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July 31, 2007


Couldnt agree more, great post.

Avery has to grow up. Maybe he can learn from all of this. Or not.

Either way theres a one-year deal on the table. The Rangers will take it. Then we will see if Avery likes it here enough to calm his ego and negotiate the right way or he can contnue to cry and leave after this season.

Sather has put his neck out to be chopped off if these recent signings don't pan out. The focus is a championship. Avery gave him the chance to air out all the negatives concerning Avery now, so its out in the open (thanks to Brooks and Avery). The last thing he needs is a disruptive Avery locked in for 3 years. Take the one year and see how it plays out. Maybe the arbitration briefs will challenge and motivate him. Maybe not. But either way he gets the message and so will the rest of league, when they see his reaction and work-ethic this upcoming season.

If Avery wants big money hes going to have to act like a professional.

What a great article. Long time reader and subscriber and this one is one of the best. Great job gang.

As a Ranger Avery was nothing but a professional.

Sather putting his neck out. Sure. The guy has total job security and his pre lockout performance shows that.

Here here. Right on the money Dubi.

Great take Dubi. Business is business I guess. Let's get the deal done, and if he is happy and professional afterwards, great. If we gotta trade him, that's great too. I wish he would have just got his money, and it was over, but such is life.

Sather is doing his job-
If had given Avery a multi-year contract. Avery could have very well got comfortable and lax. By firing him up and getting him to give his all this season to market himself for free agency, we get the most out of him. We can easily extend him this year should he show the everynight grit and effort he gave us last year! He's worth 1.5 mill in my opinion.

Go Rangers!!!!

Great job? Embittering one of the key components of our team is "firing up?" If your boss referred to you as a detriment, and you knew that one year later you could work for a new boss, you would not be back after the next year.

I can only assume that this blog, and the people who comment praising the blogger are Glen Sather's shills. Saving a few hundred thousand dollars is not worth alienating a key player on this team.

What was the Rangers' record pre-Avery? .500
What was the record with Avery? 11 or 12 games over

Sather has made key guys hate him before (Paul Coffey). This is a HUGE mistake.

Remember, this is Avery's call. This arbitration is exactly what Avery should have expected. He will get his money one way or another. Next year as a UFA most likely. I am not pleased with Sather either when it comes to Avery. But after landing Gomez & Drury, how can you curse him yet? In a sense, if this settlement keeps Avery on Broadway, January 1 rolls around and Sather offers him a reasonable deal, maybe this arbitration will just be water under the bridge.

Darren - not everyone feels the other way. I'm not normally a Sather or Renney basher but much as I liked the 1st week of July with the 2 signings albeit at too much money, I hated the Cullen deal and hate the viscious attacks at Avery. There were far better ways to be negative without making it overly personal. If my boss treated me that way he/ she would not be my boss for long. Avery will not be a Ranger a yr from now unless (unlikely) Sather is gone. look what a class act like Leetch thinks of Sather - enough said.

When a guy makes his living making other people hate him ( kovalchuck, Tucker and I'm sure some current teammates)why is he running to that muskrat Brooks with his eyes welling up saying that being called a "detriment" hurts??? Money thats why. I can excuse Avery for chasing the big bucks, I can't blame Sather ( this time) for chasing "the saving" of big bucks

Wow, someone called me a Sather shill! How about that?

Darren, if you're going to characterize this "blog" as anything, at least take the time to read it properly -- if Sather had called Avery a detriment to the team, I'd take issue with Sather. But the Post saying that Sather called Avery a detriment to the team is another matter altogether. What Sather actually did is say that Avery was a "reasonably effective player" who was a "detriment to the team" when he was taking too many penalties. Hard to argue with that one there, Skip. Sounds right on to me.

Viscious attacks at Avery? Please. Avery chose arbitration, and he should have known that meant unpleasant things would be said in an effort to get a reasonable deal that fits within the Rangers cap. If he didn't know what to expect, he should fire his agent for failing to warn him beforehand. Moreover nothing revealed from the brief thus far can be categorized as "vicious". If anything, the fact that it rings somewhat true probably causes a bit of a sting. Make no mistake, Avery is courting public opinion, plain and simple. To think the contents of the arbitration brief will have anything to do with whether Avery re-signs here next year or looks elsewhere is naive. If his decision to go to arbitration reveals anything, it's that once he's a UFA, he'll go to whoever offers him the most money. So be it. I'd rather have a team built around players like Shanahan, Prucha, Straka and Lundqvist -- all of whom were willing to sacrifice for the team in order to have a shot at the ultimate prize -- than a player who's in it to make as much money as he can, as fast as he can.

Once again, great write-up Dubi -- you Sather shill you! ;)

If Avery has a so-so season, then Sather looks like a genius. However (and more likely since he will be a UFA next year) if Avery plays like he has something to prove and puts together some big numbers, then Sather will have yet another situation which he created blow up in his face. Don't think that the Flyers, or Isles aren't following this closely, as he is their type of player as well. Deliberately low-balling a player is bad enough, but to mix that with some half truths is (very Satheresque BTW) pretty much sending another asset out of town. After some of the crap we had to watch in Rangers blue, (Quintal, Lindros, Karpa, and Ulanov to name a few) I wouldn't be alienating people that up to this point have been an asset to the team. Just my opinion for what its worth...

laurie - I 'm just saying how I'd react. They could have been negative really negative without making it personal. This is why I would have hated bringing on Souray and his big $. It has cascading effects. If Avery changes his game he might be a lot less effective. re Shanny - I love the guy but he was no saint. His salary including joke bonuses will be a hit to us including next yr if we max out this yr. Avery will be gone next yr I'm willing to bet on it.

I like Avery a lot. He's got some great qualities. But am I the only one who doesnt see him as worthy of a "long time " commitment? or a Big pay day??

Why is Avery being spoken about like he's a sure thing? he had a very good 1/3 of a year. I remember all the mistakes Sather made pre-lockout too. Signing Avery at all costs ( hi salary, long term commitment at a hi salary) has the potential to be a even worse mistake. There's a cap now. Can't just spend more to correct a mistake.

Detriment to the team for taking penalties is so much soaped over BS. Didn't the Rangers need a rabble rousing high energy guy like that? Could just as easily say he was an asset to the team for drawing so many penalties against him. Jagr takes a lot of "detrimenta;" penalties too. Slats is brain dead. No way to make your case even if it is about business.

This is Sean Avery we are talking about. It's not like Sather is picking on Petr Prucha, or some other lamb-like character. Sean Avery called a "detriment" probably pales in comparison to what even his own family has called him on occasion. Sticks and stones. The more I think about this, the less I am worrying. Avery and NYR a great match, and despite Sathers points, Avery is a fan favorite ALREADY. A real personality at the Garden which neither the Rangers or the Knicks have. Think about it.

Great job, Dubi. In the spirit of "Humble Howard" you "told it like it is". It's up to Avery to prove Slats wrong. Let's hope he can do just that. If not...

These kind of comments are shocking to Avery? Give me a break! Any coach, probably EVERY ONE OF HIS COACHES have said the same thing OVER AND OVER again to this guy. He plays on the edge, that's his game. Therefore he has to pick his spots very carefully. His style will ALWAYS be detimental to his team. The entire key to his style is "the situation".

If I'm Sather, I'm saying to myself..."Do I want this guy on a long term contract? After almost half a season, do we really know what this guy can contribute over an entire season?" Those kind of questions are reasonable and the answers all point to a one year contract. Sather wants to get those questions answered and he selected this method to find out. That's his job. If Avery goes back to his old tricks of team disunity and a locker room cancer, then we move on without him next year, or even during this season, if need be. If he works out, then it's time to patch things up and get on with the goal...winning the cup.

Bashing the only player who plays with grit is not good business in my book. Its how arbitration goes but still not smart and all over what will come down to a couple hundred thousand. Penny wise pound foolish.

Some of the responses here calling Dubi and anyone who agrees with his article "Sather shills" or calling the Rangers tactics "vicious attacks" on Avery are just beyond ridiculous.

Often Jagr gets dumped on for his past attitude in WAS or at the end in PIT when he has shown NONE of that while here. Yet I see these same people NOW saying that Avery's past behavior was with other teams "Not since he's been a Ranger" ... I would be amazed and shocked at these comments if I couldn't clearly see what they are. Sather bashing plain and simple. Anytime there's an excuse, justified or not to bash Sather, it happens regardless of the facts and whether is warranted or not. People do it all the time, afterall everything is either Sather or Renney's fault *eye roll*

This is all very simple and very straightforward. Avery wants 2.6 million dollars. The team is offering 1.3 million. That's not a difference of a few 100K's, unless some of you have problems with math as well as objectivity, that's a difference of 1.3 million dollars.

Fact is that EVERYTHING that the Rangers have presented the arbitrator about Avery's on ice character is true. If they are to warrant their 1.3 offer they need to show why he is worth 1.3 and not 2.6 what do you people expect them to write about him? Glowing reviews that will support his claim that he is worth 2.6? Gimme a break.

Sather's job is to get the best complimentary talent that he can on the ice, year after year. Sather is doing exactly that by not opening the bank to a player who has had teamate issues and is relatively young and unproven, and instead both expanding the core (Gomer/Drury) and keeping it intact. Avery is not indespensible, and his role can always be filled via FA/trade/callup. Also stop pointing to him as the reason why the rangers turned it around at the end, that honor goes to Lundqvist who stopped letting in soft goals and started standing on his head. I love watching Avery play and hope he stays, but if he's got to go he's got to go and only Sather knows that answer. Besides, he's dating Elisha Cubert, how can you possiblely have any sympathy for the guy?

"Vicious attack." Since when is saying that someone has a flaw--and that's all this quote does is say Avery takes bad penalties some times and that make him a detriment to the team sometimes--a vicious attack???

Notice how Brooks lambasted Lundqvist for his new contract, saying it was too high (when Lundqvist could probably have gotten more), but he has no problem acting as Avery's shill when Avery's asking for $1 million more than he's worth.

Hossa and the Rangers just agreed to a new contract.

Avery will get about $2 million which is right in the middle between $1.3 and $2.6 and that could have been settled without an arbitration and will come down to just a couple hundred thousand. There is the math.

As for Sather this is the path he has taken and shown he's a hardball and its Avery's right to take it to arbitration in the CBA and unfortunately they both in the end wind up losing imo.


It seems that according to some here ... Avery has such soft and fragile sensibilities that he just can't handle reading comments that point to the truth of his on-ice character. Perhaps he's developed, along with the posters all up in arms in his defense, amnesia about how he's acted in the very recent past ... afterall isn't this the man who is known for his bigoted remarks upon opposing players and for verbally abusing his own teammates and coaches?

Rangers signed Hossa

I'm kinda looking forward to a fired up Avery playing this year........
so the Rangers can win and we'll get to read larry Brooks tooting his own horn about how incredibly insightfull he is





I guess we have to wait to find out how much Hossa gets.

Well, the Avery decision should be made public soon.

Hossa is on his way to Larry Brooks office right now, tears in his eyes, because sather told him about all the nasty things he was going to put into the arbitration brief like; "Not as good as the other Hossa" "career 4th liner" "looks funny when he skates" "does not date supermodel"
Hossa agreed to contract, so as not to be embarrassed publicly, by himself.

Avery is the bogoted verbal abuser that Sather traded for. A 3 rd pick and Cliche. Guess Sather felt differently at the time of the trade.

Imagine how Hossa would've been chewed out had he gone forward with the arbitration. He could have been ordered to GIVE BACK the money the Rangers already paid him!

Dubi, great explanation and insight on the arbitration process according to the CBA. I was much more relieved after reading your article that the arbitrator would make Avery see light and come back down to earth. I agree w/ Sather's alleged comments that Avery is "a reasonably good player" but is "detrimental" with some of his penalties...and that you can't just paint a rosy picture of the player, otherwise you would be rubber-stamping his salary demand. Although he has the potential to be a Darcy Tucker, arb awards aren't given just on that. Hopefully, this process will galvanize Avery into having another career year and a Rangers' Cup win. Then, he can get his multi-million dollar contract to go spoil his celeb-babe with.

hossa has avoided arb and resigned tsn.ca

Gotta love the Rangers website, they not only tell you that Hossa was picked for the 2002-03 "young stars" game but they include his stats for the game (2 A) You could skate blindfolded in that game and get credited a goal, much less credited with assists

I like Avery! But I think that sharing anything with Brooks makes him look immature and petty. What was written about him should have stayed in Toronto and not been played out in the papers.

The Rangers played like soft sissys until Avery came along and he deserves the accolades for turning things around in February. Jagr has a bad rap and yet no one here holds that against him----Jagr and Henrik has carried this team. But Avery does have talent and given the right atmosphere he can develop his potential even further.

With that said, I think he deserves between 1.8-2.00. Can't compaare him to Prucha either so leave that one alone. Hopefully Renney can help Avery hone his talent even further. Avery did make the games at MSG more exciting! The only thing I really didn't like about him was his shooting off his mouth before the Sabres series began. He made himself look silly and his comments were toally unnecessary ( and maybe detrimental to the Rangers).

Now when is the Avery's decision?

you guys are funny. yesterday everyone was bashing slats for his comments, now people are starting to agree with him. Someone fill me in. Maby Avery should not have came public with those comments but he was a "great" reason why we made the playoffs last year. If you were Avery what would you do.

Avery rocks! he just rocks better at 1.3 than 2.6.

"Avery is the bigoted verbal abuser that Sather traded for. A 3 rd pick and Cliche. Guess Sather felt differently at the time of the trade."


are you purposely trying to be obtuse? Yes Avery is that player so WHY is Sather, or rather the Rangers arbitration papers, pointing out how Avery can be a detriment to our team due to his reputation which causes the penalties or running his mouth not true and for that matter how are those insults and disrespect? How are those vicious attacks as some here claim? Aren't they the truth about the player that we have? Yes we got him but just because we did doesn't mean that we were willing to pay whatever crazy sum he thinks he deserves. The team believes he deserves a different number and they have to prove why that is. It's very plain and simple and cut and dry and those that do not see it or refuse to then well more power to ya!

I love Avery too, thats why im saying it but i think he deserves a little bit more then 1.3. Dont get me wrong he is definitly not worth 2.6

I'm sure every management presentation in every arbitration includes the weak sides of a player's performance. Avery is showing how little he has matured by leaking some of the team's statement to the press. If anything, it shows the team is right to not sign him long term to a big-bucks contract because of his history of creating rifts within teams.

If Avery wants to stay with any team, he has to shut up and play the game. Not many GMs, Sather included, would take kindly to a player running to the press to complain about his arbitration. Again, the issue isn't free speech, just that it demonstrates that Avery is acting in his own interests at the expense of possible dissention within the team -- isn't that proof of the team's brief?


Obtuse? just pointing the fact that Sather traded for the guy.

I disagree with just about everything you have said but don't have any problem with what you wrote and won't attempt to patronize you by using words like obtuse. I will leave it at we will agree to disagree.

The Rangers have avoided arbitration with forward Marcel Hossa and come to terms.

Day late and a dollar short as usual.....

Work just gets in the way too much!!!!!

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