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June 23, 2007


Margaret, when you listen to Antoine's PC -- he seems to be complimenting you with his "pretty Hurley" comment. Did you recommend him to the Rangers? Way to go!

We are still working here pressing the palms and talking to some people to get some news and so far it's pretty quiet. I have though talked to a bunch of great people that have said they would be willign to join us for 4 on 4 chats over the next several months.

More later...BTW, the food they serve to us I wouldn't give to a dog...

a few teams mentioned having draft parties. Any reason the NYR didn't have one?


AJ Thelen is still out there...worth a flier in the 5th round?

Oops...AJ Thelen's a UFA...my bad.

Jess or Mitch - did we make an effort to trade down in the second?

I think in the case of this pick that the Rangers had to take him here as goalies started to be taken right after LaFleur was.

Had they waited odds are they would not have been able to take LaFleur but that Sexsmith which would have made me happy.

I talked with NHL VP Bill Daly about the Russian situation and he too expressed frustration with the way things have broken down.

Daly also talked about other issues which I will get into later.


Don't be jumping to conclusions and thinking Al Montoya is gone. I TOTALLY disagree. I think they have been shopping him to see what they could draw becasue maybe with so many goalie openings out there someone might throw something huge the Rangers way. But since that hasn't happened they will keep him in Hartford for another year...

Rangers are coming up soon...

Thelen may be an interesting pick - he hasn't done much since that high pick by Minnesota a few years back. That being said, he was scouted as a "top two" defensemen and at this point in a weak draft...why not take a flyer? If the first round guys in the draft (save for a small handful) were projected as second line or below types, what do you have to lose here?

What you have to lose is not taking the best younger player available...

Rangers on deck

And the pick is...Max Campbell


a pick met with a wave of indifference!! :)

looks like he is on his way to Western Michigan

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Max Campbell of the Strathroy Rockets in the WOHL has been selected the OHA Jr.B Playr of the year. Each year the OHA selects one player from each category to be the winner of this prestigous award. This year there were 3 very qualified representatives vying for the honour in the Jr.B category.

This is a great achievement as both a player and a person. This year the award presentation will take place at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto June 8th/2007The Rockets are very proud to have Max chosen the winner of the award. Congratulations Max.

In addition to the Jr.B Player of the Year Max Campbell has also been chosen the OHA top Prospect, the OHA chooses 6 players each year to honour with this prestigious award. The award is presented each year to the individuals who are judged to have potential to advance to a professional level of the game. The presentation will also take place at the Hockey Hall of Fame June 8th. The Rockets Congratulate Max on his achievements.

Note: The NHL Central Scouting has ranked Max Campbell as # 103.

On Max Campbell I just finished talking with Kyle Woodlief of Red Line Report.

Campbell was a player who came on in the second half of the season.

Has soft hand and a good offensive player. 46 goals 49 assists at Tier 2 and as someone already posted is headed to Western Michigan

more later

The Rangers are 5th from selecting which should be about 10-15 minutes from now ...

I hope everyone that has bee nfollwoing along has enjoyed what we could bring to you here today. I also hope that those of you with an XM radio will join me on XM204 at 2:40....it should be good...

The Rangers have selected Carl Hegelin...

Here's what I'm reading Carl Hagelin

BORN: 1988-08-23
AGE: 18
NATION: Sweden
HEIGHT: 180 cm / 5'11"
WEIGHT: 80 kg / 176 lbs

Swedish kid on his way to Michigan:

Carl Hagelin was an interesting pick up because it's the first time in a long time the Wolverines have ventured overseas for a recruit. Hagelin come to Ann Arbor from Sweden, where he plays for Sodertalje SK in the J20 SuperElit Sodrabut and averages about a point per game, but is not an unknown commodity to the U-M coaches.

"Carl Hagelin, from Sweden, is a player we’ve been fortunate enough to have over to our hockey school and have gotten to know the family," assistant coach Billy Powers said. "His older brother came to our hockey schools. He came in last summer and skated at a camp in Big Rapids. So it was good to see him in a North American environment over the summer, and he did very well. He's a scorer. He's an offensive player. A very good skater. He is excited about playing the North American brand of hockey because he likes the physical game. He likes to forecheck. He's a skill player."


Rangers up next

David Skokan...

And now our last pick

The Rangers are up next with their last pick

Danny Hobbs

Jess wil lbring you up to date in a little while....I have to tell you all that this has been an incredible experience that I will be sharing with you in the days to come. I want to thank each of you for staying with us and I hope that I've brought you some good things that you like and ceraitnly jess has been able to bring in some great information...

I wnat to thank Dubi for this fantastic opportunity and especially my partner the past two days, Jess Rubenstein who has been a delight to hang with and in many ways a great teacher.

I will have a lot of pictures to forward to Dubi when I get home Sunday night for you guys to see. Sorry in my rush to catch the plane I forgot to pack the right wire to load them...

SO, have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we'll catch up with you soon...

Thanks Mitch and Jess for all your great coverage

Thanks again to both of you.

Hobbs was with the Columbus Junior BJ's in the USHL and is going to UMass. 6' 185lbs. left shot.

Great Coverage Guys, I kept refreshing this page and there was always something new to read.

Thanks Jess and Mitch. Great coverage.

Is there any other fan based website-publication that does this kind of thing? You guys are great. For those that have not yet subscribed to the BB...get off your fat A$$'s. Wow, what coverage. Thanks again to all at BB for what you do.

now that the draft is over..."The problem with Russia is not Bettman's fault but rather greedy Russian teams who want more than 200000 for the rights of expired contracts." ....greed seems to be the keyword on both sides. They want to keep their players just as Canada and the USA along with Europe would like to keep theirs. All the different leagues and countries are in competition for top players. How much was payed to get Malkin here?

I watched Lafleur play for the PEI Rocket this past season in the "Q". He started the season as the backup and within a month had the starter's job for the rest of the season. He's pretty good positionally, very tough to beat down low but the knock I had is that he drops to the ice too much and can be beaten high. Still, not a bad choice for the Blueshirts. The Rocket weren't expected to make the QMJHL playoffs this past season, and Lafleur was a big reason why they did.

Well done by all... I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, and I love what King Henrick has done but can anyone name me a Swedish goalie who has played at the top of his game for a long time like Brodeur or Roy etc... I hope I'm wrong but Swedish goalies burn bright for only a short period of time... Z


"and I love what King Henrick has done but can anyone name me a Swedish goalie who has played at the top of his game for a long time like Brodeur or Roy etc... I hope I'm wrong but Swedish goalies burn bright for only a short period of time."

Name one as good as the King.

Thanks Dubi, Jess, Mitch. I don't have enough eyes and ears to read all the coverage. Great job. Enjoying the sound clips.

#1 his name is Henrik not Henrick craigz ...

and second, can you provide examples as to your vast Swedish goalie knowledge? Can you provide us examples for a Swedish goalie with the same credentials as Henrik to base your argument on? I don't even know where this comes from ....

Henrik is unlike any other Swedish goaltender. You can't compare him to any other Swedish goaltender. There has not been a Swedish goaltender to achieve what Henrik has achieved at his age. Your not going to burst anyones bubble with an irrelevant observation like that.

Pelle Lindburg was pretty good but unfortunately his candle blew out much to early...even for a Flyer. Tommy Salo won an Olmpic gold but couldn't maintain the high level at the NHL level. All I'm saying is that Henrik is great but can he maintain this level of play for 10+ years. I hope so, I really do but you should be prepared in case that he cant. You can never have too many good goalie prospects. What happens if he blows out a knee in the third week of the season...who takes over then? I hope Montoya is the real deal because if he ain't, boys and girls... we got a problem...Z

with the # of goalies that have traded hands this year and last, getting one is not that hard. It's not like they're going out of style.

yeah, if you want a crappy one. you might have noticed that good ones come at quite a premium.

Did you notice who Phoenix drafted in the second round, 36. Phoenix (from Edmonton), Joel Gistedt, G, Frolunda (Sweden); same club Lunquist came from, so I am sure Maloney, had inside information that the Rangers were interested in drafting him.

you might have noticed any good player usually comes at a premium , crappy ones not usually . Hopefully you get what you pay for if you need it.

All the Russian club teams want a ton of money since their players basically are a cut above the rest of the Europeans.

Mr Lyle

While you saw LeFluer and your word are nice at the same time Tyler Sexsmith was the best goalie in both the WHL finals and the Memorial Cup. He got hurt by playing for a team that had a great defense but cmon giving up just one goal over 3 games under huge pressute should count for something

They said they were looking for forwards and they pick a goalie with their second pick at #48. Nevermind the guy wasn't rated that high. Something got lost in the translation.

Dear Mitch and Jess:

Thanks for all your hard work. BlueShirt Bulletin had the best coverage by far of any site on the net. The live interviews were the best.

Thanks Boys. You rule!


I read elsewhere that the Rangers had three players they targeted in round 2 that went before they could take them. Once those three players were off the board, they felt what was left were mainly role players that they had plenty of in their system, so they went the goalie route. As for Lafleur, I'm thinking Allaire has a lot to do with this selection, meaning he sees a goalie he can mold.

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