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June 30, 2007


WOW that mock draft got me depressed. Dubi that is the worst mock UFA draft in history of all sports. Jess said that Renney and Co. are of the smartest groups in the NHL. Glen Sather and all of us better hope that is not what happens. To have that after we had a great season would be disheartening to say the least. I do not believe that is what will happen on Sunday at all. I do believe we will get Lang though. Later folks, I have to recover from that terrible mock UFA draft(no offense Dubi).

Dubi, what about Mike Comrie?

probably the most anti ranger post you've ever created. you make the rangers look like a 3rd rate bush league franchise with the way they are doing business according to you. i was looking forward to reading what you guys had today and let me tell you it was a waste of my time. this post is nothing more than a potential shot at an "i told you so". brutal job here.

What is missing is that everyone will talk to the Rangers to insure that their own price tag rises for their contract.

I would not be heartbroken if the Rangers added Scott Hannan as I got to watch him a lot and he is a very dependable low risk defender who will become a reliable cog on the blueline.

I also think that not signing big name UFAs is a bad thing either as it can be used to send a message to the prospect that their door is now wide open.

Most of the prospects always fear seeing a big name player added as it means their path to the NHL has a new roadblock added.

Should the Rangers fail to add someone then you just might see one of the kids force his way onto the roster like Dubinsky, Dawes or even Tom Pyatt (who I project to replace Ortmeyer but with more offense)

Tomorrow is going to be Totally )))INSANE((( !!! I expect it to unfold something like this... NYLANDER, SHANAHAN, ZUBRUS (Please God!!!) & HANNON or Vishnevski. Two old guys & two young (28) guys! Chemistry & Fiscal responsibility will be the theme.

Are you trying to ruin everyone's day?

If things go as ur mock draft went then the Rangers would bea joke like we were 5 years ago.I still think Sather is over rated and he stinks but since I am a die hard Ranger fan I hope helike the blind squirrel finds his nut I mean players.

LOL Chris QCT...

Wow, that was scary. Maybe they're plotting out a worst-case scenario so when the Rangers don't have a great off-season we think, "Hey, it could have been worse!"


Dubi, have you ever considered writing horror movies? To me, that is the very worst case senario anybody could think of. If we can't get Gomez or Drury AND, in the process, lose Nylander; then we need to stand pat and bring up some of the young players and use the first half of the season to mold them, then make a playoff run. A cup run would be a joke with the personnel you listed.

Well....there's always Eric Lindros

Depressing, and completely possible scenario. Will Slats' arrogance caouse us to be shut out? Maybe, but I still think that Nylander's return is likely. If we sign Gomez, Nylander will probably be a goner. We will then end up with Lang as the second line C behind Gomes, and Nylander setting up Simon Gagne or Alex Ovechkin.

Why cant Renney and Sather ever do what they said they were going to do and let the kids play?

This is not what I call rebuilding, getting a ton of young talent in the system and let them rot (Dawes, Immonen, Dubinsky) in hartford in favor of worthless guys like Hossa and Orr, and offering outrageous contracts to the top free agents. This is sather doing what he always used to do-- sign bad players to big contracts and look stupid.

I read this site everyday and never have a seen as much doom and gloom as I read in this post. Not even in the midst of a 7 game losing streak last winter. I can not fathom that with all the resources the Rangers have they would be the team left outside in the rain when the FA frenzy ends. There are too many resources the Ranger have and there will be too much pressure from Garden management to make sure this team competes next year. The Rangers right now are the only good thing Jim Dolan has had going for him in the last 10 years I can't imagine that there are any limits on Glenn Sathers budget right now and I would have to think their are going to be some huge numbers getting thrown out there by this time tomorrow.

I sure hope this is Dubi's way of bringing some reverse karma because if FA plays out like he has predicted it will be 2004 all over again come next March.

I can't recall having seen you this negative ever, Dubi. You must know something. This is worse than even the worst case scenario I had planned out.

Isn't there a chance that Orts is being let go because he's 29 and we have a dozen similar 22 year olds?

So there's no interest in replacing him from the outside, but it's instead opening a hole for someone on the inside...

What did the Rangers ever do to you? Your mock UFA draft is a joke (I hope). If not, you're the joke and I will seriously consider eliminating you and BB from my life. I don't know how things will progress. You're better off to say you don't either, let's see what happens instead of the crap you spouted today. At present, you have no credibility in my book and that's your fault not mine. Reading the other comments, you've managed to piss off most of Rangerland and the Garden Faithful. Whaddryagonnadoaboutit, eh?

This "let the kids play" mantra gets absurd at times. It's nice that we have some solid talent, with decent upsides in Hartford, but it's doubtful that they're impact players, especially in the next year or so. It would be great if they could serve in complementary roles this year, and fill some holes. But, with Jagr, and Shanny, and Straka, it's imperative to strengthen down the middle with a big-time talent, if possible (including Nylander). This team came within a game, or two, of reaching the semis. With the age up front, the Rangers need a cornerstone player. They may or may not get one, but it's clear that it has to be a priority.

we'll see how things go.. i doubt it'll be that 'doom and gloom'

Hey Dubi, you stole my schtick. Whaaaaaaahhh!

Bottom line: you're being a baby because Jed Ortmeyer's not coming back and you feel personally slighted. You'll get over it - I promise!


Once upon a time the Rangers used free agents to stock the roster now they are in a position where they can live without having to spend a ton of money.

Would one rather see the Rangers go out and return to the old days where they overspent money?


Oh give me a break with that "Anti-Ranger" crap. Your post is what is crap as you have to be kidding me if you think Dubi is being Anti-Ranger.

Boo Hoo players are choosing to sign elsewhere and it is all Dubi's fault in your foolish eyes.

No I suppose you want to see Sather and company grossly overpay for free agents to make you happy right? That is the crap that got the Rangers into trouble and Ranger fans a nice 7 years without playoffs.


Jagr will explode if the Rangers add Zubrus, those 2 did not get along when they were with the Capitals and there is bad blood since then.

Vince A

5 years ago the Rangers pissed away money on UFAs who hurt the franchise, this is not the same franchise as there is talent in the system that will one day cause you to be worried about them leaving as free agents.


If Mrs Drury wants her hubby to sign in Cally how would that be Sather's fault? If Gomez wants to be a first line center and does not see the Rangers as where that will happen how is that Sather's fault? You want Sather to put it in Gomez's contract that he gets to be the first line center for the duration of his contract perhaps?


Hello did you actually read what Dubi wrote? If what he wrote happens then the kids would actually get a chance to play next season and down the road.


Gee the Rangers made it to the playoffs without any of these UFAs and if they don't sign any then this team will be back in the lottery draft pick area if your version comes true.

Nah the sky is falling and kids like Dubinsky, Dawes, Dupont, Bourett, Pyatt, Staal Sauer, Cherepanov, Anismov, Hillier, Zaborsky, Zeliska will never develop into NHL players.


Cmon Doc can we wait until midnight and see what happnes before cutting out hearts out in saddness?

I completely agree with scinoc. Everyone keeps yapping lets see the kids but people both in and outside the Rangers organization talked about how there are no top 2 line players in the system hence why it was such a big deal to get Cherapnov last weekend, a guy who can be a 1st or 2nd line winger. Secondly, everyone is so quick to say the Rangers should bring these guys up but lets look at the track record. When they brought Callahan up last year the first time he was not able to contribute much (granted he had little playing time) but later in the year when the Hartford coaches and Ranger scouts felt his game had progressed further he was able to step in a contribute. The same scenerio occured with Dawes (who liklely will replace Ortmyers roster spot this year but will not play the same role). He barely made the team out of camp but by the time the Rangers brought him back into the lineup in the final game of the playoffs the quotes from Renny & Co. were that of the course of the year in Hartford his game had progressed to NHL standards.

It takes time for these kids and guys don't step in at 19 or 20 and go on to score 30 goals. Its the rarest of talents that can do that. Its a matter of progress and time. Major Juniors in Canada is one level of competition and the AHL is another and these guys must master each before they can be complete players for the big club. Also it should be to the Rangers credit that they are trying to make sure these guys are "complete" by the time they are up on the team and not liabilities on one end of the rink or the other. We do not have a remarkable group of defensemen as many fans have lamented but this team has been successful when all 5 guys are playing both ends of the ice. The Rangers want the kids to be ready to do both when they arrive in NY. It is a work in progress and when these guys are ready they will get their chance. Lets not forget Tuytin, Lundqvist, Prucha, Hollwig, Hossa were all rookies two years ago they have become solid contributers or in Lundqvists case a star and Callahan and Giradi became the rookie class of last year. Pock has had many good moments as well in there and could be a full time player this year. Thats a total of 8 guys that the organization has developed in 2 years and dwarfs the numbers from what they did 10 years prior. But all of these guys saw plenty of time in the minors before being ready. It takes time and they were not "rotting" down in Hartford they were progressing into big time contributing members for the future of the NYR.


I never claimed the sky was falling but if we lose Nylander and sign nothing to replace him we do not have guys who can replace a 1st or 2nd line center within the organization at this point. I believe the kids are coming (see my previous post) but in the meantime if the Rangers want to remain at the level teh reaches last year they have to fill in the whole with FA.

I think end up re-signing Nylander & Shanny then pick up Mike Comrie, a small but solid second line center.

I don't think we re-sign Weeks. Maybe we bring up a youngster...

wow did this mock draft make anyone else want to die somewhere around the mid-point of the article? we really cant afford to lose nylander AND not sign a second line center. and if they replace jed with anyone i would hope it would be in the form of a young player from hartford.

All this, plus the stock market will crash tomorrow, Hilary will be elected President in 2008 and the Rangers will go another 54 years without winning another Cup.

Nice try and I usually like this site but I agree that you may just be looking for an "I told you so" moment if even one of your scenarios plays out. That is like the investment advisor who says for seven consecutive years that the market will go down 10% and then claims victory when it finally does.

Truth be told, none of us have a clue what any of the UFAs are thinking. I can't believe for one minute that all of these negative events will happen.

If we want far-fetched "can you imagine" scenarios, we'd go to mindless bulletin boards on the Hockeys Future site. I'll keep my Blueshirt Bulletin subscription for the interviews you guys get access to but I will ignore attempts like this to predict the future.

We'll know how the UFA season will play out only at the start of camp. If you're able to do it at that point, then I will gladly let you say "I told you so." Until then, I will ignore this and chalk it up to you having a bad day.

Wow I don't know if I would be more depressed over losing out on all of the big 4 centers including Nylander or the signing of Lang which would be a mistake of immense proportions. If we basically take Nylander off the team and replace with Lang I see us not making the playoffs but at least the play the youth at all costs contingent would be happy. In that scenario we would be much better off long term without Lang as well and really let the kids play and get a real good draft pick in a good draft year.

The only good news would be Orts leaving (I like the guy as a nice friendly interview but never bought into the next captain mentality). Hopefully he'll leave the division as I'd prefer he not come back as NYI, Flyer or the other 2.

when does free agency start midnight or noon?

Who the hell are all these people who talkin shit about Dubi.If it wasnt for him you ungrateful f***s would not know half the things U know about the blueshirts.If u dont liek somethings then get the **** out of here.

Dubi dont pay attention to these retards i wonna thank you and Jess for all the updates that u bring us 12 months a year.U gonna receive a subscription from me little later on tonight.

Joe tom noon


As two adults, we're going to have to agree to disagree here.
I don't see anywhere in your mock draft the notion that UFA's will WANT to come to New York.
We are a WINNING club, we have the BEST FAN BASE in the league, we have the most off-ice opportunities for $$$ due to marketing, our Captain is well-liked and respected throughout the league, Brendan Shanahan will help recruit other players, we have GREAT training facilities, I could go on and on....

Players will WANT to come here!!! We have the cap space to get competitive offers out to these guys. I think that if the Rangers REALLY WANT a player, we're gonna get 'em! ( Except in Drury's case, the wife will win out:) I think the question everyone should be asking is: Who do the Rangers really want??

We'll see in the coming week!

i have to agree w/ everyone & say this post made me very depressed.

i believe that renney & sather should let the kids play, just as long has they bring back nylander. they dont need a gomez or drury, but in my opinion, they need a nylander for jagr.

Hey, Dubi, was this meant as a joke?? Not funny. I'm sick to my stomach.

2 consecutive years of making the playoffs after years of mediocrity does not make us a "winning club." Detroit and New Jersey (gag) are "winning clubs," as they have a track record of being consistently good. Also, I'm not sure you could call our captain "well-liked and respected throughout the league." The reputation he had before coming to NY may or may not have been warranted, but we all know reputations can affect the way you feel about a person. I'm sure he's respected by a majority of the players, but who knows about "well-liked."

Some players aren't going to want to come to NY simply because it IS NY. We've seen in the past, players who were good elsewhere come here and can't handle the pressure. Drury probably could, because the pressure to win it all in Buffalo was (I've heard) immense, but he still produced. The others...who knows?

I hope Nylander re-signs, but I won't be terribly disappointed if the Rangers don't get Briere, Drury, Gomez, Smyth, or Souray (did I miss anyone?). They'll all be vastly overpaid and probably signed to stupidly-long-term contracts. None are franchise players that deserve such treatment, unlike some of the potential 2008 UFAs.

This article is a piece of CRAP. OMG the Rangers are going to sign some players who weren't drafted by them PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!

BSB should become the Hartford Bulletin because that is ALL you care about. Well that and your hatred for Glen Sather.

Amateur hacks

Everyone should just relax. It's just BB's opinion. It's not based in any reporting or inside knowledge. We'll come back to this post next week and see what happened. It's sort of a warped style of negative reenforcement. To contend that the Rangers won't get someone doesn't take much. It is, after all, an easier commitment to say they won't get anyone and then be "pleasantly surprised" by an incredible turn of events when they happen to sign, say, Drury. Ortmeyer's agent doesn't care one whit about anything but making money for his clients. Can one imagine how pissed Drury would be if his agent was hampering his deals because of a fourth-line player? Please. It's a juvenile assesment of that situation. Having worked for an agent in the past, I can tell it simply doesn't work that way. (Perhaps if the situation was reversed it might.)

Having seen the Rangers go out and sign free agents every single year, I'm not sure what in that history says Robert Lang? Now, Lang might actually work out for Jagr, but typically the Rangers get themselves at least one high-profile player. I just wish they wouldn't overpay. None of these guys -- outside the unlikely factor of a healthy Forsberg -- transforms us into cup winners.

Frank, your refund is in the mail.

Jess are you a complete twit?

You think Sather is going to sign Zubrus without talking to Jagr all well knowing that they hate each other? *head shaking*

BSB has lost it.

The optimist in me says we've got Nylander signed and are keeping it on the down-low and are about to sign Gomez. Even the worst pessimist in me thinks what Dubi is saying is too pessismistic. I guess that could happen, but only if nobody wants to come here at all.

Frankly, I would guess that if the team is going after Drury and Gomez, they will offer them both whatever it takes (not "less to be a part of this team" as Brooks and others suggest) and Shanny will be the odd man out unless he'll take less. And frankly that's the smartest move, probably even smarter than keeping Shanny and Nylander and getting either Drury or Gomez. Because what we have plenty of are scoring wingers (Prucha, Dawes, Avery, Straka, Jagr, Hossa, Callahan). What we have none of are centers. I can't imagine that if they're letting Nylander hit the market, they don't have at least a very solid plan to pretty much match whatever offers the other two centers they want can get. I just don't think they're THAT stupid.

Wow do you people ever need to take a breather . . .

Point 1. Dubi is a journalist. So are Jess, Mitch and a bunch of other posters on this board. Did I agree 100% with some of the stuff that Dubi wrote today? No. But I WILL respect the fact that he has sources, does some investigation and publishes the flippin' newsletter. This group puts together probably the single best source of NY Rangers info on the planet. Anyone hear of benefit of the doubt?

Point 2. If these UFA's don't come to NY, it isn't the Ranger's fault (except for Nylander - that would be our fault). People make decisions in this league not based upon where they can "win" (if anyone genuinely believes that "winning is all that matters" to these guys, I have some Florida swampland you may be interested in), but based upon two things: the check and the gut. If someone comes in with a bigger check than Glen, guess what, Gomez/Briere/Nylander/Drury are not going to care who's name is on the front of the jersey. It's a funny thing that happens when you have a family and work in an industry where you have roughly 15 years to earn and do your best to provide - all of a sudden, setting up your family for life is more important than a childhood fantasy of lifting the Cup.

Point 3. Is anyone legitimately saying "we need 2 centers at any price"? If so, slap yourself. So, if Gomez demands $7m from the Kings, we have no choice but to offer $7.5m? That is completely asinine. If we overpay (like we did for Cullen), we have no guarantee of winning. What IS guaranteed, however, is that we will be cap-crippled in the future, when it comes to signing a REAL franchise shaping UFA or keeping a kid who explodes.

Think of it this way - if we soak approx. 50% of our cap on four players (Jagr at $8m, Nylander at $6m, and whatever #2 at $7m and raise up Lundqvist to where we should (easily $5m), what happens when Staal, Bourret, Sanguinetti, Moore, and/or AC crack the lineup and two or three really catch on? We're screwed, that's what. And here I was assuming that Rangers fans were sick of watching Rangers prospects play well for the Flyers, Oilers and Thrashers. Silly me.

Finally, anyone who says Dubi has blown his credibility in any way by expressing his opinion: your comments are worth precisely as much as the paper your paperless post was printed on. Sit on it.

Don't go counting your chickens before they're hatched, as they say. Dawes and Callahan have yet to prove they're NHL scorers. And I'd hardly characterize Avery and Hossa as "scoring wingers" (especially Hossa).

I agree with mshiver77...I don't like this post, but everyone's really overreacting here.

Boy, what a scary time it must be when I am called upon to be the voice of reason.

Okay, nobody called upon me but I thought I would throw in my two cents...

Last I checked this is still the United States of Bush and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Dubi has every right that Bush will allow, and those are shrinking by the day, to express his thoughts and feelings and considering that he put himself and his family's financial well being on the line with this magazine and web site I think people should be FAR more respectful whether you agree or disagree with what he has to say.

That being said, there are a couple of you who stated that nobody knows what is goign to happen. That's somewhat true. Those of us who have "inside" contacts do get a feel for what these players and the organizations have in mind. That does not preclude them from putting false information out there or changing their minds, but it gives some insight.

I agree with a lot of what Dubi wrote and I disagree with an equal amount of it. Even on those things that I disagree with what he wrote is logical and well presented. It does NOT mean you are required to agree and if you can respectfully explain yourself why you disagree that's the purpose of this forum.

Personally if I were going to guess, and I'd be basing it on the contact information that I have, the Rangers will wind up with one of the top three Centers, most likely Gomez, although I'm hearing he wants to be in Detroit or Anaheim or possibly Vancouver, remember he's from Alaska, and I think they will resign Nylander but for more than they hoped to sign him for.

I also beleive, and these are just my guesses, albeit educated guesses, that they will wind up scoring themselves a surprise top notch D-Man and no one on planet Earth has said this to me, but I think they will trade Malik for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Now what does all of this mean? Nothing! Dubi is not saying these things WILL happen, he's stating that they could happen and I would bet the mortgage to my house with any taker that he DID NOT do it so he could say I told you so later on. I know the man and that's not his style. Mine maybe, but not his and that you can take to the bank.

Tomorrow starting at noon should be fascinating. I will be with you here later in the afternoon to review some of these signings as I am sure Jess and Dubi will be popping up as things unfold through out the day.

Remember, this week is the determining week as to whether we hold that summer bash at my place on August 4th. Get those reservations in if you want this to go down.

And now off to take the kids to see Ratatouile or however you spell Rat Cook...

Who would want the MORTGAGE to your house? They would just have to start paying it. Put up the house, and you'll get some takers. I'd bet your life on it :)

The rest of you? Chill out already. Nothing has happened yet. Time will tell if you'll be bowing to Dubi's insight or giving him an "Itoldyouso" of your own.

I really want Ortie to stay.

mshiver -

I disagree that Gomez and Drury are not franchise shaping players, particularly Gomez. He's 27 years old, even signing him for 5 years leaves him at 32. Drury is 31. Jagr is playing 1 or 2 more years tops, so he won't be crippling out cap space at all, nor will Shanahan or Straka or Malik. And the guys who replace them - the likes of Anisimov and Dubinsky and Cherepanov and Staalm - will not be in a position to command cap-crippling dollars until Drury and Gomez are near done.

The more I think about it, the more Nylander being 35 years old stares me in the face. Yes, he had a great year last year. But it's not like he's Shanny who can kill penalties and play physical and be a tremendous leader in the locker room. He loses a step, he's not even making the team. When I hear Holmgren selling Nylander in the papers, I imagine the Flyer fans are not all that psyched. While he works great here with Jagr for us, another team picking him up is definitely acting like the Rangers circa 1999-2003, when all the UFA's were in their 30's and none wanted to come here but couldn't pass on the cash.

Just more food for thought.

My my my, how quickly they turn. Although not meant as a parody, the "mock" portion of the title was supposed to be partially applicable -- Drury's wife calling the shots, Smyth getting an insane offer from the Isles, Lang getting a dose of Jagroids.

But the bulk of it is based on the notion that if the Rangers gamble with Nylander in an attempt to land both Drury and Gomez, they might suffer severe consequences if they fail. What do you think, the Rangers have right of first refusal on all free agents? If the many other teams after these same four guys manage to get them, with Nylander accepting an offer from another team, then what happens next?

If you don't think that scenario is possible, with a healthy probability of happening, ask yourself who the Rangers targeted a year ago today in the free agent market and who they ended up with -- and what happened over the course of the first four months with Aaron Ward and Karel Rachunek on D, with an occasional dose of Ozo, and Marek Malik thrust into the role of first pair D. And if Rucinsky wasn't an idiot in his contract negotiations at just the exact moment Shanahan called up and offered himself up to the Rangers, how much worse would the season have been?

Hey, at least I predict that Lang will do well if the Rangers end up with him, that Shanny comes back (and why hasn't he been signed yet if the Rangers are his only choice and he wants to continue to play?), and that we get a good young defensive defenseman -- some of these things might not happen either. They could decide Nedved is the best fallback position at center and bring back Tom Poti to man the power play point -- now that would be a doom and gloom worst case scenario.

The two places where I hope to be proven wrong -- that we lose Nylander, and that either Drury (preferably) or Gomez (more likely) is signed. The only place where I stray completely from what has been widely speculated or reported as the UFA season approaches is my gut feeling that Gomez will sign elsewhere -- and based on what I know about why Gomez wants to the leave the Devils, I don't see the Rangers as fulfilling his desires if they have someone else centering the first line and first power play unit with Jagr.

Meanwhile, all of you rushing to jump off the bandwagon just because I said "Boo!" -- I remember you from last year, when I told you Adam Hall was a stiff. The comments there looked exactly like these comments today. You want unadulterated pap? There are other places where you can get that. You want me to shut down the site and the magazine because I foresee the Rangers misplaying the free agent market (again) and you don't like to hear that? Sure, that would make my life a lot easier.

mshiver - agree with a lot of what you said. don't think Cullen is that bad (actually think he helps quite a bit with his speed).

re your 3rd pt that depends on how many yrs these guys sign for. if Nylander signs for 3 yrs that will be before the youth hits the big time $ wise. I just hope we don't get hit with a sneak restricted free agent signing re Henrik that forces us to match and hurts us cap wise.

LI Joe & Pghas: congratulations! You two fellas are gentlemen and grownups. You disagree with a couple of my points, say why in a logical and thoughtful manner, and gave me food for thought. Specifically, LI - I never said I didn't like Cullen, because I do. I think he's a great choice as a 3rd pivot. But for $3m plus, you need to be a Draper or a Fisher, or put up 20/50, to earn that kind of scratch. Pghas - I disagree on Gomez because he's never produced the kind of numbers to make me think he's a franchise guy, but he'll likely command franchise money. I'd be willing to open the wallet a little wider for Drury, who has shown throughout his career that (1) he's clutch, (2) he will play any role to improve his team's chances, and (3) his mindset is, IMO, a little less selfish than Gomer's. The most likely scenario, however, is we settle for Gomer (in all fairness, not a bad consolation prize), who may just want to stick it to Sweet Lou for not paying up.

Also, Pghas, you are likely correct in you analysis of our medium-term cap position. I was a little fired up and painted my own "worst case."

Dubi: I know it will sound like the guy at Churchill who says "I was GONNA bet on Thunderclap in the fifth!" but I detected a hint of sarcasm in the mock UFA draft, specifically because of the Ryan Smyth spiel. I thought that was a little TOO specific to be anything less than tounge-in-cheek. Keep up the good work and don't let these part-timers harsh your mellow . . .

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