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July 20, 2007


Could it be that Kaspar is legitimately attempting (and considered by management) to be making a comeback?! If Kaspar has slimmed down and regained some of his speed from his Isles days, he would be the answer for that bruiser D-man we so desperately need. We all know his credentials and should, at least, give him a shot in training camp. Perhaps thats what Slats & Co. have thought all along...get a glut of D-men, weed them out and trade/demote the excess. Let Mara, Malik, Kaspar, Pock, Girardi, Hutchinson, Staal, Sauer, Baranka and Strudwick duke it out. May the best 5 to 6 D-men win! Since we don't have to be salary cap compliant till the beginning of the season, personnel decisions (trades, demotions) don't need to be made till then. Needless to say, it will be an interesting camp this year.

As for Peca, he is a shadow of his former self. He was a Selke winner long ago, but his offensive abilities have diminished. Now he's just a defensive centerman, with good faceoff ability, and average speed. Drury is our go-to Selke man now. Plus, Dubinsky, who now is practically peniciled in to Cullen's vacant 3rd line spot, is fast, good on faceoffs, younger and CHEAPER. His only drawback is that he is wimpy. I agree with the other posters here, Peca would be an atrocious signing for us! And Avery is not an option, as he's demonstrated the inability to handle the responsbility of a centerman's duties. His forte is forechecking, screening and agitating, not faceoffs and backchecking. Only Dubinsky and Betts should fight for the 3rd and 4th C-man spots.

Good points, AveryTuff. If Kaspar makes the team, then Mara is a gone. I don't have a problem with that, particularly with what we have coming up in the system. Kaspar may have one more year, then his spot needs to be filled.

I like the team as we have it right now. Looking forward to training camp, can't wait.

Elaborating on your point, RangerBill, many of D-men, such as Kasper, Malik, Mara, and Rozy are in the last years of their respective contracts. That means all of them will be coming to camp in tip-top shape to play for that next big-money contract, a la Alex Rodriguez. Could all these D be on the cusp of career years?! I salivate at the prospects of that!

I know I am a few days late on this reply.... but Sather was 3/3 in 06 re: Free Agents... Adios Adam Hall, Aaron Ward and now Cullen.

If Kasper is as fit as people are saying, we should try to unload him now for a prospect/ pick.... we dont need another over the hill defensemen...


I would like to see Brandon Dubinsky in the lineup instead of Kasparitis.I would also like to know is what is Darius still doing in the NHL this guy should have retired a long time ago.But I do agree with you I think this team does need more punishing defenseman and more grit as well.Hall,Ward were decent defenseman but they're now long gone as well.This team needs to focus more on defenseman than anything.I think getting Peca would be a mistake as well.I would like to see these young kids make a contribution more than the over the hill guys.Malik is a good defenseman and I feel Tyutin will be better also.

Dubinsky wimpy? Sez who?

Hall was never a dMan

That is my mistake I don't know why I keep thinking that Adam Hall was a defenseman sorry for that.I don't think Dubinsky is wimpy and I think the Rangers need to give Marc Staal a long look like I said before give these kids a chance and if they're not ready yet send him back to Hartford for awhile.

i think rozy has one more year after this

yashin for one year
hes a good player i think he will be awesane here
wut u guys think


Dubsinky is a Center... He and Kasparaitis have nothing to do with eachother....

Also, to AveryTuff, Dubinsky is ANYTHING BUT WIMPY... He drops the gloves... He was known as an agitator in Juniors, much like Avery is now... Him and Brodie Dupont (Moose) went head to head against eachother when their teams played. Their coaches matched them up against eachother because they both play a physical and hard-nosed style of hockey.....

I don't know what I was thinking Dubinsky is a center and I think if I'm right he played for the Winter Hawks in the WHL.I don't know what made me think he was a defenseman do you think Dupont and Korpikoski will make the team in the next season or so do you see Montoya even making the team or do you think he'll be traded.I listened to a lot of the Winter Hawks radio broadcasts he was a big agitator much like Avery is now.

Yashin went to Russia so no Yahsin thank god

I don't think bringing in Yashin would be a smart move for them while I do think he may still be good.I do think his time is up and he should call it career as well.Rozsival had an excellent playoff against Buffalo.I would like to seen them get past a tough Buffalo team.

As far as team chemistry, getting Yashin would have been like dropping a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet...

I think Dupont will take 1-3 years before he is ready for the NHL. I hope he comes up sooner than later. He is a Graves type player, strong leadership qualities, stands out in front of the net, has an edge and seems to have a love for the game. Don't want to rush him.

Is that confirmed where did Yashin go to in Russia to play.I haven't heard that as of yet is that true.

It is no confirmation that Yashin got job in Russia.

Yashin confirmed by Yaroslavl Lokomotiv site:



Yashin is a locker room cancer, nuff said. Dubinsky did everything (short of getting on the scoreboard) asked of him in his short but exciting debut with the Rangers IMO. He never shied away from contact and had a few good shots at scoring. I myself look forward to him getting a shot this season. BTW Dubi, I just got my first issue of Blueshirt Bulletin, and it is really well done. I'm very happy that I decided to get in on this fine publication. Thanks...Laserman

Dubinsky a wimp. Sure he is. Do Wimps drop the gloves? Because Dubinsky dropped them 8 times last season in Hartford. Had 12 fights his last two years in the WHL. Plus he was picked as the most annoying player to play against his last two seasons in the WHL.

i need more Yashin bell..


Drop Kaspar, trade him, anything. I don't want him in the line-up.
Liffiton is tough, big and YOUNG plus I am sure Staal will be competing for a position on the Rangers.

I would like Dubinsky to be given a chance to play with the big boys.

I think Dubinsky would be a perfect fit for the 3rd line center vacancy. He's got the skill and size for the job, he'd have the perfect mentor for the offensive side of his game in fellow Alaskan center Gomez and he has shown chemistry with Callahan when the two played together in Hartford.

Imagine the pesky trio of Prucha-Dubinsky-Callahan - opponents would have fits!

can you trade a player from the minors, or do you have to call him up first in order to trade him?

I can't stand eklunds reporting.. Everyday the guy continues to make it sound like the rangers will walk away from avery.. Guy isn't going to get 4mil if he gets 2.5 the rangers will not let him walk.. Especially with cullen gone we need the guys gritty toughness

Jay, the pesky trio may not include Callahan. It may be Avery, with Callahan on the second line with Shanny and Drury. And I do like the idea of Dubinsky on the third line. Where this idea of himbeing a wimp comes from, I don't know. His brief stay in NY he showed some fiesty sides to his game and I really like that. I think the coaches need to be patient with him. I'm hoping by the 35 game point he will begin to feel more comfortable and we'll be able to keep him in the lineup, right through the playoffs. I have confidence that he will develope into the third line center we need.

What I meant from Dubinsky being wimpy was what he displayed with the big club. He was no more tough than Prucha. Sure he can launch himself into opponents with his smooth skating. My concern is that he will be taken off the puck as easily as Prucha. I was hoping Cullen was retained to allow Dubinsky more time to physically mature.

I agree that Callahan would be better suited on the 2nd line due to his speed. Avery is not as quick and will provide the tenacity needed for linemates Prucha and Dubinsky. And this Avery-stalemate needs to end...while Avery is enjoyable to watch, realistically speaking, he's not better a point producer than Scott Walker who's getting paid $2.5M/yr with Carolina.

Of course minor leaguers can be traded....

As for Dubinsky, there's a lot of talk about him here, but other than the few game she played in Broadway Blue, how many of us have seen him play regularly.... that's not to say he isn't ready, and it's not to say that playing regularly won't help him get ready. I'm just saying that for most of us he's an unknown, and that personally, he didn't look up to NHL speed and strength when he played with the big club.



and you came to that conlclusion based on the 30 minutes he played in over six games? unlike you ,i saw dubinsky play at least 30 games this past season.in 25 of those games he looked like he was playing agaimst chumps,especialy when he was teamed with callahan and byers.i saw him drop the gloves twice and he more than took care of buisness.dubinsky is physical,good on faceoffs,fast especialy with the puck on his stick he seems to excelerate,is a really good stickhandler,passer and as the season progressed,he got stronger on the puck.he will probobly add another 5-10lbs of muscle in the offseason wich will make him really tough to move off of the puck.his one draw back that i saw was that just when he should be shooting he passes and vice a versa.i think that that is something that will come to him with more NHL EXPIEIRENCE NOT WOLF PACK EXPIERIENCE.this kid will eventually challange for second and even first line minutes in the future.TRUST ME HE IS NO WHIMP

in my opinion a 3rd line of Avery - Dubinsky - Callahan would be IDEAL...

I remember watching Dubinsky play against the Icelanders at the dreadful coliseum. He fired the puck from center ice, and actually beat everyone to the puck, showing tremendous speed, and hustle. This guy is nobody's pushover.


What the hell did I say that you jumped down my pipe? I said most of us--including me--haven't seen him. That you have, I'm grateful for your experience. However, to most of us he's an unknown and that's all.

I don't think dropping the gloves means that he is really a wimp.I feel given the right amount of time in Hartford and with the Rangers he'll be better is he a goal scorer.I think he is a rugged winger.I think Callhan warrants the second line and not with Avery.I think Callahan isn't a 3rd liner this guy wasted no time scoring with the Rangers and he's proven he can play.Prucha isn't a feisty player that isn't his game his game is to score goals which I feel he needs to do more and I think Shanahan would be a great fit with Drury or Gomez also.I agree that opponents would have fits with Prucha,Dubinsky,Callahan.

i dunno about u guys but czechthemount just got me really stoked about seein Dubinsky this season

I saw Dubinsky play in 5 games last year and agree that he is no wimp. I think he actually has first line potential. He is an excellent player with great instincts. I agree that he MUST shoot the puck more and stop trying to be selfless at times.

As far as getting knocked off the puck, Dubinsky is not a little guy and is not finished filling out. He is a tough guy and is actually hard to knock off the puck. Prucha on the other hand is a very small guy and very light. But he has the heart of a lion. He gets knocked down a lot but always bounces up quickly and actually throws his body around quite a bit. That is why I love him.

If you guys get a chance, you should go to a few wolfpack games this year to see the guys we are talking about. It will make you very confident about the rangers future.

That being said, I aloso think that Hugh Jessiman has the potential to be a good third or 4th line guy in the NHL. He wasn't worthy of his high draft #, but he could end up being a very effective piece of the puzzle.

What I love about this team is that I truly believe that they are set up for the next 10 years! I think we are due to have a run like the Devils just did.

Dubinski did not look out of place at all to me when he played here. The difference between him and Callahan last season was Callahan scored in his 2nd game. I remember Dubinski had a nice takeaway at the top of the cirle and ripped a wrist shot that was either the tying or go-ahead goal. The goalie made a great save, and I thought right there 'if he scored there, he was staying for the rest of the season.'

Dubinski had a presence when he was in NYC. That was the important part.

WORK YOUR BUTT OFF, BRANDON. THERE'S A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEE YOU PLAY HERE!! (I hope he really does read this blog.....)

Chris QCT

The difference between Callahan and Dubinsky last year was, one is a wing and the other a center. There is much more responsibility for a center while a wing can "wing it", if I can use that term. Many teams allow one wing to vacate the offensive zone "slowly", looking for a turn over. A center usually must get into the attacking zone quickly and upon a change of possession turn defensive. It is a difficult position to learn and at the NHL level, with it's speed, many coaches instruct young centers to be a little more defensively conscience. Placing him as a second line center would be putting him in a difficult situation, but in a third line position, with last years brief experience to help him, I think he should turn out to be a real asset. His young energy should be a real plus for the entire team.

Rangerbill94 - I know what you're saying. However, we did have a bit of a hole at center last year and I think if he could have found the back of the net, he would have stayed longer. I think his confidence would have skyrocketed and he would already be half way there to Blair Bett's 2-ponits-a-month production...

I hope Kasper stays in Hartford as a player coach so he can show the kids just how it's done.He has the heart of a guy 6'6'' but the new nhl has passed him by especially with that big contract.I loved watching him when he was laying someone out,but his days in the NHL are over but he can be a big help to the group of young guys we have in Hartford.


"Avery is not as quick and will provide the tenacity needed for linemates Prucha and Dubinsky. "


Avery happens to be probably the fastest skater on the team now that Cullen is gone. Don't you remember last season when he would beat opposing defensemen to the puck to avoid an icing?

Besides, I believe that Shanahan is lobbying for Avery to be a member of his line. If that's what Shanny wants, he'll get his wish.

baron 34

Shanahan will get what the coaching staff determines works! The key to Shanny's line will be how Drury works with BOTH his wings. Whether it Prucha, Callahan or Avery, the second line MUST produce. If Hossa wins the LW on the first line and Straka is more productive on the second, then Shanahan goes to the third line! I simply don't think that any player on this team has ony particular position locked up except for Jagr and Lundqvist.

As per eklund this morning....i use to like this site a lot but im starting to think he just makes stuff up like a tabloid just so people keep siging up and come back to his site....all you hear from ranger management is that jagr is the center of the franchise till he is gone, they just made him captain....then u have to read tabloid fodder like this....what does everyone think..

#5 Jaromir Jagr. There has been talk of the Oilers and Jagr all summer and it just won't go away. Hard to imagine, but if you speak to many people they will tell you that Jagr is "quietly available" and that he is not thrilled that Nylander was not brought back.

all you got to do is laugh that off

Not sure if anyone mentioned this but:

Former Ranger Matt Barnaby announced his retirement this week after a 14 year NHL career. The NHL's "Super Pest" decided not to attempt a comeback from a severe concussion he suffered during the 2006-07 season while with the Dallas Stars.

Barnaby told Buffalo TV station WGRZ in an interview that he wanted to be able to watch his children grow up and be able to enjoy that something that was a health concern given his style of play.

Barnaby in his 14 yr career played for the Sabres, Pens, Lightning, Avalanche, Stars, Blackhawks and the Rangers. In 834 games, Barnaby was 113-187-300 with 2562 PIMs.

We wish Barnaby the best as he begins his post hockey life but somehow I think we have not seen the last of him as hopefully VS or NBC will hire him.

For those anti-Bettman folks, ESPN has some very interesting comments regarding the Preds and the potential sale. If what they say is true, Bettman could be out by season start. This "manipulation" sounds illegal, but I'm not a lawyer.

The KC people are looking for an expansion team and I'm looking to reduce the number of teams in the NHL. I think 20 should be the max. Leave the 16 team playoff format the same.

As for Balsillie and the Hamilton connection, just fine with me. I'm a free market guy so, small market or big, if you can't make it work financially...that's too bad. The longer we can keep this game away from big TV revenues and in a compact size, the greater the game will be. 20 teams will result in a greater number of outstanding players per team and the tough guys will have to be hockey players first.

The NHL should set up another 20 team league, team for team, in some of the soon-to-be-defunct NHL/AHL towns as their farm teams with about 5 players designated as "big club property", not counted against the cap, but players that can be moved back and forth w/o the waiver process. If a player is called up, then it counts against the cap.

Bettman's vision of a broard league, in many small markets is stupid. Economic factors will determine a teams success. Applying socialist principles in a free market economy just won't work. Let the teams fail or succeed, based on economy and management skills.

If I'm not mistaken, Bettman has envisioned a European division in the NHL'a future, so he hasn't even achieved all the expansion that he wants. He's so blind to reality that he wants to further dilute the already thin talent.

If there's any contraction to be done, I'm sure that Bettman won't be around to manage it.

Maybe David Stern will take him back into the NBA... but wait, I've also heard that Stern recommended him to the NHL, knowing that he was a terrible administrator, in order to destroy head to head competition with the NBA. Bettman has certainly accomplished that much.

The day that Bettman leaves is going to be a glorious one for the NHL.

jags isnt going anywhere - main reason - what the hell does edmonton have to offer for him? nothing. id be devastated if we traded jagr.

Though I would like to see the NHL play Euro teams during the pre-season.I don't think we need more expansion in the NHL and Bettman needs to fully understand this aspect.Jagr won't be going anywhere.He'll finish his career in NY I would've liked to seem Nylander play with the Rangers again they didn't lose much with Nylander.I don't think he's been a terrible administrator.He could've done things differently like having the All-Star game on Friday instead of Wednesday.Nashville should've never been allowed in the league in a non-hockey market.I was happy to see Barnaby retire he wasn't much of a player and should've retired a long time ago.

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