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July 24, 2007


Well, it looks like the departure of Donnie won't change the direction the Rangers are going in. Sounds like a good move to me. I'm happy for Shoeny, he's a good guy. Sorry to see he won't be developing NHL players for us in Hartford, but from everything I can read about, Ken is well qualified to pick up the slack.

I like the idea that he'll still be Hartford GM for personnel so RB94- he may still have his hands in their development.
I always thought he was a class act and I'm happy. Still love Messier but I was beginning to think ,and to fear, that they'd give him the job without him having to work his way up the ranks...
Cograts Shoeny

The more I think about it the more idiotic that Gomez deal seems to me

Refresh my memory, Dubi. How can I tell when my subscription to BB expires? It's coded somewhere on the mailing label, I think.
I don't think the Gomez deal is idiotic at all. You don't consider Gomez an improvement over Nylander? Michael may have had great chemistry with Jags but Gomez is a beter younger player. It needs to play out for awhile before it can be judged.

Hopefully Gomez doesn't do the debbie flop.

How can anyone possibly classify a move good or bad, let alone "idiotic" before Gomez has even stepped on the ice as a Ranger. Center was an organizational weakness. This summer the FA market was loaded with them. The Rangers paid what the market dictated for two centers in the prime of their career. They have a ton of expiring contracts in the next few years and a load of talent developing that make for cheap replacements when the group retires. This team had a lot of young guys and a lot of guys over 35. Now there are some people on the team who can bridge the gap. On paper Gomez and Drury were smart moves. On paper Luc Robatialle seemed like a good move and Sean Avery seemed like a bad one. The opposite is true in both cases. Its way to early to judge.

The three-digit number in the upper right hand part of the address, just about your last name, is the expiration -- should be in the neighborhood of the 140s or 150s, with issue #142 being the most recent one out.

Eric Staal and Jordan Staal both arrested..per TSN

There bachelor party got outta hand...and 14 groups of people were harrassing citizens or something...and Jordan was drinking...and he's only 18....Ahahahahaha...

Good job by Marc to stay outta trouble.....thats our boy...trying to make the team

Hey Elaine, er I mean George - we dont know that Marc wasn't there.. These early articles are namimg the well known NHL players. At this point Marc is only a household name here at BB.

Im pretty sure they wouldve named Marc too

Thanks Dubi. I'll check it out when I get home from work. If we're still considering defensive help, I still suggest we consider Ossi Vaananen. 6'4" 215 lbs, good stay at home defenseman, loves to bang bodies, we could do alot worse. Just a thought.

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