are not stupid and that to embarrass Sather had to be a part of some kind of plan. What they also say is that nobody will give Avery close to his 2.6 mil that he asked for but he would get at least a 3 year deal for the 2.3 mil range.


Temper temper young lady do not make me have to give you a timeout.


Hossa getting 180,000 raise may not seem like much but it does speak volumes about a player who realizes that he could play on the first line or he could find himself in Hartford.

The question I have to ask of Hossa (based upon my own history of watching him be so talented but so questionable when it comes to desire): Hossa clearly has the talent to be a first line player but will he ever decide to play a full 82 game season?

IF Hossa finally does play hard for 82 games then the Rangers will have a solid performer.

IF Hossa I know shows up then the cap hit will be minor when they ship him out.

"I think the point was that since Avery didn't get hurt DURING the Buffalo series, he knew he was hurt and still said "I'm going to try to hurt them and hit them and get in their face as much as I can." You don't say that in this game unless you're going to back it up..."

That's almost as bad as;

"if Avery had felt loyalty to the organization in the first place like Prucha and Henrik and even Marcel well then perhaps he wouldn't of gone to arbitration at all"

If these are the discussion points against Avery after the season he had with the Rangers, then I'm underwhelmed.

BTW Yashin's name in Cyrillic would look like this: ЅLДСКЕЯ

Jess if Avery and his agent wanted to embarrass Sather, they should have mentioned his $80 million rosters with no playoffs, being lion for a day, and his Ranger draft record for the first four years he was here... Couldn't those be used as proof Sather doesn't know anything?


Just curious what exactly should have been the Ranger stance in arbitration then?

Hate to point this out since normally we agree on so much BUT Avery only played 29 games for the Rangers so I think we need to be realistic on your argument as well right?

I call up Sather, I say ” be nice to Comrade Avery. Why you callink him not nice things in your brief”
Then Sather say “who is this speakink?”
I say “it’s me boss! Kaspar from hartford”
He tell me, “you are very lucky not to go to arbitration this year dumkoff. Take your 3 million, play with kids and don’t piss me off”
I say, “just kidding this not Kaspar, this that guy Malakov. goodbye”

Jess, I don't have a problem with how the Rangers (or Avery) conducted themselves during the arbitration hearing. As Tessio said before they took him away, "Tell Mike, it was only business" (The Godfather)

I think that if Avery could have gotten 2.3 million for 3 years elsewhere, that they could have worked out a deal somehow. After splashing around 7 mil for a couple guys who did nothing for the Rangers before, (in fact was a thorn in our sides for years (Gomez) or killed us in Game 5 of the Buffalo series with 7 seconds left in the game (Drury) that he could have been generous with someone who is on the team and anxious to come back for a full season to repeat his performance. I don't take the 1.3 mil or the 2.6 mil as anything real, those are negotiation starting points that should have been negotiated past a long time ago. As mentioned by someone earlier, it will probably settle in around 1.7-2 mil, which I think Avery is worth easy. and a couple 100K more would have made him a happy camper and raring to go at training camp. Sather has spent far more for far less. Why the big stink now?

Jess - I read what you had to say. But thats almost like saying if your friend jumped off the bridge would you too. I guess the player has to attend. it would seem like maybe just the agent should attend so this type of nonsense doesn't hit his ears. All I'm really saying is they could have done the negativity in a different way rather than maybe him look like a guy who does not put the team 1st. For the Rangers he seemed to me at least to be a model citizen. And again I'd rather he be paid less. But I don't like the written words especially in the 2nd Brooks article. It seems I'm in the minority here as I was re Cullen being traded. I just don't get the reaction to throw these guys under the bus.


Geeze cmon Tessio was a traitor who tried to arrange the killing of his own boss. He got what was coming to him.

He read the situation wrong and paid for it.

I think you are misreading what I am saying because I do not believe the Rangers would have given him 2.3 mil or even 2 mil as to be honest he does not deserve it based only on 29 games.

The big stink now is because Avery made the decision to file for arbitration not the Rangers. Avery put himself into this position where everyone and their mother (ok maybe not Tessio's momma) knew that the Rangers were going to try to lowball him in arbitration.

The other thing I think you are leaving out of the equation is that unlike both Drury and Gomez, Avery has a very bad rep to live down so if the Rangers were nervous about giving Avery a multi-year deal did Avery justify the Ranger feelings with his behavior via Brooks?

LI Joe

OK let us put everyone else aside and let this be just my view and yours for a second OK?

Avery clearly has broken the rules by talking about the arbitration briefs yes or no?

In my view that makes him someone who is going back to the very behaviors that made him a problem child with the Kings.

Now I have acknowledged that I do not like Avery, I have disliked him way before he was traded to the Rangers.

I have found him to be a cheat (diver), a racist (his comments to Black players aside his comments about European players bother the heck out of me) and a disruptive influence in the Kings locker room.

Very little of what the Rangers "REPORTEDLY" said about Avery I find fault with. It is basically the Avery career in a nutshell.

Now I understand your frustration as it does look like the Rangers trashed Avery but please realize that is what they are supposed to do otherwise why bother having the arbitration hearings and just give the player what they want.

Sorry Joe (again I understand your frustration) but tossing Avery under the bus because of his actions is in my book warranted as how can we expect after breaking the rules can we trust him to remain a "model citizen"?

Should we reward Avery after what he is pulling here with Brooks?

What if after all that has happened that Avery loses his arbitration hearing and decides to demand either a trade or holds out?

How can one feel good about Avery after watching how Avery has behaved over the last couple of days?

How should Avery be punished for breaking the rule in your eyes?

Well Jess, I like Abe Vigoda, (that hound dog face) I was sorry to see him go, and besides Michael Corleone was a schmuck.

My point was more that arbitration should never have been reached. Sather falls all over himself to throw outrageous money at other teams UFA's, some good, some terrible for the Rangers, just to get them to come to NY, and yet he lowballs his own team's RFA's apparently only because he can. I guess we can disagree at just how much Avery is worth after those 29 games, but I saw a tremendous change in the Rangers since he arrived, and also a change in Avery. Model citizen? No. But hard work, solid contributions, grit and aggressiveness sorely needed by the team, Both down the stretch, (where I thought the Rangers were dead in the water before the trade) and in the series against Atlanta. And he pretty much kept his stupid comments to himself. I would have given him the benefit of the doubt and rewarded that kind of effort and affect. If he later became an embarrassment to the team either on or off the ice he could be traded, waived or deported to Canada. (And their refusal to accept him....)

T-Bird -

Yeah, but you don't know exactly what Sather offered Avery. Before he was traded to the Rangers, ask yourself how much Avery was worth, not just to the Rangers, but to anyone. He is the most hated player in the league, and received 92% of the vote!! Imagine what a risk putting him in the locker room must seem like to other GM's. Then he comes here and yes, has a great 3 months and is a model citizen (I think) and plays an important role, and maybe he then deserves to get a raise to $1.6 or $1.8 million. When you're doing comparables, you leave out intangibles, but Avery has intangibles that, while they may have been good for the Rangers at this one point in time, would be huge drawbacks for anyone else.

Avery and hia agent likely know that his current worth to the Rangers right now is higher than it ever will be again to anyone else. This is where they see their opportunity. And saying the Rangers should just give him the extra $5400-$700K is like saying "big deal, they lost games they should have won in October." Every little thing often ends up counting in the end.

I happen to like what Sean Avery brought to this team last year and I sincerely hope he does not end up signing with the Isles or Devils( who would pay him because they can and it would help them torture us) and signs with us instead. But the rumblings out there are that the Rangers will in fact walk away from his award if they don't like it, whether its because that money is earmarked for Jovo or another defenseman or they simply don't like his attitude. Really, this was one situation where everyone needed to recognize the limitations - Sean that while he brought a ton to the Rangers, it was only for 30 games and only for the Rangers, while the Rangers needed to realize he was important enough to give a sizable raise. This should have all gotten done.


No worries .... I'll attempt to behave ....

I 100% agree with your assesment of the Avery situation. I, unlike you, do like Avery. I didn't like him before he got here, but I liked what he did here. However that was only 29 games and one good playoff series, so imo that doesn't whitewash the type of player and person he was prior to do and certainly doesn't conclusively prove that he truly put that past behavior behind him. Given what has transpired in the last couple of days is clear that he hasn't. To me, if he was a team player like Prucha, he would've taken a 1 yr deal for perhaps the amount that Prucha signed, perhaps a couple of 100K more(we don't know what was on the table before he decided to take it to arbitration so this seems reasonable to me for a player like him) and then PROVED that he was the player most Ranger fans are excited about and not the jerk he was before. Then I think that he would've been rewarded with a long term contract next summer. He didn't choose this path and as such I have zero sympathy about his "supposed" hurt feelings, and little patience for people who act as if the player(and person) he was before he came to us should've been irrelevant to the arbitration process...

"the night jaromir jagr almost killed sean avery"
pretty funny if you ask me

Somewhere along the line Renney or Sather needed to have a talk with Avery ( maybe they have) & explain to him the whole picture of how they think & feel about him , and what they have to do because of their cap situation. Sign a 1 year deal now like Henrik, and then talk about a long term deal in January or after the season. For all I know, this is a publicity stunt with Avery getting an early start on his career after hockey, acting. Both sides need to man up & be honest with eachother behind closed doors & smooth this drama out . If they feel the need, have a press conference to clear the air and move on. Or just continue the contoversary, at least it's a clean & legal one, by getting Avery to follow the script with a little room for improvisation. The NHL can use the side show attention to compete with the other sports. Just sign him , then Sather can figure out the rest of his puzzle. There's no good reason to part company. That would be a mistake.

Jess makes a very important point--or rather proposes a question: what was Avery's motivation for going to Brooks??? If he's going to walk away from the arbitration is it a way to make himself look like the good guy? or is it just another example of Avery opening his mouth before thinking--like he did against Buffalo?

And I have a question, what was so "bad" about what seems like an honest statement of Avery's career? Many of you make it sound like Slats said Avery was a dog killer, crack-smoker, etc etc. He just said the guy takes some stupid penalties which hurt the team. He DOES! Get over yourselves. It's business. It's ARBITRATION--in which people try to spin opinion in their favor--, and you can like somebody and still criticize them. It's like people saying you can't be a patriot and question the government, or you can't punish your kids when they do something "wrong" because you love them, or you can't tell your lover "I cn't stand when you do ...." People criticism is not hate.

Ultimately the arbitrator will decide what Avery is worth and not the fans. Avery had the right to go to arbitration and he took it under the laws pf the CBA and I unlike some have no problem with that route.


"How should Avery be punished for breaking the rules?" Well, the arbiter may side with Sather and award him $1.3M!!

I have no problem with him going to arbitration. I have a problem with him going to Larry Brooks whining.

I don't.

Jess makes good points, especially: "Avery has a very bad rep to live down so if the Rangers were nervous about giving Avery a multi-year deal did Avery justify the Ranger feelings with his behavior via Brooks?"

Avery may want to become a UFA, but after displaying this type of disrespect, what GM is going to sign him long term? His career has floundered in part because of the trouble he causes with his off-ice behavior, then he gets traded to NY and finally seems to have found a good situation. Almost immediately he proceeds to piss all over the team and the GM that gave him the shot to resurrect his career.

To me , that's self-destructive behavior. More than an arbitrator, he might need a good psychiatrist.

I am getting tired of all the gossip. Of the supposed hockey fans who mostly want to write about the hockey players they hate, or who they think suck. Stressing out over who's gonna the 21st skater on the roster. Withdrawal is making some of us cranky and crazy. Bring on training camp and the games.

hossa with jagr! and watch out

Could Avery be the next Derek Sanderson? Same number!

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